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Chapter 1

"My Lord, it's time to wake up," Sebastian said as he parted the velvet curtains which darkened Ciel's room.

"Nnnnnn," the boy, Ciel, rolled over away from the light. "Leave me Sebastian," Ciel muttered.

"Do you feel well Sir?"


Sebastian pulled off his glove with his teeth and pushed back his master's bangs to feel his forehead. His head was burning beneath his fingers. "Shall I call a physician Sir?"


"Anything else, Sir?" Sebastian asked as he closed the curtains he had opened before.

"Water, a glass of water Sebastian."

"Yes, My Lord." Sebastian bowed and walked out of the room. He walked into the kitchen with four pairs of eyes watching him.

"What we havin' for breakfast Sebastian?"

"You have to make your own," Sebastian said as searched the cabinet for a cup.

"Why?" Baldroy asked.

"The young master is ill."

"What?" The three servants gasped.

Sebastian poured water into the cup. "You will need to be silent as the young master recovers." Sebastian walked over to the kitchen phone and dialed. "Yes, Ciel Phantomhive. Cold, I think. Yes. Okay I will wait for your arrival." Sebastian hung up the phone and walked the cup up to Ciel's room. He knocked on the door, "I'm coming in." He opened the door and placed the cup on the bedside table. "The Doctor will arrive soon Sir." He picked up Ciel's eye patch. "Sir you might want to put this on before his arrival."

Ciel sat up as Sebastian tied the eye patch. "Nothing to eat, My Lord?"

"Maybe later," Ciel sighed as he snuggled back under the sheets.

Sebastian left Ciel to himself and walked back to the kitchen. Again, the four pairs of eyes watched him as he found the supplies for chicken noodle soup. "Don't you have anything better to do?"

"Yes Sir," they cried in unison, running out of the room.

After fixing the soup and setting it on the stove to cook, Sebastian walked into the study and found a stack of his master's favorite books.

"Sebastian! The Doctor's here!" Mey-rin announced.

"Thank you, Mey-rin."

Mey-rin blushed.

"Right this way," Sebastian escorted the elderly man up to Ciel's room. Sebastian knocked on the door. "The physician is here Sir. May we enter?"


Ciel was sitting up in bed with his economics textbook in his lap.

"Good morning, young Phantomhive." The Doctor set his bag on Ciel's bed and pulled out a stethoscope.

As the Doctor did so, Sebastian swiftly unbuttoned Ciel's night shirt.

The Doctor placed the stethoscope against Ciel's chest. "Breathe in…out."

Chapter 2

After the Doctor diagnosed that Ciel's illness was just a cold and that Ciel would be fine, he prescribed bed rest and left the manor.

"What's for lunch?" Baldroy asked as Sebastian stirred the bubbling liquid.

Sebastian sighed, "This is for the young master. Make your own Chef." Sebastian ladled out a bowl and decorated a tray to present to Ciel. Sebastian carried the tray and the stack of books from the study, which he balanced on his head, to Ciel's room. "Lunch Sir."

"Come in."

Sebastian walked in and placed the tray on the bedside table and the books. "For lunch we have a light chicken noodle soup. It will keep your stomach calm."

Ciel sat up and nodded.

Sebastian handed Ciel the steaming bowl of soup. "In case you get tired, I've taken the liberty to bring some of your favored books."

Ciel nodded and proceeded to blow on a spoon full of soup.

"Do you wish for me to remove your eye patch?"

Ciel nodded.

"Ring for me if you need anything else," Sebastian offered as he removed the patch and laid it gently on the nightstand. Sebastian walked out of the room.

Ring! After an hour of silence, Ring!

Sebastian looked up from changing the flowers from the flower vases. Sebastian walked to Ciel's room, "Yes?"

"I need some medicine from the local pharmacy."

"Yes Sir, I will go fetch it."



"Can you make me some tea when you return?"

"Of Course Sir."

Ciel yawned and buried himself under the covers.

Chapter 3

"What the **** are you doing?"Sebastian demanded as he walked into the kitchen to prepare the tea.

We are making a get well cake," Baldroy pointed to the towering chocolate mountain.

