Chapter 21 - The End

Their wedding happened one year after Sesshomaru declared Kagome would marry him. Souta sulked for the first six months, but he knew his sister was happier than he had ever seen her. Her mother couldn't stop crying or talking about the possibility of the world's most beautiful grandchildren. Grandpa...almost died, but recovered.

Kagome was a mess. Between school, wedding planning, and dealing with the housing arrangements. Sesshomaru hadn't realized what a big deal human weddings were. That was until he came home after class one day to her crying on the floor.

He walked through the door and immediately he could smell the salt. He took a deep breath and then walked toward the living room. He walked in and saw Kagome sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by text books, notes, fabric and flower samples, and of course a laptop shinning with a million different windows. He almost laughed and then she turned to him with wide eyes and a quivering lip.

"What the hell am I doing?"

He smiled at her which only caused her to cry more. He shook his head as he dropped his stuff and walked toward her. She watched him close in on her and she could feel her body relaxing. She reached out to him, arms fully extended.

Sesshomaru stopped short and starred at her. Her eyes were shinning with tears and a little red. Her hair was in a messy mass on the top of head. Then, she lifted her arms to him. Never in all his life had he seen something so vulnerable, so open and so beautiful.

He reached out and grabbed her hands. He pulled her to her feet. Neither person noticed the things falling to the ground.

"What is wrong?"

"This impossible."

He laughed, "Our meeting was impossible. This is simply difficult."

She laughed back at him. He reached forward and grabbed her by the waist. He lifted her up and she easily wrapped her legs around him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she buried her face in his neck. He could feel her hair tickling his neck. This was all it took to calm her; his touch. Their bodies together was all he needed in life.

Now he stood at the end of the isle waiting for her. Ken and Souta stood to his left. His heart was doing a hundred different things none of which he was used to.

There were white chairs set up for the guests in the backyard of the home Ken built. He could not help, but give Ken credit for the amazing garden he built here. As he looked around he almost hated Ken.

The fool had insisted on paying for everything. However, Kagome had insisted on picking out and arranging almost everything. There were beautiful white and green flowers everywhere. The flowers were a every size and about six different kinds. She picked all the flowers from the garden and arranged them herself. There was a white carpet leading from the back of the house up to him. There was canvas and gold glitter everywhere. Someone managed to hanged crystal chandeliers from the trees. Kagome had called it a "woodsy fairytale".

He looked down at his gray suit and smiled. This had been the easiest part. He had a slim fit gray suit, dark blue vest, crisp white shirt, yellow tie, and brown shoes. The two men behind wore the same, but their ties were light tan. He looked over at the Kira and Souta's girlfriend on Kagome's side. They wore yellow lace dresses with keyhole backs and nude heels.

He ran his fingers through his hair. He cut it. It was short on the sides and longer on top. Ken had parted it to the right and combed it back. He had to admit he felt much lighter, but this wasn't for him. This was his surprise for Kagome.

She stood behind the doors waiting for the men to pull them open. Her white lace dress hugged her entire body down to her knees and then fanned slightly. Her dress also had a dramatic keyhole back with vintage buttons going down to the bottom of her dress. She wore diamond chandelier earrings. Her face held mascara, blush, and red lips. Her hair was down because that was the only way it could be. Her hair was softly curled and pinned back on one side with a large vintage comb made of silver, pearls and diamonds. Attached to that comb was a small white veil that covered about three quarters of her face.

She looked down at her flowers. She had pretty much every color flower there was in her bouquet. However, she couldn't get over her hair. She always thought she would have long beautiful hair on her wedding day. Sesshomaru was standing out there right now with every girls dream coming out of his head. His hair! She never should have listened to Kira!

She was going to throw up and then the violin started. Suddenly, she could feel the air hit her as the doors were opened. She looked up and her heart dropped. He cut his hair...for her. She started walking blindly toward him with a look of awe on her face. He was devastatingly handsome. All she could do was stare into those gold eyes. Slowly, a smile spread over her face. She was going to marry this man.

Sesshomaru's breath caught in his throat. Everything about her was perfection. She was something he never could have pictured or planned. Then he saw it slowly take over her face. That smile...that smile right there; it was the smile from the pictures. This was the Kagome from the pictures. He could remember her crying because her friends wouldn't be here. Those people she considered her soul mates and her family. Those people she watched die. Those people that made her happy...that made her THAT Kagome. They would not be standing by her side on this day. Then, he realized that didn't matter because for some reason he was what she wanted, all she needed and all she would ever need.

That day they said I do as about fifty people watched. He reached out and wiped her tears as they came. She blushed knowing that public affection as so unlike him. They did not hesitate to seal the deal with a kiss. Later, after everyone had left Ken walked up to them.

"Kagome, I couldn't have dreamed a more beautiful bride," his smile was only for her.

"Thank you, Ken! This was everything I wanted."

Sesshomaru allowed her to reward him with a kiss on the cheek. She was his.

"Well, go enjoy your new home...and that new bed," he winked.

Kagome turned ten shades of red and Sesshomaru actually grinned.

That night they discovered each other in a way they had not before. They came together in love. It was slow, a little unsure, sweet and passionate. Then, round two was much more confident. As the sun rose they both laid on their sides starring at each other. They took in all they could about the moment. Sesshomaru would deny until he died, but he looked into her tear filled eyes with tear filled eyes himself.

This girl saved him from a life that almost was. A life filled with war, death, politics, and nothing more than duty. As he looked into her eyes he could see that memory of the shadow of a girl he found that night under the moon. Now, he saw so much life and love in those brown eyes. It was his, it was for him. She saved him after he saved her.


Kagome walked onto their porch just as the sun started to rise. She leaned on the railing and looked at the beautiful view in front of her. She sighed as a small content smile claimed her lips. Her hands went to her belly and she rubbed the bump forming under her shirt.

She laughed to herself at the memory of the day Sesshomaru found out because he knew before her. She was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready for class. It was the first day of her last semester and she could not be late.

Sesshomaru sat with a smug smile on his face. He was ready and waiting for her. He watched her trying to find her other shoe and laughed out loud.

