Chapter 1: Heroes Engaged

It has been three months since Charlie and Sasha gained their powers to take down Belladonna and saved not only Jake, but the whole world as well. It has also been three months since Charlie proposed to Sasha to be his wife and he couldn't be happier.

"Boy, Itch, I can't believe it; I'm finally getting married to Sasha," said Charlie in a joyful tone.

"Yep, you're one lucky dog, Charlie," added Itchy.

Unknown to them, a brown, blue, and white snake - like creature was stalking Charlie and Itchy; watching from an alley two feet away from Charlie and Itchy. Charlie began feeling like he was being stalked by something.

"Hey, Itch, you ever get the feeling like you're being watched," asked Charlie as the creature slithered closer and closer.

Suddenly, the snake – like creature popped out from behind a lamp post and wrapped itself around Charlie. Charlie then heard giggling from the creature while trying to get out of its grip, he immediately recognized that giggle anywhere.

"Okay Sasha, I know it's you, you can stop now," Said Charlie.

"Oh darn, I thought I had you that time," Said Sasha as she changed back to her regular self.

Itchy knew what was about to happen, so he had to leave Charlie and Sasha to their alone time together.

"I'll see you later at the bachelor party, Charlie," yelled Itchy.

"Wouldn't miss it," Yelled back Charlie.

"Alone at last," Sighed Sasha as she wrapped her elongated arms around Charlie.

"You got that right, ready for a ride," Asked Charlie in a sly tone as Sasha blushed slightly at her fiancée's suggestion as she slowly and tenderly walked in circles around him.

"Well maybe I am, and maybe I'm not..." Said Sasha, as she kept walking her legs began to get longer, making it possible for her to walk a complete circle around Charlie with her rubber body surrounding him on all sides.

"I still want to know exactly how you knew it was me sneaking up on you and what you'd do if you found yourself up against a rubber mutt like me," Said Sasha.

"Belladonna has some stretchy or at least some shape - shifting powers of her own and it pays to be prepared, maybe if you can figure out a way to get me into a bed I'll agree to join you there?" Said Sasha with a flirty wink, as she knew Charlie was even newer to his elemental powers than she was to her elastic ones.

"Does this answer your question?" Said Charlie as he swept Sasha off her feet and the white dot on his black form - fitting suit turned into the elemental symbol for Wind while his gloves turned yellow - green then just took off.

"Hold on, you're in for the ride of your life, Sash." Said Charlie as Sasha elongated and wrapped her arms around Charlie's neck.

Sasha instantly felt the wind blast against her body as Charlie took off flying, it pressed down on her so hard that the elastic dog girl's body began to be compressed slightly.

"Hey do you think you could slow it down some?" She asked worried that she'd end up getting squished smaller than a chihuahua or flatter than a pancake if they kept moving at this rate.

In response to Sasha's request Charlie promptly cut his speed in half and twist his body around slightly maneuvering so that he was flying upside down but at the same time giving Sasha who was tightly secured to his body by her elastic limbs a perfect view of the busy city passing by beneath them. It would have been immensely frightening if it hadn't been for how beautiful it was (and the minor fact that Sasha knew she could easily survive the fall any number of countless ways).

"You wish is my command..." Charlie teased her slightly before taking a moment to properly get his bearings even while flying upside down and setting a course for their newly shared home.

"So how exactly did you manage to afford this place anyway?" Asked Sasha as she playfully climbed onto the couch atop which sat her favorite blue pillow temporarily being held at Charlie's place in order to make sure she didn't loose track of it.

"Hey a rougish trickster like me can't be expected to give away all of his secrets even when he's working for the good guys, now can he?" Charlie playfully replied before sliding over to the couch and rubbing himself up against one of Sasha's dangling legs.

"So you know, it occurs to me that this is the third time you've been here... our third date if you will. So... do you know what I think we should do together here to celebrate the fact that we're going to be getting married tomorrow mourning?" He added while throwing in a very slow licking of his lips, involving his tongue traveling a complete 12 hour cycle around his lips.

"Sadly mind reading wasn't one of the powers that I've gained recently, though luckily I don't think that I need it at the moment." Sasha answered him. She coiled her hind legs into a spring, bounced off the couch and landed on the floor before slowly walking away from Charlie with her back to him while her tail worked its way up his neck from his chin out to the very end of his muzzle.

Charlie of course followed along after her like a lovesick puppy as she did a complete circuit of the room being careful to close all the doors. Once she'd done that however she seemed to back to random pacing and after a minute or so of it he'd finally had a bit more than he could take quietly.

"So what next, or are we just going to keep walking around here till we both drop unconscious from exhaustion?" He asked his tail going straight in irritation.

"Well I just wanted to make sure that we'd really have the place all to ourselves..." Sasha replied once again pulling off that trick with her tail that made Charlie's heart thump loud enough for someone in the next room over to hear.

"But now that its just the two of us, and I'm sure that we'll have plenty of time to ourselves, I think it's about time I slip into something a little bit more appropriate to the mood." As she spoke Sasha let loose with a long howl and then her body began to transform.

First were her paws which went from being dainty little pads to huge things that were at least as large as your average pancake. Her limbs began to thicken, and her tail lost its rather noticeable curl straightening out. Her entire body was struck with a series of shakes as it broaded outward, and for a few moments her teeth became so large that they stuck out at odd angles until her muzzle caught up with her. All told the process took about ten seconds and when it was done it seemed as if Sasha had become half again as big and twice as heavy.

"Wolf!" Gasped Charlie dramatically surprised by his loves choice of transformation. The she wolf in front of him that Sasha had become blinked her golden eyes coyly at him.

"Don't go shouting it all over the place darling, if you do it too frequently than nobody will believe a word you say!" She teased him while sounding like a southern belle.

