Matthew groaned as his master thrust inside of him "Master!" he cried as the man came inside of him. Almost instantly after his master had pulled out a plug was pushed into his abused hole. His master had decided that all the cum that was taken into the small blonds body was going to stay there. So after they have sex the plug goes back in to stop the cum from coming out. Matthew was flipped onto his stomach, he was so full. He didn't know how much more cum he could take into his body.

"We're going to have guests that need your body" The Master said "So you're going to use the jet to clean your anus, get all the cum out then come back here"

"Yes, Master" Matthew said standing up and walking towards the bathroom. There was a special jet that he actually took into his body that shot water in to clean him. The small blond shut the door before taking the plug out and pressing the jet into his body. Once he was seated in the chair he pushed the on button. The jet instantly activating, causing a small moan to come out of his mouth, the jet moved, the water removing all cum from his walls. The Canadian felt the jet shut off but he pushed the on button again and again and again, until he came. That was so he got pleasure from it while making sure he was completely clean. Matthew's body needed constant sex or he'd get uncomfortable, it was how his master had trained him.

The Master looked up "Are you all clean, Matthew?"

"Yes, sir" Matthew said bowing before he was pulling into his masters lap

"This is Ivan Braginski, head of the Russian mafia"

"Pleasure to meet you, sir"

"He'll be the first one to use your body; he has it the entire day. You're next person comes tomorrow"

"Yes, sir" Matthew said standing up "Please follow me Master Braginski"

"Call me Ivan"

"I can't do that, sir" Matthew said as he led the Russian into the room, there were a lot of toys scattered everywhere "It is again Masters Rules"

"Then Call me Master Ivan"

"Yes, Master Ivan" Matthew said as he pulled his clothes off and climbed onto the bed, on his hands and knees. He heard Ivan's clothes get removed before a cock was pressed to his entrance. He moaned as the Russians huge cock was shoved into his completely, he whimpered when Ivan held still "K-Keep going, Master Ivan" he said rocking slightly to get the other to move

"You are not adjusted, da"

"I-I don't need to adjust" Matthew said clenching his muscles "Just move" He let out a moan when the other started moving, slowly at first but in a few seconds he was pounding into him. "Oh god" The Canadian gasped as his prostate was brushed, causing him to start rocking his body with the thrusts "Harder, Master Ivan" He pleaded but the Russian came too soon, sending a large stream of seed deep into his anus. Matthew moaned loudly at the feeling of the others seed.

"How much longer can you go?"

"As long as you need" Matthew replied looking back at him "I-I'm trained for this"

"What do you mean?"

"I-I need sex at least twice an hour" Matthew said as he was flipping onto his back "But if Master's busy I use the toys in this room. Master had them special made just for my use" he grabbed one of the vibrators, he pushed a small button on the bottom that shot a thick liquid into the air "It's to stimulate the feeling of being filled, the part I desire most"

"I want to see you use it on yourself"

Matthew smiled before sliding the toy between his legs and instantly thrusting it into his body, the toy was at least three inches in diameter and a good ten inches long. The Canadian moaned as he started moving it fast and hard, his eyes closed as he imagined it was his Master cock that he was being fucked with. He pressed the button on the bottom, sending the liquid into his body, but he didn't stop. He was moaning loudly now, his back arched from pleasure as he made the toy release once again. "Ngh….M-Master" he panted as he looked up at the ceiling "M-More"

Ivan smirked before grabbing a second toy and moving the Canadians hand out of the way, he kept moving the other for a few minutes before thrusting the second into his hole as well.

Matthew screamed in pleasure as he stretched more to fit both of them into his body "M-Master I-Ivan" he moaned looking down at the Russian

Ivan kept thrusting them, as one went in the other went out. He eventually pushed both of the buttons. Sending the liquid, once more, into the others anus.

Matthew whimpered as both of them were pulled out of his body. He looked up at Ivan "M-master Ivan" he pleaded spreading his legs more. He smiled as the other lined up with his entrance before slamming in. The Canadians back arched as the other started pounding into him once more…..