Title: Passion Deranged

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I don't own the following wrestlers. Do I wish? Oh yes. But do I own? Oh no. XD.

Summary: After a car accident takes away Jeff Hardy's best friend, he is determined to bring her back. Using witchcraft, he attempts to resurrect his dead friend and ends up conjuring demons into the house he shares with his older brother and his brother-in-law. Slash.


Chapter 5. Your Pain is Not Love

-Later that Night-

"So, how was the visit?"

Jeff hesitated, his fingers hovering over a breadstick. He glanced at Chris, but his friend just frowned and picked up his glass of iced tea, sipping quietly. Closing his eyes briefly, Jeff grabbed the breadstick and broke it apart, making sure no crumbs hit the table, and then dipped the bread into the soup.

"Alice wants to move back to Canada with the girls, she doesn't think the neighborhood is safe anymore." Jeff bit into the soup-drenched bread, chewing and swallowing slowly before continuing, "Little punks keep trying to break in."

"That's terrible," Adam frowned, passing the salad bowl over to Matt, who promptly passed it on to Jeff without taking any of the greenery, "Darling, eat some vegetables."

"No." Matt lifted a spoonful of soup to his mouth, "You'd think people would just leave that poor family alone. They've been through so much already. I'll set aside some money to help them get to Canada faster."

Jeff added some broccoli onto his plate and a little bit spinach before handing the bowl over to Chris, who eagerly picked out the cherry tomatoes for himself. "Chris and I are going to do the same." He stabbed his fork into his broccoli and grimaced slightly before bringing it into his mouth.

Matt stared at him carefully before smiling softly.

Trish always did try to get Jeff to eat healthier. She was an extremely fit girl who usually snacked on carrot sticks, crackers and bottled water while Jeff lay next to her eating candy and drinking soda.

After dinner, Matt offered Chris a ride home and Jeff hugged his friend goodbye, watching Chris slide into the older Hardy's car before he turned and walked back into the manor.

"Would you like to watch a movie?" Adam asked, leaning on the couch in the living room. He was sprawled over it, his legs crossed at the ankles as he turned a page in the book he was currently reading.

"Thanks…but I have homework to do." Jeff quickly made his way upstairs, his stomach in knots as he remembered what Melissa said to him.

'Say hi to Trish…say hi to Trish.' He opened his bedroom door and closed it silently, locking it as soon as it was shut. Jeff walked towards his bed and sat down, exhaling slowly.

Melissa probably just meant that he should say hello to Trish in his dreams. She couldn't possibly think…

Jeff's head snapped up sharply as a near-silent clink came from his closet. He stared at the closet door for a few seconds before he got up and walked quietly towards it. Licking his lips, he placed his hand on the doorknob.

'Please…' He thought before he turned the knob and opened the door with one rough jerk. His hope turned to disgust and anger as he looked up into eyes of the coldest cobalt instead of the warmest chocolate that he'd been expecting.

Randy stared down at Jeff calmly before he shrugged. "I wanted to see you."

"How the hell did you get in here, Randy?"

"Hid in the backyard and then sneaked in while your brother's blonde was in the bathroom."

Jeff sneered and drove his fist into Randy's chest, smirking when the taller boy gasped in pain. "That's for all the shit your fuckwit brother has been saying to my girls." He stomped down on Randy's foot, chuckling as the other boy swallowed a yelp, "and that's for coming back after I made it clear that you're not supposed to."

The smack came before Jeff even realized Randy had moved. His head turned to the left, his cheek stinging in pain before he giggled insanely. "A smack, Randy? Honestly, I expected a lot more coming from you."

This was dangerous. A dangerous game they were playing.

"Something like this?" Randy struck, an uppercut connecting harshly with Jeff's chin that sent him reeling backwards, the backs of his knees hitting his bed and leaving him sprawled all over his sheets. His hand rested on top of his mouth, where his teeth had cut into his lips, and tried to stem the slight trickle of blood.

"That'll do it," Jeff breathed, kicking his leg out when Randy barreled down onto him. His foot connected with the taller boy's sternum, causing a loud grunt to echo off the walls before he felt Randy's hands at his knees, ripping them open and Randy forcing himself between them.

"What are you doing?" His voice was so full of fear and surprise that Jeff didn't even recognize it as his own. He struggled as Randy's hand slid up his shirt, pressing against his warm stomach. Jeff shivered, closing his eyes as Randy's cool fingers traced his piercing.

"Stop fighting me," Randy muttered angrily, moving his hand higher, lifting the hem of Jeff's shirt as his fingers reached out to grab Jeff's pink nipple, twisting it harshly. He grinded his hip down onto Jeff's when the blonde arched up, a soft gasp leaving his lips.