"Oh, really?" Responded Charlie as the white dot on his suit changed into the elemental symbol for Forest while at the same time, his gloves turn green and he began to transform into a wolf himself, Charlie's transformation from a dog to a wolf astonished Sasha.

"So, what do you think, Mama Wolf; am I a hunk or what?" Asked Charlie in a sly sexy tone as Sasha astonished by how he managed to change into a wolf like she did.

"Charlie, how did you do that? I thought I was the only one who could Shape - Shift into things," Asked Sasha in a shocked tone.

"This is one of my Forest Powers: Animal Transformation, I can only transform into animals and to be honest I was hoping you'd change into a wolf cause I really wanted to try it out, so what do you think?" Responded Charlie as he posed in his new wolf form.

"You look so handsome," said Sasha as she was circling around Charlie while she brushed her tail against his chin.

"And you look so enchanting, you look more elegant as a wolf, sweetheart," Complemented Charlie as he was smitten by Sasha's wolf form. "Of course, you always look beautiful, Sasha, don't take me wrong. I'd love you even if you looked like a cow... My, if you were a cat, I'd still be crazy for you."

While Sasha and Charlie continued their little couple session, Annabelle was a bit busy in Heaven, preparing the miracle badges she'd need to give to all the guests. Since, normally, only spirits or Living Angels are allowed in Heaven, any normal flesh-and-bone guest would need to wear a miracle badge to grant entrance; besides serving as an invitation of sorts, it would protect the guests from the otherwise adverse conditions for the mortal flesh. Only angels could walk in the clouds, move freely around Heaven, and stand the Heavenly Music and light that energized the souls yet could be too much for a living being; any non-spiritual creature entering Heaven would either get teleported instantly back to Earth or, if by pure will force, this creature insisted in staying, he or she would suffer horrible pain.

At the same time, Annabelle also needed to be careful when giving the badges; even if, by default, all dogs could enter Heaven when dying, not all of them were responsible enough to keep a badge for long, as it could grant certain magical powers to the wearer, regardless of the species, so Annabelle had to be sure each badge could work only with the designed guest, meaning these badges had to be prepared individually and get all the potentially dangerous magic effects deactivated. Last thing she needed was one of Belladona's agents stealing a badge and entering Heaven as a guest.

Unknown to Annabelle, Belladonna, at that moment, was working exactly on that issue, finding a way to introduce one of her agents to the wedding without needing a miracle badge. Belladonna knew it would take very powerful magic, but she already had the idea to get the necessary elements; basically, the only way to enter Heaven was with Heavenly Power, something Belladonna obviously lacked, but she knew Annabelle would need to give away several badges to normal dogs so they could attend the ceremony; so many badges, in fact, that Belladonna would be able to steal some of this energy without anyone noticing. The trick was taking just a minuscule portion of power from each and every badge, not enough to affect their normal functions, but, when combined, should be more than enough to give it to her agent (after some modifications, of course) and grant him open access to Heaven.

"Perfect." Belladonna grinned at the little amulets she had prepared. Now, she only had to give them to her agent, and make him disperse the amulets all over the city; since Belladonna wasn't sure about how many guests would be attending, or where they lived (even if assuming most of them would be residents of the same area Sasha and Charlie lived), the devilish dog needed the amulets to cover as much area as possible in order to gather the necessary power. "Now, I only need the right agent... someone smarter and stronger than the previous ones, so he can hold the powers I'll give him."

Back to the mortal world, a very angry, growling Boxer was walking around the city, without going anywhere in particular; he only wanted to do anything in order to forget his rage for the time being.

"Stupid Short Legs..." Manfred, Bess' ex-boyfriend, cursed Itchy for the millionth time. "How could Bess replace me with that cowardly moron that is nothing but the sidekick of that flea-ridden mutt... Oh, how I hate them both so much."

Manfred, out of anger, barked at a walking kid, scaring him; this was, of course, very unusual coming from a Boxer, a dog breed that usually was pretty kind with children, but Manfred had never been a good example of this breed; bad tempered, rude, annoying, vengeful... and those were his good points.

"I'd sell my soul just for having the chance to get rid of that pair of furry idiots... and to teach Bess a lesson; nobody betrays me and continues living so happy." Manfred growled softly yet cursing his own incapacity to get even on Charlie and Itchy. The one time he got into a physical match with Charlie, Manfred got beaten and had to run away, and was sure another fight would probably end the same way, especially if Itchy helped Charlie along with any other dog around; Manfred knew both dogs were well liked by most of the city's canine community, and he'd gain himself a good pack of enemies if he actually succeeded in accomplishing his revenge.

"So, you're offering your soul? Interesting."

Manfred stopped walking and looked around for the seductive female voice talking to him. He didn't see any dog around... or human, or animal. In his mindless walking, Manfred had arrived to a lonely alley that had nothing but a puddle of water and some garbage.

"Great. Now I`m hearing things." Manfred groaned.

"Yes, my voice." Manfred jumped when hearing the female again. "Don't worry, I won't bite you... unless you`re into those things. Come on, get a look."

Manfred realized the voice was coming from the puddle of water... and noticed that, despite being very dirty water, it was showing his reflection as perfectly as a mirror would. Then, out of nowhere, a sly, attractive-looking female dog appeared in the water.

"W-who are you?" Manfred asked, once recovering partially from the surprise.

"Your new best friend, Manfred." Belladonna smirked at him. "Someone who can give you the means to not just getting even on Charlie and Itchy... but to destroy them, along with anyone around them."

Manfred was ready to run away and try to find a good dog psychiatrist until hearing her offer. This definitely got his attention, and if this gal had the power to do this trick, who knew what else she was capable of?

"Okay, Dark Gal... you got my attention." Manfred got closer to the puddle, with a sly smirk rivaling Belladonna's.