POV: Anakin Skywalker

Why not take advantage of the universe as you grasp it between your powerful fingers? You've got all the advantage in the galaxy because of your birthright, yet you choose to yield to the weakest of beings, discovering the stronger side of them. What does this all mean, you ask? It simply means, I'm the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy and I gave myself up to a young girl. I sold myself after fighting for freedom for so long.


That's a long story. It all started on my last mission, courtesy of my former Master's suggestion might I add.

I was sent to Felucia to exterminate the droid invasion. Sure, that's a normal day for a Jedi. We receive missions, we depart from Coruscant, we arrive at our destination, and we destroy and conquer. That doesn't include defending yourself against a battalion of Togrutas...

Now, I've been a Knight for almost seven months and I've been sent on the tiniest missions, the ones that hold the least amount of importance in the galaxy. I've never once failed those. It's the big missions that I apparently can't do. This happened to be one of those missions that I couldn't complete. Obi-Wan told me that I'd need a Padawan for multiple reasons and I'd emerged victorious in my opposition against receiving one.

Now, though, I wish I had asked for a Padawan. I needed someone to watch my back when I was weak. Going out alone wasn't always the best idea. I'd been jabbed with spears by a few of the locals as well as blasted several times by the droids themselves. Falling to the ground in a massive battle was a terrible idea that only I could make happen... Weakness leads to penalties. My own weakness resulted in being chained to a wall in a dark, cold cell on some planet far from Felucia.

Twelve hours earlier.

"Come on, men!" I cried, boosting their spirits as I rallied them together. "This battalion has conquered many as well as lost many. It's our duty to honor those of our brothers lost on the battlefield. Some of you may not come back, but, know this, a majority will return because we will emerge victorious. Fight with honor and valor, my friends. Do not lose hope." The men cheered and I smiled. "Onward to victory!" I cheered, pulling my saber off of my belt. My men raced through the grasslands on Felucia, dodging the large plants as well as the smaller ones. The planet in itself was a deathtrap. My comlink began to blink and I sighed. "Skywalker," I said quickly, holding my saber near my waist.

"Anakin, you've got too many droids advancing on your side of the planet. You may not be able to hold them off for a long. We've also just received word of three battle cruisers jumping out of hyperspace above the planet. I advise you move along with caution."

"Isn't the Resolute supposed to take care of orbital problems?" Again, I sighed. I knew Admiral Yularen was an admirable man. He would take care of the cruisers because he had the best strategies while on the bridge. I couldn't imagine standing beside anyone else. "I'll be careful. Thanks for the heads-up." I disconnected the com and moved along with my men. We arrived at our destination and immediately got caught in blasterfire. My men were being shot down left and right. I glanced around the battlefield quickly as I ran. I had to plan something quickly so I could lead them. Several cannons were lined up in front of the droids. They had to be taken down first. "Rex!" I shouted, turning to my left.

My trusty captain ran up to me and saluted quickly. "Yes, sir?"

"Find me some men who can blow those cannons sky high."

He glanced at the area I was pointing to and nodded. "I've got just the men for the job, sir."

"Good," I said, forcing a small smile. "Get to it, Rex." He nodded and spun around quickly, running to find the men that would complete my objective. Until then, I would slash away at the advancing commando droids. These buckets of bolts and gears wouldn't know how to take down a Jedi if they tried.

Two men with weapons set to completely decimate the Seppie cannons arrived beside me. "Ready for duty, sir."

"All right, men. The primary cannons are the center ones. Take them out first and then take out their flanks." They nodded and knelt down onto the ground, holding their weapons over their shoulders as they prepared to launch a missile. I felt something change and immediately looked up into the darkened sky. I could see lights heading directly towards us, but they weren't any of our transports. "Get down!" I shouted, throwing myself at the two to knock them down to the ground.

Shells were being dropped and were exploding as they made impact with the terrain or with my clones. "Thank you, sir," one of the men beneath me gasped.

I pushed myself up and helped them up as well. "Not a problem. I'd expect the same from you," I said, smiling weakly at them. "Stay out of trouble."

"We'll get the job done, sir!" they both said.

I ran off to go check on the men. I knew some would be wounded while others lay dead beside them. I knelt down by one man and put my hand to his covered neck and felt absolutely no pulse. I closed my eyes and bowed my head. It bothered me more than anyone else when I lost these men. I fought with them in battle and we all shared a victory round after successfully completing a mission. Every time I lost one clone, I lost a piece of myself.

I balled my hand into a fist and sighed. Eventually this war was going to end. It was just a matter of time though and I wondered how many more we'd lose? It wasn't just the clones that we were losing. Some of my closest Jedi friends had been taken from me. "General Skywalker!" I glanced up quickly and stood.

I ran over to the private. "What's going on?"

"Sir, General Kenobi has just informed us of a Togruta invasion. He says that they are not our concern and he suggests that we stay clear of them. He doesn't want any unnecessary bloodshed."

Unnecessary bloodshed echoed in my thoughts over and over again before I finally came back to reality. "All right, let's move out."

"Sir –"

"We'll let the Seppies find us, Private. We can lead them further into the planet and, hopefully, meet up with General Kenobi."

"But, sir, what about the Togrutas? They're hunters. They'll find us just as easily as we could find them."