"You've been cock-hungry for months now, Jeff. I know you." Randy bent his head, tracing Jeff's mouth with his tongue. "You want me to fuck you the way I fucked you that night. You were just gagging for my dick, baby."

"Don't," Jeff protested weakly, pushing at Randy's shoulders. He cried out, feeling Randy's teeth sink into his neck. What the hell was going on? Randy's teeth felt like fangs piercing into his skin and Jeff screamed when he felt a hot, sticky liquid run down his neck.

"Adam!" Jeff wailed, punching at Randy's back. "Adam, help me!" But the help wouldn't come. He scratched at Randy's shoulders and froze, shivering as his eyes zeroed in on Randy's hair.

No…not Randy's hair.

Jeff shook, grabbing onto the long dark strands. He used it as a reign, pulling hard until he felt the sharp incisors leave his throat and he stared into the pale face of a stranger. Jeff screamed louder, his fists pummeling into the smirking man's face.

"Relax," the man spoke, his voice a dark and teasing tone, "I'll take care of you." His dark green eyes flashed red and that was all Jeff remembered as a heavy hit against his temple knocked him unconscious.

Kane watched from the corner of the room as his brother slowly morphed back into his own form. He grinned evilly, seeing the slim build of that Orton kid disappear until all that was left was Taker's much larger and firmer body.

"Your magic has gotten stronger, Kane." Taker rumbled, pleased. He grabbed Jeff's jaw, using his thumb to smear some droplets of blood from the uppercut he'd given him around his pretty mouth. "He'd look good with more blood running down his mouth."

Kane just chuckled, turning his head to smile sinisterly at Trish, who was being held down by an invisible force, her small body writhing in pain as she tried to reach her friend, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks.

Cena cursed at them from his position underneath the painted man. "You guys are wrong about the kid," he snarled, "I fucking know that you're wrong!" he swallowed thickly as the man with the painted face peered down at him, grinning insanely.

"You're the one who is wrong." His grin widening beneath the paint, the man shoved his claws into Cena's mouth, laughing loudly as the guardian gagged and choked in protest. He moved his eyes to Taker and glared, "Hurry up, would you? The fucking blonde downstairs won't be under my spell much longer."

Taker hissed in the man's direction before looking back down at Jeff. He turned the boy onto his back and ran his claws lightly over the pale flesh before he pressed harder, carving deeply into the boy's skin.

"You'd better be doing it right," the painted man whispered, his eyes bright as he watched the blood glint off of Taker's claws. "If you fuck it up, I'll kill you myself."

"Let's see you try," Taker sneered, sitting up when he was done. He looked the design over and held up his hand, bloodied claws flexing as he invited his brother to look.

Kane stared down at the ruined mess of Jeff's back and nodded his approval, turning to look at the painted one. "It is done."

The painted lips curled up into a wicked grin.

Cena and Trish caught each other's gaze from the floor and they both felt doom settle into the pit of their stomach's.

The demons were wrong.

They had to be wrong.


Adam blinked his eyes open at the feel of fingers running through his hair. He smiled up at Matt, sitting up and wrapping himself lazily around his husband. "Sorry, love. Didn't mean to fall asleep." Adam's brows furrowed. "I wasn't even tired."

Matt chuckled, "It's alright, darling. Where's Jeff gone to?"

"He said he has some homework to finish up but he should be done by now." Adam stood, stretching his arms above his head. His shirt lifted with the motion, and Matt leaned forewords, pressing his lips against Adam's smooth skin.

"Hey, that tickles," Adam smiled, cupping the back of Matt's neck gently. He laughed as Matt grabbed the back of his thighs, lifting him up. "Going to take me to bed?" he wrapped his long legs around Matt's torso and accepted the kiss being pressed against his mouth.

He took that as a definite yes to his question.

"Oh, god," Adam gripped onto Matt's shoulders, his eyes closed tightly in pleasure as Matt pounded into his body. He could feel the thick head stab at his prostate at every thrust and he keened, his toes curling and his nails digging deep into Matt's skin. "Harder, Matt," he begged, voice trailing off into a moan of disappointment as Matt ripped his cock away.

Matt grunted, grabbing one of Adam's deliciously long legs and standing up, forcing the blonde's leg up against his chest, with his ankle bent onto his shoulder before wrapping one arm around Adam's waist and then moving the other arm around Adam's stomach. He felt Adam's hand grab onto his sensitive and swollen cock and he moaned in pleasure when he was directed back into Adam's stretched and hot hole.