His laugh always stopped her heart. She froze and looked up at him ready to admire him. Then, she saw the arrogant look painted on his face and wanted to smack him.

"You could have woken me up!"

"A volcano could not have woken you up," he shrugged.


She stomped passed him and just as he was about to laugh something hit his nose. He dropped the books in his hand and watched her run toward their room.

It couldn't be.

"Go start the car! It is freezing out there!"

Her muffled voice woke him up and he quickly grabbed his books. As he walked to the car he couldn't get that nagging scent out of his head. He opened the door, leaned in, threw his books in and started the car. He stood back up and breathed in the winter air. He really loved this season. He never took the time to enjoy it in his time.

"Hey! Babe, is my math book in the car?" She yelled from the front door.

He looked up at her as her yelling once again interrupted his thoughts. She wore a white pea coat, maroon skinny jeans, camel colored boots to the knee, and a navy blue scarf with gold accents throughout. She had a very sloppy French braid hanging over her shoulder and falling to her hips. Her hair had started growing much faster as a result of their mating. A smile fell over his face at the thought of their mating.


He just noticed she was walking down the steps toward him. Her pale skin, only made paler by their mating, seemed to glow. Just then a breeze swept through the trees, passed her and grabbed his nose. There it was...him. He was on her scent, but that wasn't it. It was their scent.

She almost stomped her foot as he continued to stare at her. He was beautiful. He wore a black leather jacket, a gray denim shirt, dark blue jeans, and brown boots. He refused to wear gloves or a scarf. His hair was braided perfectly down his back. However, it was the lost look on his face that stopped her from yelling again.

She stopped dead in her tracks as he slowly started to walk toward her. His steps were slow and too careful. It was almost as if he was afraid she was going to disappear. She stood extra still for him.

It was the most perfect scent he had ever smelled in all his life. It was him, her and something new and pure. He finally stopped inches away from her. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes as he exhaled. Pure joy filled his body as he dropped to his knees. He heard her yelp in surprise, but ignored her.

Kagome's eyes went wide as he went to his knees and grabbed her hips. Her eyes grew wider as he unbuttoned her coat and pushed it aside. She gasped as he lifted her shirt and exposed her stomach. Then, like time stood still for them he slowly pressed his lips to her stomach. Tears filled her eyes and her hands went to his shoulders. What was happening?

"Sessho..." she froze as she felt his lips move against her.

Somehow she heard him say, "I promise to love you forever."

"What?" She looked down at him with pleading eyes.

His gorgeous golden eyes looked up at her with tears in them as he smiled.

"You are carrying my child."

Then, she fainted.

She laughed thinking about the memory and the twenty pregnancy tests that followed. He heard her laughter float back into the house as he made his way to the front door. He loved that laugh. He walked up behind her, wrapped a shawl around her, and let his left hand wrap around her and rest on her stomach.

"You are not big enough."

"Stop. The doctor said I am fine."


"Why the shawl?"

"There is still a slight chill in the mornings."

She smiled down at her belly thinking of the sort of father he would be.

Then, she turned to him and smiled.

"I graduate tomorrow," she beamed.

"It is about time," he grinned.

"Shut up! You cheated your way into early graduation."

He leaned down and kissed her cheek. The argument was over.

"I'm very proud," he whispered in her cheek.

"Thank you."

His hands were on her belly and she could feel his fingers pressing into her. She moved her hands to cover his and looked up at his face.

"What will we name him?"


"I am assuming," she smiled.

"We will wait and see what the sex is and then we will decide."

They stood for a moment longer. Then, Sesshomaru disturbed the silence.

"Come, you need to eat."

He took her hand and she happily followed. As they ate a thought occurred to her and she sighed. Putting down her fork she waited for Sesshomaru to give her his attention. He knew she needed it without words.


"Our child...will be hanyou..."

His eyes narrowed, "And?"

"Sesshomaru, we are barely able to hide your demon traits and those are much more subtle."

He did not blink, "I am aware."

"We cannot hid our child away."

"We will figure it out."

She noticed his shoulders were relaxing. That only meant that they were just tense. How did she miss that?

"What is wrong?"


"Sesshomaru? Are you upset...he will be a..."

"No," his voice was louder than usual and harsh.

She sat back with wide eyes. He thought she was going to accuse him of not loving their child. He hadn't even thought about the fact.

"Oh Sessho, I would never think you wouldn't love our child."

She reached out and grabbed his hand. She waited for him to speak again. She could see by the look on his face that there was a battle happening inside of him. Had she missed it? How? Finally, he spoke.

"I know I was hard on Inuyasha," his voice wavered.

Her eyes went wider. What was happening?

"That was simply how it had to be back then. He needed to be tough to make it through life," his voice cracked.

"Sesshomaru, are you worried...that you won't love him the right way?"

He lifted his eyes and looked directly into hers.

"I do not know how to love a child."

Her eyes filled, "Why haven't you told me this?"

"I did not want to worry you," he looked away.

"No, look at me."

He sighed and looked back.

"Before me, you didn't know how to love a woman."

He didn't move.

"And now you love me in a way that cannot be taught. You have never seen love and yet you give me the most precious love I have ever received."

"I suppose..."

"I know. You loved Rin in your own way back then. I saw how you were with her. You would have died for her. That was love. You will love our child like no other."

Her passion, her confidence, gave him strength. He straightened up and gave her a small smile.

"You are rather infectious when you are pregnant."

She laughed, "You just have a big weakness for pregnant women. I can pretty much get whatever I want."

He grinned at her, "And what would you like today? We have no plans."

She blushed as he gave her a very specific look, "I am sure we can think of something."

He laughed lightly at her bashfulness. Even now, after they have been together so many times, she maintained her innocence. How he loved this woman.

He stood up from his chair and leaned down to scoop her up. She raised her arms to him and let him pick her up with ease. She blushed and giggled as he walked toward their room. He kissed her neck and jaw line as he walked down the hall.

"Oh yes, you have learned to love rather well," her voice was husky and just above a whisper.

"And what a willing tutor you have been," he whispered into her ear.

