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Chapter Three

Bella's POV

I parked the truck in front of the Cullen house, smiling to myself as I jumped down.

Today was the day.

I was finally going to teach Edward about how sex should be. And I knew just how to do it.

Reaching into the truck, I pulled out my backpack filled with DVDs from my secret stash of porn. Renee always said it was healthy to have a sexual relationship with yourself, to know what you liked and didn't like. She had also bought me my first dildo and vibrator, which were also in my backpack.

I fought the urge to whistle to myself as I walked up the front steps of the Cullen mansion. Edward had no idea what was in store for him.

I had called Emmett earlier and, after indulging in some super-hot phone sex, had discovered that Edward was the only one home today, but Alice was expected back from a sleep over around four.

It was two o'clock. Plenty of time for Edward and I to explore the more… primal side of sex.

I didn't bother knocking, not wanting to spoil my surprise by announcing myself before I was ready. I dropped my bag on the sofa, intending to convince Edward to watch one of the movies with me to warm things up.

Figuring he was probably upstairs in his room, no doubt working on some composition piece, I quietly crept up the stairs, avoiding the creaky step a third of the way up. I grinned when I reached the landing, excitement churning through me as I thought about all the things I had planned for us.

I paused when I heard a moan coming from behind Edward's door. I would know that sound anywhere.

Was he masturbating?

Oh, this was just too perfect!

I opened the door as quietly as possible, eager to see what was on the other side.

"Oh, Edward! Yes!"

My eyes practically popped out of my head as I saw what was happening on the bed. Edward was bent over, his dick balls deep inside some girl's ass. I peered through the slight crack I'd made in the door, trying to see who the girl was.

"Fuck, Alice! I love fucking your tight little ass!" Edward moaned, thrusting so hard the bed was hitting the wall.

"Fuck me, Edward! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Alice chanted, her high pixie voice unmistakable.

Oh my God!

I shut the door, not caring if they heard, and practically ran from the house, grabbing my backpack on the way.

I couldn't believe Edward was having sex with Alice! Damn it! How many times had I begged him to fuck me harder, to take me from behind, to do anything other than missionary? Only to be shot down every. Fucking. Time!

Well, fuck him and fuck his little bitch of a sister.

I turned my car towards the hospital, intent on informing Dr. Cullen of what exactly was going on between his youngest son and only daughter.

Carlisle's POV

I closed my office door behind me, grateful for some peace and quiet after the long shift I'd just pulled. I shrugged off my lab coat, hanging it up on the coat rack by the door as I made my way to my couch.

I had no desire to return to that empty shell of a house any time soon. Most of my nights were spent at the hospital, whether I had work to do or not. It wasn't worth the effort of fighting with Esme to return home.

We had been married for nearly twenty years, none of them good. We had tried to make it work, for the children at least. Emmett was the reason we got married, after all. We wanted to be a family, despite being too young to raise a child. Esme had only been seventeen when she got pregnant. I had been in my first year of medical school. A baby was the last thing either of us wanted.

But I had never regretted having my son. All my children were wonderful. Even Alice.

Esme had been cheating on me for years, well before Alice and Edward were born. I knew Edward was my son, but there was no way Alice could be. I had a vasectomy after Edward, deciding it would be cruel to bring another child into our struggling family. When Esme told me she was pregnant, I knew my marriage was over.

Esme and I hadn't slept together since that day. It was no hardship for her. She spent most of her time sleeping with the gardener, the mailman, the UPS man, the FedEx man, the butcher, hell anyone with a dick, really. I had been unable to break my marriage vows, despite the fact that Esme and I no longer lived as husband and wife. We didn't even sleep in the same bed anymore.

I was about to lay down for a quick nap before the night shift began when my office door flew open and my youngest son's girlfriend, Isabella, ran in.

"Dr. Cullen! I have to talk to you!" Bella panted, looking as though she had run all the way here.

"What is it, Bella? Are you hurt?" I asked, thinking perhaps she had broken something again.

The girl was quite clumsy. I walked over and closed the door as she began pacing my office. I leaned against the hardwood, watching her cautiously.

"No, it's not that. It's so much worse than that," Bella laughed hysterically.

"Is it your father?" I asked, keeping my voice calm.

"No, it's about your son," Bella said, ceasing her pacing and staring at me.

"Edward? Has something happened?" I asked, tensing slightly.

"Ha! You could say that," Bella laughed humorlessly.

"Well, what is it, Bella?" I asked, beginning to lose my patience.

"I walked in on him fucking Alice!" Bella blurted out.

I waited, watching the way her face paled as she stared at me. Poor Isabella. She had no idea just how sick my family was.

"I know, Isabella," I said.

"You… what?" Bella frowned, confused.

"I know Edward and Alice are lovers. They have been for quite some time. I have tried to put a stop to it, but, as you clearly saw, I have been unsuccessful. We are only lucky that Alice cannot have children," I informed her.

"You knew?" Bella gaped.

"Yes, Isabella. I also know that you have been fucking not just one of my sons, but both of them," I smirked.

She stared at me, her mouth hanging open in shock. I could think of a few good uses for a mouth like that.

Reaching behind me, I locked the door with an audible click. My smirk widened when I saw her swallow and take a step back.

