AN: Yes another fic, yes I know I should be working on that other fic, but I'm not. This fic is a revamp of a very old fic I co wrote with someone for another fandom. Sadly it was completely lost to the interwebs, so here I am trying to re-write it. Nostalgia. This will be a double or triple shot. Don't kill me on historical inaccuracies please. Still no beta for me, so forgive the mistakes.

Go bhfanad in Éirinn go brách - May I stay in Ireland for ever
Faugh an Beallach - Irish battle cry - clear the way
Filleann an feall ar an bhfeallaire - The bad deed returns on the bad-deed doer.

Susanna looked up into his blue eyes that seemed empty and hallow as his hands held her arm down. Large, callous hands that touched her days ago, brought her pleasure were now holding her down.

"Why?" she asked him

He did not respond, instead he looked down. He looked at her soft skin. She felt the harsh blow across her face.

"Silence! Pagan whore!" a soldier yelled as he held her other arm down.

She felt the blood trickle from her lip. She watched as they placed the small piece of wood into her palm. She watched as they placed the large long nail on top of the wood. She watched as he turned and looked away. He couldn't watch. He couldn't bear to be so close to her. He closed his eyes.

It was too much for him, but his father and commanding general Appius Livius Ocella had ordered him to carry out the sentence. He could not deny an order from him. But at the same time Sookie, or Susanna as she was known to her people had fought against his father's legions. She had fought, and fought and was finally captured. He knew what the penalty for her defiance was. His father had come to Eire in hopes of conquering it and adding it to the Roman Empire. Brittannia was a colony and soon Eire would be too. But the tribes of Eire would not allow a foreign emperor rule them. They banded together and fought and fought. It was a long bloody battle. Until Appius Livius Ocella came with his legions of soldiers. And he attacked without mercy. Thousands of soldiers were lost, but thousands of barbarians were slaughtered.

Sookie's clothes had been stripped of her, they made her wear a dirty shroud. They would have cut her hair but they were in a rush to carry out her sentence. Barefoot and almost naked, she lay there wondering why Erik would betray her. She had loved him, trusted him, but in war, she had been blinded by her love.

Sookie saw the hammer rise and come crashing down. Instantly the pain was searing through her hand. Her mind went numb. The hammer came crashing down again, driving the dirty nail deeper into her hand. The air left her lungs. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't scream. She felt the other hand being nailed through. She felt her feet being moved and a piece of wood placed on top of them.

"Why Erik?" she whispered out

But Erik would not turn to face her. Instead he got up and walked away. Erik left her. The reality of it finally hit her when she felt the final nail being driven through her flesh and bones. She would not scream. She would not give them that joy. She knew that the tribes would still fight without her. That her brother would continue the fight. Her uncles, and grandfather would avenge her and drive the Romans out.

"Raise her" Appius commanded

The Roman soldiers with ropes, pulled the wooden cross Sookie was nailed to up. The pain was overwhelming. It was tearing at her insides. She was bleeding out of her hands and feet. Gravity working against her, pulling her down ripping her bones and flesh. She could feel her body being dragged down by its own weight. She could feel her life bleeding out of her. She could feel herself unable to breathe.

She saw Erik standing next to Appius unable to look at her. Appius smiled and handed Erik a scroll and commanded him to read it. Erik unraveled the scroll and read it out loud.

"For your crimes against the Roman Empire, for banding together the barbarian tribes in Hibernia, for fighting against and treason against the Roman Empire you have been sentenced to death by crucifixion." Erik said

Sookie with whatever strength she had left would not let it end like this. They had come to invade their lands and enslave them. She and her people did what naturally came to them. They fought back. And she would fight them with her dying breathe. Erik had betrayed her. The man who claimed to love her, who she believed she loved. She knew now Romans were incapable of love, or mercy.

"For your crimes against Eire, you will never leave this island alive. And I will watch with great joy when the tribes burn your ships, burn your army and carry your heads as a warning to future legions. And I will smile upon your deaths" Sookie said as she smiled

"Pagan whore. Break her legs" Appius commanded

"Go bhfanad in Éirinn go brách!" Sookie screamed out

Her cry was so loud that the heavens ripped apart, thunder and lightening descending down upon them. The soldier holding the hammer flinched from the thunder. Sookie looked up at the sky as she was being drenched in the rain water. She opened her mouth to catch the rain. The hammer smashed into her legs. Her body fell forward. Sookie struggled from the pain searing through her body to lift her head.