He walked into their room, closed the door with his foot and fell onto their bed.

Oh yes, he would learn all he could from her. However, he could teacher her a few things as well.


Ken paced at an impressive speed in the hospital waiting room. Kagome's family watching him with thinly veiled annoyance. He didn't care. He could hear her screams as if he was in the room with her. It was something Sesshomaru had only discussed with Kagome, but Ken knew how hard these types of birth could be for humans. They had somehow found Tokala working in the hospital. Oddly, enough the man had become an obstetrician. He had had enough of taking lives. Now, he wanted to be the one to help bring them into the world.

Sesshomaru stood by her trying to control himself. Luckily everyone in the room was focused on Kagome, they did not noticed his red eyes. Well, Tokala noticed, but readily ignored him. She was struggling. Sesshomaru and Tokala knew she would, but this was worse. Her screams would be ringing in his ears for months. He looked at her red face covered in sweat. She clenched her teeth as she pushed again. Slowly, her face shook and a scream tore through her throat as she finished pushing.

"We need a couple more, Kagome," Tokala patted her leg.

Her head fell into the pillow as she cried out, "I can't!"

Sesshomaru leaned toward her and rested his forehead into the side of hers.

"Yes, my love, yes you can."

"No," she wept, "I can't. I feel like I'm being torn apart."

Her tears ran down her face as she shuddered in pain. His heart was breaking. He held one of her hands and with his other hand he reached up and grabbed her face. He pulled her face closer to his and pressed his lips to her temple.

"You can. You, the girl who tamed Inuyasha. The girl who lived in a time thought to be a fairytale. The girl who defeated Naraku. The girl who put her fist through a demon. You, the girl who defied me and lived. You can and you will."

She wept as he spoke into her ear. Then, it was happening again.

"Push!" Tokala called.

"Push!" The nurse yelled.

"Push." Sesshomaru whispered.

With everything she had left she pushed. She held her powers back trying not to hurt the baby. She pushed half of herself back and used all that was left to push him out. Then, she felt it. He was out.

"Good! Kagome, good!"

She fell back, her eyes already half closed, and cried out. Sesshomaru pressed a desperate kiss to her swollen lips. Kagome felt his tears on her face and sighed. It was like rain on a hot day.

"It's a girl," the nurse beamed as she brought her over.

Sesshomaru shot up and held his arms open. He had no idea what he was supposed to look like. He watched the nurse get closer with his child and he panicked. She was so small! He had never seen a demon or hanyou that small before. Slowly, his arms started to fall. He couldn't. Surely he would kill her! Rin was already large and grown when he found her. He had almost never touched the girl. He had certainly never held her. What was he supposed to do?

Kagome let her head fall toward Sesshomaru. She could feel him. She felt his heart quicken and his heading spinning. She had never seen him so scared. Tears filled her tired eyes and she did all she could do. Sesshomaru felt her hand land on his lower back. She caressed him and wrapped around him. She squeezed him and tried to give him all the strength she had left. His heart slowed down and his arms went back up just as the nurse stepped up to him.

It was like time stood still as she placed his baby girl in his arms. His large body awkwardly wrapped around his baby...his baby. He looked down at her and couldn't describe what his heart was doing. Her head was covered in the most perfect walnut brown hair, her skin was like snow, and he could see the faintest of markings on her perfect face. Her eyelids held the faintest line of silver, her cheeks were covered in tiny magenta freckles, and her lips were unnaturally pink. He looked at her tiny body and noticed silver lines on wrists, her hips, and her ankles. There were random patches of magenta freckles all over her body.

Kagome watched his wet eyes take in their baby and her eyes filled with tears. She wanted to see her baby, but she would give him the time he needed to understand the love that was shinning through his eyes.

Then, she opened her eyes. Sesshomaru's eyes over-filled and ran over his lashes as he looked at those eyes. She stared back at him with honey colored eyes. The iris was surrounded by a thick line of deep brown and around the pupil were flecks of gold. His heart was full.

Kagome squeezed his hip and he turned to her. Their wet eyes met and she held her arms up for him. He reluctantly placed her in Kagome's arms. Kagome seemed to know exactly how to hold her. She looked down at her with love shinning in her eyes. Sesshomaru watched his girls as he stood up. They were already in love. He looked at them and he knew this was why he found her that night. This was the reason for everything he had ever done and ever choice he had made. His whole life was bringing him to this moment. His life lead him to his family.

Kagome couldn't take her eyes off of her. She was perfect. She took in every single marking that her child got from her father. She counted her toes and fingers. She fell in love. Her babe looked at her as if she was comprehending something. She had Sesshomaru's perfectly straight nose and his eye brows. Kagome traced her lips and her cheeks with her finger.

Then, she whispered, "Rin."

Sesshomaru heard her, but couldn't really believe it.


Kagome gave her one last smile, then looked up with shinning eyes, "Her name is Rin."

He felt a lump in his throat, but he swallowed it. There had been more than enough crying from himself today.

"That will do."

He leaned over and kissed Kagome again. He pulled away and looked at her. She was a mess. Her hair was sticking to her face and neck because of the sweat. She was pale, but had red cheeks. She was exhausted. He turned to the nurse.

"Please, bring me a brush."

The nurse tripped slightly as she nodded dumbly at him. She had never seen something so beautiful. He was beautiful, but his love was...well who the hell knew! She fumbled around the overnight bag they brought and quickly handed him the brush.

Sesshomaru nodded his head and turned back to his wife. He nudged her forward and she slowly sat forward a little. He grasped her hair and brought it forward and over her shoulder. He brushed it from the right side to the left smoothing the hair into place. His fingers came up and he smoothed her bangs into place. Then, he began brushing her three feet of hair.

Kagome watched him smilingly like a fool. This man had once, no twice, tried to kill her. Those hands had once fought her and now he was brushing her hair. She held Rin as he brushed her hair and her eyes filled again. Would she ever stop crying!?

The nurse watched with tears in her own eyes. Her mouth fell open as he started braiding her hair perfectly. She watched as this large, perfect man brought her braid over and smoothed it down her body.

