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Gotham was cold on most nights but during winter it dropped off the scale, thank whatever God out there for thermal clothing. He pulled the sweeping black cape closer to his body as he surveyed the lonely roads beneath him, Christmas was the worse time of the year for Gotham's vigilante. So many people were working overtime to afford a spectacular Christmas dinner, expensive toys and gifts for the kids, muggings were up an entire twenty percent.

Around this was when various super villains decided to pull one last blow out crime before the end of the year, he didn't understand why they didn't just wait til the confusion of New Year's but to each his own he supposed. He shot off a grappling hook and swung off to the next building, today was December 16th, two more days and all this would be over, he'd be free to hide away in the cave until next year.

He didn't celebrate Christmas, he never had, even before his parents' death, all the waste seemed so idiotic to him and for what? Family?

No, family wasn't it, if it really was about the ones you loved, you'd cherish them every single day instead of one day out of three hundred and sixty five. When he'd adopted Dick, he'd made a concession and at least tried to celebrate for Dick's sake but that had ended horribly when the Christmas goose got impaled by the steak knife and a Batarang nearly took off Alfred's head.

Maybe it was a failure because he didn't know how to celebrate. He never had all his experience came from television and its grossly exaggerated Christmas meanings, the joy and happiness and all that shit. He got points for trying though, it wasn't every day an eight year old had to help his butler calm down after the Christmas dinner caught on flames without really catching on flames.

He shook his head tiredly, it was little after four in the morning and nothing had happened all night, he was just following random cars and people as they scurried home. He was currently half crouched, half standing on the roof of the tallest building in Gotham, Wayne Enterprises, his father's greatest achievement, his daily torture.

Of course he put on a good show for public eyes, he was Bruce Wayne, player extraordinaire, billionaire, Gotham's golden boy but it was all a mask he used and got rid of as soon as he could. The real Bruce Wayne was Gotham's Dark Knight, the vigilante wanted by half the city's police force, the nightmare that haunted the residents of Arkam.

Below him lay his father's life work, all his hopes and dreams, and on that stood the broken soul that had once been his only son. 'See what I've become?' he questioned silently wondering if it was even possible for his father to have heard him, the chances were disturbingly high.

While the city slept on in relative safety, the Bat soared through the skies, a symbol of hope to all broken dreams whether he intended to be or not. Because, while he believed he'd broken his father's dreams, he'd really given those dreams life and breath and inspired so many more.

He had the League now, he wasn't alone anymore but it sure as hell felt like it. He leapt off the top of the building enjoying the feel of the bitingly cold night air before shooting off another grappling hook. Gotham's Dark Knight took off down empty streets, the only person awake, down streets he didn't know but that was okay, he was used to it. He'd been walking down a terrifying, unfamiliar road for years now and still didn't know where he was going.

Maybe he never would.

Christmas was in the air in Metropolis, Clark Kent had lived there long enough to know how that went, lots of people in the streets, even more in the stores and crime. Metropolis was protected by Superman though so it wasn't as high as one might think, twenty, twenty five percent tops, okay maybe thirty but not a digit more, he swore!

Bruce had it easy in Gotham, most of the regular baddies were scared stiff of 'im but still, that didn't mean they stopped trying, if that was the case, Gotham would be the safest place in the galaxy. His villains, unlike Bruce, usually waited til New Year's for their blow out crime and he was okay with that, Christmas was for family.

He breathed in the twilit air deeply, Perry'd given Clark a two week vacation which meant Superman was free for the rest of the year this being December 17th and all. Below him the City lay covered in a light blanket of snow, above the stars had just begun to peak out, it was a peaceful sight, most nights he didn't get to appreciate it. Most nights he'd either be fighting some random villain or on a diplomatic mission to the galaxy next door, there was always something.

Most nights he was too preoccupied to think about his future but not today, today he was free for a few hours while the skies around him darkened and the City wound down from the day's activity. So high above the rest of the world it was easy to forget what he was, all that existed up here were the clouds, too low for planes, too high for birds.

