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Yagiri Pharmaceuticals is not only studying Celty's head. They've also been studying a man with incredible strength since his parents brought him in as a little boy. In his pursuit of the dullahan's cranium, he stumbles across Shizu-chan and is intrigued. After all, Izaya is fascinated by all humans, how they differ from one another and interact, so Shizuo is a new phenomenon. So he breaks into the facility and takes Shizu-chan with him in order to see if he can domesticate a monster.

Because he's been in the lab for so long, Shizuo's development is stunted, somewhere between a wild animal and a child.

Shizuo is very skittish and distrusting, and also claustrophobic because he grew up in a glorified cage. He also hates needles and pills (for obvious reasons)

Although Shizuo doesn't trust Izaya, he doesn't know anything about the outside world, so he stays in the apartment.

Kasuka thinks that Shizuo is dead. It's what their parents told him.

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"Ah, Mrs. Heiwajima. I see that you've taken our offer into consideration. I assume that you've agreed." A young woman stated, upon seeing a woman and her son enter the building.

"I have. And yes, I agree. I've brought Shizuo, as I said I would."

"So this is your son?"


Seven year old Shizuo said nothing as the woman examined him. After all, his mother had said that they were just going to visit one of her friends before they would go home.

"Alright. This way please."

"Come along, Shizuo." Shizuo found himself being pulled by his mother after the lady. They walked further and further into the building. Down into the basements of the building. Soon, the only light you could see were the flickering light bulbs placed every few feet from each other.


"Quite, Shizuo."
They walked for awhile more, and soon, Shizuo started to fidget. He didn't like this place at all. Still, seeing as he wasn't angry, he kept quiet, as his mom had told him.

"And here we are. You can leave your son in this room here. We promise that we will take good care of him."

"And we'll be notified as soon as you find a way to cure him?"

"Yes, until then, please tell everyone that he's turned up missing. Whatever they assume after that is up to them."

After that exchange of words, it dawned on Shizuo. His mom was leaving him there. In this place, so far underground and away from people. "Y-you're leaving?"

"Only until Yagiri Pharmaceuticals can find a way to help you with your temper and strength."

Seven year old Shizuo merely nodded. It was understandable. He didn't like having such a temper or his strength either. "I'll be home soon?"

"Of course."

Though, neither knew what was really going to happen to Shizuo the whole time he stayed at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.