"There, now we can have people in here."

Kagome laughed, "Am I presentable, now?"

He smiled at her, only for her, and said, "I know how you are."

He left the room and walked out to the waiting room. He smoothed the scrubs the doctor had made him wear and ran his hand through his hair. His hands were shaking. Would he ever be himself again?

Kagome sat and waited for him to come back. She looked up to see Tokala starring at her. She smiled at him.

"Thank you, Tokala."

"I was simply doing my job."

"No, thank you for staying alive."


"He would never admit it, but it comforts him to have the few of you he has left. And I am so happy to see you as well. I know we have spoken so many times during my pregnancy, but I haven't had time to tell you how happy I am to know you are alive."

He looked away embarrassed, "It is nice to see both of you."

She smiled at him. Even after five hundred years he was intimidated by her. He was so much older and he was younger. His short hair suited him and actually helped him to look older.

"Perhaps you could be his friend," she beamed.

At that he laughed and said, "It would seem that you bring out things in him that I never thought were there."

"He makes me better and I just try to return the favor."

He looked back up and she was starring at Rin again. She was beautiful then, but now...she was simply not from this world. He sighed and walked over to her.

"It is curious."

Kagome read his mind, "No ears."

"Mhm. Her markings are rather elaborate, but the color isn't too obvious."

"Her ears are pointed," she smiled, "like her fathers."

"There may be some other physical traits that show up later," he mused to himself.

"Oh, just let me enjoy her for a while before you ruin it, doctor," she gave him a stern smirk.

He ducked his head, but gave her a reassuring smile, "She is very healthy."

Meanwhile, Sesshomaru stood in the waiting room laying down the rules.

"Be quick, please. Do not shout because the child's ears are very sensitive. Kagome is very tired so I ask you to be gentle."

Ken stared at him like he had three heads. He looked over at Kagome's mother who had tears in her eyes and admiration. He wanted to roll his eyes. What was it about this man that made women weak!?

"Alright, first Kagome's immediate family,"

Kagome's mother, grandpa and brother quickly followed him back. He watched as they all cried, hugged, kissed, and took turns holding his daughter. It did something to his heart to see his family enjoying this moment together. He appreciated how quickly they came and went.

As he walked them out her mother, his mother, turned to him and grabbed his hand. He looked down at their hands. This was new.

"Thank you."

He tilted his head.

She smiled, "You have made her happier than I could have dreamed. Now, you have given her that perfect child, but you have also given us that child. Never, ever forget how precious you are to her and us."

He was speechless. What was it about the women in this family that moved him so? He allowed her to grab his face and kiss each cheek. He leaned forward to help her reach. Then, she released him with tears in her eyes and walked away. He watched her go into the waiting room and walk right up to Ken.

"Now, you listen here. Do not upset my daughter, my grandchild or my son. Go in there, say hello, give you congratulations and leave."

Ken looked down at the tiny woman and understood Kagome a little better. He simply nodded his head and watched as she walked out of the hospital. He turned to see a grinning, arrogant Sesshomaru looking at him. He shrugged and walked past him toward Kagome. Sesshomaru sighed and followed him. He had a mother again.

Ken opened the door and Kagome turned to him with a sweet smile. Oh what he would give to be the reason for that smile. He smiled at her and walked over.

"So, you are a mom."

"I'm a mom," she smiled.

"Are you happy?"

"I don't even think happy could describe what I am feeling right now."

He grinned at her. Her eyes were shinning, she was exhausted, but she was glowing still.

"May I hold..."

"Rin. Yes you may."

Sesshomaru tensed slightly and stepped forward. Kagome looked over at him and smiled for him. He sighed, but took a step closer still. He watched as Ken took his daughter from his wife's arms. His entire body tensed.

Ken couldn't even believe how tiny she was. Kagome released her with such trust. He looked down at little Rin and he was sure that he had never seen anything so perfect in his long life. Then, she looked up at him with those eyes. This was why he waited. He would protect her. He would be there for her always and at the end of her life she would say that he was there from the moment she was born, to the moment she died and every moment in between.

He would wait for her. He would love her. That was if Sesshomaru didn't kill him first.

"I think that is enough."

Ken blinked twice and then realized Sesshomaru was closing in on him. He grinned and returned Rin to her mother.

"She is beautiful, Kagome."

"Well, obviously. Look at her father," she smiled.

Sesshomaru's eyes met hers and he returned her smile. Ken watched them and knew there was no room for him anymore. Kagome choose to ignore him. She saw that look Ken's eyes. It was that same look she had missed on Sesshomaru's face for so long. It was that same look that she finally saw in a dream. She saw love. That was something she would deal with later, much later.

"Well, I will be around."

Kagome gave him a seconds glance and turned her gaze back to Sesshomaru. He walked out, but left a small piece of himself with Rin. He would get it back later.



They smiled wider. He walked over to her and sat on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her close to him.

"We did rather well."

"Yes, we really did."



"I love you."

She softly gasped. She looked up at him.

"I love you," he repeated.

Her eyes filled.

"I love you."

Tears fell, "I heard."

"I could never say it enough."

"And I could never hear it enough."


They loved Rin. They really loved her, but right now both of them were two seconds away from running away.

"What does she want?" Kagome whined.

"How on earth would I know?" Sesshomaru was dangerously close to yelling.

"That is really helpful, Sesshomaru," she glared at him.

She was holding Rin to her chest and bouncing around the room like a lunatic. The girl had been crying for three hours straight. Something about her cry was unnatural. Kagome had somehow managed to get her hair up on top of her head, but it certainly wasn't neat. Her hair only added to the image of her with gray sweat pants and a white tank top on.

Sesshomaru was trying his best to control himself. He knew how his mother would handle this, but Kagome would not appreciate it at all. Frankly, he couldn't understand how his mother had been so harsh with him. Now, he couldn't imagine laying hands on Rin that way. However, he was very close to jumping back down the well to get away from this screaming.

"Feed her."

"What do you think I've been trying to do! She doesn't want anymore!"

His face scrunched as Rin screamed even louder, "Change her."