"Ah, ah, ah, Bella. Do not walk away from me," I scolded, standing before her.

I ripped her shirt from her and shoved her pants down, yanking on them until she was completely naked before me. I took a minute to enjoy her lack of clothing, my fingers reaching forward to play with my new pussy.

"What are you-" Bella started.

My hand came down on her ass with a smack. I stood up slowly, noticing that her eyes widened drastically before a haze enveloped them. I chuckled darkly as lust filled the brown orbs. My hand massaged away the sting of the smack, making her moan softly.

"You enjoyed having Emmett fuck that pussy, didn't you? Knowing Edward's cum was inside you, you liked having Emmett cum in that tight little cunt," I taunted her.

"Yes," Bella hissed, her eyes closing as I pulled her against me.

"You're a filthy little whore, Bella," I tisked.

She whimpered as I grinded against her pussy, letting her feel how hard my dick was for her.

"You want this cock? You want me to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk out of here?" I offered darkly.

"Oh, God, yes," Bella panted, her fingers fisting in my shirt.

"You'll have to work for it, Isabella. I don't fuck sluts who don't earn it," I told her.

Wordlessly, her hands went to my belt, easily releasing the catch. She popped my button and lowered the zipper, pushing down my pants and boxers until my cock sprang free. I toed out of my shoes and socks, kicking the offending articles away.

"Suck my cock, bitch," I growled, shoving my dick in her face.

She opened her mouth willingly, sucking the head and moaning like she'd been deprived for years instead of just a day. I knew she'd fucked Emmett yesterday after Edward had gone to sleep. The bed had been rocking so hard, I'm amazed it hadn't gone through the wall.

She kept moaning as she sucked my dick, deep throating me until I was balls deep in her mouth. I grabbed hold of her hair, guiding her up and down my impressive length. Esme never could appreciate a good cock. I outdid both my sons with my ten inch dick. And fuck if this little girl wasn't taking it all.

"That's it, Isabella. Suck me good and I might just let you cum when I fuck you," I taunted.

She moaned as her hand came up and played with my balls, squeezing them until dots appeared in my field of vision.

"Take it all, bitch!" I snarled as I felt my orgasm explode from me.

She swallowed everything I gave her, eagerly cleaning me after I'd finished. I shoved her away after a while, smirking when she fell back onto the carpet. Legs spread apart, hands holding her up, tits thrust towards the ceiling. I'd never seen a sexier sight.

"Get up and bend over my desk," I demanded, watching as she scrambled to do my bidding.

Her pretty little ass was there for the taking and my dick hardened as I saw her pussy juices dripping down her thighs. As I walked up to her, I roughly shoved in three fingers, making her cry out.

"You like sucking cock, you whore? I know you do. I can feel how wet you are. Only a slut likes sucking cock as much as you do. Are you a slut, Isabella?" I sneered, smacking her ass.

"Yes! Yes, I'm a slut!" Bella cried, pushing back on my fingers.

"Beg me to fuck you. Beg for my dick," I ordered, teasing her with the tip.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with that big dick! I want you to fuck me so hard I can't walk aft- AH!" Bella screamed as I slammed all the way in with one thrust.

"Shut up, cunt!" I scolded, smacking her again.

"Oh, God, fuck me! Fuck my tight pussy!" Bella practically sobbed.

"I said, shut up, bitch," I growled, smacking her harder.

She had a nice red handprint on both cheeks and I grinned down at them as I began pounding into her. Her cries echoed off the walls as my balls slapped against her clit with each thrust. We were rocking so hard, the pictures on my desk started shaking. I laughed when Esme's picture fell to the ground, shattering on impact, followed by the one of my three children.

"If you don't cum in the next minute, you won't cum at all," I told her as I increased my pace.

Her fingers darted between her legs, brushing against my dick as she worked her clit, faster and faster. My fingers were digging into her hips as I slammed my cock inside her again and again. The wet suctioning sound of sex and the slapping of flesh were only outdone by Bella's whimpering mews. The smell of sex was thick in the air, urging us on to completion.

"Cum now, Isabella!" I demanded, smacking her one last time.

Her walls tightened around my dick so hard I thought she was going to break it. Damn, I'd never had such a tight pussy before. She milked my dick for all it was worth, her walls sucking me in even as I pulled out. I grabbed hold of her by her hair, pulling her up until her back was against my chest. I licked at her neck, tasting the saltiness of her skin, before I nipped her ear.

"You're a good little whore, Isabella. I suggest you stop fucking around with my sons. You need a cock, you come to me," I ordered.

"Mmm. Yes, Doctor," Bella hummed.

"Get your ass to my house. When I get home in thirty minutes, I want you naked, kneeling on my bed, legs spread apart. You belong to me now, Isabella," I told her.

"Yes," Bella gasped, leaning into me.

"Go. Now," I insisted.

She moved quickly, gathering her clothing and putting it on in record time. I waited until she stood by the door to stop her.

"Oh, and Isabella?" I called.

She turned to look at me, her face deliciously flushed from my fucking. Beautiful.

"Do not speak to anyone. If Edward or Emmett tries to stop you, call me. I will deal with them," I smirked.

"Yes, Sir," Bella murmured before leaving my office.

I smiled to myself as I went about putting my clothing back on. Going home suddenly didn't seem so bad.

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