The Consequences of Lying

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Carlisle's POV

I liked to consider myself a fairly open man. I knew my children well enough to notice when things began to change. For example, when Edward started joining Alice in playing dress-up, I knew my son would most likely end up bringing home a son-in-law instead of a daughter-in-law. And when Alice began going to bed at 8 o'clock, I figured she was sneaking out to meet up with her friends. And when Emmett began taking long showers and changing his clothes a couple times every day, I knew he was likely entering the adolescent sex stage.

So it didn't surprise me when a parade of young women began coming through my front door. Esme liked to pretend the children were still young and innocent, that they weren't having sex and going to parties to get drunk. But, then, she was so heavily medicate half the time, she missed even the most obvious signs of our children's exploits. When Alice came home with her neck covered in hickies or Edward walked out of the house wearing eyeliner and lipstick.

And, of course, the obvious sounds of fucking coming from our oldest son's bedroom.

I tried my best to guide my children down the right path, but my own shortcomings kept me being the best parent I could be. I loved all my children. They were pieces of me, after all, each perfect in their own way.

Alice was my delight, filling in where Esme had fallen short. Despite her wayward ways, Alice was the one who did the laundry, cooked the meals, and made sure the house stayed clean. And, sometimes, she would let me touch her. We never went farther than touch. Not even I was sick enough to fuck my own daughter.

But masturbating to her was another matter entirely.

Still, I did not lack for sexual partners. The women at the hospital were always willing to extend a helping hand when I had gone too long without release. The young women of the town were quite eager to ease the ache of the hot young doctor and I was not ashamed to admit I exploited my position frequently.

I was the town's top surgeon, but I filled in for Dr. Gerandy as a gynecologist on occasion.

Which is why I found myself currently reading over one Rosalie Hale's medical file, preparing for a routine annual check-up. She was Emmett's most recent fling of two weeks. She had come home with him one night after a party and the two had been fucking like rabbits ever since.

I couldn't necessarily blame my son. Rosalie was the epitome of beauty. Her figure was full and curved in all the right places. Her breasts were well more than a handful and I knew they would easily spill over my hands were I to cup them from behind. And, good Lord, her ass was the perfect heart shape and jiggled lightly when she walked.

I groaned in frustration, my cock already rock-hard in my trousers. As a general rule of thumb, I did not fuck Emmett's girlfriends while they were dating. Once they broke up, the young girls were free game, but I disliked the idea of fucking the same pussy as my son.

Still… it might be worth it to enjoy the delectable treat that was Rosalie Hale.

Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I marched down the pristine hall and knocked briskly on Rosalie's door before walking in.

"Hello, Miss Hale. How are you today?" I asked, taking in the way her body was draped over the examination table.

"A little chilly," Rosalie admitted with a small smile.

I took in the way her nipples were pebbled beneath the paper hospital gown and silently agreed.

"Well, we'll get this over with quickly so you can get dressed," I promised, pulling my stool near the exam table.

I flipped open her medical chart and clicked my pen, prepared to take notes.

"Tell me about your sexual history over the past year," I began.

"I've been pretty active," Rosalie answered with a slight shrug.

"How many partners would you say you've hard?" I asked, my pen hovering over the paper.

"That depends, I guess. Are we talking vaginal, oral, and anal?" Rosalie asked with a smirk.

"Yes," I said, pleased when my voice didn't crack.

"17, then," Rosalie said easily.

I wrote the number in her file.

"And have you had any unprotected sex over the last year?" I asked.

"Yes, but I get the shot."

"You are aware that's not a guarantee against pregnancy or STDs?" I asked, looking at her over the file.

She simply smiled and nodded. I made the note.

"Have you experienced any pain before, during, or after sex in your lower abdomen?" I asked.

"Not anything that wasn't expected," Rosalie shrugged.

"How do you mean?" I questioned, moving down to the notes section.

