"So Annette have you heard the latest gossip?"

Judy Fabray shook her head. Lois Harrington had the biggest mouth in all of Lima. Nobody was safe from her gossiping mouth. Judy tried avoiding her like the plague, but her Winter Gala was the party not to be missed. Besides Judy liked getting all dolled up, and Russell really did enjoy bumping elbows with Lima's finest. So Judy endured Lois' yammering mouth for a few hours, and tried to enjoy the party. However she was right in front of Lois, blabbering on about some poor family to Annette Benning. Annette sighed. "Please do tell."

Judy turned her body, so that she could see the duo, malicious smiles across their faces. Lois glanced at Judy, and Judy quickly turned busying herself with her champagne glass.

Lois hissed in a loud whisper "You know how Quinn Fabray is pregnant? Well it's not even that jock boyfriend of hers!"

Annette gasped.

"You haven't even heard the best part. It's his friends, this kid named Noah Puckerman from Lima Heights!"

Annette gasped even louder. Judy could feel there stares grazing her back. "But we . . . we didn't even have sex" Finn's words echoed in her head. It all made sense now. Could this be? Could Quinn's baby not be Finn's? Who was this Noah kid? Quinn hadn't even mentioned his name to her. Would things have been different if Judy had confronted Quinn about her pregnancy when she had found the positive pregnancy test in Quinn's bathroom trashcan instead of ignoring it? It was too late to wonder, her life was full of what ifs now a days. Things would be so different if she would have told Russell about it before Finn had told her secret. Poor Finn, Russell had been so hard on him and it wasn't even his baby. Did he know it wasn't his baby? What if he had found out and left Quinn? Her poor Quinnie would now be all alone in the world. Judy's head began to swirl, her heart pounding, her throat tightening. She jumped up, bumping the table, spilling Champagne all over her dress.

"Ma'am are you ok?" the white jacketed waiter asked, swooping in to clean up her mess.

"I just need some air." Judy said, staring Lois Harrington straight in the eye letting her know she had heard it all.

The minutes turned into hours, Judy's shawl offering very little protection against the chilly October air. After what seemed to be an eternity Russell showed up, a tad bit tipsy. "There you are darlin'" he said kissing her forehead. "Where were you?"

Judy shrugged. "It just got to be a little much."

Russell tried to open the car door unsuccessfully, and Judy slipped the key away from him. "I'll drive."

Most of the car ride home was quiet. They turned into their neighborhood and Judy cracked the silence. "People are saying that Finn isn't the father of Quinn's baby."

Russell laughed. "Wouldn't doubt it. That little"

Judy cut him off. "She is still our daughter."

"Who is sleeping around with everyone at that high school." He retorted.

"Wonder where he gets that from?" Judy snapped. She covered her mouth as soon as the words escaped her mouth.

Russell was mad. "What did you say?" Judy bit her tongue. He smiled smugly. "That's what I thought."

She stopped the car.

"Judith what on earth!" Russell said, slamming his hand on the dash.

"Get out of my car." She said, her rage boiling over.

Russell looked at her, as if he had just been slapped. "Excuse me?"

She honked the horn. "Get out of my car. Go to your little girlfriend's house, go anywhere I don't care. Just do not come home. You kicked my baby out. Said she doesn't deserve to live in our home, when YOU are the one making the mistake, not her. Get out of my car."