But he wasn't the type of person who could just forget about the world, he was a superhero for crying out loud, it was his job to care about people, like a doctor or a therapist. No, he couldn't forget about the rest of the world but someone else could, someone else could easily push aside the fact in a decade or three all the people they loved would be dead.

According to Bruce, his cells aged slower than a human's, even if Wally lived to be a hundred and three, Clark would still outlive him by more than a century, it was depressing. The only one he could count on was probably Dianna but would she stay in the world of man if the one's she'd come to love weren't there anymore?

He could imagine it, three centuries into the future, everything would have changed, ma and pa Kent would've died long ago, all of the Original Seven would be gone, so many new faces to get used to. The world would be a vastly different place, someone might even figure out a way to mimic the effects of Kryptonite and kill him. Or worse, the Earth's sun could grow old as Krypton's had and give off red sunlight destroying all his powers, what would happen in that scenario?

Suppose he was three hundred and four when that happened, he would look old, maybe late fifties, early sixties, would time speed back up for him or would it let him live out his natural life? What about the Justice League? Would anything remain of it, of all their accomplishments?

Time was a disease, eating away at man's mind, constantly changing his world, there was no telling what would happen, all he knew was that he would be there to see it. Alone at the end with no family, no friends, the only thing left would be faded memories and a mocking shadow.

'Do you see me? I'm the only thing that's left, soon I'll be all that's left when you're gone too.'

He shook his head angrily, he shouldn't be so presumptive, there was no guarantee that he would live longer than any of his comrades. His worst enemy knew his weakness, it was just a step below knowing his secret identity, he could very well he be killed before Bruce.

Bruce had had his sure of bad luck, okay maybe more than his fair share, more like the entirety of Gotham's share for seven years worth. He'd lost his parents at eight, an age where he would remember them but then instead of becoming an insanely spoiled brat, he used that need for revenge for something good. He became the Batman, Gotham's Dark Knight, the one superhero on a city's most wanted list, the only hero who was willing to risk everything to win.

What was he willing to risk? Could he kill to win? No he couldn't wouldn't, the people of this world had chosen him as its protector, he couldn't turn on them like the Lords had. He would fight for them until he was old and or until the day one of his many enemies killed him but until that day he would soar so high above the rest crippled of the world.

A world that was his and at the same time not, he would stand apart from them always, would walk the road that he was meant to walk, alone.

Earth, the relatively small planet never ceased to amaze him, it was so full of life and joy and sorrow in equal measures it was all so fascinating. The alien put a hand to the cool pane of glass that looked out over the green world, so close and still so far.

Human emotions rivaled those of the Martians, they were so passionate about everything they did much like his own people had been but they could only focus on one thing at a time. Martians were creatures more allied with logic, in the war, A'alek had lead them on many missions with little success maybe because of this logic. He would attack the areas most likely to fall and leave the more important ones alone, like the city's and capitals of Mars, Rexoria and Voldre, the twin cities of the planet, paid dearly for it.

A'alek had calculated the murder counts, less soldiers would be lost if they let the enemy attack their cities, women and children were murdered in cold blood by the enemy all because of logic. Here the emphasis on the individual was almost idiotic, no it was idiotic, even this world's greatest heroes weren't exempt from this, this trait.

Superman had his Lois, Batman had Robin and Nightwing, Shayera had John and vise versa, Diana had her family on Themyscira and Wally, well he had the entirety of Central City and all who lived in it.

It was surprisingly hard for him to wrap his mind around it, it was so uncommon in Mars to put one single person above all else in life. Of course he had loved his beautiful wife and his children and he mourned them but he would not have risked Mars for them alone, not if he had a chance.

These humans, this League, they would happily let the world burn if that was the price of their loved one or at least he believed so, always a contradiction, they would put the world first and personal issues a close second. Diana would rather be banished from her precious homeland than let it fade away to little more than a memory.

