I do not own Rosario + Vampire. So this chapter is going to be written as though in a journal, but the rest of the chapter will be written like normal third person chapters, unless my readers would like me to keep as a journal.


Tsukune's Journal (read the top if you didn't already, please)

January 15th

I remember the day well. Forgetting it would be like forgetting who I am. The scars on me prove it happened. Crimson red was the color of my surroundings. Bodies of my beloveds hit the floor minutes before they found me. The last yell of my mother echoed through my ears.

My heart was beating so loud, out of fear and pain, that I thought they'd hear it. My father had told me to run when I saw it was the right time. When I tried to sneak out the window of my room, they saw me. So I ran as fast as I could. I jumped over fences and swatted branches of the trees in the neighbor's yard. I was hoping to make it to the park and have someone see me and try to help me.

I could hear them close behind, but for some reason I felt as though they could go faster. My legs felt like rubber, but I continued to run. I couldn't look back, I wouldn't. I continued to run until I swore they weren't behind me and I was at the park. Then I collapsed near the beautiful pond that was in the forest like park. I gasped for air.

I realized my throat was dry. I crawled closer to the pond. I drank like a fish that was out of water for too long. When I finally quenched my thirst, I gasped for more air. Suddenly, a fist made contact to my face.

He insulted me and questioned if I honestly believed if I could get away. He growled and showed me his fangs. I briefly wondered what happened to his partner, but I put most of my effort into crawling backwards but he caught me. He put me in a headlock. He ran his long finger nail along my face. It was surprisingly sharp and it stung a little.

He told me how he was blind in one eye. He slowly ran his nail deeply against my eyebrow. I could feel every last bit of it. He stopped at where my eye started. I wanted to whimper but I kept my mouth shut. I'd die with dignity for my parents.

I remember what he said; I hear it sometimes in my nightmares.

"I'll leave you your eye, but I'm going to beat you to death. You choose your eye and a quick death or bleed to death by my beating?"

I didn't answer. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. He pulled the back of my hair.

"Won't answer? Fine, I'll just beat you to death."

So he did, well tried. He kicked, punched, stabbed me with his long nails, and he bit me several times. He made deep cuts on my right wrist and bit my left wrist. I tried to stop him, but he was at least four times my size.

"I must say your blood was delicious."

He walked away when he was full. I was on the floor paralyzed. Just like my home, the floor around me was drenched in blood. I wonder how long after I died would they find me. At the time, I could care less. My family was dead, what reason would I have to live?

My eyelids felt heavy. I couldn't feel anything anymore. I looked to the side one more time to look at the trees. I expected to only see those trees, but instead I saw a beautiful lady standing there. She had long pink hair, emerald eyes that looked sad, and was captivating like the ocean shore at sunset. She walked to me and kneeled down to where I was.

She stroked my hair gently.

"Make a wish." She whispered.

I looked at her. She looked at me sadly. It was as though she was to blame. I smiled the best I could.

"I wish you'd smile and be happy." I said as best as I could.

She blinked a couple times and smiled a beautiful smile. She then leaned down and bit me. It different from the man. It was as if she were injecting something into me.


Chapter one is done! What was Akashiya Bloodriver doing there? Why'd she choose to give him her blood? Next chappy explains.