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Julia woke up early that morning...4am to be precise. Her ever rising excitement of her birthday party that night was just too much. She rolled over in her bed and reached for her E-reader. Before continuing with her reading, she entered into the music application and hit play on her playlist. Like every other time she had tried to read while her music was going, Julia quickly found herself distracted by the sound of her own voice singing along with the tunes. Abandoning her reading, she pulled her laptop onto her bed and got onto her usual social network.

"Twenty-four notifications," she read with a smirk. Of course every single one was from her friends and family wishing her a happy birthday. Just then her phone started buzzing from her nightstand, and she picked it up and started reading through the several messages, all of which were well wishers on her special day.

"What are you people doing up so early?" she asked.

"I should be asking you the same thing, birthday girl," her older sister, Kay poked her head into the room.

"I have been trying to force myself to sleep all night," Julia said as Kay made herself comfortable at the foot of the bed,"Epic fail just about sums it up."

The two giggled.

"Geez," Kay said, observing all the electronics on Julia's bed," Techno geek much?"

''Hey it's something to do."

"Hmm well get up and get dressed. We are getting this party started."

"What are we going to do at four in the morning, prey tell?"

"Who the hell knows...or cares for that matter," Kay said as she wrinkled her face," My car is full of gas and calling to us party animals to get in and go for an adventure. Besides, having a whole birthday planned out takes away the fun. With that being said, UP!"

She slapped Julia's feet and walked out. Julia laughed to herself as she got out of bed, turned off the computer and E-reader, and stretched her stiff muscles. She was turning 21 today and her sister, who would be 22 in July had demanded that her special day be spent with her under pain of castration of Julia's left nipple and right big toe. She shuffled through her closet to find an outfit. She stopped to marvel at a wine colored 18th century ball gown. Kay had found it for her online, and bought it as her gift to wear to the party, which was a costume party. Within a couple of hours, Julia was freshly bathed and dressed so she made her way downstairs where her parents and sister awaited.

"Finally," Kay sighed," Are you ready for the ball Cinderella?"

"Up shut you fudge nugget," Julia replied, to which she received a whack on the head from the comics section of the newspaper.

"Happy birthday hooligan," her father said as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks dad. OOOOOO!" Julia squealed when she saw two wrapped presents on the table," Can I open them? Can I, can I, can I?"

"Let her before she explodes," her mother laughed.

Julia had already started unwrapping the first one as her mom spoke. Kay snorted as Julia threw the paper at her.

"Wow," Julia and Kay said as Julia tried on the pearl bracelet," It's beautiful."

"Do you see what the charm says," mom asked.

"You are loved," she smiled at her parents and hugged them both," It's gorgeous. Thank you."

"Ok, ok, enough of them," Kay pushed Julia into a chair," Now mine."

She handed Julia the package," Kay you didn't have to get me anything else. You already got me that ball gown-"

''Ya ya ya I know, but I thought you would like to have these."

Julia tore away the wrappings to find three brand new piano books," O yaaaay. I have been wanting some new music to play. Thanks sis," then she added in a more humorous tone," You're a swell guy."

"Hey maybe if there is a piano at the old manor house you can grace us all with some of your playing," Kay replied with a sloppy curtsy.

The two laughed. Julia was about to reach for a poppy seed muffin when Kay slapped her hand," Ok we saw the parentals and you opened some gifts. Get your costume and yourself into the car. We are getting breakfast."

Without a word she kissed both her parents and skipped towards the door.

"Kay how much sugar have you had today?" Julia asked.

"Two cups of coffee, four energy drinks and the last of my halloween candy. Let's go!''

Julia looked at her parents," Still think it's a bad idea to put locks on the food cabinets?"

The three of them laughed.

"Go on, Julia," her mom hugged her," Have fun and behave yourself. We will see you when your sister is done holding you hostage."

"Stay out of trouble," her father called as she ran up the stairs to get her dress.

Once her purse was loaded with all her essentials and her gown was in her hand, Julia ran out the door and in seconds the car was out of the drive and headed down the street.