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Well, this is an interesting position, Sarah thinks as she wakes up and feels someone's arms around her. She feels comfortable and safe which is a new feeling for her. She smiles for a moment when she thinks it has to be her boyfriend but then it all comes back to her. Last night with the drinks, drunk-dialing Chuck, and their relationships being crashed into a wall when they caught her boyfriend with Chuck's girlfriend doing… Ugh, she doesn't want to think about that.

Wait, Sarah thinks again as she feels said arms move a bit, this isn't Bryce, is it? This cannot be Bryce. No, no, no… With her eyes still closed she frowns and tries to move, that's when she realizes that wasn't really easy because A) She is apparently very tired and even moving was proving to be a difficult task and B) Those arms are safely securing her with no much space to move without waking the other person up, it feels odd yet safe at the same time and that is freaky considering she still doesn't know who her companion was. Definitely not Bryce. She completely freezes when she hears the person trying to say something in a sleepy, impossible to understand voice but that voice, thatvoice was unmistakable. Chuck. Damn it, damn it, damn it! How the hell did this happen?! Her eyes wide open by then when the sudden thought of something happening between the two of them without her remembering pops in her head…

I've got to end this right now. She thinks but then five minutes later she is still in the same place holding still without even blinking. Ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes… Okay, enough! She mentally chastises herself. I'm gonna wake him up, I'm gonna let him get his stuff together, maybe have breakfast and start asking the million and a half questions I need answers to.

"Chuck?" She finally says. "Chuck." She repeats again a little bit louder and moving, trying to bump him in attempt of waking him up. Wow, he can really sleep. He didn't even drink last night! She is thinking then stops. Did he? "CHUCK!" She pretty much yells.

"Whaaaaaaaa?" Chuck mumbles while trying to open his eyes and properly wake up.

"Chuck, what the hell happened?!" Sarah exclaims. Very well Sarah. Forget about that little list you made for Chuck. Who needs to be completely awake to get bombarded by questions anyway, right? Sarah sarcastically muses on her mind.

Blinking away the sleepiness or what was left of it thanks to Sarah's yelling and stuff, Chuck suddenly realizes where he is, where exactly he is. Arms holding Sarah and face really, really close to her neck. In conclusion, he realizes he is spooning Sarah, HE'S SPOONING HIS BEST FRIEND (the girl), RECENTLY COMING OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE HER DOUCHEBAG BOYFRIEND, ALSO KNOWN AS MY NOW EX-BEST FRIEND (the guy), CHEATED ON HER WITH MY BACKSTABBING GIRLFRIEND, ALSO KNOWN AS MY NOW EX-GIRLFRIEND! He freezes, mouth and eyes wide open. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh God, Sarah, I'm so sorry. I have no idea how the heck this happened."

"What exactly happened, Chuck?" Sarah asks, finally able to move after he let her go. She puts aside the feeling of loss she felt when he did and focuses on whatever answer Chuck was about to give her.

"Well, uh, the spooning… stuff." He answers but then looks at her face and furrows his brows and says, "Why, why are you looking at me like that? I swear I didn't do it on purpose, I was sleeping on almost the edge because I didn't want to bother you."

Sarah has to, again, force herself put aside the feeling of disappointment she had after realizing nothing really happened with Chuck, except for the spooning of course. She had a blank stare on her face because she WAS thinking about how disappointed she felt after he said he was only talking about the "spooning… stuff".

"Sarah?" Chuck asks softly.

"I'm sorry. I zoned out. What did you say?" She asks him.

"Nothing, I just said that I was laying almost on the edge of the bed when I fell asleep." He repeats, a little confused about Sarah so easily zoning out, and continues. "If it were for me I wouldn't even have slept in the bed but you kind of forced me and you looked really intimidating last night."

"Well, that sounds lovely…" Sarah snorts, "Repulsive and intimidating, I'm the whole package, aren't I?" She sarcastically says while getting up and going into the bathroom. "No wonder why Bryce felt the need of cheating me."

Chuck doesn't understand what's going on until he repeats again in his head what he just said and…"OH MY GOD! Sarah! That's not what I meant!" He's instantly running after her but doesn't dare go inside. "Oh God. You have to know that's... Please, open the door" He pleads at the door when Sarah finally comes out of the bathroom. She can hide it really well and usually anyone else would have missed it but people attentive, Chuck most definitely is, could see her eyes a little bit red as if she's been crying.

"I'm sorry for looking repulsive but between the facts that it's far too early, my hangover, and everything that happened last night I'm not in the mood to look fantastic, not right now." She says to Chuck then goes past him in direction to the kitchen when he goes running and gets there before her, grabs a glass and pours water into it and gives it to her together with some pills for the headache she's probably having.

"Please, stop saying that. That's not what I meant, at all. How can you think I would call you that? What I meant is that I didn't want to bother you. After everything that happened, I wanted to give you some space…" He sheepishly confesses.

Oh my God, why can't I stay mad at him? He looks so adorable right now… Sarah thinks after seeing him the way he's acting. She wouldn't admit it but it really hurt to think that was the way he saw her.

"And also it's really important for me that you understand that you ARE fantastic, always. Right now? Yeah, you look amazing in my eyes so don't you ever say that I think something bad about you again because I will get mad." Chuck states, looking straight to her eyes, with a courage he doesn't know where it's coming from. "And Bryce was a stupid douchebag that's gonna regret what he did to you for the rest of his miserable life."

She blushes and smiles, happy to know what he really thinks of her. How much he cares for her is touching and she's about to cry because of how perfect he is. Why did we have to through all of this for me to realize how perfect this man is? She thinks sadly. "Okay, I'm sorry then. But you have to admit the way you said it didn't sound really good for me." She tells him. "And Chuck, we've both been through the same. I'm not the only one who was hurt here. Jill was definitely a bitch for cheating on you!" She states with the same baldness he had in his voice earlier. And apparently she wasn't over, "I mean, are you kidding me? Where will she find a better catch? You are perfect!" She blurts out without realizing what she's saying. When she does, she immediately shuts up and blushes but she tries to hide it by going to the fridge and looking for something none existent.

Chuck definitely saw it. Of course he did, he's Chuck. But since he is Chuck he chose not to comment any further because he knows it would make her feel uncomfortable and he doesn't want that. Except that he needs to say one teeny, tiny, really important thing. "You're prefect too", he whispers.

Sarah heard it though, and her cheeks got even redder. Thank God for this fridge.

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