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Summary: After a dreadful event no one could have predicted, Naruto finds himself on the brink of death in a strange new world, with the Nine Tailed Demon Fox extracted from him. Is this the end for the blond boy or will this be a new beginning where he will no longer be alone, with a family that loves him and friends alongside which he will take on various adventures and powerful enemies?



Chapter 1: The Cait* is out of the bag.


The late-afternoon sun shone brightly at the top of the cloudless blue sky, sending its rays down onto the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Said village went by many names, but no matter what you called it, certain things always remained a fact.

It was a ninja village. It was in fact the Fire Country's, one of the five great Elemental Nations' only ninja village. The village itself was surrounded by a gigantic wall, no doubt built to protect it against any enemy invaders, separating the structures from what can only be described as a vast forest, which was surrounding it on all fronts. The Hidden Leaf had several giant gates, which served both as an entrance and an exit for anyone who wished to visit or leave. There was only one spot which wasn't covered by the wall, primarily the reason for that being an enormous cliff overlooking the village in its place.

On the cliff, there were four faces of men carved into the rock. From left to right, they were the faces of Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi and Minato Namikaze. The faces of the four Hokage[1], beloved leaders of the village, renowned as some of the greatest ninja to have lived.. or in the case of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, to still live.

The heads of the First through Forth, carved the way they were, seemed as if they were watching over the people of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. If you imagined it, you could see pride, happiness and hope for their home and their people. Today though.. Today you would see disappointment.

10th of October. The day the Nine Tailed Demon Fox unexpectedly attacked the village, causing destruction and death along its path. The day Minato Namikaze, exceptional ninja, leader and hero gave his life to protect the village and its people, defeating the vile demon in the process. Or that was the official story.

The truth was much crueler. The Forth Hokage did sacrifice his life, but it wasn't a sacrifice to defeat the demon, for even as powerful as he was, he was unable to manage such a feat. Minato gave his life away, using a forbidden technique to seal the demon into the body of a new-born baby, making it the cage of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox.

And herein was the cause of the disappointment of the great ninja leaders. Instead of being seen as a hero and enjoying himself at the festival taking place in celebration of the Fox's defeat, the jailer of the demon, this child, was spending his birthday alone.

Naruto Uzumaki, recently turned seven years old, sat atop the head of the Forth Hokage, his idol. His cerulean eyes looked over the village where festivities were currently taking place, where people would go around happily enjoying themselves. The village that hated him, the village that ignored him, without even letting him know of the reason. All Naruto Uzumaki knew was that he was alone, without parents, without siblings, that there was no one to support him and spend his birthday with him.

Letting out a strained and audible sigh, he turned his tear-filled eyes away from the village, slowly standing up and walking away. Naruto had shorter than average high for a boy his age. He had blond, spiky hair which boasted a mind of its own, since no amount of combing would ever be enough to make it submit. He wore a white T-shirt with an orange swirl at the front and green baggy shorts, with blue sandals on his feet. But the most characteristic feature of the seven years old boy was what looked like whiskers marks, three on each cheek right below his beautiful cerulean orbs.

Not sparing another glance at the village, Naruto began his slow and void of energy walk towards his solitary home.


A lone cloaked figure made its way along an old, forgotten path. It led to the edge of some cliffs, overlooking the great ocean. The sound of the violent waves crashing into the rocks, chipping them away and dispersing countless water droplets into the air, could be heard from afar. As the figure continued down the path, he started descending lower and lower, coming close to the raging waters until he reached the end, right at the edge of a steep cliff. He took a large whiff of the air and as the smell of the ocean itself invaded his lungs, he released it in an audible sigh.

He looked in front of him and smiled. There was nothing but the wild waves and a few clouds in the late-afternoon sky ahead. Indeed, his group's resident illusionist was very skilled. He lifted his arm slowly as it began to glow in a faint green light. He stretched it in front of him, above his head, seemingly at the nothingness that lied in the ocean, and waved it. After the third wave the area started to get distorted as a small magical circle appeared in the air and by the fifth it had already completely changed.

Now the old path didn't end abruptly, but it continued upwards onto a rocky headland. Now, it could be clearly seen that it led to what looked like an ancient keep. Blaire McGuire smiled as he continued walking ahead. Such a large scale permanent illusion would be hard to pull off even for a master illusionist of her calibre. Luckily, illusions weren't her only forte and with the aid of some well placed runes, she was able to not only cast it, but keep it sustained at the cost of relatively small amount of magical power.

