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Monday Night

"Really?" Caroline asked as she considered Max's proposal. "Yes, now do you want to go or not?" Max asked, impatience setting in. Caroline smiled and moved closer to her girlfriend, "Of course I want to go." Max moved closer to Caroline as well, "I thought you might." Max smiled as Caroline closed the distance between them.

Friday Night

"What made you want to go on a date?" The blond asked curiously as Max bought their tickets and walked to the concession bar. "I don't know. I figured we kind of already forgone the typical steps to becoming a couple." Caroline considered Max's words for a moment while the brunette ordered their drinks and snacks. "What do you mean?" Max paid and handed Caroline the drinks to carry while she carried the snacks. "If I had known that taking you on a date meant that I had to play twenty questions I might have reconsidered." Max joked as they took their seats.

"Just answer question." Max looked at Caroline and smiled, "Well you moved in with me the first night I met you. We work together. We didn't date before we fucked so I figured maybe I should be some sort of "gentlemen" and take you out." Caroline smiled, "Even in your standard blunt approach, you manage to be sweet." Max smiled and kept her attention on the screen as it played previews.

Caroline noticed the theatre filling up quickly and nudged the woman beside her. "Why'd you pick seats so far in the back." Max smiled devilishly, "So we could be alone and not have to worry about onlookers." Caroline looked shocked as she stared at Max, "Can you not think about sex for like one minute?" The brunette shook her head, "Nope." The blonde chuckled softly, "Of course not."

The lights dimmed as the movie started, enveloping the audience in darkness, save for the light of the screen. Caroline snuggled closer to Max as the first scenes played out in front of them. She quickly found herself burying her face in Max's neck as the killer slashed and stabbed his victims, leaving them in a mutilated mess. "Why'd you pick such a violent movie." Caroline whispered shielding her eyes as another murder took place. Max smiled and pulled her girlfriend closer, "Same reason I wanted to sit in the back." "Max.." "C'mon, we're in the very back, it's dark and nobody will be able to see us." "I don't know..." "Besides, it doesn't look like you're into all the blood and guts." Caroline looked at Max pointedly, "Is that the only reason you offered to take me?" Max shook her head, "No, but we're here, it's dark and-" "Shut up, Max." Caroline whispered softly, "Did you honestly think I'd object?" Max smiled and leaned closer to kiss the beautiful blond by her side.

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