The Dracula Facebook Pages

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Authors Notes: I have always wondered how our favorite Dracula characters' Facebook pages would look like if they had one. Here's my take on it—how I imagine it would look like and how they would interact. Enjoy and laugh!

Jonathan Harker Solicitor at Harker & Associates · Studied Law at King's College · Lives in Whitby, North Yorkshire · Married to Mina Harker · Knows English, German · From Exeter, Devon · Born on May 26, 1872


Sent January 2

John Seward has accepted your friend request. Write on John's Wall. 4:03am

Lucy Westenra has accepted your friend request. Write on Lucy's Wall. 11:50pm

Mina Harker poked you. 10:00pm

Abraham Van Helsing likes your status. 7:20pm

Arthur Holmwood commented on his Wall post. 6:15pm

Mina Harker commented on her Wall post. 6:00pm

Quincey Morris poked you. 4:00pm

Mina Harker mentioned you in a comment: "Was out with husband Jonathan… Took Baby Quincey out for a stroll today." 3:40pm

Quincey Morris likes your comment: "I can see why she said you were like a wild stallion between her legs. ;)"

***Friend Requests***

RM Renfield sent you a friend request. 2 Mutual friend Confirm · Delete Request

Vlad Dracula sent you a friend request. 3 Mutual friends Confirm · Delete Request

Mr. Swales sent you a friend request. 2 Mutual friends Confirm · Delete Request

Samuel F. Billington sent you a friend request. 2 Mutual friends Confirm · Delete Request

***Status Updates***

Jonathan Harker God help me! Where have I placed my crucifix? WHERE? I am unprotected without my crucifix! Like · Comment · Yesterday at 10:45pm Abraham Van Helsing, Lucy Westenra and Arthur Holmwood like this.

Jonathan Harker I have been having dreams about those awful women once more! Like · Comment · Yesterday at 10:00pm Lucy Westenra likes this.

Mina Harker I have been dreaming about the Count again! Yesterday at 10:53pm

Abraham Van Helsing These are only dreams, friend Jonathan—not the reality. Our reality is that we have destroyed the Count and his followers. Yesterday at 10:56pm

John Seward I can send some sedatives over if you'd like. Yesterday at 10:58pm Lucy Westenra likes this.

Jonathan Harker I DO NOT NEED sedatives!

***Recent Activity***

"Your patient has just sent me…" on his own post on John Seward's Wall.

"What's for supper, dearest?" on Mina Harker's Wall. · See Friendship

"I need some advice…" on John Seward's Wall. · See Friendship

"Doctor! Please!" on Abraham Van Helsing's status.

"You won't believe who…" on Arthur Holmwood's Wall.