"Oh, fuck yes," Adam moaned, fingers clenching his pillow. He could feel Matt's heavy balls hitting his skin as his thrusts turned more frantic. Panting, he reached down to grab his own cock, sliding his fingers against the leaking tip and fingering the little slit vigorously, "Oh, baby, I'm going to cum," he whimpered. As soon as Matt's fingers touched the quivering skin on his abdomen, Adam felt his balls tighten and he let out a muffled shout as he came hard, his cum spraying into his fingers.

Matt groaned, sinking down onto his knees where he thrust against Adam's tightening hole a few more times before reaching his own peak with a deep grunt, pumping his hips slowly as his cock spurted deep inside of Adam's body. "Damn…"

Adam sighed, content. He brought his fingers up to his lips, sucking off the semen-stained digits with lazy strokes of his tongue. He felt pull out of him and he moaned, the trail of cum left behind slowly sliding down his thighs.

Matt collapsed next to him, his chest heaving and sweaty. He pulled Adam close, kissing his temple a few times. "Hope Jeff didn't hear all that."

Adam laughed, watching Matt turn red at the thought. "Even if he did, I highly doubt he'll bring it up."

Matt grinned, "You're probably right." He glanced at the clock, seeing it was nearly midnight. "No point in bothering him now. He's probably asleep; he's got school in the morning."

And with that, the married couple made themselves comfortable and fell into a dreamless sleep.


Jeff woke up with a jerk that caused him to fall off of his bed. He grunted as forehead banged against the hard-wood floor and sat back on his knees, rubbing the aching spot furiously with his fingers.

'That was some fucked up nightmare,' He shook his head, tiredly running his hand down his face before picking himself up from the floor. He dressed himself for school, pulling on a pair of his old Tripp pants along with a long-sleeved red shirt.

"Sleep well?"

Jeff looked over to his door before turning back to the vanity. "Not really. Nightmare…" He stared at the eyeliner sitting on the tin box where he kept all of Trish's make-up. "And I don't want to talk about it," he added last-second, knowing that Matt would have started a conversation about it.

"Sure," Matt sighed, turning to leave. "Be down in five or else you'll be late."

As soon as he left, Jeff grabbed the eyeliner pencil and leaned closer to the mirror. With shaking fingers, he lined his eyes, blinking back tears at the uncomfortable feeling of a stick running over his face. When he was done, he stared at his reflection, narrowing his now black-lined orbs.

It had a massive effect on him. The black rims made his eyes glow eerily and Jeff felt himself becoming hypnotized by his own stare. Blinking, he turned away from the mirror and then hissed, moving his hand to the small of his back, fingers sliding under his shirt to scratch at the burning skin.

He didn't give the stinging flesh much thought and after a few seconds of rubbing, he grabbed his bag and made his way downstairs, completely unaware of Trish's eyes following him as he left.

Her eyes full of tears, Trish walked to her vanity. She smiled when she noticed how well Jeff was taking care of her stuff. Jeff was a beautiful person. Inside and out.

"I know the real you, Jeff." Trish whispered, smiling. "I know who you are."


"I don't know how you can manage to ignore these assholes." Chris glared at the students staring over at their table, whispering amongst themselves and keeping their eyes glued on Jeff.

Jeff frowned, lifting his head and watching as the students all paled and looked away quickly, not wanting to meet his gaze. He smirked, propping his chin up against his hand. "What else can I do? Kill them?"

Chris rolled his eyes at the joke, kicking Jeff's leg lightly. "I had a weird dream last night," he said softly. "Trish was in it…" Chris licked his lips nervously. "She kept telling me to take care of myself and to take care of you."

Jeff blinked, turning his head to look at his friend. "Was she sad?"

Chris raised a brow, "She was. How did you know that?"

Jeff shrugged his shoulder and he hissed in pain. "The hell?" he rubbed his hand against his back again, scratching angrily at his burning skin. "Fuck, I think I got a rash or something. Adam must have sprayed some crap over my bed sheets."

Chris laughed, "It's not his fault that you stink." He easily backed away from Jeff's half-hearted punch.

"I don't stink, you jerk." Jeff removed his hand and paled when he noticed his nails covered in red. "Great."

Chris hissed in sympathy. "That's not good. You should probably have Adam rub some lotion onto your back later."

"Adam? Why not have Matt do it?" Jeff stared at Chris in confusion.

Chris smirked, "Thought you'd like it more if it were Adam's hands on you."

"Piss off, Irvine," Jeff muttered, poking Chris in the chest. "You know damn well that you're going to be the one rubbing my back anyway."

"Can't wait," Chris leered and they both snickered at the thought.

Jeff spent the rest of the day trying to ignore the pain in his back, unaware of the reason why his skin was so enflamed.

Back in his room, the demons all chuckled amongst themselves while Cena and Trish sat on edge, waiting for Jeff to come home.

And for the proof that the damn devils were wrong.


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