"We just need to add the white chocolate lettering," Finny pointed out.


Sebastian sighed, and set the water to boil. "I'll be back."

"Yes Sir?"

"Can you open the curtains, its dark in here."

"Yes my Lord." Sebastian parted the curtains. "Anything else?"


"I'll be back with your tea Sir."

"All right."

Sebastian poured the tea in a cup as the three servants cut their cake. "Isn't the cake for the young master?"


"We're hungry." Finny finished for Baldroy.

Mey-rin cut a slice, "this is for the master. I'll take this to him."

"All right," Sebastian mumbled.

"Wait!" Sebastian remembered that Ciel no longer had on his eye patch. "Really?" Sebastian asked himself and grabbed the tea.

Mey-rin is most likely running, as she always does, Sebastian thought as he himself ran down the hall balancing the tea cup in his hand to not spill a drop. Bloody ****! Sebastian saw Mey-rin open the door. I have to get her attention.

"Aaaahhh!" Sebastian yelled as he "tripped" spilling hot tea on himself only.

"Mister Sebastin!" Mey-rin gasped. "Are you okay?"

Ciel saw and quickly tied his patch on in a knot.

"I'm all right, I'll go get the master more tea."

After pouring another cup of the tea giving it to Ciel and changing his clothes , Sebastian sat down with a cook book he hadn't read yet on Italian Cuisines.

Chapter 1


Sebastian sighed and set his book down.


"Can you get my book that's a collection of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe?"

"Yes Sir."

"Here Sir," Sebastian handed Ciel the book.

"Thank you Sebastian. I'll call you again if you be needed."

Chapter 1: Collecting the Proper Ingredients



"I'm thirsty."

"Tea or water?"


Chapter 1: Collecting the Ingredients

Ingredients are…


After getting the master more tea, cake, his geography homework from professor Tuffle, fresh white roses for his bedside table vase, more medicine, and tissues; Sebastian was finally able to sit down.

Chapter 1: Collecting the Ingredients

Ingredients are the most…


Sebastian sighed and walked into the kitchen, grabbed a pair of scissors, and snipped the chord ringing the bell.


Finally! Sebastian's thoughts cheered.

An hour later…

"SEBASTIAN!" A voice thundered from deep inside the manor.

Three sets of eyes stared at Sebastian in the study.

"I don't believe it…" Finny whispered. "Is it possible for Mister Phantomhive to yell at Mister Sebastian?"

"I'm excited to see how this turns out."

"Mister Sebastian…"

Sebastian continued to read his book.

"Aren't ya goin' ta assist him?"

Sebastian flipped the page.



"Did you hear something?" Sebastian asked as he flipped a page.

"Sebastian!" Ciel yelled with a commanding air as he stood in the doorway.

"Yes, My Lord?" Sebastian set the book down and bowed to Ciel

"Cut the crap, I know you heard me. I was yelling and screaming for you, thanks to you my throat is sore. And you three, get back to work." Ciel noticed the three standing there.

The three grabbed Tanaka and ran.

"And you!" Ciel turned back to Sebastian. "Help me get ready for dinner. I'm feeling better."

"Yes, My Lord." Sebastian answered surprised.

Chapter 4

Yawn! Ciel opened his eyes the next morning to find his room extremely bright. He looked over at the clock on his nightstand. It read 1:22 pm. Ciel tied on his eye patch as best as he could and took off to the kitchen. "Sebastian?"

"Young Lord?" Finny asked.

"Where the heck is Sebastian?"

" 'aven't seen 'im all day," Baldroy stated. "It's quite abnormal…do ya want me to cook sumin' up for ya?"

Ciel walked to Sebastian's room and knocked on the door.

Ciel proceeded to open the door when no sound was uttered from the other side. When Ciel opened the door the first things to catch his eye was the barren white walls, the second was the figure in the bed. To him it was so weird; he never even thought Sebastian slept. "Sebastian?" Ciel walked over to him. Sebastian's back was facing the door, so Ciel couldn't see his face. Ciel nudged Sebastian, but he didn't stir. Ciel touched Sebastian's cheek. It was burning.