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Chapter 4: The nameless Sister

Philip woke up and again Syrena was curled into him. He has never been so happy in his life, though he thought passing the word of the Lord was his true calling. Then he first laid eyes upon Syrena, raged had filled him and he was certain that he was going to kill a mermaid.

Those creatures so vile and cruel. He sat up so suddenly that it startled Syrena awake.

"Wha," She said looking at him, her beautiful face confused. She propped herself up on her elbows and it took her a second to realize what was going on. "Philip, what's wrong?" He shook his head, he was still trying to get the mermaids attack out of his head, and he didn't want to explain it to her. She may not appreciate about how he felt about her sisters. She frowned at him and went to stand up.

"No," He said, stopping her, "I just… I'm not thinking like I normally do." He admitted before he even realized it was truth. He stared at the floor. How could he not have realized that? He was always sure of himself, he looked at Syrena and he felt lost.

"Do not worry," She told him. "It's ok." He looked up at her and everything was just so new and odd to him. Was this he was supposed to feel after marriage? "I need to tell you some things... But I can't tell you here." He looked at her and for a second he assumed something dark from her, but then he quickly pushed it away.

The darkness that was once in me is starting to leak to him; Syrena thought and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled his head to her chest and held him there. She laid her head on his and felt true sadness. Though it is true that mermaids are too tough to cry from sorrow, but once they make that bound with their human the emotions rub off on them. That's why most mermaids who find their true love leave the cove.

Then she heard singing, she froze her whole body stiffen. Philip pulled away and looked up. He gave her a curious look and she knew that he couldn't hear the singing.

"Can you hear that woman singing?"

"What singing," He asked her, his eyes showing concern. She felt sick. That was her sister, she didn't know how she found her, but her whole body shivered. Her sister was a cruel mermaid, and she's been known to kill other's true mates. She highly doubt that her sister was here to wish her the very best. She would disappear for a day or two and then come back boast about how she killed another mermaid's true love. Though it had happened before she was born, Syrena had heard countless of times that her sister had killed her true love by accident. She discovered this after it was too late to give him the sacred kiss. She mourned her would be lover's life, and began to kill countless man, for if she couldn't have her love then no mermaid shall.

It was only two days into the sail and it would take other five days for them to be even safe on land. She knows her sister like the back of her hand. She was here to kill Philip; she lunged and held on to him as tight as possible. Though she was already with child, she was not going to lose her mate. If her sister wanted his life, she would have to pay with her own blood.

So let her come, she thought, I will be waiting and I will kill her long before she can get to my Philip.

Philip noticed how withdrawn Syrena was throughout the day. She was constantly looking out to the vast blue oceans. He was worried that she would miss and resent him for bring her on land and take her away from the salt waters. In yet, he continued to stare at her in wonders how he was so bless to achieve her in the first place. To think that if it wasn't for Black Beard that he would have never had the chance to even spot her. He smiled; he knew that the Lord had something planned for him the world time. There are more mysterious forces at work. Even now as he watched her; her raven hair flowing in the wind, her hazel eyes occasionally glancing over in his directions then promptly back to the oceans, her full and undeniably beautiful lips parted.

She is perfection, he thought with a sigh. She looked over again and smiled at him, but again she looked away. She's holding back from him, he knows that now, but she said that she would tell him when they get ashore… Four more days is too long for him to wait. Though he began to think about the changes he started to feel. Even when he had his sword in her fin, the look she gave him. It stopped him and he forgot how to breathe. Unfortunately that gave Black Beard enough time to capture her, he remember how she suffered and how horrible he felt.

He could feel that she was a compassionate soul, unlike those mermaids. He felt protective of her, and he knew when it came down to dire situation that he would kill for her.

Syrena heard her sister sang, and she knew that she wouldn't kill until every human was asleep. The sun was going down and she was getting anxious.

I cannot believe that child have gotten for soul mate, thought a woman as she pulled herself up by the anchor. Her tail washing away revealing legs she had centuries to practice how to use them. She pulled herself aboard, the guard was asleep. She scoffed and knew exactly where her sister was, the last room on the left.

Her sister was waiting for her, wearing human clothes and her skin was glowing. She remembered that glow when her mother was pregnant with her. She snarled a hiss and she replied back.

"My dearest sister," She spat the endearment, "I'm so very happy for you and your union. Now I would LOVE to meet him."

"My name is Syrena now," her sister replied back, holding her back strong for the first time she had known her. She was a shy thing, even around the others, never making much an effort.

"Well, Syrena, where is your human," she asked, slowing moving forward.

"I will NOT let you near him," Syrena answered moving forward to her. Her posture strong, she knew that she would attack him. She was going to kill her soul mate, even if it meant killing her she was going to do it. They moved towards each other until their chests were touching. Syrena stared easily into her sister eyes and for a second she felt hesitation.

She knew then that Syrena would kill her; most mermaids did not know her that well. Syrena had all of her life to get to know her, and during that time she had killed countless of soul mates, with or without their mermaids attached. She smirked; she even killed her mother's human. It didn't matter that that was her father.

He let her! Not only that, it didn't break her mother! Of course she grieved for their father but she went back to how it was before he died. She still unbearably lived in that same cottage where she was raised and where Syrena was raised.

Her cobalt eyes met Syrena's eyes, until she felt a sharp pain in her thigh. She fought back a scream and Syrena held her close.

"Know this sister," Syrena began as she dug the blade deeper into her thigh. She could feel her sister try to push the hilt in there. "If you come near me and my husband I will kill you dearest sister." At that point she let her sister go and she stumbled back shocked at what had just happened.

Syrena watched her sister begin to climb over the edge.

"And know this, Syrena I am not done with you. I will not stop until I can drink your human's blood and trust me, I will make you watch," her sister said as she gracefully dove into the ocean.

Syrena walked back into her room and climbed into bed next to a sleeping Philip. She looked over him and knew that she didn't need to swear on anything to keep him safe from harm. He was hers as well as the other way around.

Maybe one day, when its safe her mother will meet him…

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