Batman would let his adopted son turn away from him, away from Bruce Wayne so that he could be his own person, become Nightwing. Superman understood the faith these people held in him, he put their safety above his own life because that was the type of person he was. If Lois were to loose interest in him, she were to blame him for almost loosing her life infinite times, he would agree with her wholeheartedly. If she chose to leave him for another, he would be the first to wish her all the best with her new partner, it was so perplexing.

Shayera and John still loved each other deeply but chose to remain apart believing that was what was best for the other, actually he blamed that on stupidity not passion. Wally, by far Wally was the worst offender of the lot, the most bewildering, mystifying mind he had ever encountered in his many, many years.

Wally loved everyone he met, he wouldn't hesitate to render any assistance needed, even if it was required by his Rogues and didn't involve any illegal activities. If one day the City decided to rebel against him, not that it would ever happen, each and every person in Central City loved their scarlet speedster too much to ever form such a thought. However, if they did, he would willingly leave them be, if the entire planet decided he was too much of an annoyance, he would gladly give up being the Flash.

The confusing thing about the whole situation though was he'd been inside Wally's mind more than once and he knew all about Rudolph West's treatment of his son. He knew of all the trips to the hospital, of the many lies he'd told to protect his worthless drunk of a father and later the lies he'd told to hide his second life as Kid Flash. Anyone else would've come out of a childhood like that bitter and angry at the world, excuse the cliché, but it was true, they would've been darker, more like Bruce than Wally.

He was so bright and full of energy, it was inspiring, that he had begun to understand why humans formed such attachments to individuals. Sometimes, their were people who would touch your life, affect you on a soul deep level that only once they were gone could you fully appreciate the impact they had had on you.

His alternate self in the Lords' universe, he had gone along with his comrades after their Flash's death, was it because he had finally learnt what it meant to be human? Could it be that his alternate self had learnt how to put the individual above the group or was it more logic talking?

It would stand to reason, self preservation was a powerful instinct, not one that was easily beaten back and going against the rest of the League would have been suicide. It could be that the Lords' Manhunter had simply mourned the Flash because it was convenient and was the logical choice to make? The easiest way to protect their world was to take away free will and punish, sometimes kill, whoever got in their way.

He had studied the Lords closely, trying to learn about the other side of human emotions, what line needed to be broken for passion to turn into violence and he had understood to an extent. Shayera and Diana had blamed themselves for his death and had decided they couldn't live with themselves so they changed for the worse. John was angry at Luthor, Wally, everyone really and accepted it easily when Clark killed Luthor, he wasn't too hard to break.

Clark had hated Luthor for years, the Flash's death had ignited the dry tinder which soon blazed to a roaring fire of vengeance and anger. The one human whose actions mystified him, however, were Batman's, how could he allow his world to be taken over so easily without so much as a word of protest. It went completely against his nature to simply roll over and obey.

J'Onn sensed there was much more to the story with the Lords' Bat but he hadn't the chance to probe his mind at the time, now he regretted the choice. The Lords' Bat had seemed, depressed no more detached from the world, it was almost as though he was talking with someone only he could see, disturbing.

Humans had such strange coping mechanisms, they cared, they hated, they blamed, they denied all because they gave themselves up to their emotions. As a Martian, he could never learn to feel like them, he was…apart, alien, they could never fully accept him into their society, no matter what.

He could take their form, he could pretend that he was human but he would never be them no matter how much he tried. He stood alone before the thin line that separated him from this strange world and it was cold here. He shivered slightly, so very cold.

Central City was blanketed in snow this time of year, it was peaceful more peaceful than Blue Valley had ever been, he hated his childhood home. Christmas was staring him smack in the face, it was already December 21st and he still had presents to buy and people to annoy/visit, he'd already stopped by Diana's.

