Night 2

Rin's POV

Miku and I sat in her room, listening to music and talking about how tonight is going to be amazing.

"Dude… I'm so excited…!" I enthused, holding gazing at a bottle held firmly in my hands.

"I know, right?" Miku answered excitedly, eyes on a bottle of her own.

"Eugh…" I sighed, looking out the window at the sky. At this point, the sun was close to the horizon, turning the sky into a deep shade of orange and pink at many places, and a darker shade of blue in others. Observing this sight, an idea sprung up in my mind. "…I think we should start drinking at sunset."

"Dude, Len and Kaito aren't even back yet…"

"Well, that sucks for them," I huffed. Then, feeling a need for a better reason to go along with my plan, I continued, "They'll drink themselves to oblivion in two seconds anyway. We'll drink slower, and they'll have plenty of time to catch up. Besides, if they still aren't back by the time we're passed tipsy, then it's their fault anyway."

"I guess so…" Miku trailed off. I assumed a triumphant smile, looking out the window at the setting sun.

"Let's go outside and get ready," I suggested. Grabbing a bottle of sake, a fresh can of Monster, and a large blanket to fend of the chilly wind, we left the house, walking just a short distance away to where a tree sat, most of its limbs scattered on the ground around it and strewn about. The ground around it was rose a bit, hinting at an unpleasant demise for the plant. Most of its longer, thicker branches had been removed and used for firewood, and now, only one single stem of the split trunk stood, tall and slightly bare.

As we approached, I stared in awe. "Yeah, it got torn down pretty bad," Miku stated, placing our things on the ground. She followed her words with a sort of dark, melancholic laugh, "I find it ironic that that part of the tree is the only one that still stands."

I nodded, walking up to the lone surviving part of the tree. My fingers trailed along the rough bark while my eyes scanned its surface, searching. After a few seconds, they stopped, finding their target. It was carvings, done by a pocketknife Miku owned almost a year ago. Memories flooded into my mind as I grazed my hands over the etched in words…

"What are you carving…?" I questioned with growing curiosity, leaning over to try to get a glance. However, I was playfully shoved away before I could see.

"Not yet!" she waved dismissively. I sighed purposely loud, trying to make my boredom and impatiens known. "Shh, I'm almost done."

"Ugh… hurrrry up!" I groaned, turning my attention to my phone. For the fifth time in only two minutes, I checked my email and text inboxes for any new messages. However, like each time before, I found none. Feeling a desire to be obnoxious and dramatic, I rested my hand on the ground, letting my phone slide out of my grasp. My head tilted back against the tree behind me, and I released a fake cough as I stared at the sky. "I… I can't go on any longer…" I whispered softly, my hand clawing at my chest as if in pain. "The…the boredom… it's too much to handle…" For the final touch, I sniffled sadly. "Goodbye world…"


"Really?" I immediately jumped back to life, leaning over once more to finally see just what Miku had carved into the tree.

"There," she said, pointing to a spot where bark had been removed in small, thin lines.

I squinted at it, trying to make out the almost illegible writing. I could see something… an E… than and M…no, that's an N… I think… and then an X… a… and R? I… N-

I instantly flew back to my original spot, collapsing on the ground with arms crossed. "You suck," I pouted, poofing out my cheeks angrily like a child.

"Hey, I thought it was cute," Miku said sitting beside me, "and you know its true."

"Still…" I sighed. Yet, deep down, the markings actually made me really happy. Miku and I talked for a while longer before deciding to go back inside. I grabbed my phone and stood up, ready to follow the taller Vocaloid into her home, but stopped. With a quick glance to make sure she wasn't looking, I turned back to the carved 'LenXRin' in the tree. A tiny smile made its way to my lips as a light giggle escaped. "Yush," I spoke in a soft acceptance. Then, I turned around, running to catch up to Miku as we headed back into her house…

I nodded at the tree, "I approve." I then walked over to where Miku was already sitting on the ground. We both huddled under the blanket like cold hobos, staring at the sun with excitement and anticipation coursing through our veins once more. We both watched it until the point where half of it was hidden by land, and then I opened the bottle. "Happy New Years 2!" I brought the bottle to my lips, drinking enough to be equivalent to about a shot and a half. Miku grabbed the it afterwards, drinking just a bit more. We exhaled relieved sighs that carried the strong scent of alcohol.

"Bitchin," Miku spoke, looking at the remaining sake with admiration.

