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Chapter 35 Smuggling a Watermelon


I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I looked like a completely different person. Half my hair was piled on my head in curls while the rest fell nearly to my waist in sexy ringlets. My makeup was a little heavy for my tastes, but still, I looked like a woman. Not a teenage girl. A woman. I couldn't help the little flutters in my stomach wondering what Sam would think of my transformation.

I looked over at Kim who was standing in front of the mirror in the brides room and couldn't help but smile. Her mom was zipping up her dress now and she looked absolutely radiant. She caught my eye and smiled back, tears already in her eyes.

"You look so amazing." I told her. "Jared is gonna cry when he sees you."

She grinned. "Hurry. Get dressed, we have pictures to take soon." She was positively vibrating with energy, reminding me so much of Alice.

I laughed lightly, but nodded and walked in to the changing room that was situated on one side of the room. Once I was alone I slowly pulled my top off and then my shorts. The bump when I was naked was quite obvious to me, so I rushed to pull on my dress. I was just pulling the dress over my head when I heard someone walk in. I yanked the dress down quickly, hoping who ever it was hadn't seen, only to be confronted with a wide eyed Rachel. She was starring right at my now covered belly.

Oh shit. This was a disaster. What was I going to do, going to say? Would she go and tell the pack? This could ruin everything. But for now, she was still staring at my stomach.

"Um, hey?" I greeted her awkwardly. What else could I say?

Rachel shook her head and then squeeled excitedly while she ran over to me. "Tell me everything! When, who, why haven't you told me, everything."

I blushed bright red, feeling overwhelemed in the face of her excitement. "Please not today Rachel. I want today to be about Kim."

She scoffed. "Oh, come on. I promise not to tell any..." Her eyes got huge all of a sudden. "It is Jacobs?" She demanded.

I glared at her. "Zip me up?" I asked, sighing in resignation. "No, it's not his. and I'm not telling you anything else right now."

"Please, please, please tell me!" She begged.

"No." I answered while she tied up my dress. I looked down and realized this dress didn't hide my belly as well as it could have. Fuck! This day was seriously going to be a disaster. If I could have I would have gone home, just to avoid ruining this day for Kim. Unfortunately I knew that Kim would never allow it without a full explanation and probably not even after. I just hoped that people thought I was getting fat.

"Please tell me Bella." She begged again, using the famous Black puppy face to her advantage. Sometimes she was worse than Jacob.

"What do you want to know?" Kim asked as she walked in fully decked out.

I blushed and glared at Rachel, before smiling back at Kim. " It's nothing. I'll tell you tomorrow. Today is supposed to be all about you."

Kim stopped and looked at me carefully. I blushed under her glaze, praying that she wouldn't notice the bump. "Oh this has to be good." She fixed me with a seriously mischevious glare. "Alright, I want to know, what are we talking about."

I squirmed under her gaze. "Come on guys. I really can't tell you yet. I want today to be all about You and Jared."

But Kim was having none of that. "Bella, its my wedding day so you have to tell me to make me happy. What's going on?"

In that moment I truly wished that the ground would just swallow me up and disappear.

"Ask her about the melon she's smuggling under her dress." Rachel hissed conspiratorially.

"Rachel." I admonished as Kim studied my mid section.

Kim's eyes grew huge and then her mouth dropped in a perfect 'o.' "Oh, MY. GOD." She squeeled.

"Shhhh." I shushsed her. "We are surrounded by men with super hearing."

They both froze as if just realizing the entire wolfpack probably herd her outburst, and then rushed closer to me. "Alright, whisper everything!"

This was it. I knew the girls would never give up. Plus, we were gonna tell the guys tomorrow anyways. So I sighed but nodded. "Yes I am pregnant. No its not Jake's. No I wont tell you who's it is until I have talked to the pack."

The girls both squeeled excitedly. "How far along?" Rachel whispered. I think she still hoped it was Jakes.

"Sixteen weeks."

"Boy or girl?" Kim whispered.

"Wont know for a month."

They both squeeled again and then Kim froze and looked at me. "Wolf pup?"

