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"So, the Shuzen castle has taken an interest in you." Hokuto said with a dreamy look in his face, "You should go back."

"What? Why would I?" Tsukune asked appalled.

Tsukune and Hokuto were walking toward the school as everyone else probably slept in. Hokuto, who was always busy, was use to waking up early on Sunday. Tsukune, on the other hand, was a person who enjoyed being nocturnal more than anything else. Tsukune had things to discuss with the headmaster according to the headmaster. The two had decided to walk together that morning.

"To figure out what happened to Moka, of course." Hokuto said seriously and added in a sarcastic remark, "The great Lord must know."

"It could take months to find out!" Tsukune reasoned.

"With the headmaster's usual games it could take years." Hokuto said in an as-a-matter-of-fact kind of tone.

"I'll stay here and that's that. I'm not returning to the castle." Tsukune said stubbornly.

"Why? Why would you wait years for something you can do in months?" Hokuto asked not understanding his logic.

"If I leave Moka won't be there with me. I've already been apart from her so long. Kurumu had a point when she said I've missed her longer than I've actually known her." Tsukune said with a sad sigh.

Hokuto let out a loud laugh, "I heard about her jealous tantrum."

"Yeah." Tsukune mumbled putting his hands in his pocket and looking at the floor.

"Would you be able to choose between the girls you know now and Moka? I mean a lot of them you've known longer." Hokuto curiously asked.

"But none of them have struck me as hard." Tsukune said looking up at him.

"I presume you are going by the phrase 'it doesn't matter how long someone had been in your life'." Hokuto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Exactly…I guess." Tsukune shrugged.

There was a moment of silence for the two. Neither was very good with the topic of girls. Tsukune lacked experience romantically and Hokuto was always too busy to think such things. They both left that kind of thinking to Gin and Kira.

"I've seen papers on the Headmaster's desk that he hasn't moved in weeks." Hokuto said.

"So?" Tsukune said confused, "He always has things on his desk."

"So, he usually finishes paper work in hours and he doesn't just leave files on his desk. I think he wanted me to notice that and tell you." Hokuto suddenly realized.

Tsukune immediately got the vibe, "For a sick game?"

"Does he know better? Raising the headmaster is a lot off work Tsukune." Hokuto half joked.

"I've realized." Tsukune said with a sigh.

"Listen, I'm off to the library to research something that has been bugging me and after school I have things to do for setting up clubs. I won't be home till late. Don't wait up." Hokuto said turning right as Tsukune turned right.

"Don't overwork yourself." Tsukune said concerned.

"I could tell you the same thing. The girls are going to be a messy situation." Hokuto laughed.

"Huh?" Tsukune turned around but Hokuto was already gone.


There are several types of seals and limiters. Many have to do with sealing appearances. These are usually used for lower class monsters that don't have an overwhelming amount of monster aura therefore just needing the limit of the monster appearance. Another one that is very typical but only used for higher ranking monsters is a limiter for monster power. Those seals are divided into two groups.

One seal only limits the power of the monster and the other that changes the appearance and limits the power.

Hokuto sighed, "This is really rather boring."

Hokuto had decided to research the different types of seals, half for Tsukune and half because curiosity was killing. He skimmed through the chapters until he found a title that read: Rare, forbidden seals. He smiled. What would be the odds that Moka had the same looking seal like one of the three in the picture?

This seal does not truly limit a monsters power, but does affect the memory of the user and appearance. It used to be used as a punishment for criminals. The seal would make them look different and forget certain things and replacing them with others or just erasing it completely. When they'd run into someone from their old life or pictures or anything that would trigger their memory they'd slowly go insane because they simply could not remember. In later centuries it was banned for its cruelty. There were also cases in which the criminals broke the seal.

This seal is forbidden from being used to today and would be rare to find other than an exhibit or in the hands of one of the Three Dark Lords.

Hokuto stopped reading in amazed. The girl was wearing a forbidden seal that could driver insane. Oh, ho lover boy Tsukune was going to love that. It explained everything perfectly. Now all they need was a way to take it off. He continued to look down the page until he found the paragraphs that had to do with removing the seal.

The three Dark Lords were the ones asked to create the seal for our Monster Justice System.

"Oh, this is priceless." Hokuto laughed, "You sly old man, you've known this whole time."

Each Dark Lord chose a different method of removal. The Dark Lord Mikogami, currently opening a school for monster to learn human culture, choose a method he calls overwhelming power. The only way to break off the seal was to have such strong aura it broke off.

"Currently opening?" Hokuto smiled, "This truly is an old book." He proved this by blowing away more dust.

His seal was called the Holy Lock. There was never anyone who broke this seal without the Dark Lords help. Dark Lord Akasha made a seal that could only be broken with the power of love. The rosary, the name of the seal, could only be taken off if the person trying to remove it cared deeply enough for the person. This seal was also never broken. Dark Lord Tohofuhai's seal was the only seal to be broken, but it was the purpose. The way to brake or take off the seal was to go so insane that the seal would remove for mercy.

"Oh, lover boy, you better hope she had her mom's seal on." Hokuto sighed.

"Umm, Hokuto," a girl voice said, "we are ready to get started."

Hokuto smiled at the girl, "Thank you. I'll leave right now."

He waited for the girl to leave so he could rip out the page that talked about the forbidden seals. He put it in his pocket and began to walk to the office. He had to get this to Tsukune. Knowing the old man, he knew more than just this. Why keep it a secret though?

'Because it's not his story to tell,' Hokuto thought suddenly, 'that would be his lame excuse.'