I nodded in reply. "Alright, let's give the alcohol a few minutes to settle so that I don't vomit instantly like last night, and then let's head inside."

She voiced her approval, and we calmly watched the sun for just a little longer, waiting until it's bright, yellowy-orbness was no longer visible. Once I had decided I was capable of walking the short distance, we packed up once more and made our way back inside.

Walking into our room, we were greeted casually by Len and Kaito who sat in her room, drinking.

"What the hell? When did you two get here…?" Miku questioned, still standing in the doorway.

"'bout five minutes ago, why?" Kaito answered.

"You all couldn't have gotten us?"

"We figured you'd come back in soon enough," he shrugged, "it's getting dark and there's still sake left. Figured you'd be eager to start drinking again."

Miku glared at him before sitting down. I shrugged, unafraid to admit that it was a true statement, and then sat down next to my friend. She was already drinking more from her bottle, not to anyone's surprise, so I attempted to subtly turn my attention to Len.

He, too, seemed preoccupied in drinking from the stolen sake. Despite the fact that I was probably coming off as a creeper of some sort, I stared at him as he drank, searching for any sign of tension or unusual reaction. Does he remember last night? my mind probed. After consuming a little over two shots, he put the bottle down and grabbed a chaser, catching my eye just once.

Instinctively, I turned away like a guilty child.

Still, he didn't seem to notice, and had a very boring, uneventful reaction. I both smiled and sighed inside, realizing he truly didn't remember the previous night. As I contemplated my split reaction, Miku finished drinking her chaser. She looked at me, then motioned to the bottle with her eyes. I followed, grabbing the alcoholic substance with a sort of casual acceptance. In the back of my mind, I silently promised to not be afraid of Len hearing something tonight and remembering it in the morning, and then I drank.

I quickly followed up with a few mouthfuls of Monster to wash away the burning taste. Trying to aim for writing more in my journal tonight, I grabbed my phone and typed in a brief update:

Sunday, Jan 1 4:53

Just beginning to feel effects of sake again. Excited for an epik nite!

I swayed back and forth, taking notice of the slight spinning motion that seemed to go through my mind as I did so, but it wasn't enough to cause any real visible effects. Still, it was slightly entertaining, so I continued to sway. Eventually, I began humming along and swaying in time to a song that made itself audible in my mind.

"Whatchya humming?" Miku asked.

Instead of relying, I grabbed a small cord hooked up to the mini-stereo set in the corner of the room and plugged it into my phone. Then, I opened the 'music' tab and began to play I'm not your Boyfriend Baby by 3OH!3, skipping to a spot a little over halfway through the song. Everyone in the room instantly began to lip sync to the lyrics, also fond of the song.

About twenty minutes of musical entertainment passed as we continued to lip sync to song after song, and I scowled at the small bottle of sake in front of me. I unscrewed the cap and prepared a Monster, but before drinking, I grabbed my phone and updated once more.

Sunday, Jan 1 5:16

Barely feel crap, but I felt that it'd be a good idea to get a few near sober entry's in here

Once I had finished typing, I set my phone down and picked up the bottle of sake, drinking about two shots before reaching for my chaser. As the bad taste washed away, I kept myself entertained by watching Kaito tease Miku, laughing a bit as she reacted with a not-so-surprising tsundere response. Music continued to flood the room, and as the alcohol continued to slowly make its presence known in my mind, I faintly noticed how I was capable of taking on a sort of detached feel. It was like I was there, but wasn't. I was observing everything in the room with a faint sort of puzzlement and curiosity as if I were watching some sort of 3D anime.

Continuing to play my role as a silent observer, I glanced towards Len. He sat in his small chair in the corner, eyes focused on me, completely zoned out. Noticing, I quickly looked away. However, no movement came from his corner. Trying to get another look without chancing him catching me looking at him, I slowly looked over at him through the corner of my eye.

He still stared at me, eyes unfocused as if thinking deeply to himself. A sigh escaped my lips as I realized he'd probably just accidentally ended up staring in my direction without noticing. I accepted this fact with a small bit of embarrassment, but shrugged it off fairly easily otherwise. I shifted my attention back to the music once more, eventually taking another single shot and then pulling out my phone to enter another journal.

