Title: Passion Deranged

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I don't own the following wrestlers. Do I wish? Oh yes. But do I own? Oh no. XD.

Summary: After a car accident takes away Jeff Hardy's best friend, he is determined to bring her back. Using witchcraft, he attempts to resurrect his dead friend and ends up conjuring demons into the house he shares with his older brother and his brother-in-law. Slash.

Note: -_- Damn dreams.


Chapter 1. Conjuring

"What do you think?"

Green eyes regarded the house with carefully. It was a mansion. Or, it could very well be. The damn thing had to have at least four stories. It was shaped almost like a castle, and it was surrounded by large trees that looked as if they had seen better days. A black iron gate served as the perimeter for the large area and the whole house was painted an elegant ivory with black windows. There were even a couple of balconies.

It was lovely. In a very lovely area where all the other houses looked identical to it. But this one…this one was slightly darker than the rest.

"This is very beautiful," a soft, mesmerized tone drifted throughout the cold air. "How was it we were able to afford this, Matt?" a bit of suspicion followed the last sentence.

Grinning widely, Matt Hardy turned to look at his life-partner. "Why do you have that kind of tone?" his warm brown eyes traced over the lighter features of his family. His chocolate curls were tied back in a low ponytail but a few unruly curls wisped in the direction of his eyes because of the wind. He pushed the strands of hair away.

"Because we just bought a manor instead of a house and even though we both make good money-" hazel eyes shined with mirth, "we don't make manor-buying kind of good money."

"Come on, Addams," Matt soothed, wrapping his arms around the taller man's waist, "It was for sale and no one was buying it. It had our names written all over it and we can afford it." He rolled down the sleeves of the dark shirt he was wearing, feeling the breeze pick up.

Adam, his longish blonde hair framing his face beautifully, bit his bottom lip skeptically, "I don't know. It looks a bit spooky, and it feels really cold." He was wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans that hugged his legs enough to be comfortable. Rubbing his arms, he turned to the last member of their family, smiling hesitantly. "What do you think, Jeffrey?"

"Don't call me Jeffrey," the smaller blonde muttered. "And I don't care about the house. I don't care about how Matt bought it and I don't care about either of you." He hoisted his bag up his shoulder, causing the strap of his black wifebeater to slip down, and walked towards the iron gate, "I'm going to pick out a room. Don't touch the rest of my things, I'll get them myself." His black pants dragged beneath his dark boots a little bit, the waistband of the bottoms sliding off his hips to reveal the lily white skin underneath.

Matt frowned after his sibling, "Glad you like it," he called sarcastically, sighing when Jeff didn't reply. He turned to look at his partner and winced, seeing the hurt look in those lovely eyes, "Adam, darling…" he didn't know what to say.

"Why does he hate me so much?" Adam whispered, kicking at the dirt beneath his shoe. "I'm trying so hard to make him accept me into his life…our life…"

Matt licked his lips, "Jeff's…been really weird ever since the accident, love. I don't even know who he is anymore." It was true. It had been nine months since the car accident that killed Trish Stratus, Jeff's best friend and the light of his life.

Jeff had been the one driving. And for three months after, blamed himself for an accident that was caused by him picking up his cell phone to text Matt about how far away they were from the house.

Gone was Jeff's light, leaving behind a cold, dark shell. His eyes lost their friendly sparkle, his lips had forgotten how to form a smile and his mysterious yet down-to-earth personality all but abandoned him.

Adam shrugged, "I guess I should give him some more time. Trish was everything to Jeff."

Matt chuckled, "I remember when they met. Jeff was always a rebel, always trying to do things that'll leave others wondering just how the hell he did them. He was thirteen when he met Trish. The one girl who could care less about the fact that he could do flips and tricks on a bike but that thought the world of him when he would sit for hours and draw or write poetry."

Adam smiled as Matt pulled out his wallet, taking out a small photo of the two. "Wow, she was pretty," Trish's brown eyes were as bright as her beautiful smile, her hair in blonde layers, touching at her shoulders. She had her arms wrapped around an equally blonde Jeff, who was grinning widely and hugging the girl back. "They were a really cute couple."

Matt shook his head, "They weren't a couple. Jeff's not interested in girls, but for Trish, he'd bend himself backwards just to see her smile." Sighing, he placed the picture back into his wallet.