Shit. I was really hoping she wouldn't ask that question, so I just mumbled in response. "Mmmph."

Kim and Rahcel looked at each other with scandalized faces. "That's a yes."

"Who?" Rachel asked her.

Kim shrugged. "My guess would be Embry or Seth. The other guys are imprinted or too young." Then they turned on me. "Jake is gonna kill him."

I rolled my eyes, but knew it was true. He was gonna freak. I looked down at myself in the dress. "Is it really obvious?"

They both shook their heads. "No, it looks like maybe you just ate a really big meal."

"Okay, now please don't tell anyone, and I even mean you mates, until I can talk to them tomorrow. Please?"



We finished our last minute touch up details and then it was time for pictures. Well at least the girls only pics. Kim and Jared were going old school and didn't want to see each other until after the wedding. Half an hour later I was struggling not to throttle the annoying photographer who kept yelling things like "more attitude" or "strut your stuff." I swore to myself that if I ever got married I would never let the photographer annoy me like this.

After pictures and a quick make up touch up it was time. The boys were already waiting at the front of the aisle and we were up. I felt my nerves ramp up. I hated people looking at me and I was terrified that I might trip halfway down the aisle making me look like a fool. Luckily, I knew everyone would be looking at Kim as as soon as she began her walk down the aisle.

Rachel was the first down the aisle. She walked so gracefully. My turn next. I took a deep breathe to try to steady my nerves and then began to walk slowly down the aisle. I looked up and found the guys waiting with smiles.

Jared looked so excited, but also a little nervous. Next was Paul. He was the same, serious guy as always, but he gave me a friendly wink. Then my Sam. He smiled slightly, but his eyes twinkled. His whole face aboslutely lit up when he smiled like that. It was beautiful. He looked so nice in his tux.

And finally there was Jake. He was openly oogling me, until I caught his eyes. His face froze in to a hard mask again, and he looked down at his feet. Fuck. I just knew this was going to be worse than I thought.

I settled next to Rachel and then watched as Kim's sister walked down the aisle. Finally it was time. Kim made her entrance and Jared did indeed have tears in his eyes. I was so happy for them as they exchanged their vows and finally became husband and wife. The cheers were near defening as the new couple exited the church for a few minutes pictures.

After walking back down the aisle, Kim's sister and Paul followed, then it was me and Sam. He held my arm like we were told to, but his very touch made me shiver. He seemed amused my this and smiled widely at me.

After another session of pictures, (good lord did I want to kill the fucking photographer!) it was finally time for the reception. It was being held at the banquet hall on the res. The room was beautiful, filled with tons of wild flowers. It was so them.

I watched the happy couple take the floor together for their first dance. The looked so in love. And as petty as it sounds, it made me jealous. I knew Sam and I were going to be raising our baby together, but he never said anything about what we were. Would I ever get my happily ever after?

When Kim and Jared had finshed their first dance it was time for the rest of us to join them. I looked up and met Sam's eyes. He looked happy, but also somewhat concerned about my change in attitude. I could tell he was about to ask if I wanted to dance when another voice beat him to the punch.

"Bella, do you want to dance with me?" Embry asked as he sat right next to me.

"Sure." I answered with a smile. Embry was sweet and quiet, kind of like me, so we had always gotten along well. As I stood I caught Rachels eyes as she asked me the silent question. 'Is he the father?' I just rolled my eyes and followed Embry out to the dance floor.

Embry and I danced awkwardly. He told me how much much he had enjoyed watching me and the girls dance at the bachelorette party. Maybe he liked me a little more than I thought he had. After the dance I smiled and kissed his cheek and returned to the table.

I had barely made it back to the table before Sam asked me to dance. When Pitbull began playing I couldn't help but squeel. I loved Pitbull. His music just made you want to shake your ass. And I fully admit to enjoying grinding myself against him, and he seemed to enjoy it too.

"You look amazing." He whispered so quietly I knew no one else could hear.

"You sure fill out that tux." I whispered in response. And fuck was it true. I swear I was having 007 sex fantasies about him. I pushed myself against him even harder.