"Oh, come on! Even I can smell that she isn't dirty!"

"Your yelling isn't helping," he pointed out.

"And you aren't helping period," she growled.

He sighed and dragged his hand down his face. He couldn't deny that even now she was attractive to him. However, she was even more stubborn in motherhood. She wouldn't let him help! Since the first night she came home Kagome was trying to be super mom. Rin had been home for one week and Kagome had done every single first by herself.

"Give her to me."

Kagome looked up at him. He stood before her with silk pajama pants and no shirt. His short hair was a little crazy, but mostly in one direction. He had cut it before Rin came home. Rin had a fascination with her father's hair and Sesshomaru was not fond of having his hair pulled. This was her job. She was supposed to be able to sooth her, calm her, and take care of her. He was so perfect standing there. Kagome just wanted to be so much for him. She turned away from him and walked into the kitchen to get another bottle.

"No, I can do it."

HE growled, "Kagome."

"Just give me a second! I can calm her down!"

"Why do you refuse to let me help!? She is my daughter!"

Kagome stopped and turned. He had followed her into the kitchen. He looked so upset. For a moment the only sound was Rin screaming. Their eyes met.

"This is my job."

"It is our job," he corrected.

She started to cry. He sighed and leaned on the counter top of the island. He waited.

"I have traveled through time. I have lived in a time of demons and mikos. I defeated Naraku. I fought in a demon war. Why can't I do this?"

She sounded so vulnerable Sesshomaru couldn't look at her. Now, he understood. She felt as if she was failing as a mother.

He sighed, "Kagome, you are not a single mother. There is a reason it takes two to make a child."

She looked at him with wide, hopeful eyes.

"It is because it take two to raise a child."

She cried more, "I feel so useless."

HE came closer to her, "How do you think I feel? Let me help."

She exhaled loudly and held Rin away from her. Sesshomaru gently took his daughter from Kagome's arms. Her warm body was starting to sweat from the frustration. He looked back at Kagome and she was about to collapse.

"Go lay down."

She nodded her head dumbly and walked to the bedroom. She fell face first into the bed and went to asleep almost immediately.

Sesshomaru looked down at Rin and thought maybe he had made a mistake. Then, she lifted her eyes to him and the crying stopped as she looked at him. Sesshomaru's heart stopped. She needed him just as much as she needed Kagome. He smiled at his daughter. He loved her.

Exactly, twelve hours later Kagome woke up. She woke up to the most beautiful thing. Silence. She got out of bed and changed her clothes to clean pajamas. She brushed her hair and splashed her face with water. She stretched as she left the room. She walked into the living room and kitchen. Where were they? Then, she walked to the backyard. She stopped once her eyes landed on him.

He sat in a rocking chair, feet up, facing the garden. His eyes were closed and Rin was sleeping peacefully on his bare chest. She leaned on the door frame and took in her small family. Her heart was so full. The sun was just starting to rise. She walked forward and sat by his feet. She leaned forward resting her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hand.

He felt her. He always felt her. He opened his eyes and there was, his Kagome. She looked much better after sleep. He tilted his head to her.


"You forget she isn't fully human. Sometimes a dog just needs fresh air."

She laughed, "Of course."

"Also, you can't put so many clothes on her. She heats up too easily."

She nodded again and continued to smile. They looked at each other.

"I'm sorry."

"I know."

"I just...I want to be everything for you. You gave up everything for me."

"Kagome, I gave it all up to be with you not because you are perfect, but because you are you. You don't need to try so hard."

"I love you."

"And I you."

She sighed, "I love her so much. I can't understand it, but still she makes me feel useless."

He smiled, "These types of children need both their parents more than a human or demon. She is half of both of us. She is two very different things. There are things that only I can do for her and there are things that only you can do for her."

"This is hard."

"It is supposed to be."

"Have you noticed anything new about her?"

"You mean as she produced a tail?"

Kagome laughed, "It just isn't normal for her to only have it?"

"Well, it isn't typical, but it has happened."

"I guess. Her markings are textured."

"I noticed."

"We can easily brush that off as elaborate birth marks. There have been odder things."

He looked at her as she talked more to herself than to him. How he loved this woman! He noticed she herself was developing silver freckles on her cheeks. He gently moved Rin to his right side. Then he held his hand up to Kagome. A small blush painted her cheeks only bringing out her freckles even more.


She reached forward and grabbed his hand. Her heart quickened as his warm hand wrapped around her smaller one. She stepped toward him and slowly climbed into his lap. She swung her legs over his legs and laid on the left side of his chest. He wrapped his free arm around her and brought her closer. She reached up and grabbed his face. He let her pull him down for a kiss.

"I would do it all again just for your kiss," she whispered against his lips.

He smiled against her lips and sealed the kiss. She released him and put her head on his shoulder. She put her hand out and caressed Rin's face as she slept. She was so perfect.

Sesshomaru sat watching as the sky was painted a hundred different shades of pink, orange and blue. She felt the warmth and the heartbeats of his whole word beating on his chest. This was what his father had always told him about or at least tried to explain. He would ask Sesshomaru what he loved. If he had anything to protect. Sesshomaru looked down on him for what he gave up for Inuyasha's mother. He hated him for it.

Now, as he sat with his girls resting on him, trusting him and loving him he understood it. He understood his father and not for a second would he ever regret becoming his father.



"Thank you."

"No, thank you."

"Why don't we put her in her crib," her voice already a little husky.

His eyebrow went up, "And then?"

She looked up and kissed his neck.

"Go on, lay her down," her lips moved against his neck.

He shivered and did as he was told. As he walked toward his, their room, he followed the path of clothes leading to her. He pushed the door open slightly. He watched her making her way to the bed in nothing, but her underwear. Her hips swayed just so and she let her hair fall. She looked over her shoulder at him.

"You can finish the job," she whispered.

He stepped into the room and slowly closed the door just as she giggled.


And so Rin grew and grew and grew. Kagome and Sesshomaru loved and hated each other more than ever. They fought about almost every aspect of raising their daughter, but always came to an agreement in the end.

