The Immortal Bond: The Immortal Bond

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What last happened on The Immortal Bond : Marceline and Finn share a steamy kiss. The battle between Marshall Lee and Finn turns nasty. Finn lets his evil self truly take over and Finn is out to end Marshall Lee and win Marceline's heart for all eternity. What will happen between Marshall Lee and Finn? What will happen to Marceline and Finn? What will happen between Marceline and Marshall Lee? What will happen when I finish asking you questions? Well, here's the answer: Read and continue reading to see where this story takes you on this FanFiction Roller Coaster …


*Marshall Lee's P.O.V*

I still stood with my back against the closed window. I had my hands on my wrists to see the new burn marks that the Evil Finn left me. I had my eyes closed and I was taking deep breaths. I turn to face the closed window and I open it. I squint my eyes to scan the area around me. I feel fear bottle up inside me when I see Finn turning into his evil self at the entrance of the cave. I see him changing. His blonde hair into his platinum hair. His pale human skin to a pale blue-gray color. His blue clothes into the dark ash-gray clothes. His hands spark into the purple-yellow flame that most likely matches his eyes. He then floats up into the air and the purple-yellow flame spreads across his body and it is engulfed in the purple flame. I clench the curtains tightly in my hands. What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Get. Myself. Into. I thought silently as my eyes were glued to the scene of Finn on fire.

"Marshall? Are you still down there?" Marceline says from her bedroom. "Are you coming up soon?" I turn away from the horrid but amazing scene and I yell back at Marceline

"Yeah. I'm coming up now." I say trying not to sound scared. I turn back around to look where my eyes were glued. Nothing was there, absolutely nothing. I take a deep breath and I close the curtains. I go straight to all the doors and I lock all of them fully. Doorknob and deadlock. I close all windows. I stand at the bottom of the ladder and I shake my limbs to shake off my fear that the scene I just saw give me. I then float up the ladder and I enter Marceline's bedroom. I see her sitting up straight in her bed. She pats on her bed signaling me to come sleep next to her. I walk over to her bed and I stand at the edge. As my usual sleepwear I only wear my boxers to sleep. I start unbuttoning my shirt as slowly as possible, teasing Marceline. Button by button I slowly undo them as Marceline watches intently. I see her bite her lip and blush lightly. I get done with my second button and she comes and undoes the last 5 buttons on my shirt. I then quickly take my belt off. I unbutton my pants and take them off and I climb into bed with her. She's wearing just an oversized one-shoulder nightgown for her sleepwear.

I lie down next to her with my right arm around her neck. She wraps her left arm around my back and her right arm around my abdomen and lays her head on my chest. I feel her right leg wrap around my right leg and she holds me tight. I take my left hand and wrap it around her body tight. I feel her breaths against my bare chest. They're deep. She slowly inhales, and slowly exhales.

"I missed you." She says quietly

"I missed you more." I saw and I bend over slightly to kiss the top of her head.

"Do you still love me Marshall?" She asks

"With all of my un-beating heart. I love you Marceline, and nothing will ever stop me from loving you." I say and I bring her closer to me. "The question is; do you still love me?"

"I never stopped. And I never will stop." I feel her nuzzle her face into my chest. "It's good to see you again; I've been waiting for you forever." She lifted her head to make eye contact with me. "I know that there were other boys, but they never made me as happy as I am with you. I can live life without them. But I really can't live life without you." She puts her head delicately back on my chest.

"I've been waiting for me to finally come to my senses and finally see you. I've been waiting to ask you something too…" I feel her head turn up to me again. I look into her eyes, and she looks into mines.

"And what is that my love?" Marceline says

"After all these years, will you be my girlfriend? This time, I promise I will never leave you. I promise I will never hurt you. I promise to always be by your side until the end of time. I promise I will love you the rest of our time together. I promise to make you happy the rest of your life." I finish my sentence, and Marceline climbs on top of me. She puts her legs on each side of my hips and her hands on my chest.

"Yes. I will love to still be your girlfriend. I will love to be yours forever. I will love for you to be mine forever."