"Well, if a guy has a big dick, it's obviously going to hurt," Rosalie snorted.

"I see," I hummed.

I filled in the note section before turning back to the questions needed to be asked.

"Have you noticed any unusual growths on your breasts?" I asked.


"Have your menstrual cycles been regular?"


"When was your last one?"

"Two weeks ago."

I made the necessary marks and we quickly finished the oral part of the exam. My blood raced through my veins as I set the folder down and prepared for the physical part.

"I need you to open your gown and put your feet in the stirrups," I instructed.

Rosalie did one better and completely removed the gown, tossing it to the floor. I swallowed, unable to look away from the bounty she offered with her open and easy body language. She was practically giving me permission to mount her right then and there.

"I need to check your breasts for lumps," I said, reaching out to cup the left one.

Rosalie sighed as my fingers pressed and moved across her breasts, her eyes drifting to half-mast. Some part of my brain registered that I had been correct. Her breasts were far too large to be contained by my hand.

Her nipple brushed against the palm of my hand and I had to fight not to pinch down on the taut bud. Instead, I focused on trying to find any lesions or lumps, ignoring the small bumps that dotted her areole.

"I'd say your breasts are… perfect," I said, watching the shiver the worked through her.

"Thanks, Doc," Rosalie huffed a laugh.

I turned away from her torso before I suckled her nipple into my mouth. Instead, I moved down to the end of the exam table and settled myself between her legs.

I nearly choked as I took in her shaved pussy, the lips spread wide, showing off all she had to offer. Gritting my teeth, I slapped the gloves against my wrist and grabbed the tube of lube.

"This may be a bit chilly," I warned, dripping some onto her exposed genitals.

She gasped and jerked, a natural reaction to the cool liquid against her heated core. I bit back a moan as I spread the lube across her lips, making them glisten in the bright hospital lights. My thumb rubbed against her clit, exposing the little jewel to my touch, even if for just a moment. Her thighs tensed around me and I hid my smirk by leaning forward.

"I'm inserting the speculum," I warned her, pressing the metal device into her cunt.

My hand rested on her pelvis to give myself leverage, my thumb casually brushing the skin right above her clit.

Rosalie groaned as I began opening the devise for a better view. Her pussy clenched around the device, whether in an attempt to expel it or draw it in, I couldn't tell. I examined her cervix and swabbed the area for the Pap Smear. My hand had not moved the entire time and Rosalie was gently rolling her hips forward, a clear invitation if there ever was one.

I removed the device quickly, feeling my control slipping like the pre-cum oozing from my cock. Damn it, but I wanted to pound her pussy until the bitch screamed.

"I need to check your reproductive organs, now," I croaked, my fingers twitching at the thought of entering her pussy.

Rosalie took a deep breath and nodded, her pupils had nearly swallowed the blue of her eyes until only a thin ring remained.

I pressed my fingers inside her cunt and curled them upward as my other hand pressed down on her abdomen, feeling for the internal organs. As I moved my fingers around inside of her, Rosalie began to pant and her hips rose off the exam table.

"Oh, God," Rosalie moaned, her head thrashing.

I was mesmerized, unable to stop and unable to look away as she worked herself on my fingers. Her breasts were flushed and the red spread quickly up to caress her collarbone before making its way to her cheeks.

A laugh from the hallway drew me out of her hypnotic allure and I practically yanked my hand from her pussy. Rosalie sighed, as though in relief and I wondered if I had been hurting her instead of giving her pleasure.

"You said you do not usually experience pain during intercourse?" I questioned, my brows furrowed.

"No," Rosalie breathed.

My cock throbbed in my trousers, reminding me that there was a wet pussy not inches from him. My hips settled between her legs before I could think about the implications. Rosalie's eyes flew open in surprise, wariness evident in their depths.

"I think you'll need to prove that to me," I said, my voice husky.


"I'm going to fuck you, Rosalie, to make sure you're not lying to your doctor," I told her matter-of-factly, my hand already going to the button on my trousers.

