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Chapter 1 - While the Moon Watches

The moon has a strange way of making you feel as if you are not alone. It shined down on her and she felt exposed in a way. The blood soaked into her clothes and her memory. She sat there frozen; completely unaware of how long she had been sitting there. Her legs bent under her, her back hunched, and her arms hanging lamely at her side. She felt her hands resting in the now cold blood. But, all she could do was stare at the moon lost in its comfort.

It was finally over. He was dead...yet the suffering remained. The suffering was never ending where this evil was concerned. All he had ever done was take everything he could from anyone he wished. Never one to give up, he left this world taking everything she loved with him.

The breeze swept over her as if sent by the moon to wrap her in a comforting embrace. It lifted her hair softly and touched her dry lips for a moment. Her tongue shot forward to bring moisture to her cracking lips. It was the first movement she had made in what felt like forever. As if bringing her back to reality her eyes fell away from the moon and landed on the small jewel in her hand. She lifted her hand from the ground only vaguely aware of the blood dripping from her knuckles.

She held the jewel at the tips of her fingers and studied it. How could something so small, so seemingly fragile, destroy her world? Slowly she blinked and in that moment she was alive again. Her heart was aching painfully in her chest; the pain coursed through her veins as her heart slowly pumped it through her entire being. She couldn't seem to suck in enough air to fill her lungs as her world began to spin. Her fingers closed around the jewel willing it to turn to dust and disappear. Her face scrunched in pain as her heart ache became physical pain.

She hunched even further forward as she brought her hand to her heart smearing blood all over her chest. She could see all of it again as it played over in her mind like a bad movie.

"Miroku..." her voice sounded foreign to her as her friends name fell from her cracked lips.

She could see his panicked face as the thousands of demons made their way toward Sango. She held Kilala's lifeless body in her arms unaware of her approaching end. He moved as fast as he could on his broken leg while he hurriedly unwrapped his prayer beads from his cursed hand. Just as he opened his hand Kaguara, on of the last minions left alive, appeared behind him plunging a sword into his back. He screamed out in pain as she grabbed his hand forcing it to stay open. She smiled and leaned into his ear whispering something to him. His pain forgotten, his eyes shot to Sango once more. He begged her, but she only twisted the sword inside him. Forcing his hand to stay open she aimed his wind tunnel at Sango.

"Sango...no," she whimpered to herself. She saw Sango's face as she felt the pull on her body.

She turned to see Miroku slowly dying. She screamed out his name in panic, but then she realized what was happening. She yelled his name again as her panic took her over. She grabbed at ground as everything around was being sucked into the void. She pleaded with the wind witch to take her life herself, begging her to not force the man she loved to take her life. Miroku cried out her too her a million apologies as tears steadily flowed from his eyes. His anguish was palpable as he saw Kilala's body be ripped from Sango's grasp. He wished the witch would pull the sword from his body so that he could die already. However, she fully intended for him to live through every moment. Kilala was suddenly ripped from her grasp and in a foolish attempt to save her lost companion, sango grabbed for Kilala, but in doing so lost her hold. Slowly, as if in slow motion, she was lifted from the ground and sucked into the void.

Kagome could hear Miroku's earth shattering scream as Sango's body was sucked into his own hand, his curse. His face turned red as the veins in his neck popped out. One last burst of adrenaline allowed him the satisfaction of pulling his hand from the witch and turning the tunnel on her. However, the satisfaction of her death couldn't compare to the pain radiating from his chest. He collapsed into a pool of his own blood. With his palm up the life drained from his eyes as the wind tunnel continued to suck in everything in its path. His heart stopped before his curse could destroy what was left of him. Kagome couldn't help, but be silently pleased that it wasn't Naraku's original curse that ended his life.

She closed her eyes to stop the memories from flowing. She didn't want to see the tormented, ghostly look on his face as he took his last breath. She was sobbing now as the pain seemed new once more. But, her mind would not relent as she remembered looking into ice blue eyes.