Sunday, Jan 1 5:26

Drinking slowly (ish), feel light effects… Don't wanna drink too quickly, I don't wanna b a pukey princess just yet xD

I ended the journal with a grin, happily swaying back and forth. I continued to drink at a fairly even pace, gradually feeling the effects of alcohol in tiny increments while everyone calmly enjoyed the intoxication by listening to music and conversing lightly. However, as time continued to pass, my phone-journals began to become more and more focused on the amusing acts of a drunk Miku and my own lack of thorough intoxication.

Sunday, Jan 1 5:37

Effects a bit stronger… Can feel a bit more 'poof' when shaking my head bak and forth…! C=

Sunday, Jan 1 5:43

Miku is failing a bit, and even tho it's a bit purposeful, her voicd is raised in pitch… Nd she just said Kaito had to 'kiss it nd mak it bettrz' since she stubbed her toe xD!

Sunday, Jan 1 6:04

Still only about 2/3 to tipsy… What gives

Sunday, Jan 1 6:05

Aaand… Kaito asked Miku to marry him… she pulled an 8 ball out of her draws r dresser thing, shook it, looked at it, looked super embarrassed and thru it back..


At this point, I had begun drinking a bit more heavily, even looking forward to the chance that I'd drink enough to vomit; it was a good sign I was getting somewhere. Still, I was proud that I was finally able to feel some effects of the alcohol on my mind. A goofy grin began to become permanently plastered on my face as I stared off into space, noting how easily I could admit to myself how happy Len makes me.

However, with the wonderful freedom of thought comes another side affect; I quickly found myself having to go to the bathroom very frequently. One of the times, I stared in the mirror for a while while washing my hands, and came to an amusing conclusion I quickly typed in my phone-journal once I was done.

Sunday, Jan 1 6:13

I love my mind…-staring in a mirror, washing hands- Why do ppl naturally wait till nite to start drinking? That's a horrible way to live life!...-glaring-…I live Lennyz… -huge grin- xD wow I'm fail ( almost tipsy

I cast a glance at Len, watching him slowly sway to the music in his little chair in the corner. His eyes were a tiny bit unfocused, and a slight sense of euphoria engulfed me as I noted that he was exceptionally drunk. Subtly, I celebrated with a mini fangirl session, exhaling a tipsy "Kyaaa~" before drinking more so that I could catch up to my twin in his drunken state.

Whatever I drank seemed to work, too, because within minutes, I felt as if I was finally starting to progress towards intoxication.

Sunday, Jan 1 6:17

-hits tiny bit past tipsy- I looove lenny this I kno! For the bible tellse so! XD I LOVE MY MIND

Rereading the journal I just typed into my phone, I giggled childishly at the play on the children's song. My mind continued to fall into a haze at a surprisingly rapid pace. Distantly, I recalled a vague sense of my drunken state last night and how I had felt so satisfied at the point when I was a complete 'pukey-princess.' I mulled the odd thought over in my mind, silently concluding that I wanted to achieve that feeling again.

With a new goal set, my mind wandered off once more, and I gazed around the room, lightly swaying to some techno song playing through the stereo. My eyes fell on Len who had been gazing at me with a curious expression. My lips curled up and my face fell, mentally fangirling once more. He's so freaking awesome…! I noted to myself. I quickly snatched my phone once more, updating my future self on my status at this point.

Sunday, Jan 1 6:24

Climbing a bit in drunkenness more than before.. ½ to drunk… I love lenny… And I have yet to vomit =[

Sunday, Jan 1 6:27

I luv the fact tht when I'm drunk (or close to) I blush like crazy naturally… It's super convenient… XP I love lenny…!

I looked up at Miku sat down beside me, grabbing a new bottle. We lightly conversed about the wonderful feeling of intoxication as she unscrewed the lid. Kaito stood behind her, leaned against a wall as he hummed along to some Eminem song. Miku grasped placed the lid on the floor next to her and pulled the bottled sake up to her face, sniffing once with a large grin, before partially chugging the liquid inside it.

She placed the bottle down and screwed the lid back on, face scrunched in a prolonged wince as she battled the stinging taste of the alcohol. I handed her a can of Monster, urging her to drink, but she shook her head.

"You're not having a chaser?" I exclaimed, shocked.


"Dude…" I stared at her with extreme admiration and amazement, "I wouldn't be able to do that… I'd end up spitting the freakin thing out."

"Spitters are quitters," Miku stated, quickly following the slightly inappropriate comment with a roar of laughter. My eyes widened significantly and I chuckled lightly, shaking my head in shame.