Erik turned to leave, but Appius placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Centurion. We do not leave until the prisoner has died" Appius commanded

Erik pulled his shoulder away and walked away. What he had done to her would haunt him forever.

"Faugh an Beallach" Sookie said as she felt herself dying, "Faugh an Beallach"

Erik returned to his tent and took off his armor. He sat down on the pile of furs. He could almost smell on her on them. He got up and poured himself some wine. His eyes went to the old viking torc laying on his table. His fingers brushed up against the old torc. He remembered the last time he wore it. He was still a child. He was traveling with his father on a Viking ship. They had stopped in Eire before heading off to new lands. He had met her, Sookie as a child. She was a spitfire and a hellcat and would not back down from anything or anyone. She was a tornado. He was a volcano, and together they an explosive pair. They got into more trouble than anyone could imagine. Thick as thieves and twice as crafty. They were only together for a week, and at the end of that week Erik was to set sail for new lands with his father. He gave her his torc, which she wore happily and she gave him his first kiss. He'd never see her again until a month ago. The torc was a dead giveaway when he saw her. And he wished he never had.

Sookie opened her eyes and she was lying on a white slab. She was in a white room filled with mist and fog. It didn't make any sense. Was she dead? Was this the afterlife? She stood up and looked at her hands. The wounds from the nails were still there. She was still wearing the dirty shroud. She looked around to see if there was anyone there.

"Hello?" Sookie called out

A figure emerged from the fog and smoke. Sookie stepped back until she saw who it was.

"Sookie my child, it is me"

"No, I saw you once as a child, but you, you haven't aged at all"

"It is me, your great grandfather Niall. I've come for you child"

"You can't be real"

"And you're dead"

"Am I?"

"Yes, you are."

"Jason and Fintan will continue on without me"

"You have so much faith in others. I have come to bring you to Fae"


"Yes, because you are part Fae, you will come to my realm."

"But that was a myth."

"Sookie, Fae is real, you are part fae. The mortal side of you died, your Fae spark lived on."

"The mortal side? What about Jason?"

"Jason will make a find leader. Fintan will avenge you"

"Will Jason be here too with us?"

"No, Jason does not have the spark. Jason will go to the afterlife"

"Can't I go with him?"

"No, my child. You must come with me, or I can send you back"


"I sense what's in your heart. You want to go back, you want your vengeance. You want to drive them out of Eire, our homeland. But you need to understand, that if I do send you back, and you are no longer mortal. I will be sending you back as a Fae."

"What does that mean?"

"It means, you have Fae powers, it means you will be stronger than you ever were before, and that you have the same weaknesses as us. Come we don't have much time" Niall extended his hand to her.

Fintan walked through the camp. He entered Jason's tent.

"Fintan, do you have word of my sister?" Jason asked

"The Romans have crucified her on the hills. We must cut her down and bury her, and then we will avenge her"

"They have taken my sister from me, I will avenge her"

"The tribe will avenge her"

The rain had finally stopped. The 2 Roman soldiers guarding Sookie's body were busy talking to each other and bored. They had to make sure no one came to take the body. To fulfill the sentence her body had to remain up there until it became to rot and decompose and the animals would begin to fest upon it. Her body would serve as a warning to all those that opposed the forces of Rome.
Niall appeared dressed as a Roman soldier. He walked up to the two soldiers who were talking.

"I've come to relieve you" Niall said in a deep voice

"Already?" asked the first soldier

"Yes, off you go" Niall said

"What is your name and rank?" the second soldier asked

Sookie's eyes opened slowly. She lifted her head and saw Niall dressed as a soldier talking to the other 2 soldiers. She looked over at her hand which still had a nail in it. She stared at it and it flew out of her hand and hit the roman soldier in the head.

"What was that?" the other soldier yelled

Niall drew his sword and quickly cut off the head of the other soldier.

"I was trying to avoid that" Niall said

Sookie looked down at her great grandfather.

"A little help?"

Niall waved his hand and the other 2 nails flew out of her body and her body floated down to the ground. Sookie was amazed that her body healed and her legs were no longer broken.

"Your mortal body died, this is your fae body. But it comes with fae weaknesses. You must be aware of them. We must go find your brother before we are discovered"

Niall took Sookie's hand and they transported away. When Sookie's eyes opened she was in her tribe's camp. She looked around and saw her people all stop and stare at her. Niall shed off the Roman armor to reveal his clothes underneath. A green tunic with a gold belt with the emblem of his royal symbol as a buckle and brown leather pants. Sookie headed straight towards Jason's tent. She pushed the folds of the tent aside and entered. Inside she saw Jason and Fintan looking at a map.

