HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! : D With a New Year I bring you a new Stendan Story: D

Chapter One New Year

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, in a village named Hollyoaks lived a man.

Man whom no one in this village dared to double cross. This was because of the man's anger he was known as the Beast.

The beast had only been living in 'Oaks for little over three years, and during those years he had made more enemies than he did friends.

It had seemed as if he was the most hated man in the village. That was until an old face from Hollyoaks past returned with intention of getting back his old life.

The two had soon became best frenemies right of the bat. The two bad boys went around reeking havoc all through out the town, but as they became to know one another better they also to figure out what limits and weakness were. Unfortunately the Beast his weakness was exposed and it wasn't long before the village found out about his five feet nine 'weakness'.

The Beast began to feel as if he was untouchable after his 'secret' was exposed, he had nothing to fear, but couldn't have been more wrong. With a string of murders going around the village and with a body found in the boot of his car, he was arrest. Soon after that everyone were willing to believe it was the Beast's fault.

That is everyone except for two of the villagers who didn't want to believe what the others had been saying. The two trusting villagers of Hollyoaks were the Beast's sister and their flat mate. It had turned out that, in this case, the Beast was innocent.

But during his time in prison his soul grew lonelier as he waited for help, but to his disappointment it never came. Allow his sister and their mate tried there best to help it wasn't enough. He waited hoping maybe just maybe his frenemies, even his "weakness" would try to help, but no one came. It had seemed that the Blissett monster had won, but that the thing, things are always what they seem.

This monster began to let his guard down, and we all know what happens when someone let's their guard…Mistakes. Boy, did Minster Silas Blissett make a big mistake, but that's not the point of this story. After the Monster's arrest the villagers felt peace had finally come for Blissett's victims and for them all. It wasn't until the Beast was released from prison when all hell broke loose.

Revenge, a word that definitely was in the Beast vocabulary, and he vowed he would seek revenge on the ones who had 'turned' their backs against him. So if you're looking for happy fairytale cause think about life isn't a fairytale. It's just filled with a lot of unknowns, disappointment and a lot regret. I wish I could say this is a happy fairytale with a perfect happy ending, but I'd be lying…

New Year's Day 2012

Ste couldn't believe his eyes…the man he…Brendan not only just fired him, but he also found himself a new 'Toy'.

"Ste, Love, I'm so sorry." Cheryl stated.

"Cheryl don't…I'm done." He said as he stormed out of the club. Cheryl look over at Brendan, who had pulled away from the kiss and was looking straight at his sister, she shock her head in disappointment and then went after her best friend.

Outside Chez Chez

"Ste wait…" Cheryl called after the young man. Ste in return just kept walking hoping Cheryl would get the hint and leave him alone. "Ste, please don't make me run after you in these heels." She yelled out just then so saw Ste stop. Cheryl quickly made her way toward him. "Thank you."


"Ste, don't listen to my idiot brother okay. I'll talk to Brendan and get him to change his mind about your job."

"Don't even bother I don't want that job back!" Ste yelled.

" Love, you're just angry…" before Cheryl could finish her sentence Ste interrupted her.

"You're damn right I'm angry!" he started yelling. "…but you know I should have seen it coming… I'm mean come on its Brendan Brady we're talking about. A man who doesn't know nothing about being nice to anyone."

Cheryl didn't know what to do or say to the young man. Looking at Ste all she could see a broken hearted man. "Love, you know better than anyone else what Brendan is like…"

"Brendan did me a massive favor… I won't have to be anywhere near him anymore." Ste stated as he stormed off.

"Ste!" Cheryl called out, but Ste kept on walking. She let out a sigh of anger and then headed back to the club.

Back in Chez Chez

Cheryl walked straight up to her brother and yelled over the music so that Brendan could hear her, "Office NOW!"

"Chez, don't be rude. Can't you see I'm having conversation?"

"Brendan Brady, if you do not get your bottom into that office right this second…" Cheryl yelled again.

"Okay, okay," he stated and then turned his attention toward the man who was sitting next to him. "I'll be right back." He said then followed Cheryl into the office. Once he was in the office Cheryl close the door.

"Alright Chez, we alone now let me have it." Brendan joked.

" Really…are you really going to make jokes right now?"


"Don't what me. You know what this is about!"

Brendan rolls his eyes, "Stephen is a big boy, Chez. He can take care of himself"

"Yes I know that, but…I want to know…why…why you do that?" She asked

"Do what?"

Cheryl sighs, "Push away the ones love. Ste loves you, Bren then you go and do this…"

Brendan chuckles, "What can I say… I 'm going with the out with the old and in with the new kind of thing."

"So everything that happen in August, before Declan arrived, with you worrying you might loose Ste meant nothing to you, So that must mean you don't love him then right?

Brendan doesn't respond.

"Okay well…then I was wrong along about you. You're just a total jackass. "

" So I've been told and why do you care anyways its not like you're my mum."

" Because!...I'm worried sick about you, Brendan. You're my brother, Lord knows I love you with all my heart, but you've changed ever since you came back."

"Well prison will do that to a person." Brendan simply stated.

"You know what…(sighs)…when my real brother returns…tell him to come find me cause this person…standing right in front of me…isn't him."
"Cheryl, don't you think you're over reacting just a bite?" Brendan asked.

" Let me tell you one thing, Brendan…you may have won this 'battle' but you are slowly losing your war."

"Funny I wasn't aware I was fighting a war." He joked.

Cheryl laughs as she wakes toward the office door, "You been fighting this war for longest time…'cause Lord knows you, Brendan Brady, are your own worst enemy…" she finally stated before leaving the office leaving Brendan standing alone in the office like a lost little boy.

Brendan emerged from the office to see Cheryl exiting the club. He walks over to the DJ station and unplugged the equipment. The music abruptly stops causing everyone in the club to stop what they were doing.

"HEY! Turn the music back on." One person yelled, but Brendan ignored the comment.

"THIS CLUB IS NOW CLOSED!" Brendan yelled to everyone.

"What? It's only 12:30." Another man stated. Brendan walked over to the man who had spoke.

Brendan clinched his teeth, "Did I ask you what time is was little boy?" The man responded by shaking his head no.

"Exactly, now like I said before…This…Club is CLOSED! Now, You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!" He yelled as everyone gathered his or her things and left, leaving Brendan alone in the club.

He grabs a beer bottle the was sitting on the counter next him and chucks it at the wall. "Shit!" he muttered under his breath.

Til next time ;)