His name triggered the scene all over again. She felt him grab her shoulder, thankfully, she took her eyes from Miroku's body and they landed on his face. He spoke words to her that she could still hear ringing in her ears. Then he held up his jewel shards to her. It took her a moment as her eyes look down at his bleeding legs before she understood what he was giving her. She slowly took them from his hand as her eyes welled up with tears. He gently held her face in his hands as he smiled that smile that he seemed to give every time he claimed her as his own. Then slowly placed his lips upon her. It was soft, but she could feel his love like a slap in the face.

Before she could even open her eyes he was gone. She never saw what became of him. Her attention was torn away from Kouga's retreating back by a child's scream...

"NO!" She refused to remember this.

However, her brain wouldn't be stopped as it conjured the picture of Shippo's small body being thrown into a tree. Her feet moved instinctively to her fallen child. She was so close and then he looked up at her with eyes that were too old for him. He held his hand up to signal her to stop. There was something in the way he looked at her in that moment that made her stop. He begged her to let him protect her. The next thing she knew a was throwing foxfire at one demon and being burned alive by another. She couldn't stop the vomit that forced its way out of her mouth as she watched his tiny body being burned down to the bone.

Something inside of her snapped as a power she didn't know she held surged from her hands and purified everything in front of her. She prayed that Shippo's small body was purified so that she didn't have to bury him...pathetic.

"STOP! Stop, stop, STOP!" Her voice cracked as she screamed.

She pounded her head with her fist hoping to force her brain to stop. She felt her strength leave her body as she fell forward. Her head landed in her hands as her elbows dug into her legs. Her hair fell passed her shoulders landing in the blood around her.

"Whose...blood?" It was hardly a whisper.

Suddenly she felt the nights chill on her bare skin. Once it was a sweet embrace from the moon, but now it was like clawed fingers running down her back.

Slowly she reached around to grab her shirt, body still hunched forward. Suddenly her fingers came into contact with the skin of her back instead of her shirt. In a moment of panic she ripped her shirt off. Holding it in front of her she three long tears...as if someone ran they claws down her back. She instantly dropped her shirt to ground and her hands once again found her back. BUt...she felt nothing there, just smooth skin.

"Oh...oh Inuyasha," she wasn't even sure she said his name...her voice didn't even reach her ears. "Why?"

She saw Kikiyo fall to the ground and turn to ash. Then she saw Inuyasha lose all control. His eyes went red and jagged purple marks appeared within seconds of her death. HE was lost to her at the worst possible moment. His eyes connected with Naraku who was simply laughing at his anger. True to his very nature, Inuyasha charged forward holding tesiga. The fact that he was holding his father's fang, but remained transformed terrified Kagome. There would be bringing him back this time...she knew that.

All the demons on the battle field turned their attention to Inuyasha in that moment. Kagome was trying to shot down as many as possible, but her supply of arrows was wearing thin. She felt her power once again bubble to the surface as she ran forward desperately trying to get her love. She didn't even noticed the glow radiating from her as everything that touched her was purified into nothing. She needed to be close to him, to calm him down. He couldn't die...he wouldn't leave her. She was close she could feel his power. She almost cried when she broke through the last wall of demons. What she saw made her wish she were a weaker person. A weaker person would run away. A weaker person would run to the well, seal and never look back. Kagome couldn't bring herself to be weak.

Naraku had him by the throat as of his tentacles was slowly ripping the skin of his back off. It was strategic as if it was drawing a picture. She couldn't hold back the scream that tore from her throat when she realized what IT was doing. Naraku's was burned into his flesh. However, Inuyasha was having his flesh PULLED away to reveal a spider. She fell to her knees unable to look away from his back. His screams were strangled and she could tell he was back to normal. Naraku couldn't have him out of his mind when he had such a beautifully tragic way to break Inuyasha.

