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Chapter 1

Philip wasn't sure whether Syrena was going to drag him to his death or not, but either way it didn't matter to him. He was in her arms, in these arms of this divine creature. Surely she could not be like those creatures he had seen earlier. However, as the last of his breathe escape his lips his vision began to fade and just before he blacked out he noticed Syrena panic.

Syrena noticed a little too late that Philip was on his last breath. She forgot that he was human, she surfaced. As soon as she got him ashore she tried to wake him up but he was not responding to anything she did. She laid her ear against his chest and heard no sign of life. There was only one way to bring him back, but what if he wouldn't want anything to do with her afterwards? What if after she does it he hates her for it? The main question was in her heart was could she live the rest of her life without him? She decided with her heart and pressed her open mouth against his and exhaled

Philip woke up to Syrena surfacing from the water with a couple of fish. She noticed that he was awake when she pulled herself ashore. As her legs became able she walked over and pulled on his shirt. She walked over to him to place the fish in front of him.

"I caught us some food," She said her voice still lovely as ever to hear. Then she quickly placed some matches in front of him. "I know it's not much, but fishing is not typically taught amongst my kind." He looked at her and she quickly looked away. He took her hands within his.

"This is perfect," he said and got to work on cooking the fish she caught. As he was cooking he noticed how fidgety she was, "Are you okay?" She gave him a stunned look and smiled meekly at him.

"Of course," she said with that still weak smile, but still she quickly looked away. When he was focusing on cooking he could feel her staring at him intently. When he was done cooking, he waited for it cool down before handing her one on a stick. He watched her as she ate the fish, her extended canines tearing into the flesh. He remembered what the old man said, but he pushed that thought away.

"What is our next course of plan," he asked her. She stared at him with something glimmering in her eyes. He couldn't quite put his finger on what emotion that could be.

"I will go with you," she said, "Where ever you go, I go."

"Are you certain," he asked. She took his hands within her own and a smiled formed on her lips. She nodded.

"We can go to the new world," he told her, "Start somewhere new. Build a new life for us." He told her partly fantasying holding her hands to his chest. "But first we have to figure out how to even get there." He cursed.

"That's not much of a problem, I believe I saw that odd man that was with you when I was hunting earlier," She said to him. Philip sighed in relief.

"Do you think you can bring him to us?"

"I will go find him now," Syrena swore as she began to strip of his shirt. Philip looked away until he heard a splash. "I will return!"

Syrena swam as fast as she could. That odd man should be on his way over here, she would not have even thought about even approaching the man if not for Philip. She knew she had to get him off that island and if he would be happier on land with others of his kind she would gladly follow him there. She was feeling all of these new and odd feelings. She heard that it was going to be like this, but she was feeling some of these emotions before she restored his life with her own. She knew he was the one when he gave her a name. One of the main signs that he is the one and everything else just followed in suit. After some time she began to worry if she had missed the chance to get her Philip off that rock but hope soon blossomed within her chest again as soon as she saw a boat. She surfaced slowly being sure not to cause unwanted attention to her yet. Then she noticed that it was him.

She swam quickly to the boat startling the man. He seemed dazed for a second.

"Oy," He exclaimed jumping to the side.

"Do not be afraid," Syrena said to him, "But I need your assistance."

"Whether you need it or don't need it, what am I going to get out of this," He said to her. Anger boiled within her for a second, but she pushed it aside becoming clever in this dire time.

"Don't you know that a mermaid's tail is the strongest force of the ocean," She inquired of him, "I can swim for days without stop. I can get you ashore to find yourself a new ship." The man stared at her a second longer.

"What will you be in need my assistance for my dear," He asked her.

"My Philip," She told him, thrilled that she claimed possession of him. "He is stuck on land, and I want him to get him to the New World." She told him. He seemed to think about it for a second.

"You got yourself a deal," He said and shook her hand. She instructed him to give her a rope and tie it to the boat. She tied it around her waist and swam back to where she left Philip.

Philip was sitting near the water his focus intently on the ocean waiting for Syrena to return with Jack. He had been waiting for her for a couple hours he guessed it, and was beginning to worry about her. What if she could not find him? What if she just decided to leave him here to rot? All of these questions began to boil within his mind and he did not like it one bit.

He was beginning to lose all hope until he heard.

"Ahoy!" He looked to the sea and saw Jack Sparrow, standing in a small boat.

"It good to see you," Philip greeted him as Jack helped him aboard. Syrena popped up and reached for him.

"I have made a deal with this man," She said, "He has agreed to ride with us to the New World and from there he will get his old ship again."

"Of course, we're getting there mermaid powered instead of wind powered," Jack said from behind him. Philip turned around to face him the second he said that.

"No! Absolutely not," He snarled, "We will not use her like a slave." Syrena grabbed his arm.

"I agreed to this," She told him solemnly, "We'll get there faster this way."

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