Chapter 10

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It had been six weeks after the one year anniversary party of Sawyer and Hazel's marriage and everything was going great for the team.

Sawyer and Hazel were happier than ever, Sandra was now four months pregnant she was getting a little bigger but not that much, Gigi and Cole were starting to plan their wedding with Sam as their wedding planner and Declan and Sam were taking their relationship one day at a time.

Dale and Winter were closer than ever also so the team started referring to them as either 'Sawyer and Hazel Jr.' Or 'the other married couple'.


One night while walking from a movie theater Sawyer and Hazel were walking arm in arm laughing and having a good time when they heard a scream from an alley.

Once they got to the alley they saw Leah being attacked by gang members.

"I told you, where is the money?" One of the gang members said.

"I don't have any money!" Leah exclaimed she was obviously frightened.

"Yo you betta watch yo mouth or else we gonna put one of them bullets through yo head" Another gang member said as he pulled out a gun.

"HEY! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Sawyer shouted.

"Sawyer, Hazel!" Leah exclaimed with a smile of relief on her face.

"Oh look at that fellas this boy tryin to be a hero!" A gang member said.

"Listen go somewhere else and leave our friend alone" Hazel said.

"You shut up girl!" a gang member said.

"Hey! Don't talk to my wife that way! Sawyer exclaimed.

"Oh yeah? Well deal with it!" one gang member said as he pulled out his gun and aimed it at Hazel.

Hazel's eyes widened.

Just as the gang member pulled the trigger hazel closed her eyes and waited for the bullet to strike her.

"No!" Sawyer yelled as he ran in front of Hazel and took the bullet for her.

The gang member shot sawyer two times one in the leg and one in the shoulder.

"Sawyer!" Hazel exclaimed as she dropped to her husband's side.

"Yo lets scram!" One of the gang members said.

Once they were gone Hazel held her husband in her arms and Leah ran to them.

"Guys! Oh my god is he ok?" Leah asked.

"No Leah, call 911!" Hazel exclaimed.

Leah called 911 and Sawyer looked up and smiled at Hazel.

"Why would you do that?" Hazel asked.

"Cause I-I love y-you" Sawyer said and then he moaned in pain.

"Shh shh don't talk Leah is calling an ambulance" Hazel said.

"Leah I-is sh-she ok?' Sawyer stuttered.

"Yes she's fine" Hazel said.

"Hey guys the Ambulance is on his way" Leah said.

"Ok" Hazel said.

Leah then went out of the alley and lead the ambulance to where they were at.

"Hazel?" Sawyer asked.

"Yes, love?" Hazel said.

"I-I love y-you" Sawyer said then he went limp in Hazel's arms.

"No! Sawyer please don't die! I love you!" Hazel exclaimed.

"Over here!" Leah exclaimed as she led the paramedics to Sawyer and Hazel.

The paramedics then took Sawyer and put him on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance with Hazel getting in the ambulance also while Leah got to her car and followed the ambulance.

On their way to the hospital Hazel and Leah were thinking the same thing.

'Would Sawyer be alright?'

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