The Amazon's tolerated him, he should be lucky, Di still didn't understand the tradition of gift giving but he didn't really care, he only cared that she like the novelty snow globe he got her. She'd laughed herself helpless when the lights came on and 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' started playing, the tiny Santa looking around suspiciously, hiding behind the chimney, while the husband left for work.

Clark had been the second person he hit, he'd left the book on his bed in Metropolis with a card not wanting to get caught and punished or anything worse. What he wouldn't give to see the look on Supes' face when he unwrapped the Superman gift paper and found a book on various sex positions. The big blue boy scout, oh God, just imagining it was hilarious.

GL and Shy had gotten their homes decked out in Christmas decorations, heavy on the mistletoe and notes inviting the other over for some eggnog on separate days. The Thanagarian attack had broken them up in the harshest way he could think of and he was playing matchmaker trying to get them back together, he only hoped they didn't booby trap his house when they got home.

He leaned back on his hands, smiling as more snow began to fall, the Central City park was deserted this time of night and it was nice. He was sitting on the kid's jungle gym tower that rose above the park giving him a bird's eye view of the entire thing, the moon darting in and out of clouds so high above.

Sitting here, it was almost as though time had no meaning, he could sit there for years and years and it would all stay the same, not a thing changing. He let out a small puff of air, watching as his breath misted and dissipated, gone so quickly, dead before it had a chance to live. Thinking like that was just plain stupid, time moved on, slowly, God so slowly, but surely and not even he could stop it. Sure he could alter it, reverse it, change it but never stop it, no one had that power.

He still had to visit his Rogues, they were having a party on the 25th, he already had their presents for them, he smiled ruefully, no family other than the men who worked to kill him, how sad. He'd already given J'Onn his present, he'd worked hard on it and the Martian had seemed to like his glass replica of Rexoria and Voldre, Mars' proud twin cities.

He knew what it was like being alone on an alien planet only not in the literal sense, he was a speedster, no one would ever be able to keep up with him, ever. He was an outsider on his own freakin planet. And there was still Bruce's gift to consider.

He didn't even know where to start, what do you get one of the world's richest men? And there was also his mental meltdown on a cliff in Gotham to add to his list of worries, couldn't forget that no siree. The encounter, incident (whatever the hell you wanted to call it!) it had really freaked him out, I mean come on, he'd seen himself with the man he loved! He thought he was entitled to a little fear and skepticism.

Their Bruce had told him to tell his Bruce but he hadn't gotten up the nerve which was just plain sad because he was a hero for God sakes, he was supposed to be brave. Then again it was the Batman he was talking about, what if Bruce found it disgusting or laughed at him or worse, he wouldn't put it past the Bat.

He groaned and put his head in his hands, how many times had he gone over this since it had happened, hell since he realized he liked the Bat? Okay, say Bruce didn't strangle him, there was no possible way the Bat felt the same way, Bruce was straight for one, Gotham's most notorious playboy and all that shit. He was sure even the Bat didn't know he was bi, he hit on women so much that no one even thought he went both ways.

Sure he put on a good front but the real him was the one who hid between the lines, the League only saw what he wanted them to see, nothing more. Truth be told, Christmas was the worst time of year for him, next to his birthday which came much to quickly on x-mas' heels for his liking, January 16th for Pete's sake, didn't he deserve a reprieve of some sort?

His childhood had been less than great, okay it had been fucked up but he'd made everyone think it was great, that he had parents like Supes', ones who cared about him but they all couldn't be that lucky. He didn't blame anyone really, it was the past, he couldn't change it, well maybe he could but he didn't want to go down that road. The Speed Force was to be left alone, end of story.

He didn't mind all the hospital visits where the nurses would look at him with such pity and sometimes revulsion, he never did understand the latter. What was his weakness something revolting to them or was it simply him? He never did find out and he didn't really want to pry into the matter, like he said it was the past.

A past where doctor's had seen him so many times, each with a different excuse as to why he was there, 'I fell off the roof, I ran into a tree on my bike, No my dad does not hit me, what made you ask?'

