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All the way, all the way

Go batten your doors

there's a hanging gale just off the shore

but it's not the wind or the rain

that you've got in store...

~ The Hanging Gale


The Shadow waits in the darkness, invisible, hiding. No, not Hiding. He is done Hiding. He is waiting now, but not forever. Not for much longer. He grows, gathering energy and gathering shadows, inky tendrils, darkness itself into his form. He was foolish, not ready the last time. The madness of centuries in between the worlds, the hundreds of worlds, has shaped his will, his goal. Too soon after, he tried. That too was foolishness, an error. It nearly cost him everything. He will not make that mistake again. He is almost ready, stronger now, stronger than ever before.

Drenched with power, with dark energy, he waits. Not sitting, not standing, simply there, filling the cave, his home, at the top of the monument, the mountain named for forevers. Forevers under his rein. It is a good throne, the tallest peak in all the digital lands. One who joined him in the darkness that was bright, the Emptyness between worlds, told him of another, taller even than the Infinite mountain. But that spire, the spiraling, twisted darkness faded away, destroyed. The Shadow does not care- his palace of dark and evil will stand longer, will stand forever, as the name states. There is no need for spiraling towers, not in his Dominion. His home, for eons before the Chosen came, and in the eons to come, has been, will always be this dark cave, the tunnels that borrow into the mountain's center, the ruins at the base, and those at the highest point of the mountain, the Summit of Infinity. He might rule over all the known lands of this world, but the seat of his power would remain here. Here, where he began his quest, Where he formed the Gears and shaped the wills of other digimon to his. Where the Chosen stopped him once...

The Shadow, the monster, the darkness within the darkness curses. All the forevers would have been his, the forevers of yesterdays, but for the child. In the blackness, he can see the writing on the wall, for he is blackness too.

The writing was the first that he saw, the last thing that he saw before he faced them, before the light, the light that was darkness, swallowed him whole, glowing in his mind. It tells him, spells out what he will face. The Small one, the Smallest of the Chosen, the one who can defeat him, the only one. The others, the other chosen... the Shadow laughs, a grating sound, a cold sound. The others will be the pawns. Only the Smallest matters to the Shadow's survival. Without the Chosen of the Chosen, the few that remain could not hope to triumph. This the Shadow knows in his core, as surely as he knows his identity.

He is the Dark one, the King of Night, the ruler of the digital world. The Small One's Bright Power had slowed him, not stopped him. He had faltered, not failed. He will rise now, stronger than before. The Small one will lose this round, this battle, this war. More than File Island, More than this mountain, More even than the single digital world- his, once the Chosen few are gone. It will not be difficult, the Shadow knows. Only one can fight him, and that one, the Small one... fear takes hold for a moment in the Shadow's being. Not his heart, for he has none, but his very being. The Prophecy, the words on the wall are not clear. What if- no. He is stronger now. Strong enough. And he has been planning. All there is in the place between is plan, to stave off the Madness. Plan and count and draw strength and plan. It is what he has done for so long, and now it is almost ready.

The Small one will not, can not win this time, not with so much darkness to face. Not with so much darkness inside. The darkness will find away, the Shadow knows. All it will take is a push. A shove. A circle of darkness into, around the Small one's heart. Humans- children- are so weak. So unprepared for what is to come. The darkness will win, as it always does. The Small one will suffer, will plead for the end before it comes, trapped in the darkness within. Perfect, the Shadow thinks. The Time is right. The Time is Now.

The Shadow, the Demon Digimon King, lifts his hands, sending out a volley of black, toothy gears from where they have waited for their Master to return. They scattered, across a blue sky unseen by the Shadow in his lair. For the briefest of seconds, the cloud of gears blotted out all light on the mountain top, before speeding away.

Devimon, the Shadow, laughs again. The Small one cannot stop him now. And none but the Smallest ever could, not forever. Only the Smallest and the Smallest's Brightness could match him. But the Brightness will fall as the Small one falls, forever. Soon, all will be darkness. And all darkness will be his.

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