Marceline says. She leans over me and plants a deep kiss onto my lips. As she sits on my hips and wrap my arms around her back. She wraps her arms around my neck. I start moving my arms down her back, she deepens her kiss on me and she stealthily moves her tongue into my mouth and I gladly accept it. I move my hands to her hips and I lift her off me and place her next to me. I disentangle my lips from hers.

I look at her. She pouts at me. I crawl out of her bed and I go to my pants and pick them up.

"I thought you were never leaving me?" She says scooting towards the edge of where I was previously laying. I could hear the fear and sadness in her voice. And the look on her face made me look guilty.

"I'm not, and here's to prove it." I stick my hand into one of the pockets and bring out a red ring box.

"Marshall? What's that?" Marceline's look changes. She points at the box and I open it. Her face brightens up to see the silver ring with a ruby on it. I kneel next to the edge of the bed. She kneels on the bed while I kneel in front of her.

"I know it's small, but it was worth every cent. This ring is worth more than my life. I had it especially made for you. This ring symbolizes my love for you. This ring is my promise to you. My promise to never to leave you. My promise to never hurt you. My promise to love you for the rest of my life and the precious time we will spend together. My promise to be by your side until the end of time. This is my promise ring to you. Give me your right hand." I take the ring out of the little box and I take her right ring finger. I show her the engraving on it. It says 'My Promise Is Forever'. I slide the silver ring onto her finger "My promise is forever, my love is forever, and forever we are together. I take you, to be my love, my girlfriend and my everything. I'm never letting you go for the rest of my life." I bring her hand to my lips. I place my lips on her cold hand. I leave a quick kiss on her hand. I look at her face and her eyes are glassy as tears run down her face soaking her nightgown. I continue to kneel down in front of her "Marceline my Vampire Queen, I will never leave you ever in my life. You are my precious love and I can't afford to lose you again."

I then stand up. Marceline instantly launches herself on me. She wraps her legs around my hips while she wraps her arms around my neck. She hides her face in my neck and I can feel the tears run down my chest. I wrap my arms around her back and I hide my face into her hair. I inhale deeply and the smell of strawberries and vanilla soar through my nose. She removes her head from my neck. She puts her hands to my cheeks and looks me in the eyes.

"Marshall Lee, I love you. So much. Our bond is immortal. Nothing can break it. It will last longer than a lifetime. And it will last for eternity. We have an Immortal Bond." Marceline then plants another deep kiss on my lips. Instantly things turn intimate. She instantly opens her mouth for me to snake my tongue into her mouth. I make my way back to the bed. I sit on it and she pushes me down so she's on top of me. Her lips snake down to my neck and she begins to kiss and breathe heavily on me. I feel our bodies warm up against each other. My hands dart to her back gripping her hips tightly. Her lips make it back to mine and I feel my hands slide down to her butt and I grab it slightly. She broke the kiss. She looks at me. I look at her.

"Are we going to do this?" She asks me

"It's all up to you love. I may not be your first, but being your last is all that matters" I say to her. "As for me, you will be my first and only. I'm sorry I was never here when you needed me. I didn't mean to hurt you like that."

"You will forever be my only." She says to me. "Apology accepted. I can't live life being mad at you." Marceline then went back to my lips. She went back to my neck; I felt her hot breath against my ear. I felt her bare her fangs against my ear. I shivered with excitement. I felt her playfully bite my ear with her fangs, I moaned with pleasure. My hands went up her nightgown and ripped it in half off her body leaving her only in her bra and underwear.

She turned over so I was on top now. I bent down to her neck and started kissing it the way she kissed me. She wrapped her hands in my thick shaggy hair and I playfully kissed and bit her ear. I could her moaning my name quietly in my ear. I couldn't help but smile when I heard her say my name like that. My hands went to her back and unclipped her bra. She gasped with pleasure and threw her bra off her body.

I heard her gasp and I stiffened up "Marsh..." she whispered in my ear "I'm ok, you won't hurt me. I promise..." she finished and she kissed my ear at the same time I kissed her ear. We moaned at the same time. My hands went to her chest and I started fondling her breasts. She kept saying my name. Our bodies kept warming up against each other. I snaked my way back to her lips and we gladly tongue-tied with each other. With the both of us exchanging hot breaths with each other. We kept moaning passionately with each other when her hands went down to my hips and she slipped of my boxers in a matter of seconds.