Sam groan quietly. "You're so gonna pay for this later."

I laughed up at him. "Maybe."

When the song ended Quil asked me to dance, and then Seth. I enjoyed dancing with all of the boys. They made me laugh and really made me feel like I was part of the group again. And I watched Sam dance with the girls too. Embry came for another dance. And then Rachel dragged me to the bathroom. "It has to be Embry."

I just shrugged and refused to answer the question.

"Maybe tomorrow Rach." Was my only answer.

"Why won't you just tell me?" She complained. "It's not like I'll tell Paul." I blushed guiltily and she narrowed her eyes at me. "He already knows doesn't he?"

I bit my lip knowing that admitting he knew would get him in trouble, but I was a horrible liar. "Um, no?"

She growled angrily. "I can't believe he knew and didn't tell me."

"It's not his fault Rach. He only found out earlier today and I asked him not to say anything until I could tell everyone tomorrow."

She huffed angrily. "He still should have told me."

"I'm sure he would have told you toni..." I stopped mid sentence, looking down at my stomach. A kick. A hard, solid kick. I had felt the baby move before, little flutters across my stomach, but this was different. It was more real. And then it happened again.

"What? What's wrong?" Rachel demanded, looking at my stomach where my hand was now resting.

I looked up and grinned at her. "I felt it kick." I whispered, feeling breathless with joy. My baby was in there, kicking me. "That's the first time.

Rachel squeeled excitedly and replaced my hand with her own. Unfortunately, after standing there for several minutes we both realized the baby had stopped kicking for now. Rachel moped about it as we returned to the table. I was about to sit down when I felt a hot hand on my shoulder.

"Dance with me Bells?" Jake asked quietly.

I was in too good a mood to yell at him or even say no. So I just nodded and followed him out to the dance floor. I caught Sam's eye as he watched me carefully and I tried to smile reassuringly. He simply nodded, but I could still feel his eyes very carefully trained on me.

Almost the second we got out the fast paced dance song changed to Lady Antebellum's, I Need You Now, came on. I cringed. The song and the pace were only going to make this more awkward, but he soon placed his hands on my hips, ending my internal tirade. I put my hands around his neck, but did my best to maintain some distance between our bodies. We danced silently for a minute before he finally spoke.

"I missed you Bells." He whispered longinly.

"I missed you too Jake. You'll always be my best friend." I answered quietly, emphasizing his role in my life.

"I wish you could be more." His voice sounded broken, hurt beyond belief.

I sighed at his pain but I needed to be strong. I needed to make sure he understood that we would never be together again. "But we can't."

"But I wish it was."

I sighed. There was really no response to that, that could make him feel better, so I decided to try to change the subject. "So, how are you and Katie coming along?"

His face tightened when I mentioned her name. "We're fine Bella."

"That's good. I want you to be happy with her." And it was true. I wanted him to be happy with her. He deserved to be happy with his soumate. And I hoped that once he was happy with her we could go back to being friends without all this awkwardness.

His expression completely changed after I spoke from sadness to anger. "How can you say that? It's her fault we can't be together."

I stared at him shocked. Is that what he really thought? It wasn't like Katie had made Jake imprint on her. "Jake, it's not her fault. And it's not yours. The Gods gave you this special gift. Embrace it."

"I can't." He told me in a voice husky with tears. "I can't embrace it when it means I can't have you. I hate that I can't have you."

I hated seeing him so upset, so I offered him the only comfort I could. I hugged him and patted his back awkwardly. "Don't hate her Jake. Love her. She's meant for you. Stop ruining the relationship. Just forget about us."

The hurt on his face was palpable, but he swallowed deeply and nodded, albeit unconvincingly. "I'll try." And he leaned back in to my shoulder.

And then all hell broke loose. Jake gently moved my hair to the side and then froze. It took me about half a second to realize what he had seen. I quickly shook my hair back in place and leaned away but he stayed frozen another few seconds.

"What the hell is that?" Jake hissed angrily.

Fuck! This was exactly what I had feared. What do I do now?