I thought for a moment. What he said was true. "Tell the men to lock their blasters. We're evacuating until further notice. We can't allow anyone to get hit accidentally in the line of fire. We're retreating to General Kenobi's position for the time being. We need to regroup, regardless of the situation."

"Yes, sir."

With that said, he took off and began to tell the men to fall back. I began to run through the field, searching for any stragglers or injured clones. I wasn't one to leave a man in need behind. "Anyone else out here?" I shouted into the darkness, not being able to see very well as it is.

I couldn't feel specific lifeforms based on distance because the entire planet was filled to the brim with lifeforms.

After hearing complete silence for a few moments, I took off. I figured that no one else was left and that it was time for me to get out of here before something happened to me. I put the lives of my men before myself, so I was always the last one running through the area, searching for someone alive that thought they were as good as dead. I'd pulled many men out of fatal situations by doing these runs back. I always felt a bit better about myself knowing that I'd saved another life.

Six hours earlier.

I groaned in aggravation. The battle was becoming too intense for my liking. My former Master was even struggling. The Togrutas had joined the battle – attacking both sides. I ordered my men to hold fire, but most of them stopped listening as they witnessed their brothers being slaughtered by the savages.

Obi-Wan found me holding my right side behind a boulder. "What happened?" I moved my hand and he saw the blood soaking through my vest and covering the palm of my left hand. He knelt down in front of me. "How long have you been bleeding?"

"Almost ten minutes," I gasped.

"Can you move? We need to get you on a medical transport immediately."

"I haven't tried moving."

He extended his arm towards me and I reached up to grasp his wrist. He took mine and pulled me up quickly. I shut my eyes tightly and groaned again. "Do I really need to carry you?" I sensed a blast before it happened. I pushed him out of the way and ended up getting blasted in the stomach. I doubled over and fell to my knees. "Anakin!" He sounded devastated. That was typical Obi-Wan though. "Medic! Rex!" he yelled, grabbing my shoulder.

"I'm fine," I said through my teeth. "It's not like I haven't been hit before." I forced myself to stand up. I pulled out my saber and leapt into the air, slicing through the droid in one swift motion. I wanted to fight despite the pain.

Obi-Wan dashed over to me. "You're reckless – as expected. Why can't you just accept the fact that you need a medic?"

"I'll survive, Master. Thank you for your concern."

"If I find you lying down again –"

"I won't be. I'm fine now," I lied.

He nodded and ran off to fight the oncoming threat. I sighed and began to move as well. I ended up sneaking around, watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike. The clones were able to take care of the droids with no problem. It was the Togrutas that were killing us off.

I pulled out my saber hilt and prepared as I sensed a mass of humanoids closing in on the open field. I opened a channel on my comlink, waiting for Rex to receive it. "Captain Rex here."

"Rex, it's Skywalker. You've got a vast invasion coming from the north end of the field. Tell the men to – agh!"

I was electrocuted from behind and my wound was jabbed at again. I dropped the com, along with my saber, and fell forward, breathing heavily. "Sir?" I moved to grab the com, but ended up being electrocuted once again. I threw my head back in pain as volts of electricity coursed through my body. "Sir, what's your location?" Rex asked hurriedly, attempting to come to my rescue.

"Southern edge of the field –" I managed to gasp before being hit again. I watched as a Togruta moved forward and crunched the com beneath his heavy boots. He grunted and reached down to grab my hair. I groaned and held my right side once again. He muttered something that I couldn't understand, but I could tell that it wasn't a very good thing by the way he looked at me.

I pulled my knees up quickly and kicked his chest, doing a back flip as he released me. I began to run, pulling my saber into my hand as I did so. I stopped and spun around, activating my azure blade. The Togrutas had disappeared. "What the –"

I heard a battle cry and looked up, only to begin deflecting blaster shots as they blasted from the tops of the plants. I backed up without looking and tripped over one of the mutated vines, falling onto my back. The saber flew out of my hand and I was too slow to retrieve it.

A heavy boot was pressed against my chest, restricting my ability to move. He bent down towards me and put binders on my wrists. I quickly attempted to use the Force to get him off of me because the pressure was becoming too much, but I only ended up hurting myself. Volts of electricity coursed through me again. So they were Force binders…

My entire body was filled with pain and my wound was bleeding once again. The boot was removed from my chest and I was lifted up very harshly, being pulled by my hair. I tried to get out of his grip, but I was jabbed in the back by a spear. These men had come here for something that I didn't quite understand yet, but they'd certainly been prepared.

We made it onto a small shuttle that I only assumed would take us up to one of their cruisers. The more I looked at these men, the more I realized that they were royal guards. I was harshly pulled onto the shuttle and I stood there, breathing heavily as they sneered at me, until we reached the main cruiser. I was once again pulled against my will and thrown into a cell. I hit the floor with a thud and dust flew into the air. I began to shake as the door closed. The place was freezing. It was probably below freezing in here.

My clothes were worn and tattered due to all the blasts and spears, so bits and pieces of my skin were exposed to the cool, durasteel floor. I lay there, curled into myself until we reached our destination and the shuttle landed. I needed a plan to get out of here. It would only be a matter of time before Obi-Wan and Rex came looking for me, so I had to hold on until then…

If they could actually find me, that is…