I spent the next morning searching the Rez for Jacob. I went to his house, but Billy said he was gone. I checked his garage but it was empty. I visited our old place on the beach, but it was deserted. I even asked Sam if he would phase in and look for him, but he wasn't phased so Sam had no idea where he was either. It was obvious that he was avoiding me and had no intention of being found, so I gave up for the day when it was time to go and meet with the girls for lunch.

As soon as I entered Jared and Kim's apartment Kim and Rachel were throwing questions at me. "Who marked you?" "How far along are you?" Who's the baby daddy?"

I sighed tiredly. I hadn't slept well last night, my mind to busy thinking in circles about everything. I knew coming back and telling Sam about the baby was the right choice, but that didn't mean I felt any better about everything else. I still felt guilty about hurting Jake. I had no real idea where Sam and I stood, other than that he wanted to be involved with the baby. And I was terrified that my actions would create an irreversible schism in the pack. Plus, I may have been a little bit light headed from lack of being able to keep anything down this morning.

"Earth to Bella." Rachel waved her hands in front of my face.

"Okay, okay, I'll tell you everything, but not here."

"Why not?" Rachel was quick to demand.

I shrugged. "Cause the baby is hungry." I answered as my stomach gurgled loudly as if on demand.

The smiles on their faces could have blinded someone. So we quickly walked to the Diner and ordered our usual meals. With nothing else to distract us, they honed in on me once again.

"Alright girly, no more stalling." Kim told me with a mock glare. "Tell us about the watermelon and the marking."

I blushed under their scrutiny. "Okay, but I need you guys to promise not to tell anyone yet, not even your boys, at least until I can tell Jake. He deserves to hear it from me after everything we've been through."

The girls both nodded their accent. "Sure, whatever, now dish." Rachel added.

"Okay, well I guess it all started the night we got drunk and danced on the beach." I couldn't help but think of the way Sam had made me feel that night, of the incredible pleasure he had given me. I could feel my stomach coil tight at the very idea of being with him again, but quickly shoved that thought away, trying to concentrate on what the story. "Anyways, after your mates dragged you away Jake came over and tried to convince me to give us another go."

"That little asshole." Rachel snapped, her eyes narrowing in distaste.

"You didn't go with him did you?" Kim asked, her eyes wide.

"No, of course not." I answered her. "I told him no and of course he got mad and stormed off. So, I was hurt and angry and…." I looked up at the sound of the bell on the door ringing to see Embry and Sam walking in. "And we're not alone anymore."

The girls, wide eyed and excited glared heatedly as the intruders walked over to us. Embry slid in next to the girls while Sam slid in next to me, to my body's very great delight. Every spot that he touched me light up like a fire, pleasured tingles that centered in my core.

"Ladies." Sam greeted us with a smooth smile as his hand founds its way to my thigh. "How are you this morning?"

"We were fine before you showed up." Rachel bit back.

"Yeah, she was finally going to tell us everything." Kim complained.

Embry grilled. "Good, I'm right on time. So, who marked you?"

I laughed lightly and looked up at Sam. He nodded and queezed my thigh in encouragement. "Well, after Jake left Sam took me back to his house to sleep off my hangover and one thing led to another." Sam's smile softened as he stared at me. I finally tore my eyes from him to the others only to find them staring at us in absolute shock. Like, mouths hanging open, eyes wide, real shock.

"Se…seriously?" Embry finally managed to force out.

Sam wrapped his arm around my shoulders and nodded. "Yeah, seriously. We were both hurting and it was nice to be able to lean on each other and forget everything, at least for a little bit."

They continued staring at us, surprised by this revelation.

"But…. But why did you hide it?" Kim's eyebrows curled downward in confusion. "You were both single."

I shrugged. "We might have been single but we also knew it would cause drama in the pack and we wanted to avoid that."

"And it was nice to have something that was just our own, with no one else judging us." Sam added, holding me closer.

"I can see that." Rachel admitted after a few silent seconds. "But it being you Sam totally threw me for a loop. I thought it was Embry."