Sesshomaru became an architect and Kagome a nurse. They both knew they would have to relocate eventually. People would realize they weren't getting older. However, they enjoyed what they had in the moment they had it.

Rin did not grow a tail or ears. However, her eyes did sometimes change color. They had Kira come and help her control it. Kira also had this issue with her cat eyes. They had already had to change schools twice. It would seem she had her mothers temper and her fathers strength. It took sometime, but she was starting to accept the idea of having to pretend a little when she wasn't at home or around their people.

Now, Kagome sat in his lap as she watched Rin play with Tokala's little boys. Rin was fifteen now. Tokala's boys were seven year old twins. Fifteen. That's how old she was when she first fell down the well. She looked at her girl now and couldn't imagine giving her to that harsh life. Yet, Kagome prayed each day that one day Rin found friends who loved her like they loved her and a man who loved her like Sesshomaru.

"Uncle Ken!" Rin yelled.

Kagome and Sesshomaru turned to see Ken walking through the back doors.

"Feel free to start knocking," Sesshomaru said without humor.

"Next time, I promise," he winked at Kagome.

She laughed as he embraced Rin. Kagome knew what was happening, but said nothing. Sesshomaru watched Ken embrace his daughter and resisted the urge to kill him.

"So I spoke to my contractor about starting next month," Ken spoke to them, but was looking at Rin.

"Very good."

"Thank goodness. Her training is becoming too advanced for just the backyard," Kagome noted as she tipped her head toward their ruined fountain.

"Yes and we can throw Tokala boys in there too."

"No," came Tokala's short reply.

"Why?" Ken shouted.

"Leave him be," Kira looked up from her book.

"Why are you even here, cat?"

"Well, Fox, I just finished lessons with Rin," she looked over her glasses at Ken.


"And what are you doing here? You could have easily told him that over the phone"

Ken watched as Rin ran back to play with the boys.

"I wanted to see everyone," he shrugged.

Kagome watched as Rin started climbing a tree.

"Be careful," she called.

"Okay, Mama."

Ken watched her. She was taller than Kagome already. Her hips were starting to pop and she seemed more developed than most girls her age. He didn't appreciate the way other boys looked at her, but even more so he didn't appreciate how much he was starting to appreciate her. She was still so young.

He sighed and looked away to see Sesshomaru looking at him. He gulped.

Sesshomaru knew that look. He knew that look too well. How had he missed that?

Kagome felt him stiffen, "Sessho."


She turned in his lap, "Please."

He did not look at her, "Now."

She sighed and got up. She stepped toward Kira who looked at her with a look she couldn't name.



"What was that?"

"What?" He averted his eyes.

"Do you think I am an idiot?" His voice was getting dangerous.


"Do not even look at me."

Kira looked between them with a knowing look. She turned to look at Tokala who was clueless.


"Yes, Kira?"

"Take the kids around to the front. Walk them to the lake."

He looked between the women and then the men. He had no idea what was happening, but he knew he didn't want his kids there. He gathered his boys and walked over to the tree. And these people wondered why he never let his human wife come to their private gatherings.

"Rin, help me with boys?"

"Of course, Uncle Tokala," she smiled completely unaware of what was unraveling.

Kagome plopped herself into a chair and watched.

"You dare to even look at my daughter that way?"

"Sesshomaru, please."

"Shut up," he growled.

"I love her."

And there it was. Sesshomaru launched forward and grabbed Ken by his throat. He shoved him into the ground.

"HEY! I love this garden!" Kagome shouted.

Sesshomaru growled, but quickly launched Ken toward the surrounding forest. She sighed loudly and looked at Kira who was laughing.

"This is funny?"

"Well, he waited for you and now he is after your daughter."

Kagome was not amused.

Kira shrugged, "One way or another Ken will get his miko."

Kagome rolled her eyes. Then, she noticed Rin running toward the fighting. She jumped forward and quickly grabbed Rin's hand.

"Leave it."

"Mom! He is beating up Ken!"

"They are settling something. It is normal for them, honey."

Rin looked at her with wide worried eyes, "That is insane!"

She laughed, "I know, but it is how they do things."

Suddenly, a tree snapped and they heard it crash to the ground. Kagome had only a second to register the earth shaking before Rin was off. Kagome sprinted after her, but Rin was already faster than her. Silently, Kagome cursed Sesshomaru's long legs.

"Sesshomaru!" She tried to get his attention.

"You piece of shit! First, you try to steal my Kagome," he kicked him in the stomach.

Ken felt his foot a second before he felt another tree.

"Then, you go after my child, like a predator!"

"Sesshomaru, please! Who can take care of her better than me?"

Sesshomaru roared at him and easily snapped his arm. Then, he heard it. Rin screamed as she stepped into the clearing. Sesshomaru dropped Ken's body and looked between them. He saw as Kagome finally burst through the trees into the clearing. She tried to grab Rin, but she was too fast.

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru's wild eyes and knew this was going to get worse. Then, she looked over and saw Rin running toward Ken. Her little girl threw her body onto Ken and cried out.

"Daddy, please stop!"

"Rin! Get off of him!"

"Daddy, please!"

"Rin, please just listen to your father," Kagome pleaded.

"I love him!"

Even the animals stopped. Time stood still. Ken looked up at Rin as she looked at her father. Her face was desperate, but set with determination.

"Crap. He is going to kill him," Kagome whispered.

Sesshomaru's eyes were as wide as Kagome had ever seen them. She didn't even know they could get that wide. She looked between Rin and Sesshomaru as she started to sweat.

Ken looked up at Rin with a truly stunned face. What?

"Excuse me," Sesshomaru's voice was almost a whisper.

Kagome took a step closer. This was bad.

"Rin?" Ken's whisper called her attention.

She turned her sweet face to Ken, "Is that allowed?"

Ken smiled at her, only for her, "Oh, yes."

Sesshomaru watched the way she looked at him. He couldn't handle it. His eyes went red and his fangs extended as he roared to life.