Adam blinked, "Oh, so Jeff is…"

"I'm not even sure," Matt admitted, "Jeff's never shown interest in anyone else but Trish and our family. I've never seen him with any other girl or any other guy. Anytime I'd tease him about Trish being his future wife, he'd just go all red in the cheeks and brush me off."

Adam sighed, "I'll give him some more space. Maybe he'll open up to me soon."

"Good idea, beautiful."


That night, Jeff sat on the floor of his room. He'd insisted on picking the largest room on the left side of the house, leaving the right side to Matt and Adam. He'd also made sure to pick the darkest and coldest room. It'd be perfect.

He had brushed off Adam's concerns about the room not having any carpeting. Jeff didn't need a carpet. His emerald eyes scanned the worn, darkened floor-boards and smirked, glancing over at his box of chalk. Carpet would have been useless.

He'd already unpacked all his stuff. Or, he'd unpacked her stuff. Jeff sighed, running a hand through his silky hair as he thought about how Trish's mom just willingly gave him her dresser-drawer vanity, her hairbrush and hand mirror, her bed comforters and pillow-cases and even the slight make-up Trish used to wear including lip balm, lip glosses, eye-liner and some mascara.

"She meant a lot to you," Alice, Trish's mom, had said tearfully, "And I can't stand to look at these things. They all remind me too much of her."

Jeff had put his clothes in that dresser, sighing as he did so, smelling her flowery Gardenia scent already sinking into his clothes. Her vanity mirror was cleaned to perfection, not a smudge in sight. Atop the counter of it, he'd placed her make-up in a tin box along with dozens of picture frames that either housed pictures of her, or her with him.

His eyes lingered on one picture in particular. The last picture he'd ever taken with her. They were standing outside the theatre, their tongues stuck out in an attempt to look silly. She was wearing a white tee-shirt with a pink lining and he was wearing a black wife-beater, the slim but toned muscles in his arms flexed slightly as he held her close.

Jeff may not have been in love with Trish…but damn, did he love her.

Feeling his eyes begin to water, Jeff snarled and kicked his door open when someone began to knock. He glared up at his stunned brother, "I asked you not to bother me," he choked out, biting his lower lip harshly.

"Jeff, I…" unable to finish his sentence, Matt tugged him younger brother into a tight embrace, kissing the blonde's temple as he felt to boy begin to shake and sob.

"It's my fault, Matty," Jeff sobbed loudly, "I killed her, I killed Trish!"

Matt quickly lifted his younger brother into his arms and shut the door behind them. He made his way to the bed, laying down and pulling Jeff on top and began to hum and rock their bodies, whispering softly to his distraught sibling.

After a few minutes of Jeff crying away his anger, pain, sorrow and hate into Matt's shirt, there was silence. Matt chose this time to talk.

"Jeff, darling," Matt murmured gently, "it's not your fault, baby. You didn't kill your best friend. You know that she'd hate for you to blame yourself. Jeff, in the world we live in today, everyone texts while driving!"

Jeff didn't respond for a several minutes but when he did, his words shocked the ravenette. "I like Adam. You know that, right?"

"Uh…" Matt smiled sheepishly, "then why are you so cruel to him?"

"…He looks like her," Jeff whispered softly. "Adam reminds me of Trish. The blonde hair. The warm eyes. They are both Canadian and both really like hockey. Trish has…had the same jersey that Adam has. It pains me."

Ah. Now it made sense.

"I understand, Jeff, but maybe you should try cutting him some slack. Adam really wants to be close to you. Give him a chance. Why don't we have dinner together? Come on down."

Jeff sighed but complied. "Alright. I am a bit hungry."

"That a boy!"


Adam hummed to himself as he set the table, beaming once he finished. The large table could seat a family of ten but with just the three of them, it had looked sort of pathetic so he'd made sure to add some candles and décor to the table.

He turned, blinking in surprise as green eyes stared at him, a red tint on pale cheeks. He smiled warmly, "Hi, Jeff. Dinner is ready. It's steak, potatoes and vegetables. Is that alright with you or should I make you something different?"

Jeff nodded quickly, "That's fine," he flushed harder, "and listen, I'm really sorry. I've been a real monster to you lately and that's not who I am at all. I just…" he sighed, "I remember Trish when I see you and it's really hard for me to accept she's gone."

Adam placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, "Don't worry about it, kid. I know you're torn up inside. Let's just forget all that, yeah? I'm glad you'll be eating with us." He frowned, "and I'm sorry I remind you so much of her."