When he was done he dropped him to the ground and smiled sweetly at Kagome.

"He is mine now dear girl," his voice was like the sweetest poison, "It would seem he was never meant to be yours."

"Wha...what have you..."

"Done? Oh that's simple. I have embedded a piece of myself in this fool," he pointed to Inuyasha's tortured back. " You see little Miko; he and I are now one."

She had no words, no thoughts. She forgot how to breathe. The evil bastard made sure that she would have to...

"I have to kill him," she sobbed suddenly not able to hold the thought in her head.

"You must do your duty after all," she could practically feel the sarcasm dripping from his mouth.

She felt pure hatred surge through her body as she stood to her feet and aimed an arrow right at his head. She released and he laughed until the very end. She knew it wasn't over. He made sure of that. He would be able to come back because of Inuyasha. His games were never ending.

Just then he stood up with his back to her. The winds changed then and she practically smell Naraku on him. She wanted to die and just be done with all of this nonsense. She had no idea how she was able to keep her eyes on him as he turned, smiling, to look at her finally.

"Oi, wench, what of it? We gonna dance."

"Inuyasha please! I'm begging you come back to me, FIGHT him!"

"Nah,I like this power. We could share it you know," he was slowly walking toward her now.

"Stop," she wasn't sure if she actually made a noise or not.

"Me and you Kagome, together. Kikiyo is gone now. OUR time is now."

"Please, yasha..."

"Oh baby I want you begging in a very different way."

She couldn't even begin to think about his implications before he was upon her. She didn't fight as he pushed her to the ground with his body. She cried out as he pushed his weight into her. She refused to look him in the eye choosing to study one of his hands that was next to her head, trapping her. She tried to ignore the feeling of his body on hers.

"Look at me," his voice was almost tender.

She slowly looked in to the sweet amber eyes she once loved so much. The tinged though, spoiled with red.

Suddenly his hand was caressing her face as he whispered, "I can make you mine with or without your approval."

Her eyes widened, "You wouldn't..."

"Oh but I would. Every king needs a queen after all," he was so close his breath brushed her face.

She watched, frozen, as his face lowered to her throat. She jumped suddenly when she felt his tongue slowly moving up her neck to her ear. He nibbled for a moment on her ear lobe. Then he said something that she could never un-hear.

"I love you Kagome. Tell me you love me," the hand on her face found its way to her waist as he pulled her closer to him.

"Never," a whisper it may have been, but weak it was not.

His anger was immediate, "Tell me bitch." His claws dug into her skin puncturing her.

"NO!" she took his moment of anger and lashed out with her powers.

Her hand connected with his chest launching him off and away from her. She got to her feet as fast as she could. However, she was slow and tired. Within in moments he was upon her once more. She almost didn't register his claws dragging down her back, almost. She cried out as she fell to the ground. She could feel her blood pouring from the wounds inflicted by the same claws that had so often saved her life. Her soul tore along with her flesh.


He walked up to her rubbing his heel into her wounds. Then he rolled her body over with his foot and smiled down at her.

"I am not Inuyasha, that's why you foolish woman," his words were almost teasing. "Now, tell me."

"I'm sorry," the tears that had somehow stopped started flowing once again.


"I love you Inuyasha and I always will."

He smirked in he reached to pick her up. But the moment he touched her she grabbed his wrist and he felt the burn. Suddenly, she shot up pulling him toward her crashing into his chest. Then she wrapped her arms around his torso and rested her hands right on the scar on his back. She took a moment to just let herself hold him once last time.

"What the f..." his words fell short as he felt the searing pain on his back.

She was purifying him or rather his connection to Naraku. He thrashed against her opening various cuts all over her body. She held strong and would not let go. The pain of her body couldn't being to compare to the pain of her heart. She was killing him and she knew it. Suddenly, he stopped fighting and fell limp against her. She had to push her weight into in order to not br crushed. His body fell and she couldn't find the strenght to stay on her feet as she fell to her knees next to him. Her mind couldn't comprehend the fact that the back of him...was gone, along with the mark.