"That going to be a comment you regret in the morning?" I asked, already grabbing my phone.

"Nope!" She stated with pride, continued to shake with laughter. I silently questioned whether or not that was true as I typed into my phone…

Sunday, Jan 1 6:34

According to miku, "sputters are quitters"

Then, with much less bravery than my friend, I grabbed the bottle and drank a large amount as well, sure to wash away the disgusting taste with a few gulps of Monster.

At this point in time, my memory began to fade, and the only thing I have left to know what happened are the periodic journals I typed into my phone.

Sunday, Jan 1 6:44

I love the fact tht the only thing I'm concerned about is awesomeness, lenny, and sake… I'm. Lil past drunk Nd eating a cookie…. Plan to drink more later

Sunday, Jan 1 6:45

Lenny is the best twin EVER….

Sunday, Jan 1 6:51

Am fail…." I love lenny more when I'm drunk… No, I admit it more when I'm drunk…. I ALWAYS love him more than everything else in the universe! Faiillllll,.. Yet I soooo love him…! I Wont say it outloyd yet tho =[

Len-"I love u" "I love you too!" –all logic diez

Sunday, Jan 1 7:00

DudeZ… I love being drunk…?tho it's still sad tht I still have yet to puke… I love lenNy SOOOO MUCh…

Sunday, Jan 1 7:28

Even after puking, lenny is still the most awesome thing in the world

Sunday, Jan 1 7:31

I love lenny

Sunday, Jan 1 7:41

I'm smashes… I love lenny… And even thivim embarrassed illnalways have his childrenzzz! Ima tell him when khe gets bak

Sunday, Jan 1 7:45

I'm a pukey princess and I luv lenny!

Around the time (according to Miku) I stopped vomiting, I began to continue remembering things, leaving a huge gaping hole of about 1 hour in my memory. It was kind of a mind-screw, but I'm slightly thankful to have remembered the following few hours.

At this point in time, I had migrated closer to Len, and Miku had moved onto the bed. Kaito and Len, however, remained in their same spots. I had been watching Len as he spaced out, deep in thought, when he suddenly turned to me.

"Rin… I think we should play the 'Let's-tell-the-truth-since-we're-going-to-be-too-smashed-to-remember-it' game."

"Okay!" I answered excitedly, some blunt part of my mind thinking, I LIKE games! Still, there was another part of my mind that was shaking in terror, for the title of the game made it sound like it could cause many regrets to wake up to.

However, when alcohol is involved, that fearful part of my mind is really kind of an annoying light buzz in the back of my mind that doesn't matter nearly as much as enjoying Len's presence, especially when games are involved.

His first question surprised me… for multiple reasons. "Have you ever had a creepy dream about me?"

Part of me questioned why this was what he had asked after such a long time of being in his own little world. The small, annoying buzzing part of me was having a heart attack. Despite it all, the only part of me that had a say was the drunk part of me, and she was going to honestly answer the question. I vaguely recalled past memories of waking up from a dream, not remembering any disgusting or nasty details, but a blunt knowing of what it was I had dreamt about. Though I wasn't sure whether or not that fully counted, I decided to answer Len with a cheerful 'yes.'

He chuckled, "Me too."

I laughed too, though I never truly grasped the meaning of this entire thing until the next morning.

The annoying buzz vaguely made me aware of the fact that I may regret that decision in the morning, and unaware that at this time I would remember it, I updated my journal.

Sunday, Jan 1 9:23

I just answered yes to having had a creepy dream about lenny.. I'm going to DIE in the morning.,. But all common sense is gone rote now

Len then turned to ask Miku and Kaito some questions, but to my disappointment, I wasn't paying attention. Rather, I had gone back to fangirling about my twin.

Sunday, Jan 1 9:24

I'm officially drunk, and all I can think abou is how much I luv lenny… -sigh- he's so amazing..,. Kyaaaa!

Len turned back to me by the time I was finished typing in my phone. "Do you think the Hitachiin twins are hot?"

It wasn't uncommon knowledge that I wrote fanfictions about the Hitachiin twins from Ouran High School Host Club often, and I often used those fanfictions as an escape from my failure to show my love for my own relationship. Though it was incredibly difficult at times considering the gender barrier and personalities differences, I often liked to place myself in Kaoru's shoes and imagine Len as Hikaru. However, when thinking about them as individuals and not substitutes for us in my fanfictions, they lost quite a bit of their appeal.