Each time it had gotten progressively worse to the point where Rudy nearly killed him and his dark secret bled out into the light. That had led to half a year fighting with the cops, arguing adamantly that no his father did not beat him why do you keep asking that?

He was fifteen when Mary finally worked up the nerve to divorce Rudy's sorry ass, by that time he was spending more time in Central than Blue Valley, Rudy got seven years in Blue Valley penitentiary. His mother had died a year back, Rudy still had three months left in jail, neither one had ever known their son was the Flash and they never would.

Sometimes it was better to be alone, who needed family like that anyway? Besides when you're a speedster, it's easy to leave the rest of the world in the dust. So long as he knew who he was and what he was doing, nothing and no one else mattered, except maybe Bruce.

"I hate Christmas," he muttered.

Man had created such strange customs since Grecian times, why just yesterday Wally had stopped by the palace to give her a strange little snow globe. She had felt bad not having anything for him but he'd shrugged it off saying he didn't expect anything, he didn't blame her for knowing.

Here in Themyscira nothing changed, time was frozen and eternal beauty ruled, her people would live forever while the rest of the world died. Before becoming a part of the League, she hadn't paid much thought to that aspect of the outside world, she had only wanted to leave and know what the world of man was like.

Now, however, she faced the too real reality that everyone she loved in the outside world would grown old and die someday while only she and Clark remained fighting the good fight. It was a depressing thought, how many more people would she grow to love only to have them for a few mortal years before they left for Tartarus?

In the end, she would be alone once more, she would have all of her memories of the beginning of the League while the people in those memories would be long gone. Bruce, John, Wally, they were regular humans, they would be gone, Shayera would live slightly longer but what good was that?

The two women would never again have the relationship, the camaraderie they had once had, Shayera would leave this world knowing many still mistrusted her. J'Onn would be alone for the rest of his too long life, his body structure so radically different, his mind set so infinitely apart from a human's that he could never find peace.

The only one she would have left would be Kal-El, or maybe not, maybe mother had been right in cutting Themyscira off from the world of man, she knew what it was to lose. Hippolyta, the Amazon Queen, she knew of times when Amazons had still taken men as partners, as their equals, back when the Gods ruled all.

In this age, the only Gods left were Corruption and Technology, someday soon maybe the world of man would advance so much so that they would finally be able to kill the old Gods once and for all. When that day came, Themyscira would fall, the proud Amazon race would fade away til it was little more than a have forgotten memory.

On that day, she would have to choose, Wonder Woman or Princess Diana, which would she give up, accept total annihilation or fight with the very people who had destroyed her once strong race. Even now she lay torn, after thousands of years of anonymity, Themyscira was known to the rest of the world, its location no longer a secret.

She had seen weapons of such mass destruction beyond its magical borders, beyond its blind protection; maybe the time of destruction was closer than they thought. One that once last day she would choose but not just yet, for now she would enjoy the present.

She would pretend she had all the time in the world, have fun with her Amazon sisters on Themyscira and when she got back to the world of man she would buy Wally something. Maybe a bauble like the one he had gotten her.

'I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus
Underneath the mistletoe last night'

Shayera couldn't help the smile that crept onto her face when she got back to her room after a particularly hard mission that had lasted days. She'd left on the 19th now it was the 23rd, tomorrow was Christmas Eve, none of the Original Seven would be here, good enough.

She entered her pass code and nearly had a conniption. Every available inch of space had been covered in red, green, silver or gold.

She fingered a hanging silver spiral incredulously, there was only person it could be really, Wally, it was sweet of him, really it was and he'd done it so beautifully. Her bedspreads which had been plain white last she checked, were now a festive red and green print with white snowflakes falling across the bed. There was a huge poster of the Original Seven photo shopped in hers and Bruce's case, hung over her bed where they were all decked out as various Christmas icons or in Christmas dress.