"Not me." Embry held his hands up as if to hold the very idea off. "Jake would kill me." He glanced up at Sam. "I totally get the secrecy too. I wouldn't be surpised if Jake challenged you for this."

Sam nodded. "I know. I'll deal with whatever happens. "

I felt my body tense at the very idea. I didn't want them to fight, especially not over me. The idea of Sam getting hurt, of either of them getting hurt, made me feel nausceous.

"So when did he mark you?" Kim asked, a smile returning to her previously worried face. "Before you left or after you came back and he found out about the baby?"

"Baby?" Embry demanded, looking at us with comically wide eyes.

"Oops." Kim had the audacity to look embarrassed at her little stumble.

I blushed under his scrutiny, but Sam seemed to puff up proudly. "Yeah, Bella's pregnant, but I marked her before she left."

"Holy shit." Embry shook his head, as if in a daze, but eventually smiled. "Congrats guys. You're gonna be parents."

I smiled up at Sam and he kissed me gently.

Just then the waitress arrived with our food. I only managed a few bites before the nausea returned and I had to push it away. Sam was only to happy to finish my leftovers.

"Hey, we gotta go run patrols, but we'll see you guys in a few hours for the pack meeting." Sam kissed my cheek and rubbed my belly lightly before they headed out. With the boys gone, the girls turned back to the really important subject at hand.

"So who's better? Sam or Jake?" Kim demanded.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud as Rachel shuddered in disgust at the idea of her brother and I having sex. I rolled my eyes. "I'll just say that sex with Sam is…" I shuddered just thinking about it… "mind blowing every time."

"So, when did he do it? How did he do it?" Rach asked excitedly.

"He did it the first time we had sex. He said right at the end his wolf sort of took over and he just had to do it." I explained. "And now, every time he touches the mark, it's like a mini orgasm."

"Damn." Rach looked surprised, but Kim just looked confused.

"Mine's not like that." Kim admitted. "Maybe he needs to try it while we're having sex."

I laughed and placed my hand on my quickly growing belly. "Well, if you do just be sure you double up on protection, or I wont be the only pregnant one for long."

Kim smiled coyly. "Well, now that we're married an 'accident' wouldn't be the end of the world."

We all giggled at that.

"So, does it hurt when they marked you guys?" Rachel asked, looking from one of us to the other.

"No, it just kinda felt, I don't know, weird I guess." Kim explained. "Like I could feel this extra bit of connection with him, but only just barely." She looked at me. "Do you have that?"

I nodded, trying to put what I felt in to words. "Well, not just barely, it's pretty strong actually. Like, I can feel it pulling the farther I get from him, and I just know when he's nearby. And sometimes I know how he's feeling I guess." I shrugged, unable to articulate it better than that. It was only then that I noticed the girls starring at me, then looking at each other and nodding.

"That sounds exactly like an imprint." Kim said with a grin. "Maybe he imprinted on you but didn't realize it?"

I shook my head. "I don't think so. I mean, he's imprinted before, so I think he would know. I think it's a little different for him, but I guess I haven't really asked." I bit my lip as I thought about that. I really did still need to talk to Sam about where we stood and how he was feeling about everything. "All I know is, it feels amazing every time he does it. And when he just touches it, I swear my body just melts for him, and now I can help calm him down when I touch him too."

"He's marked you more than once?" Rachel demanded.

I nodded, looking back and forth between them. "Yeah, he does it every time we're together. Is that not normal?"

The girls both shrugged. "We're not sure. The only things we know about marking come from the journals of the last pack and they only mentioned the two types of marking, during the act and not during the act." Kim explained.

"I still think it sounds like an imprint." Rach added. "But regardless, I could not be happier for you guys. You deserve to be happy together."

I smiled and hugged them across the table, though that word, together, made me anxious. I mean, were Sam and I really together? And if we were together was it only because of the baby, or did he actually want me as his woman? A relationship based only on a pregnancy and great sex was doomed to fail, wasn't it?

I had to rush to the restroom and throw up.