She whispered into my ear "Do the same to me..." her breath on my ear sent shivers down my spine. My hands trace the outline of her body and went downward in her body. She helped me slip off her underwear for I was nervous for my first time. "Marsh, it's ok. Don't be nervous. I promise you nothing bad will happen." My lips found hers again and I could feel us smiling as we passionately kissed each other. I felt her hands on my area putting something on it. Her hands went back into tangling my thick hair. She wrapped her legs around my hips and brought me close to her. "Do it..." she said forcefully to me. I entered her slowly and she tightened her grip on me. Her fingers clawed at my back softly. She kept moaning my name as I moved in and out of her at a tempo that started slow and kept increasing. We both started breathing heavily and our bodies kept getting warmer and warmer against each other.

We started moaning with pleasure. It got louder and louder. Finally I grabbed Marceline's headboard. I kept going faster and faster. Finally when we both couldn't take it anymore we both exhaled a loud moan and with all my strength I broke her headboard it either cracked in half or in many pieces. I didn't mean to. It was just the moment we were in. She clawed her fingernails into my back. It hurt, but it hurt in a good way. She's finally mine, and she's mine forever. We both laughed breathlessly. I turned around and sat up straight with her legs still wrapped around me. Her arms limply hanging over my shoulders and onto my back. My arms still around her tightly. Our breathing is fast and hot against each other. She feels my chest pumping against hers. And I feel her chest pumping against mine. She still hasn't withdrew herself from me. We're both fully naked against each other with her bare chest against mine. Our breaths hot and heavy. Our bodies warm and sweaty against each other. I nuzzled my face into her neck. And she did the same.

"See, I told you. You wouldn't hurt me." Marceline's voice was silk to my ears. Nothing in the world existed except for me and her.

"I accidentally broke your headboard..." I said laughing to her.

I felt her lips smile on my neck. "I don't care." My Queen kissed my neck and she started moving up and down on me. She throws her head back and exhales a deep breath of excitement. We both moan with excitement and our smiles widen. I wrap my arms around her and I pull her down on top of me. She continues moving herself up and down on me. I feel her fangs protrude, as do mine. She moves herself faster on me. She feels so right on me, the moment feels so right. My breathing fastens and she moves faster and faster. Just as we couldn't take it anymore, she bites into my neck. And into bit hers. The pleasure intensifies. I then roll back on top her fangs still on me and my fangs still in her.

I start moving in and out of her. It feels so good. I feel her blood within mines and I feel my blood in hers. It's like our blood is mixing with each other and we are becoming one. It's like I never left her and the pain I felt before for me leaving her disappears. All the pain, all the tears, all the fighting, all the screaming was just a dream and this is reality. All that exists is this moment and the Immortal Bond between us. We both moan in pleasure loudly. She releases her bite on me and takes out her fangs. I take my fangs out I her too. I lay on top of her, still inside her. We breathe heavily on each other. Our bodies hot and tired and sweaty on each other. I finally leave her body. We wrap ourselves in the blankets under us. I wrap my arms securely around her as she does the same. We share one last meaningful, passionate, tongue-tied kiss.

"You are now mines forever." She said breathlessly

"And you are mine, for eternity. I love you Marceline. That was wonderful." I say truthfully

"I love you Marshall Lee. Honestly, you're better than my first time. By a landslide." I started trembling "Marshall, its ok. Trust me. I put protection on you, we are safe. Trust me."

"Ok, good. I'm not ready for a baby yet." I said with a sigh of relief.

"Me either... But I can sense having one in the future"

"Until then my dear. So I guess you still don't believe in the whole 'love' thing still?"

"Well... Maybe not anymore that I realize that the one I will love for the rest of my life is you." Marceline gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek. She giggled as she pressed our bodies together and closed her eyes against my chest. "Who knew you could be such a gentleman…" She giggled at the end of the sentence

I rolled my eyes "Only for you my love." I said chuckling at the end "The last time we were like this, I was leaving you..." I started off

But Marceline finished off for me "But now you aren't, because you're here to stay. Forever."

"And ever." I say kissing her forehead. Then, just like that. There we lay, naked and in love. We drift off into a peaceful heavy sleep.


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