Title: Royals
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Dave/Kurt {Kurtofsky}
None, really.
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drabble prompt fill for firithnovwen who gave me the prompt: "Dave painting Kurt's toe nails." Hope you like it, honey!
So this is basically just weird dialogue fluff where Dave is known for painting peoples' toe nails. I don't even know, lol.

"Why am I doing this again?"

"Because, David. I like having my toe nails painted, it makes me feel nice. And besides that, your mother told me how you used to paint your little sister's for her all the time so I know you'll have to be good at it."

Dave sighed heavily, resigned. "Fine. But why's it gotta be purple?"

"It's the color of royals," replied Kurt, matter-of-factly.

"Royals, wha…? Oh god not this again."

"Yes, I'm a queen. And as my king, I think you should do whatever your queen asks you to do."

"I thought that was what the peasants and crap were for."

"Well yes, of course. But Finn isn't here at the moment so you'll have to suffice." Kurt nudged him lightly with his foot to Dave's chest from where he sat lounged on his bed. "Now get to work."

Dave rolled his eyes but figured it was probably best to indulge him, and plucked the O.P.I. nail polish from Kurt's hand, promptly getting to work.

Kurt smiled down at him fondly, just watching him work as Dave applied the full two coats and sat back. "Thank you, David," he cooed sweetly, and pulled him forward in between his spread legs and into a kiss. Kurt smiled, hand cradling Dave's cheek as they kissed. He loved his wonderful, handsome, nail-painting boyfriend.

Even if he was completely whipped.