"OH inuyasha!" She buried her face in his chest and wept.

"Stop that stupid, takes this," in his hand he held the almost complete jewel.


"Don't ask me woman," he choked out as blood sprayed out of his mouth, "Now get the fragments and lets finish this thing."

She could only stare at him, crying, and oddly tired. Then she realized she was still bleeding. She knew she had to hurry and finish this thing before she passed out. She opened the vile around her neck and dropped the shards into her hands. She didn't even remember dropping Koga's into the container. Then she gathered the whole thing in her hands and closed her eyes. She only meant to purify, but that was all it took. She opened her hands and there it was. The damned Shikon No Tama.

"Good job Kags," his smile broke her heat all over again.

"I can wish for you..."

"No. Give me the jewel."

She was too tired to fight as she gently laid in his hand. Her fingers lingered a moment longer just to feel his fading warmth.

"I love you Kagome, but I can't let you die because of me."


Then he did it. He did the one thing she never prepared herself for because she never thought anything like it could ever happen. He wished for her life. He promised the jewel his soul in return to Kagome to live. He wished...for her to love again and to be happy again.

"NO!" she scream and tried to smack the jewel away, but it was too late.

She didn't understand when her hands came up and began to radiate a power that shouldn't belong to any human. She felt her very soul cracking under the weight of such power. The jewel was forcing her to purify him. She fought with everything she had to stop herself, but she couldn't. She could watch as her own powers erased him from this world. He smiled at her all the while as if she wasn't the one who was killing him.

"INUYASHA!" Her throat was raw when her scream came to a strangled end.

She looked down at the shirt in her hands not able to take her eyes off of it. It was her own blood, and his, that she was sitting in. She could feel it drying on her skin. She could smell it and taste it. She hated him for leaving her alone this way. She hated him for being so unselfish. She hated him for loving her at all. She hated how much her heart insisted on loving him.

Her hands balled into fists and she began to hammer her shirt into the ground. She pounded into the ground mercilessly. Blood, dirt, and grass all mixing together in the fabric of her awful uniform. She pounded the ground ignoring the rocks that broke her skin and bruised her bones. She screamed all the while; spit flying from her mouth and tears dripping from her face. She didn't stop until she couldn't tell the difference between her shirt and the blood; nor from the grass or dirt. It was a part of the earth now.

She was numb again. Dead to the world once more. She left her body fall to the side landing in dry grass. She wouldn't let her legs leave their blood; it was all she had left of him now.

"Why Yasha? why would you wish me to be alone this way?" She looked at the jewel now laying uselessly in her hand.

His soul was there now, but the jewel was dead to the world. A truly selfless wish was all it really took to destroy the damn thing. Now all she had was a powerless jewel that she couldn't bring herself to part with. This was all she had left of him once the blood dried. She curled up on her side and held it to her heart.

"Give them back! All of them! NOW!" Her cries were lost to the world.

The moon shined down on her still offering no comfort. It was simply something to observe her pain so that she remembered how real it truly was.

"Please...I'm begging," she knew not who she was really begging as she continued, "I need them! I need him. Please, please..." a heart wrenching sob broke through her pleading.

However, it was not only the moon that heard her. He stood tall, regal, prefect under the same light as her. In all his coldness he could not find it in him to feel disgust toward the tiny human. In fact, he was almost positive that for a moment in time his heart wept for her...possibly.

Then he turned on his heel and slowly walked away. The woman could drown in her despair alone; he wouldn't waste another moment on her. He had watched the final battle against Naraku with little interest. He decided to be there simply to step in once the half breed screwed up. He had to admit that things unfolded in a much more...horrid fashion then he could have imagined. However, the girl finished it and that's all he really cared about for now.

All the while the moon stood tall in the sky seeming to watch every life ending.

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