"Yes, but no," I answered finally. He nodded in acceptance, and then turned to ask the others questions once more. I took this time to type more into my phone.

Sunday, Jan 1 9:28

It is a good thing I won't have any memory of this… We're doing a 'answer truthfully cuz u won't remember in the morning' game… I just answers 'yes but no' to whether or not I think the Hitachiin twins are hot… This is why I'll never play truth or dare

Time then began to pass uneventfully, and it appeared that the game had ended. I moved back slightly towards my original spot, craving the comfort of having a wall to lean against. When I had settled in, all possible regret of my previous answers seemed to fade from my mind, and all I could think about once more was my overwhelming love for Len.

I allowed the happy thoughts to engulf me, and I tilted my head back against the wall and closed my eyes, relaxing in my blissful state of mind. In the dark world behind my eyelids, I visualized my future, eager to take it on with Len by my side…

Through my numbed phase and distracted thoughts, I could sense someone near… very near. However, rather than opening my eyes, I remained still, curiously waiting to see what would happen. The scent of sake began to wash over me, and then I felt lips brush against my own. The contact only lasted a few seconds before I felt the presence move away, but it was enough to send my heart racing.

When I felt that I had my space once more, I opened my eyes. Len sat across from me, though he was no longer focused on me. His hands now reached for another bottle of alcohol, but it didn't take a sober person to figure out that he was obviously the one who had kissed me. Despite my desire to hide my excitement to some degree, my lips were uncontrollable as they curved upward tightly, forming an all-too-obvious grin. Letting my gaze fall to the floor, I hid my face from everyone and grabbed my phone.

Sunday, Jan 1 9:43

Lenny kissed me…! Hapiiii… Yet embarrassed… \\\

Taking a few deep breaths to try to mask my overwhelming joy, I looked back up, and Len was placing a Monster can on the floor. After steadying it to confirm it wouldn't fall over, he turned to me once more. He stared at me intensely for a few, long moments before speaking.

"Rin? How many children do you want to have…?" His face remained neutral as he asked the question. I, on the other hand, could not say the same. Even in my practically mentally challenged state, I was extremely appalled and confused at the question, much more so than I had been at the 'creepy dream' question. I attempted to recap back through the night, seeing if I was able to recall telling him about the journal from my previous night, but the attempt was futile. I was unable to remember any such memory.

With that settled, I rolled the question over in my mind. Each time I pictured my future, Len was always by my side… but just how many children did I see there?

I attempted to visualize a 'fitting' number for us, but failed. Quickly giving up, I answered, "I dunno."

Len nodded briefly in acceptance, and then moved back over to his spot.

Feeling this moment was significant, I noted it in my Journal.

Sunday, Jan 1 9:45

Lenny asked me how many children we wanna have… I answered "idk…"

After this, I vaguely recall drinking a bit more. My memory shorted out for yet another half an hour, and in this time span, I wrote 2 more journals.

The first one still manages to completely puzzle me.

Sunday, Jan 1 10:03

The sax thing is tht as time goes on.., the chance of a child is More ndmore probably of sldrinkenmess of leny.. I'm still a virgin., (10:03 THANK GOD -,-;;;!$)

Sunday, Jan 1 10:07

Miko has the urge to call Kaito "honey" from now on

A little while after this, my memory returned once again. I remember sitting in my spot, staring at the collection of sake with mild disgust as my stomach turned.

"Miku?" I questioned. The tealette was on the bed, near the couple of remaining bottles.


"Can you move the alcohol away?"

"…sure?" she gave me a puzzled look, but moved it to the other side of the bed on the floor as I asked.

After staring at the bottle for another minute or so, my stomach turned once more.



"Can you move the alcohol even further away?"

She stared at me for a few long, hard seconds, eyeing me like I was crazy. However, being the wonderful friend she is, she complied. She moved the bottles to the very corner of the bed. "This good?"

With a sinking heart, I realized that as long as the substance was in my field of vision at all, my stomach was going to continue to rebel. "I'm sorry, but can you put it on the other side of the bed..? Where I can't see it?"

"Sure, you okay?" Miku questioned as she moved the bottles out of sight.

"Yeah, just a little nauseous at the sight of sake is all."

"Oh, okay…" She appeared to assess my current state for a few more moments, and then turned to converse with Kaito.