Kagome jumped into action immediately. She ran forward, leaped toward the fallen tree and launched herself off of it. She landed on his back, wrapped her legs around him, one arm wrapped across his chest to his ribs, and the other grabbed hair. She pulled his head to the side and before he could react she bit down. Her small fangs found the spot on his neck that matched the spot on her neck where her mating mark was. His body turned to jelly.

"Stop," his voice came out like a strangled gasp.

She just growled into his neck and bit harder. She held onto him as he fell to his knees. She heard him moan just loud enough for her to hear. Slowly, she removed her teeth from his neck. She kissed the spot and rested her head against the back of his.

"We can't stop this," she whispered to him.

She looked passed Sesshomaru's head at Rin and Ken. She didn't know when it happened. She knew from the moment Ken held Rin that he would love her, but she missed Rin falling in love with Ken. She was so young still. Kagome remembered herself at that age and how easily she fell in love with Inuyasha. Oh, Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru couldn't raise his eyes to the scene before him. He was ashamed to admit that his mind was quickly wandering toward Kagome and their room. He felt her slide down and kneel next to him. He felt her hand rest on his arm and he felt himself relax.

"She will do what she wants," Kagome whispered.

"And so will he," he spat.

Rin helped Ken sit up and immediately set his arm. He held back a scream as she slammed the bone back into place. He growled to himself. It took him a moment to gather himself. Then, he spoke.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"Training. I have broken Kira's arm and she has broken mine."

Ken couldn't push down his anger, "What the hell? What kind of training is that?"

Kagome watched them and couldn't believe it. They interacted so naturally. There was no awkwardness. There was only familiarity and love.

"How long?"

Both Rin and Ken looked up at her with confused faces.

"How long has this been happening?"

"Kagome, you have to believe that I have never made a move."

"Mom, I promise."

"Rin, please go to the house."

Rin looked at her father with wide honey eyes.



Their eyes met and Rin lowered her gaze. She grabbed Ken's hand, squeezed it and then walked away. Ken reached out for her, but dropped his hand when he heard Sesshomaru's warning growl.

"What are you thinking?"

"I love her...I wasn't thinking."

"She is fifteen, Ken," Kagome added.

He sighed, "It was not my intention to make a move...yet."

Sesshomaru stood back up and offered Kagome his hand. She took it and stood next time him.

"You will wait."

Both men looked at Kagome with open mouths.

"You will wait another five years before you try anything. Do you understand me?"

"Five years!" Sesshomaru yelled.

"She will be an adult," she shrugged and sighed.

"It is out of the question," Sesshomaru left no room for argument.

Ken looked back and forth between Kagome and Sesshomaru. He had no idea what to think.

"Sesshomaru, if it makes her happy..."

"Like Inuyasha made you happy," he spat.

Kagome's head snapped up and her eyes went wide. She looked her husband in the eyes, but he refused to make eye contact.


"You loved that fool and look where it got you. You were too young for it, Kagome. I won't have our daughter make a fool of herself."

Tears filled her eyes. Ken gave Sesshomaru a shocked look. He had heard Sesshomaru say a lot of things to Kagome, do a lot of things, but the words he just spoke were hands down the cruelest.

"In all the years I have know you, loved you, you have never said anything more hurtful to me."

He couldn't look at her, but he stood his ground.

"That wasn't fair, Sesshomaru," Ken's disappointed voice filled the clearing.

"The girl doesn't know what love is. I won't have her throw her youth away on you."

Ken held his head high and looked Sesshomaru straight in the eyes.

"You never deserved Kagome. I don't know how you got her, but I know you will never deserve her. However, I love Rin and you have no say in that."

Sesshomaru stood like a statue as Ken walked back toward the house. He watched as he walked to Kagome and grabbed her hand. Kagome cried out as he squeezed her hand.

"You know whats funny?"

"Please, just go," Sesshomaru sighed.

"If this woman, as a girl, had never fallen in love with Inuyasha she would have never met you."

Sesshomaru felt something pull at his heart. He would have never met her. Inuyasha's love kept her in the Feudal Era. He watched as Ken leaned into Kagome and then walked back to the house.

Kagome stood looking at where Ken just stood. Sesshomaru could smell her tears and he hated himself.

"You once told me that you would hurt me again," her shaky voice broke him.


"You told me that you would spend the rest of your life making up for it."

HE stood unable to speak. She looked up and put her eyes on him and he couldn't look away.

"Why? Why can't you stop?"

"Kagome, I was upset."

"And!? People get upset! It doesn't mean they can attack the people they love!"

He knew she was right.

"And you wouldn't say something like that and not mean it. Whether you like it or not, I loved your brother. I would never have loved him like you, but it doesn't mean I loved him less."

"Where did that get you?"

"To you," her voice softened.

His eyes took her in. Ken was right, he didn't deserve her. He sighed and rubbed his face.

"Kagome, I don't want our daughter to be hurt my life and love. Ken will hurt her."

Kagome walked up to her husband and made him look at her.

"That is her choice."

He gave her a defeated look as she turned away from him. She started to walk away when his growl stopped her. It was not a defensive growl, but he was asking her to submit. She stopped.


"Why do you walk away from me?"

"I can't be around you right now," she whispered.


"You know, even if Ken is the one, he will hurt her. There is no perfect love. I love you, and I will for the rest of my life, but even you hurt me...still."

He couldn't respond as she once again started to walk away. He watched her disappear toward their home. It took him a couple minutes, but eventually he followed. He walked passed the garden and around the house to the front. Tokala and his children had already left. Kira was getting into her car, but noticed him and stood back up. She leaned over her open car door and rested her chin on the window.


He sighed, "Kira."

"Do me a favor?"


"Just let her be."

"You are on Kagome's side," he gave her a hard look.

"No. I am on Rin's side. She deserves the chance to make her own choices and mistakes."

"You think it will be a mistake?"

Again she shrugged, "I thought Kagome was a mistake."

He kept his face blank, but continued to stare. She thought Kagome was a mistake?

"I knew you loved her the day you brought her home. I tried to get rid of her, but you wouldn't let me. You know why?"

"I loved her."

Kira's eyes widened. She didn't think he would actually answer her or admit anything. Her eyes softened.

