Chapter 1

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Sawyer Nelson was now 25 years old I felt like yesterday when he rescued a dolphin named Winter the same day he rescued Winter he met his best friend Hazel Haskett.

As the days went by he visited Winter and Hazel every day. When he found out that winter needed a new tail, Sawyer looked everywhere for someone who is willing to build a new tail for Winter. He then met Dr. Cameron McCarthy a kind man who was willing to build new tail for Winter. As the summer went on Sawyer found himself getting closer and closer with Hazel, her family, and people who work at the Clearwater Marine aquarium.

The summer when Sawyer and Hazel were 16, Sawyer finally asked Hazel to be his girlfriend in which she happily accepted.

And now that Sawyer and Hazel were now 25 and around Christmas, Sawyer thought it would be a good time to ask Hazel to marry him. Sawyer asked Hazel's father Dr. Clay Haskett for permission in which he granted him the permission and even gave Sawyer the ring that he gave Hazel's mother on the night of their engagement.

Christmas day rolled by fast. Everyone gathered at Hazel's house. Those people including Dr. McCarthy, Sawyer's mother Lorraine, Hazel's grandfather, all the workers from the Clearwater Marine aquarium, and the rest of Sawyer's family.

The all gathered around the long table and ate most of the cooking was prepared by Hazel and Lorraine. They then all gathered around the Christmas tree and opened there presents, Hazel got her father a scrapbook of all the memories they need when they first met winter. Sawyer got his mother a golden necklace that said mom on it. As everyone else opened it gets from one another Sawyer's sneak out the back to get Hazel's present. When he got back inside everyone was done opening their presents and looked at Sawyer.

"Sawyer, there you are, where've you been?" Hazel asked.

"I just went out back to get your present" Sawyer replied as he handed her the small present. She then saw a small velvet box.

Hazel gasped "S...Sawyer?"

"Hazel, take a seat" Sawyer said in which Hazel obeyed and sat on the couch while Sawyer took the ring and got down on one knee.

"Hazel, I love you and I knew we'd been together since the day I met you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Hazel Haskett will you marry me?"Sawyer asked.

The rest of the group aww'd and Hazel smiles and cry tears of joy.

"Yes! Yes Sawyer Nelson I will marry you!" Hazel exclaimed.

And with that Sawyer slid the ring on her finger as Hazel got up and kiss Sawyer on the lips while everyone cheered. Everyone that was running up the newly engaged couple, congratulating and hugging them.

Kyle, Sawyer's cousin came up to him and Hazel with his wife Sandra, and patted Sawyer and Hazel on their backs.

"Congrats, guys" Kyle said.

"Congratulations, guy" Sandra said.

Lorraine Nelson, Sawyer's mom ran up to them with tears of joy and hug them both.

"I'm so happy for you two!" Lorraine exclaimed.

Dr. Clay Haskett also came up to them and hugged them.

"Congratulations you two" Clay said.

Then Dr. McCarthy walked up to them with the help of this walking cane and smiled at them.

"It seems like yesterday when I met you too late you were 11 you are so determined to make that stupid fish swim and it worked and since then you two have become like my children congratulations" Dr. McCarthy said.

"Thank you everyone we really appreciate your support" Sawyer said

"We really do!" Hazel exclaimed.

The night progressed without a problem and everyone left by 11 PM, by then Clay had gone to bed leaving Hazel and Sawyer on the couch. Sawyer's and kissed Hazel on the cheek.

"Sawyer, I want to go see Winter" Hazel said.

"Okay" Sawyer said.

Sawyer then led Hazel out in the aquarium where they send winter swimming with her prosthetic tail in her pool.

"Hey Winter" Sawyer said.

"Winter, we got something to tell you, Sawyer and I are getting married!" Hazel said happily.

Winter then made her famous Tweety Bird noise as if she was trying to say congratulations.

Hazel giggled as she and Sawyer patted winter.

"Hazel?" Sawyer asked.

"Yes?" Hazel asked.

Sawyer smirked "Think fast!" As he carried Hazel bridal style and jumped into the pool.

Hazel laughed that she resurfaced with Sawyer as they splashed each other as Winter was making her Tweety bird noises as if she was laughing. Sawyer then stoped splashing went underwater and lifted Hazel bridal style in his arms while in the water and looked into her eyes.

"Merry Christmas, baby" Sawyer said to Hazel.

Hazel smiled at Sawyer "Merry Christmas, Sawyer" as she kissed Sawyer on the lips.

They then got out of the pool, dried off and Hazel made sure that her ring was still on and then they went to the house and went to bed.

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