I am starting when Katniss discovers that she will become a tribute in the Quarter Quell. She is drunk, and Peeta finds her some time during the night. I am progressing through the Games, but things will be different. This night changes everything.

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Chapter 1

"Things Just Happen"

The cold, bitter wind cut through me like a knife. Everything is damp, and I can hear the steady falling of rain outside. I strain to see, but everything is pitch black. I reach my hand out and feel something cold and clammy to my right, and instantly know where I am. The cave. I am back in the Hunger Games. "No!" I try to yell out, but I cannot form words.

"You will never be safe, Katniss. You can never escape." President Snow's voice comes out of the darkness. I hear his voice, but most of all I smell the putrid smell of his flower, and blood. Suddenly, I am in my home in Victor's Village. It's warm and familiar. I no longer hear his voice, but it does not ease my mind at all. I look to my right, and President Snow is sitting, drinking tea quietly. I sit and watch, trying to stay calm. He cannot know how afraid I am. It will only give him power over me. I look down at my hands and see that they are trembling. He notices.

He begins to laugh softly, and then he begins to cackle getting louder and louder until my ear drums are banging. I try to get up from my seat, but I cannot move. I'm stuck, completely at his mercy. The too-fragrant rose begins to wilt and disintegrate; only filling my nose with its sickening smell. Blood begins to pour from his mouth, and then his eyes. I have to get away. I have to run! I struggle and scream, but nothing happens. I am hysterical now. I have to get out of this chair.

"Katniss, wake up." I frantically search, but see no one. "Katniss!" It's louder this time. I stop screaming and listen intently. "It's just a dream. Wake up." It's Peeta! Wait, Peeta? I open my eyes and catch sight of his face. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "It was just a dream. You're safe now." He leans a little closer to my face. "Katniss, have you been drinking?" I close my eyes and think for a moment. Have I? I can't remember, and how does he know? I try to sit up, but can't. If only everything would just stop spinning. Oh, that's how he knows.

It all comes back to me at once. My wedding gowns, President Snow…the Quarter Quell, it all makes sense again. "Peeta, I'm scared." He pulls me to him without saying a word. He does not try to sway me. I know he is just as scared, and that's even more comforting. He knows exactly how I feel. Of course, he is handling the situation much better than I am, considering my drunken state. "You are such a good person, Peeta." He laughs. "So are you." I pull back to look at his face. "I'm not. I'm really not. I don't know how anyone can even stand me." I stop and focus my gaze on the wall behind Peeta's head. "That doesn't matter now, though. I'm going to be dead soon anyways."

"You're not. Don't you ever talk like that again! You will come out alive; I'll make sure of it." His voice takes on a different tone. Something about the way it vibrates in his chest made me feel…funny. I hadn't felt this way since we kissed in the cave. The cave. The moment came back to me and I collapsed in his arms once more. "I don't want to go back, Peeta. I can't stand the thought of it!" He rubbed my back gently and shushed me. "I won't leave you, Katniss. I won't leave you."

I pulled out of his arms and nodded. Why am I acting like this? I never act so emotional…ever. I need to regain composure, but I realize that I can't. I am not being my normal self. All I can think about are Peeta's hands on my back and his lips...how strange. I have never thought of Peeta like this…ever really. I only pretended in the Games so the sponsors would send us things. Now, I need to feel his lips once more. I press mine tightly to his, expecting him to pull me away. I open my mouth a little, inviting things to go further, but he stops me. "Katniss, you're so drunk. I can't…you'll regret this in the morning and resent me." I shake my head and begin kissing his neck.

"Katniss, I…" My mouth moves to skin right below his ear. I smile. He's mine now. I mentally note my new finding, but I'm not sure if I'll remember in the morning. I'm so drunk. I move my lips back to his and continue where we left off. I bring my hands underneath his shirt and peel it from his body. His skin is so warm, but then again, everything seems warm right now. "I need you, Peeta. More than you could ever know." Peeta laughs and gently rolls me onto my back. "You really are drunk." He inches his hands slowly up my shirt. I assumed he would have stopped this by now, but the look in his eyes tells me that he has wanted this for a long time.

It doesn't take long for us to undress one another. His mouth moves over my body, and I feel nothing but pleasure. Soon, we become one body working together. It is like nothing I have ever felt before. When it's over, he cradles me in his arms. "I have loved you for years, Katniss. You don't even know how many times I have dreamt of you." His voice is so soothing. I feel like I am slipping into a large, dark hole. It's getting harder and harder to fight. "You just wanted to sleep with me." I laugh and yawn at the same time. "I would never hurt you. Never." He kisses my lips one last time, and I snuggle farther into his side. He kisses my temple and whispers, "Please don't regret this in the morning," against my hair. But I can say nothing back. I am too far gone.

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