"I love you, Sesshomaru. Not like she does, but I do. I wanted your happiness and I thought you were going toward your ruin. Aren't you glad you completely ignored me?"

He did not respond as she gave him a small smile and got in her car. She drove off and he still had nothing to say. He looked up at the darkening sky and turned back toward his house. He could hear Rin's cries already. He didn't, couldn't face her. What a coward he was.

"Mom! What is the big deal? We haven't done anything...I didn't even know he thought of me," she whispered.

Kagome sat with Rin's head in her lap stroking her hair.

"That isn't the point. He is too old to think of you at all."

"I know..."

Kagome knew she was being a hypocrite. She was fifteen when she met Inuyasha and he was well over fifty. She couldn't control her daughter and live her life for her, but she could at least guide her.

"Give it time. You will focus on school and friends. Have fun, Rin, have fun."

Her daughter raised her head and looked at her mom. She had heard from so many people about the person her mother used to be. She had heard about the warrior she once was. She would often stop and stare at her mother. Her mother with her soft eyes and gentle voice. The woman who laughed loudly at everything. She was just her mom, but once upon a time she saved the world.

"Okay, Mama."

Sesshomaru decided it was a good time to walk in. He opened the door and looked at his girls. They were so beautiful. They would be the death of him.


She looked down and sat up straight. Kagome kept her hand on her daughter's knee.


"I will not apologize. However, I will agree to letting you see that fool when you are of age."

She beamed at him. A smile that could have only come from Kagome spread across her face and her eyes went three shades lighter. She popped up and ran across the living room to him. She launched herself into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. She let his arms wrap around her and hold her close.

"Thank you, Daddy! I promise I will wait! Thank you!"

He smoothed her hair as he hugged her. Kagome watched them with a knowing smile on her face. The girl would get anything she wanted out of him. Sesshomaru never looked more in love than when he held Rin. There were times throughout her life that Sesshomaru would get an oddly sad look when he held her. Kagome often thought that maybe he regretted not showing his Rin such affection. She smiled at him now.

"Alright, now its time for homework"

Rin kissed her father's cheek and practically floated to her room. She softly closed the door. Kagome let her eyes fall to Sesshomaru. His eyes were still where his daughter once stood. His cotton maroon button-up was wrinkled and his dark jeans were dirty. She had already forgiven him, but wasn't ready to let him know that.

"Well, I am going to bed."

His head snapped toward her direction. She stood up and smoothed out her shirt. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and gave him a hard look.

"Am I allowed?"

"I don't know," she shrugged and walked down the hall.

He sighed and followed her. He stopped at the door and leaned on the frame. He watched her remove her pants and kick them toward the closet. She slipped her shirt over her head. Then, she walked over to their dresser and grabbed one of his shirts to wear to bed. She put her hair up in a sloppy bun on top of her head. He watched her move with such natural grace and his heart stopped. She stopped his heart at least once a day with the simplest things. That grace was one of the first things he noticed about her. Well, one of the first positive things. He let his head fall into the door frame a she moved about the room. She threw the blankets back and practically threw herself into bed. She grabbed the blanket and threw it over herself as she went onto her side.

"Do what you want, Sesshomaru," she called over her shoulder.

He walked in, stripped down to his boxer briefs, and gracefully slid into bed. He laid on his back as she continued to ignore him. He smiled. She was stubborn. She was as stubborn as the day he met her. She was still as stubborn as that fifteen year old girl. He looked at the back of her head and noted a few gray hairs. He grabbed the blankets and pulled them down. His eyes went down and took in the soft curve of her perfect body under the blanket. He reached forward and pulled the hair tie out of her hair.


"I like it down," he whispered.

She smiled to herself remembering the first time he had told her that. Her heart sped up as she felt the bed shift. He moved closer to her as he smoothed out her hair. He moved closer and closer until there was no space between their bodies. She felt his mouth by her ear and her breath caught in her throat.

"I will love you always. I will love you well. When you push I will pull. When you talk I will listen. You will be my everything from this day forward; even when I don't like you and especially when you don't like me."

Her heart stopped as he spoke. She didn't want even the beating of her heart to interrupt him.

"You have given me a life that was never meant for me; a life that I never deserved. You have given me a life that I will never give up. You are mine and I am yours. That's how it will be forever more."

She wept as he placed a kiss on the back of her neck.

"You forgot the end."

"Don't be foolish. I have not forgotten a single syllable of my wedding vows."


"Now, this Sesshomaru takes you Kagome to be my wife. I could care less what this man has to say about it."

And he kissed her.

She laughed through her happy tears. Would she ever stop loving him? Would a day go by that wouldn't cause her love to grow for him? She really hoped not.

"I love you."

"That is why I will now say I am sorry. I spoke harshly and out of anger."

"I know. You are forgiven. You will always be forgiven."

Sesshomaru curled around her, surrounded her, and she let him. He wrapped her up in his love and prayed it was enough.



"Im glad I fell in love with Yasha."

He remained quiet.

"The heart break was worth it. You are worth it."

He squeezed her softly.

"You once asked me if I believed that only fools believe they could live satisfying lives without love."

She thought for a moment and finally located the memory, "Mhm."

"My answer was..."

She spoke, "You said love was vital for humans, women, fools and wise men..."

"Wise men whose eyes had been opened. You opened my eyes and showed me that I was a fool."

She grabbed his hand, the one she had taken and given, and pressed her lips to his palm.

"You opened my eyes to a love worth living for," she whispered into his hand.

They fell asleep wrapped up in each other and their love. It was all worth it in the end.


Five years later Rin and Ken went on their first date.

It was love. Not a foolish love or a young love. It was a lasting love. It was a love like Sesshomaru and Kagome. It was a love like the Great Inu-youkai and his priestess.

Author's Note: IT IS FINALLY DONE! I have LOVED writing this story and I can't help, but want to keep writing it! However, it has to end sometime. This story has been such a fun journey for me and I am proud to say that my very first fanfiction is finally complete! Thank you guys for the reviews and support. I apologize for all the random (sometimes consistent) typos...not the best proof reader, but I promise i know the difference between quite and quiet lol

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