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Absol chapter 1

Every bone in my body is screaming for me to head back into my cabin and into bed, but I just can't resist the view of the sunset that was being offered from the deck of the cruise ship that I am currently aboard. I should probably be getting in as much sleep as possible before tonight's Pokémon Contest since I haven't gotten much of it recently, but I can't pull myself away. I know I'll probably need as much as I can get to regain my energy for tonight, though.

I'm only on this cruise ship for this particular night because I had received an invitation to participate in a special contest. The invitation card had stated that only fifteen coordinators (including myself) will be participating in it. We're all supposed to be putting on individual performances with our pokémon (exactly like the appeals in a normal contest) in this contest with no battle rounds afterwards. It's just going to be one single performance that either wins the contest or loses it. I was intrigued enough about it that I've actually come to participate in it.

The sun is almost disappearing behind the horizon, casting a golden glow across the surface of the water that makes it sparkle and complements the sky. The blank orange canvas is painted with dusty purple clouds and specked with the wingull and pelipper who are sailing through the sky on their way home. Their sounds blend in with the melodious sound of the waves, providing the most soothing background music to the already-relaxing atmosphere. The beauty always manages to mystify me; I don't think I'll ever get enough of it.

After the sun has completely set and the moon has taken its place, I pull myself away from the balcony. I make sure to inhale the smell in the air one last time before I head back into the ship though because I'm absolutely in love with it; the intake of breath fills my lungs with the most refreshing scent in the world. I begin to walk back into the ship.

My bare feet pad across the mahogany wooden planks of the corridor with light slapping sounds as the PokéBalls dangling from the gold charm bracelet around my wrist clang together with the sound of marbles rubbing up against one another. I have a feeling that I'm probably annoying some of the people who are currently in their cabins with all of the noise I'm making, so I close my hand over the charm bracelet and slow my steps to stop the noise. It takes me a little longer to get to my own cabin because of it, but it doesn't matter, I'm in no particular rush anyways. Once I get to the door, I remove my hand from around my bracelet to insert the key card into the lock that permits my entrance into my room.

The room is fairly lit by the moonlight that is seeping in through the wall directly across from the wall that I am entering through. Even though it's dark outside, the wall is made up entirely of floor-to-ceiling windows and I refuse to change until the curtains are draw. My hand finds the light switch on the left side of the door and I flick it on, illuminating the room with artificial light so that I can close the curtains over the windows. With my newfound privacy, I strip out of my clothes and get into my pajamas before climbing in the large bed. I'm asleep in seconds.

I don't wake up until a good three hours later when my alarm clock goes off at exactly nine at night. I immediately prepare to get ready for the night's event by taking a shower and getting dressed in my outfit. The dress that I have chosen for the pre-show dinner is a modern cream-colored number made from silk. It's quite conservative with its jewel neckline and short sleeves, and the length only hits me a little above mid-thigh. There is a bit of soft pleating detail at the skirt and there's a self belt going around my back. Aside from the asymmetrical-cut ruffle that cascades down from my left hip, there really isn't much else to it, but I like it enough to wear it and the small silver glitter-coated clutch I chose to go with it makes up for its simplicity.

I head into the bathroom to move onto the makeup and hair part of my process next. A sultry-looking makeup and a playful berry pink lip that doesn't make me look too casual or too done up. A low, loose side chignon since I'm always lazy when it comes to my hair. I'm done in under ten minutes.

I leave the bathroom afterwards and put on a pair of peep toe slingback pumps. The tall heel does wonders for my height (considering the fact that I'm only five feet tall) and the navy blue suede gives my outfit a necessary pop of color. They're not exactly the most comfortable pair of shoes and they make me unsteady on my feet, but heels mostly never are (which is why I avoid wearing them as much as I can) and I can manage pretty well in them, so I wear them anyway. With them on, I begin to make my way to the restaurant.

I'm notified that I'm to sit with the other fourteen coordinators when I reach the double mahogany doors of the restaurant. The manager is waiting to escort me right when I enter the restaurant. "This way, Ms. Maple," he says and I follow behind him as he leads me past the lot of round tables that already have more than two people sitting at each of them.

Even though I'm used to being in front of a sea of people, I'm still pretty self-conscious to a certain degree. I'm not really paying any attention to any of these people, but I can feel a good amount of their eyes on me as I walk past them. It takes all of my control not to zip ahead of the manager so that I can get to the table sooner rather than later. Thankfully, I'm there in under a minute.

I find that the table I'm to be sitting at is the largest round table in the entire restaurant. All of the fifteen seats are pretty much occupied except for two empty seats in between my two friends, Dawn and Solidad. Aside from them, I don't really recognize anyone else among the thirteen other coordinators present at the table—either because I have forgotten them or just plain never met them—aside from Harley, but of course I'd recognize him. The guy had tried to sabotage me more times than I can count in the past, so I still recognize him regardless of his purple hair. But we've long worked things out since then, thankfully. I don't go over to greet him though; I haven't had any contact with him for years anyways.

"May!" Dawn exclaims upon seeing me. I glance at her with a smile and begin to walk over where I slide into the seat next to her. Solidad and Harley (who's sitting next to her) greet me and I am introduced to the other coordinators that I will be competing against tonight.

It isn't until after the introduction when I hear their names that I realize that I have indeed met two of them: Brianna and Robert. I was surprised that I didn't remember meeting Robert right away since the guy had always managed to win every single contest that we had participated in together in the past, but not remembering Brianna wasn't as big of a deal. I've only seen her once in person when she had participated in the Wisteria Town Contest with me a couple years ago and I haven't really heard much about her since then. To be honest, I was pretty shocked to see that she had been invited, but I'm guessing she's probably good enough to have been able to receive an invitation. I don't talk much to her at all though.

I dismiss myself to go to the bathroom not long after sitting down. I have trouble finding it at first because the restaurant is so large, but I'm able to ask a waitress for directions. I meander through the tables, walk past the stage, and head towards the sign hanging on the wall that tells me that the waitress had put me in the right direction. I turn the corner, but end up bashing into someone. I nearly lose my balance before the person's hand reaches out to grab a hold of my wrist.

"I'm so sorry," the voice of the person I bumped into says in alarm and I instantly know that it was a guy. "I should've been paying more attention."

"No, it's my fault, I should've watched where I was going," I say back, before looking into the eyes of my savior. My breath catches in my throat and disbelief washes over me the second I do. The color of the eyes shock me so much that I'm temporarily speechless.

Green, the color of emeralds.

I don't even need to look at the rest of his face to know who he was because his eyes have said it all, but his hair demands my attention, so I glance up. The color is just the same as I remember it.

Green, the color of grass.

Only one person I know would have hair like that and that very person happens to be the one who has been on my mind nearly every day for the past eight years. The one who is standing in front of me.

"Hello May, long time no see," he greets. His voice is huskier than the last time I heard it, but I recognize just the same. And as if I need anymore confirmation of who he is, he smirks. Its that trademark smirk that belongs to no one else but him.


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