Chapter 11

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Gigi, Genevieve, Natalie, and Cole were at the Aquarium watching Winter and Dale when Gigi's phone rang.

"Hello?" Gigi answered.

"Gigi, its Leah, listen you have to get our friends together and go to the hospital!" Leah said frantically.

"What? Why?" Gigi asked.

"Long story but Sawyer is in the hospital, I'll explain why later, just get our friends to the hospital" Leah said.

"Ok, I will" Gigi said.

"Thanks Gigi! Bye!" Leah said as she hung up.

Gigi then hung up.

"Who was that?" Cole asked.

"It was Leah; we got to go to the hospital" Gigi said.

"What happened?" Genevieve asked.

"I don't know but all I know is Sawyer is in the hospital" Gigi said.

"Ok let's go" Natalie said.


Jenna and Sam along with Sandra and Marissa were at Sandra and Kyle's house in the backyard talking while Kyle, Liam, Dean, Declan, Nick, Steven, and Matt were watching a football game. The girls decided to go in and join the guys.

Once everyone was watching the football game, Dean got a phone call.

"Hello?" Dean answered.

"Dean, its Gigi" Listen you need to get the gang to the hospital" Gigi said.

"Why? Are you ok?" Dean asked.

"I'm Fine; I got a call from Leah saying Sawyer is in the hospital" Gigi said.

"What happened to Sawyer?" Dean asked.

"I don't know Leah didn't tell me" Gigi said.

"Alright I'll meet you guys at the hospital" Dean said.

"Ok, bye Dean" Gigi said.

Dean then hung up and told everyone the news. Everyone was shocked, but they headed for the hospital.


Once everyone got to the hospital, they found Leah, Lorraine, Clay, Dr. McCarthy, and Hazel in the waiting room. Hazel, Lorraine were sitting down in chairs. Hazel and Lorraine had tears in their eyes.

Clay and Dr. McCarthy were leaning up against the wall, waiting for an outcome.

Hazel looked up at her friends.

"Guys" Hazel said tearfully.

"Oh Hazel, What Happened" Gigi asked.

"Sawyer and I were walking when we heard shouting from an alley, we saw Leah being threatened by gang members and we tried to help but then one of the gang members pulled a gun on me and pulled the trigger but Sawyer took the bullets for me, he got shot twice" Hazel said as more tears cascaded down her face.

"So what's happening now?" Nick asked.

"He's in surgery right now" Clay said.

Everyone then sat down and waited.

While they were waiting, Matt put a hand on Leah's shoulder.

"Are you alright?" Matt asked.

"I'm ok now" Leah said.

"That must've been terrifying" Declan said.

"Oh it was" Leah said.

"Well if you need to talk were here for you" Sandra said.

"Thanks guys" Leah said.

Just then a doctor came in.

"Family for Sawyer Nelson?" The doctor asked.

They all raised their hand.

"How is he?" Hazel asked.

"We managed to get the bullets out and he needs to stay here for two weeks but other than that he'll be fine." The doctor said.

Everyone sighed in relief.

"Can I see him, I'm his wife" Hazel said.

"Sure follow me" The doctor said.

Hazel then got up and followed the Doctor and into a room where sawyer was laying on the hospital bed.

"He'll be unconscious for a while" The doctor said.

"Thank you" Hazel said.

"No problem" The doctor replied as he left the room leaving Hazel with Sawyer.

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