Jeff shrugged, "You're both beautiful," he said bashfully, "it's kind of hard not to notice."

Adam smiled softly and led him to a seat. "Hope you like the food. How much do you usually eat?"

"Not a lot lately," Jeff confessed, "I've sort of lost my appetite. I'll be alright with a small portion of everything."

Adam nodded, "And to drink?"

Jeff blinked thoughtfully.

"That stuff is gross," Jeff watched as Trish sipped at her cup of herbal tea. "How can you drink it? It's got no flavor."

Trish narrowed her eyes as Jeff chugged down half of his bottle of Mountain Dew, "It's healthy, Jeff! That soda stuff isn't good for you."

"Healthy is boo-ring," Jeff grinned as Trish sniffed indignantly.

"Uh, herbal tea." He lowered his head as Adam looked at him in confusion, "if we have it…"

Smiling once more, the taller blonde nodded, "Sure. I usually drink it before bed but I don't mind brewing you some." As he left the room, Jeff fought hard not to follow Adam with his eyes.

Fuck, why did he have to look so much like her?

Inhaling deeply through his nose, Jeff bowed his head, waiting for Matt and Adam to come back to the table so they could eat.

A while later, and Jeff was back in his room, staring at the book in front of him. He turned the pages slowly, his eyes skimming over the chapter text before pausing, swallowing as he found what he was looking for.

A knock on his door caused him to jump but he stayed silent, watching the door knob carefully. When it didn't begin to turn, his eyes lowered to the bottom of the door, seeing the shadow at the door move away.

Exhaling, he looked backed down at the chapter.

Chapter 13. Resurrecting the Dead

Jeff stood, making his way to his chalk. He grabbed a white piece and drew a pentagram on the hard-wood floors, smiling as the color easily rubbed onto the wood. He then drew a perfect circle around the pentagram and glanced down at the book.

As the book instructed, he placed several candles at the sharp end of each side of the pentagram and then he looked down to the third step.

3. Place the items belonging to the deceased in the center of the pentagram.

Jeff looked to Trish's vanity. Licking his lips, he grabbed Trish's mirror and held it up to his face. He couldn't even recognize himself anymore. He'd always been pale…

"Your skin is so pretty, Jeff! It's like milk and so soft!" Trish cooed, stroking her best friend's cheek as he rested his head on her lap.

But now his pallor rivaled a ghost.

"It'll be okay," Jeff whispered to his reflection. "Once I get my girl back…everything will be perfect."

He placed the mirror in the center of the pentagram and quickly read the last step, frowning and murmuring the words to himself slowly. Glancing at the clock, Jeff saw it was the perfect time. After turning off his light and making sure the candles were lit, he stood, his arms opening as he looked down at the mirror in the center of the symbol.

"Heal mitä on loukkaantunut." Jeff inhaled slowly, and preceded, "Tuokaa takaisin mikä kerran oli minun." Jeff spoke clearly, his hands tightening into fists as he finished. Once he uttered the last word, a flash of white light blinded him, causing him to shield his eyes for a few seconds.


His emerald eyes looked up immediately, heart beating wildly as he recognized the voice. Her voice.

"Jeff…oh, God…" And there she was, beautiful as ever. Her hair was shining brightly, her body covered in white but there was something wrong…

Her eyes. Why did she look so afraid?

"Jeff, what did you do?" Trish whispered sadly.

"T-Trish," Jeff's hand reached out to touch his girl but he was stunned when her face melted into a mask of pure horror. As he raced toward her, he felt a force knock him off his feet. He flew into the wall of his room and grunted on impact, collapsing onto the ground.

As his eyes weakly looked about, the last thing he could remember was two figures staring down at him. Two very intimidating figures. One dressed in all black and one dressed in red and black wearing a mask.

"Stupid boy." The one in black husked, chuckling as Jeff's eyes closed completely.


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Our back tire exploded and we slid down the road and ended up flipping three times before the car finally skidded to a stop and had us upside down. It felt like a few minutes and I woke up on the floor, or should I say roof, of the car. My mouth was busted open and I was bruised all over.

My younger brother got a cut on his hand and some bruising, same with my dad. My mom's injury was the only serious one and ever that wasn't as bad as what could have happened.

Basically, we almost died. Or we should have. That car was MUFFED UP. Luckily no one else got injured. There was no traffic.

I tell you though…the fear that goes through you when you hear your mother scream in terror. I'll never forget that.

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