No longer distracted by the sake, I allowed myself to slowly drift into my own world. I was lightly swaying to the music on the stereo once more, but the alcohol was lightly fading from my system, and the simple action was inadequate in subduing my boredom any longer.

I gazed around the room, looking for something to entertain myself. Miku and Kaito were having some kind of conversation, and Len was off in his own little world. My eyes then turned to the floor, searching for some odd object to hold my interest. I caught sight of my phone, and falling victim to curiosity, I decided to go back and read the journals I had added all that night.

…When I was done, I added another to top of the list.

Sunday, Jan 1 10:15

The sight of sake makes me naseause… I STILL am mainly focused on how much I love Lennyz… And common sense is VERY slowly coming back… Rereading the journals I have made, I'm going to DIE in the morning

I returned my phone to its original location on the floor, and then leaned back against the wall. Time passed fairly uneventfully as I resumed the role of an observer once more, noting my increasing sobriety with a sort of numb acceptance. Though being intoxicated is definitely a much more entertaining state of being to be in, I felt satisfied with the amount of time I'd been able to enjoy it. Even if I had felt the need to make it last longer, it probably would have been a futile attempt considering the strong effects of even the sight of sake, as well as the fact that, accounting the dim worn-feeling behind my eyes, I wouldn't be awake for that much longer tonight.

No longer feeling like my thoughts and actions were as entertaining, I had for the most part stopped journaling. Only after about an hour from my last journal did anything significant enough occur that I felt the need to record it.

I had been off in my own little world, recapping the night's events in my mind. At some point, I decided to return to world with everyone else so I could enjoy the music that had somehow continued to play through the night. Focusing my eyes, I turned my head towards the stereo, because even though most of it had faded, drunken-logic was still a contributing factor in my world, and right now, alcohol told me that if I wanted to know what song was playing, It was absolutely necessary to look in the direction the music is coming from.

With my mind still in a haze, it took me a few seconds to register what was in the way of the speakers… When my eyes adjusted properly, I stared with a blank expression that can be best described as 'WTF' as Miku and Kaito made out.

I turned to Len to see if he had any idea what was happening. The answer appeared to be a 'no' as he stared blankly at the place on the wall directly across from him.

Shaking my head in shame, I recorded the incident in my phone.

Sunday, Jan 1 11:04

Aaaandmikuus makin out with Kaito…

Sighing, I decided that finding out what song was playing was no longer important, so I returned to my own world once more.

As I leaned against the wall, my thoughts began to turn into a sort of ramble. One thought led to one another, and pretty soon it reached a point where even I was unable to fully explain what it was I was thinking about. I vaguely recall reaching a point where I was listing the pros and cons of going to sleep at that point when a voice interrupted my thoughts.


I turned to Len who was staring at me intensely. Under the influence of very light alcohol and fairly strong sleepiness, I decided that the best reply would be to stare at him with a dramatic, intense face of my own.

"I love you!"

My face instantly collapsed, and I muttered a light 'I love you, too' as echoing fangirl screams replaced all previous thoughts in my mind. I grabbed my phone, eager to find something to replace the embarrassing amount of joy in my mind.

Sunday, Jan 1 11:25

It's sad how, even when unbecoming below tipsy, hearing Len say "he loves me" is enuf to completely throw off my thought process…

I exhaled yet another sigh. Following with a few deep breaths, I cast a slight glance towards Len. His gaze had returned to the wall once more. Accepting that the little moment had ended, I regained my composure.

As I placed the phone on the floor, my eyes fell on the pillow next to me, and I stifled a yawn. Checking the time, I happily noted that I'd been on this mini drunken adventure for about 5 ½ hours. Satisfied with this accomplishment, I allowed myself to surrender to my mental fatigue and began to create a makeshift bed on the floor.

Once I had finished, I snuggled up under the blankets. One last time, I turned to Len, who once more remained completely distracted by his own thoughts. Rolling over, I scooted over to the edge of my pillow so that, if he should succumb to sleep soon as well, there'd be enough room for him to sleep by me. After I'd made sure there was enough room, I curled up into a light ball and drifted off to sleep.

Neko-chan: I'm so sorry this took so long. X.x;; I don't even think the quality is good enough to make up for it. I will probably update/fix it later on, but I was tired of not having anything updated on this for so long.

Note: Any mistakes in journals are purposeful, but if I made a mistake in the actual story/could improve certain areas, please PM me! Thank you!