The cloaked man absentmindedly made a curve to the right, still following the same path. He soon reached stair-steps, that led up towards the remains of a now ruined wall with a disintegrating from the old-age wooden gate. The wall was built right between two large cliffs, which would get the defenders quite the advantage over any army stupid enough to try and attack the gate head-on. Indeed, the keep was built in a very strategic location by his ancestors. Well, they couldn't be considered his ancestors really.

Blaire McGuire, or rather the body of Blaire McGuire, had the appearance of taller than average man, with blue-green eyes and red-orange curly hair and beard. He had large muscled arms and even larger chest and stomach. Beneath his black cloak, he wore a white buttoned T-shirt, blue pants, leather boots and a leather belt around his waist. Of course, he didn't really look like that. This was merely the appearance of the body he had possessed.

As he moved past the gate and continued towards the plaza, his hand absently brushed over the leather-encased book that was chained to his belt. Leonard, master of dark magic and sorcery, could only be grateful to whoever it was that sent Blaire his way and made him pick the book he was sealed in out of curiosity. He still couldn't believe his luck at times and thought he was under an illusion or had gone insane in the confines of that damnable book.

And yet.. Here he was. In the possession of a suitable body, about to perform a ritual that would grant him the power he had lost, the power that he so rightfully deserved! As he reached the plaza, he found himself in front of a large round piece of rock with various runes and circles painted on it, with the whole pentagram stretching outside and all around it, drawn on the grass-less ground.

Yet that wasn't the only thing that greeted him. The other four members of their small group stood or sat there, preoccupied with various things, while they awaited his arrival. Again, he had to thank whatever luck bestowed him for such useful.. tools to complete his plan. Of course, it had taken time to find all the right people with enough magical power. But after two long years, everything was gathered and was ready for the ritual they had all prepared.

His eyes moved onto each of his cloaked companions. Or rather some were cloaked, in the case of two particular individuals there was definitely not enough clothing to be even barely considered decent. He first looked at a man known as Cornelius Wright.

He was a fat short man, with black curly hair. He had tanned skin and brown, almost black squinty eyes. His round nose and big mouth only reinforced the pigly impression he gave off. Although, not as much as the smell. At times, Leonard was sure the vile thing had a mind of its own. He sometimes wondered what amount of poor hygiene would it take to give birth to a spawn like that, no matter how much Cornelius claimed the stench came from his potions. Indeed, Cornelius Wright was a potions mage, utilizing various alchemical mixtures and infusing them with his magical power to produce varying effects from creatures made from poison or acid to different degrees of explosion. The black mage actually had suspicion that the stench was the product of an accident with Cornelius' potions and the poor hygiene. And he was certain the fat man used it as a weapon, which made him a fearsome man indeed.

His reason for being here was simple. Greed. He had a lot of money and he wanted more money. And he believed that he would obtain vast riches after acquiring more power. He was exactly what Leonard had needed, because funding this little operation was quite financially taxing and despite all of his complains at spending his precious wealth, Cornelius had provided. As for clothing, the few instances Leonard saw him without the cloak, he wore light blue robes and yellow pointy shoes. The stenchmaster made it a point to wear the cloak most of the time, after the ramblings of the insane member of their group.

Blaire's possessed eyes moved onto said member. Peter Sleeck. A man very well defined by his name. He had pale skin with long black oily hair. Wrinkles marred his white face, around his yellow eyes and at the edges of his darkened lips, signifying he was probably in his mid-forties. Those weren't the only things surrounding his mouth, as he had a thin black goatee, extending a bit below his chin.

This sorcerer practised a forbidden and dangerous aspect of magic. Necromancy. More specifically, he had an aptitude for Soul Stealing. It was an atrocious magic, but Leonard needed it. He hadn't shared this little piece of information with the others, but a few souls were needed for the ritual as well and he wasn't willing to sacrifice his companions. Oh, not that he was feeling sentimental or anything.. hilarious like that. No, he needed their substantial magical power for the ritual, something you can't use when you don't have a soul.

