Chapter 2

"Nnnnh…" Sebastian opened his eyes and sat up. He had never felt like this before; his head was throbbing, his ears were ringing, he could barely keep his eyes open, and his stomach felt like it was ripping open. He stepped out of bed and changed into his black swallow tail coat and pants. He grabbed his gloves, as he walked out of the room. He walked into the kitchen to find the three servants. "Get to work." He said very unenthusiastic. "Mey-rin, is the master feeling well? Did you get him out of bed? Baldroy, did you cook him anything yet? Finny… have you done anything?"

"Yes!" They all cheered.

"They did their jobs, perfectly." A voice stated from behind Sebastian.

Ciel was leaning against the door way as he smirked, "Not feeling well?"

"Actually Sir I…"

"Mey-rin has already called the doctor." Ciel interrupted Sebastian. "He'll be here any minute, so I highly suggest you go lie down and wait for the doctor. By the way, I've went ahead and let you have the day off."

"Thank you master," Sebastian said as he bowed and coughed.

"Whatever, go and lie down!" Ciel pointed down the hall to where Sebastian's room was.

"Yes, My Lord."

Ciel escorted Sebastian down the hall and into Sebastian's room.

"What are you doing, Master?"

"The doctor will be here soon." Ciel said as he closed the door behind him.


"So we need to cover up that contract on your hand," he said producing a bandage wrap from his pocket. "It will be odd if you wear gloves while you rest."

"Yes, Sir." Sebastian said as he took off his tail coat, his tie, and then his shirt.

Ciel watched as Sebastian stripped, his body was perfect.


"What?" Ciel asked dazed, still looking at Sebastian's abs.

"Your stares are making me uncomfortable."

"I wasn't looking at you!" Ciel denied.

"Uh-huh, yeah." Sebastian slipped on his nightshirt, "Can you look away or turn around while I take my pants off?"

Ciel blushed and turned his back to the demon. Ciel thought about peeking, but resisted. He heard the bed sheets rustle and he turned back around.

Sebastian coughed into his sleeve.

Ciel sat on Sebastian's bed, next to him and unwrapped the tape.

"Do you wish for me to do that Sir?"


Sebastian gave the young master his hand. It was slightly warm as Ciel took it and wrapped the Demon's mark. The doctor will most likely think it's weird that his nails are black, anyway.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Proceed," Ciel announced as he stuffed the rest of the tape back into his pocket.

Mey-rin escorted the Doctor into the room. She bowed and left.

"Hello Ciel, how are you today?"

"Well Sir."

"How about you Sebastian?" The Doctor asked looking at Sebastian.

"Not well Sir."

"Of course." The Doctor laughed as he pulled out a stethoscope.


Ciel waited outside the door of Sebastian's room as the Doctor examined Sebastian.


The Doctor opened the door.

"How is he?"

"He'll be fine, he needs to take this." The Doctor handed him a prescription. "He should feel better after he takes the medicine and some bed rest." The Doctor turned to leave. "And another thing, don't let him work. He looks like a workaholic."

"I won't let him out of his room."

"Good," the man chuckled.


"Mey-rin, when are you going to be finished making that tea?" Ciel called from his study.

"One minute Sir." Mey-rin answered from the kitchen.


I'll never get my afternoon tea.

"Here Sir."

Ciel was handed a cup full of steaming tea.

"For today we have a light raspberry cream cheese Danish."

Ciel recognized the voice. "Sebastian! You're supposed to be in bed!"

"I'm better now." Sebastian assured as he handed Ciel the plate with the pastry on it.

"Sebastian… bend down." Ciel sat his textbook down and felt the Demon's head.

It was burning hot.

Ciel looked at Sebastian; he was sweating, very pale and ashen, he had bags under his eyes, and coughed a little into his sleeve.

"Master Phantomhive!" A voice called down the hall. "Sebastian's missing!" The three servants ran into the room and saw Sebastian.

"I thought I told Finny to stand watch in front of his door and to lock the door."

"I did Sir."

"Well, how do you explain… this?" Ciel pointed to Sebastian as he cleaned the fire place.

"I don't know Sir… but I think he crawled out of the room using that tiny window that's above his bed." Finny answered as if Sebastian wasn't in the room.

"There's no way, the window's smaller than the young master." Mey-rin countered.

"Go back to your jobs!"

The three all ran away followed by Tanaka.

"Well, Sebastian…"

"Yes my Lord." He bowed.

"How did you do it?"

"You see Sir; I am one hell of a contortionist."


After ordering Sebastian to stay in bed, Ciel sent Baldroy and Finny to town after Sebastian's medication.

"Where do we go?" Baldroy asked as Finny and him entered town.

"I don't remember."

"Well we're screwed." Baldroy stated.


"What are those idiots doing? It's been an hour; they should be back by now." Ciel walked to Sebastian's room and unlocked the door.

Mey-rin was sitting on a stool next to Sebastian's bed, making sure he didn't leave.

"Thank you Mey-rin." Ciel said dismissing her.

"Yes Sir." She walked out of the room.

Ciel sat on the stool, Mey-rin just vacated.

"How are you?"

Sebastian rolled onto his side and vomited into a bucket which was at his bedside. "I think I'm dieing."

"I know the feeling." Ciel rolled up his sleeves and dipped a wash cloth into a water dish and draped it over Sebastian's forehead.

"We got's the medication!" Baldroy exclaimed.

Sebastian moaned and covered his ears.

"Quiet you idiots!" Ciel commended and took the medicine from Finny. "Go get Sebastian some water, Mey-rin."

"Yes Sir." She said.

"Here." Ciel handed Sebastian two pills.

After Mey-rin brought the water, Sebastian took his medication and fell into a deep sleep.


Sebastian woke the next morning feeling much, much better. He dressed and made some morning tea for the young master. He walked to Ciel's room and woke the sleeping boy. He helped Ciel change into his clothes and escorted him to the dining room, where Sebastian served Ciel his morning tea and a breakfast of assorted muffins. Sebastian excused himself, while the young Phantom hive was eating, to wake up the household staff. He walked into each room to find all four with burning foreheads.