"Sookie!" Jason yelled as he grabbed her and held her close, "I heard you had died"

"I was crucified" Sookie replied

"Those Romans can't do anything right" Fintan said as he joined in on the hug

"I love seeing the family together" Niall said as he entered the tent

"What are you doing here?" Fintan yelled

"I brought Sookie back to you" Niall responded

"What did you do to her? I was told she had died" Fintan said

"She did die, she died because you were unable to protect her. If I hadn't interceded she would have remained dead and joined me in Fae" Niall said

"Wait, Fae is real?" Jason asked

"Yes it's real" Sookie said

"What did you do to her?" Fintan asked, "You couldn't have just brought her back! You did something to her"

"Still observant. Her mortal body died, when I returned her to earth, she came back as a fae" Niall said proudly

"Are you insane? Do you know how dangerous that is?" Fintan yelled

"Lower your voice this instant! No one knows what she is except the 4 of us right now. She has come back to seek vengeance and she will have it. It is her right or have you forgot the laws of this tribe?" Niall said in a hushed tone

"Sookie has the right to vengeance. And we will help her obtain her" Fintan said

Erik was laying in his bed of furs holding onto the old torc. He had drank all the wine and passed out. Sookie popped into his tent. She walked over to him quietly. She pulled the dagger from her boot standing over him. She saw the old torc in his hands as he slept. She remembered in her moment of weakness she yielded to him, and it cost her, her life. She would not allow it again. She sat down on him, straddling him. She reached down and pushed his blond hair out of his face. Her touch caused him to stir in his sleep.

"Filleann an feall ar an bhfeallaire." Sookie whispered

"Erik!" Appius yelled as he entered his tent

Erik's eyes opened and he saw Sookie over him holding the dagger in her hands. She turned quickly and threw her dagger at Appius. It landed in his shoulder. He fell back screaming. Erik grabbed Sookie and threw her onto the bed, his weight crushing her.

"Sookie?" Erik asked as he looked at her face.

She looked the same, as if she never died, but there was something different about her. He couldn't explain it but he felt even more drawn to her.

"Hello lover, did you miss me?" Sookie asked

"How can this be?" Erik asked

"Do not address me so informally centurion, I am Susanna of the Brega tribe."

Sookie pushed Erik back onto the bed.

"You died..." Erik said

"You let me die."

"Kill her Erik!" Appius yelled from the floor

Sookie got up off the bed of furs. She turned and faced Appius.

"Can't do your own dirty work can you?"

Appius pulled the dagger out from his shoulder and attempted to throw it at her. She raised her hand and a strange light shot out of them. It hit him and sent him flying out of the tent. Sookie looked at her hand in amazement. Erik got up and reached out to touch her. She turned around and grabbed his wrist.

"In another lifetime I would have welcomed your touch. But not this one" Sookie said

She let go of his wrist and took a step back from him.

"The next time we meet, it will be on the battlefield, and I will kill you, the same way you did to me" Sookie said

"I look forward to it, Susanna"

Sookie smiled and then disappeared before his eyes. He blinked and looked to make sure she was gone. He didn't believe what just happened. She was alive, and had new powers it seemed.
Sookie popped back to her tribe's camp. She went to Jason's tent. Inside was Jason and Fintan discussing their game of attack.

"Sookie, did you do it?" Jason asked

"No, his asshole of a father showed up. Lost my dagger" Sookie said

"Are you getting it back?" Fintan asked

"I left it in his shoulder" Sookie smiled

"That's my girl!" Jason said as he hugged her

"We must prepare for battle" Sookie said

Appius was in his tent having his wound tended to. Erik came in to see how his father was doing.

"Where is that demoness?" Appius demanded

"She is gone, she disappeared before my eyes" Erik replied

"She has bewitched you! I knew she was a witch!"

"She is different now"

"She died, I saw it. She died upon the cross. She is a demoness, do not be fooled Erik"

"I suppose we should prepare for battle then"

"We attack at first light"

AN: Yes, how Erik went from Viking to Roman centurion will be explained. Yeah I know, Sookie's name isn't exactly Gaelic, Celtic, Irish or whatever. Just go with it. If you're wondering what Erik's betrayal was, well we'll get to that too. All's fair in love and war remember?