Author's Note: I recently joined the Jareth/David Bowie Fangirl Harem and decided to celebrate by trying out their 100 Theme Challenge! I have been waaay too obsessed with this franchise (according to my friends and family—I don't think it's possible to be obsessed enough) and am excited to start writing in the fandom. Updates will probably be sporadic (senior year of high school + all AP classes + college/scholarship searches = little writing time) and constructive criticism is always appreciated!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own the brilliance that is The Labyrinth, that honor goes to Jim Henson.

Prompt 1: Introduction

A figure walked through the ivy covered passages of the Labyrinth. The air was strangely silent despite the lateness of the hour—the familiar cacophony and chaos that was a constant presence strangely absent. Even stranger was the reason for the absence. The Labyrinth had been solved. Beaten by a mortal—a girl no less!

The being sighed and ran a hand through pale hair, ruefully smiling at the human gesture. The young woman had often done the same thing while faced with a particularly difficult challenge. Yet she had valiantly faced every adversary—risen beyond all expectations—and made it to the Castle Beyond the Goblin City. There she again defied all presumptions by refusing the Master of the Labyrinth himself!

The immortal frowned and looked back towards the castle. All this could have been her home—hers!—and yet still the girl had refused! Why? Wasn't this everything that she had always desired? What her heart, soul, and mind had desperately searched for? She belonged here! Didn't she understand?

The figure stopped. That was it. The girl fancied herself a heroine and was barely more than a child herself; suppose she hadn't understood the offer for what it was. She hadn't seen a proposal or a desperate plea, merely another distraction to keep her from vanquishing the villainous king and rescuing her brother. How could a girl so clever be so blind!

The immortal huffed in exasperation and gently fingered a rose—so much like the girl! Beautiful with admirable qualities, yet sharp and unheeding of the pain it caused.

A flutter of wings and a flash of white caused eyes to glance at the sky—the stars were already beginning to fade and a dusting of purple was beginning to appear. Soon the inhabitants of the Underground would return from the girl's impromptu celebration and the familiar noise and cherished bedlam would follow. Still, life wouldn't return to normal—the girl was treasured by too many. Like their sovereign, the creatures would mourn her absence despite what was sure to be frequent visits to her place of residence.

The immortal glanced again at the castle where the heartbroken king had sought refuge. The girl couldn't remain Aboveground; it was too mundane and she too special. Strong as she was it would crush her spirit, leaving her a shell of the woman—queen!—she could be. The girl was too stubborn to allow that—she would return. It wouldn't be possible for her to keep away. The king would rally and bring her home. A soft devious smile lit up the delicate, feminine face as the Labyrinth spoke to a girl surrendering to exhaustion in the Above:

"I look forward to our next meeting, Queen Sarah."