"The hell you are!" Rosalie cried, trying to push up.

Before she could, I had her strapped to the table and unable to move. Her fury was nearly palpable, but oh, fuck, she was gorgeous.

"I'll scream if you don't let me up," Rosalie hissed.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. I would hate to have to gag you," I said honestly, my fingers already twisting at her swollen clit.

She bit her lip, but I could hear the moan in her throat. She could deny it all she wanted, but she was aroused. I leaned down and licked at one erect nipple, suckling the little bead into my mouth. My free hand made quick work of my zipper and boxers, shoving them down to my knees.

"So sweet," I breathed against her skin before switching to her other nipple.

She moaned aloud, her hips twisting against my own. I hissed as her lubricated pussy caressed my throbbing cock and thrust against her hard in retaliation.

"Oh!" Rosalie cried out, her head thrown back.

"Yes. That's it," I cooed, nuzzling between her breasts.

I thrust against her pussy for a few moments, just enjoying the feel of her heated flesh, but the pleasure quickly wore off as my balls twisted painfully.

"I'm going to fuck you now," I advised her, standing up straight to watch.

"Carlisle. Please," Rosalie whimpered.

"Don't worry, Rosie. I'll take good care of you," I promised.

"No," Rosalie whined even as the tip of my cock disappeared inside her cunt.

"Yes," I hissed, thrusting forward another inch.

Her walls fluttered around me and I groaned as it pulled me in further. I had wanted to make it last, but the feel of her wet cunt dripping down my balls had me shoving in with one hard thrust.

"Fuck!" Rosalie screamed.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned, pulling out only to snap my hips forward.

Her body rocked on the table as I pounded into her, her breasts jiggling and bouncing every which way. I ached to suck them back in my mouth, but I was enjoying the view of my cock disappearing into her cunt too much to lean forward. The feel of her tight walls surrounding my cock had my cum bubbling in my balls and I knew I wouldn't be lasting long.

"Shit, Rosie. You feel so good," I told her breathlessly.

"Oh, God, Carlisle. Please don't," Rosalie gasped.

"You shouldn't have lied to your doctor, Rose," I scolded, rubbing my pelvis against her clit a few times.

She threw her head back in wild abandon, her hair cascading over the table and towards the floor.

The sound of sex echoed off the walls, her pussy juices squishing around my cock, my balls slapping against the cheeks of her ass, and the grunts and groans accompanying my thrusts. Her soft cries and whimpers of pleasure sent zings of ecstasy down my spine.

"Fuck, I'm going to come," I groaned, rubbing against her again.

"No. Oh, God, no. You can't come inside me," Rosalie pleaded.

"You said you were on the shot, Rosie. Did you lie to your doctor again?" I asked darkly.

"I… I missed the last one," Rosalie admitted.

"Then you'll just have to take the morning after pill because I'm not fucking pulling out," I warned just before I felt the first tell-tale signs of my impending orgasm.

"No! Oh, God, Carlisle! Please!"

But it was useless. My cum flooded her pussy as explosion after explosion of euphoria pulsed from my cock. I groaned, having never come so hard before in my life. My balls just kept jumping, pushing more and more cum into her pussy until it overflowed onto the exam table.

"Shit," I panted, my thrusts slowing with the flow of cum.

"I can't believe you did that," Rosalie sobbed, tears glittering in her blue eyes.

"I want you to remember this moment, Rosie. Remember it when you fuck my son tonight, because I know you will. I want you to remember that my cum has been in your pussy. I want you remember how I made you feel today and know that my son will not be impressed if you try to plead your case to him," I told her.

"You're sick," Rosalie snapped.

"Maybe. But you can't deny that you enjoyed this, Rosie. Your pussy is still clenching my dick," I smirked, thrusting once more and making her whole body shiver.

"You should never lie to your doctor, Rosie."

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