Her wings were now white, she wore a sparkling silver dress and there was a shining halo over her head, Wally and his lame jokes, he was saying she was an angel. She laughed at Bruce's it was just so unrealistic, the Bat was wearing a bright red Santa hat with the Bat emblem, a long crimson coat with little bats, robins and yellow R's in black circles. It was absolutely priceless even if it was fake which it obviously was, there was no way in Hell the Bat would ever consent to wearing anything like that. The murderous glare just added to the reality of it though so it almost looked authentic.

Wally was in a icy blue peter pan outfit which contrasted spectacularly with his red hair and sparkling green eyes, no costume for Wally, oh no, he trusted her too much for that. She supposed he was trying for Jack Frost but the effect was thrown off by the clashing colours, still it was cute. Wally had his arm thrown around Bruce's shoulder, he was winking at the camera while Bruce adamantly refused to acknowledge it. It was almost like he was saying 'I was just glaring into space, a camera just happened to be there.'

Bruce was being all serious and Wally didn't give a damn, they looked good together, balanced each other out. Okay, that was strange, they were just friends and barely even that, shaking her head she moved onto Clark and almost hit the dresser when she doubled over laughing.

He was decked out in the full Santa suit with the beard and sack and everything, he even had a reindeer, a real one no doubt, milling around his feet. Here was the world's greatest Superhero dressed up as a children's gift giver, he was the buffest Santa Claus she'd ever seen and that included all the men who dressed as him in the strip- never mind. Clark made a really good Santa, he just had that look, that undeniably good look that screamed 'Chrismas!'

John was sporting a pair of light up antlers, his arms crossed over a green wool sweater that had Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on the front of it. He had the annoyed expression that told the world Wally'd made him do this, this was not done of his own free will. Next to him stood Diana in a white dress with black buttons down the front, black knee high boots, black elbow length gloves and a top hat. She was a snow woman, how the Hell had Wally swung that?

This was the ultimate blackmail, she could use these pictures against each and every one of them, it gave her something to bargain with when they got on her case about something stupid. Maybe that's why Wally did it, he'd wanted her to be a part of their family again, the one they'd formed when it was just the seven of them. She got off the floor to sit on the bed, all of this was so much more than she'd expected of anyone, even Wally, she had gotten the impress that he hated Christmas, well not hate exactly more like dislike intensely.

She was alone now, she wasn't like J'Onn or Clark, their world's had been destroyed, their people murdered in cold blood, at least they hadn't chosen to be alone, she had. She had chosen Earth over Thanagar, she was an outcast, a blood traitor, any Thanagarian she met wouldn't hesitate to kill her on the spot. While the planet she had risked it all for, Earth, its people regarded her as a spy, she would never again be Hawk Girl, one of the Original Seven.

She was Shayera Hol, spy, double agent for their enemies, she was other and they made sure she knew it every single minute of the day. Things had started to calm down since her part in the Luthor/Brianiac incident but still many people viewed her with mistrust, hate, even fear, was she a creature to be feared?

Only if they were smart, did she pose a threat, hell yes, would she ever turn on them? Not a chance in High Heaven.

Sometimes she wished they could understand what it was like for her, take a second to think about all she'd give up for them, how many dreams. She had given up her happiness, her people, her life, for them. So many broken dreams lay scattered like rose petals that had blown away in the wind.

She sighed and lay back flush on the bed, her brows knitted together in confusion as the letter spun lazily above her head attached to green and black streamer.

'Dear Shayera.'

Oa was the last place he'd wanted to spend his Christmas Eve but now he was back just in time to get in a few winks before he headed over to Central for the Christmas lunch he'd planned with Wally. He'd only done it because 1. He had no one else to spend it with and 2. Wally was a colossal pain in the ass, really that was all.

He turned the key in the lock with a sigh, time to cut the bullshit once and for all, the truth was he had no one else to spend his time with, he'd broken up with Vixen and Shayera, well, that was better off left alone. He didn't have any family, all his old Marine buddies were out of the country or with their families and he didn't want to interrupt anything.

He nearly had a heart attack when the frenzy of colour registered with his mind, he wouldn't not if he wanted to live past twenty two. His entire apartment, decorated in Christmas colours, the kid was dead, worse than dead, he was freaking vaporized.

John didn't have anything against Christmas, the birth of Jesus and all that, he was a Christian after all, this was their biggest holiday but he just didn't celebrate, not after his mama's death. After that, all the appeal and magic went out of the holiday, there was nothing left for him to celebrate.

Usually on Christmas, he would sleep in til twelve then he would report for duty at the Watch Tower or Oa or whatever he could find to occupy his time these days. Today his apartment looked as though the decoration elves had come and thrown up all over the place, there were garlands hanging from every available surface, there were paper snow flakes hanging from the ceiling. There was even a Christmas tree for God's sake sitting in his living room, decorated in yellow and green, standing there looking oh so innocent.

Underneath the tree were two things, one a small square box wrapped in Green Lantern styled gift paper and the other was an envelope with a simply gold ribbon wrapped around it. He let out a world weary sigh as he sat on the floor, for so long he'd refused to celebrate well now Wally had forced him to at least acknowledge it.

He stared hard at the present in his hands, knowing the kid it was probably a gag gift of some sort, a can of snakes or box in this case, well only one way to find out. He carefully peeled off the tape and unfolded the paper leaving it only slightly creased, call him a control freak, but he liked to take his time with things. In his hands lay an ornate wooden box with carvings of trees and vines and half there animals, it reminded him of the jungle where he'd been deployed once.

The clasp was the green lantern emblem, the kid couldn't resist, he opened it and that song started playing, that damn, sweet song. He wanted to smash the music box against the wall but he couldn't, not when it played that song, his song, their song. Call him freakin' cliché but he'd picked out a song for them, himself and Shayera, he wasn't too sure she knew but he did and that was all that mattered.

Inside, twirling in the middle were two glass figurines, the man made of green crystal, the woman, more like an angel of not quite clear but with a hint of gray. Little lights on the bottom of the box threw slivers of colour across his face, they looked so perfect together, almost as though they'd been carved from one piece of glass.

How long he sat there staring like a fool while their song played, he didn't know, only that it was a while later when he finally noticed the piece of paper stuck to the lid. Carefully, he pried it off, the from was a drawing of a lightening bolt and the too was a green lantern.

'How'd you like the music box? Pretty sweet huh? I carved the two people myself, I know, I'm multitalented. Heard you talking about how much you loved this song so ta-da! Also some stuff came up so our Christmas lunch is off, sorry.'

He shook his head tolerantly, trust Wally to find out other people's most well kept secrets, he knew for a fact he'd never mentioned that he liked that song, out loud, to anyone. He folded the letter and placed it next to the gift paper, it was time to hit the hay, he held the music box in his hands and was heading for his room when he remembered the envelop.

He sat back down and with the music box in his lap, he lifted the envelop from its spot under the tree, it was pretty thin so he supposed it didn't hold much. There was no name except his, as he slit it open two pieces of paper fell out.

One was of him and Shayera in the snow celebrating her first Christmas Eve, he remembered it fondly, there'd been and epic snowball fight which he'd won naturally. The picture showed the both of them standing apart from each other, covered in snow and smiling like two kids.

He smiled ruefully when he remembered what it was like now, what they had lost, he shook his head, no point now. He snatched up the second piece of paper and read the few lines quickly before jerking up and heading to his room. The picture lay forgotten as the letter fluttered to the floor, its writing exposed for the world to see.

'Merry Christmas John.

Do you remember that day, playing in the snow with you was some of the most fun I've ever had. The bar fight after was the most fun though. I was wondering, if you had nothing better to do, if you'd care to join me at that same bar for another brawl.

~Love Shayera~

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