Snapping from his inner musings Leonard continued observing the necromancer. Sleek's unusual choice in magical arts more than accounted for his attire. Beneath the ever present cloak, he wore a dark violet robe. Over it he had what looked like chest armour, made from white bones. He had the same type of armour over his forearms and tights and wore boots made of the same material. Which was bones. He wore a belt around his waste, made of skulls which gave the overall impression the man was obsessed with the human skeleton. Most likely not in a healthy way.

The necromancer's reason for participation was simple as well. He was getting old and he wanted immortality. And he believed the ritual would help him obtain power to achieve his ridiculous dream. Who knows, maybe it would have.

Leonard let out a sigh as he moved onto the next half of the group. The half behind the reason for most of Sleek's insane ramblings. He looked at a scarcely clad man, going by the name of Babajide. He had lean muscular body and dark skin. His head was bald and he had brown chocolate eyes. Various tribal markings were painted over his face in white, continuing down his neck and onto his chest. The reason the dark sorcerer could see that, was because Babajide only wore what looked like a leopard pelt around his waist. He was barefooted as well, although there were pieces of leopard pelt around his ankles as well going up to his knees. Around his waist pelt, there were various trinkets, amulets and cylinders, as well as a medium sized pouch strapped to his back, no doubt filled with things needed for the purpose of helping him with his strange magic.

Babajide was a witch doctor. Or at least, once was one. Now he had progressed beyond the healing purposes of his art into the sphere of witchcraft itself. The reason behind what prompted that change was the same reason he was a part of their group. Vengeance. The red haired man didn't know the whole details, not because of Babajide's unwillingness to share them, but more because of the strange way the dark skinned man spoke. From what he had gathered, the witch doctor's tribe had been captured and sacrificed one night, him being the only one managing to escape. Leonard mused seeing something like that would probably make any man seek revenge. Not that he cared, although he supposed he should be happy for it, since that was the reason Babajide was with them. And his expertise in dark rituals was without a doubt a great help.

Most of the group's companions had simple reasons for being a part of their modest gathering. Greed. Immortality. Vengeance. Leonard had to confess, even his reason was simple. He wanted power to restore himself to his former glory. But he wasn't sure about the reasons of the group's final member, something that worried him a bit.

Shaking his head lightly, he set his gaze over the only female present in the plaza. There on one of the many mossy stones, in all her beauty, laid Morgana. Leaning on her elbows she observed the interactions of the others with apparent apathy until she turned her gaze towards the newcomer.

Morgana was in every definition of the word a gorgeous fair-skinned woman. Her beautiful raven hair went down her bare back, with two strands held in four small bronze cylinders, two longer above two shorter, as they fell on the sides of her bewitching face. An intense gaze was the product of soft-silver eyes and her lips were touched with royal purple lipstick. Her clothing consisted of a large bronze belt strapped tightly around her slender waist with the front being a big circle, positioned over her flat stomach. From the circle, two pieces of silky royal purple cloth stretched over her chest, joining behind her neck, barely covering her large breasts. The other ends of the cloth wrapped around her waist underneath the belt and fell loosely, completing the dress, over her long legs with a slit starting right above her right tight. She had three large bronze ring-bracelets over each wrist, miraculously not falling down from her hands, no matter how much she moved them. The cylinders, the bracelets and the belt all had different runes and markings etched upon them, although they were barely visible on the thin bracelets. Amber coloured tattoos and signs were drawn on her wrists, her bare shoulders, her back and her outer tights. She also wore amber coloured high-heeled sandals with roman style straps going criss-cross up to her knees.

Despite himself, even Leonard had to admit he was sometimes mesmerized by the beauty and power emanating from this woman. She was a master illusionist, capable of even creating solid illusions at times. He wasn't sure of her other abilities, since she wasn't of the sharing around the camp-fire type, but he at least knew she had some ability with runes, since she had helped with the preparations of the ritual. Besides, only an idiot would think the runes over the bronze jewellery she wore were purely for decoration. And she was after all the one responsible for the large-scale illusion that hid their base of operations so well. Without her, their whole quest wouldn't have gone so unnoticed.

Nevertheless, Leonard was worried. He needed someone with mastery over illusions and those mages were quite rare. He had heard of her being a powerful mage, constantly working and training herself into the ground, plunging into countless hours of research, all for obtaining recognition from her peers, not only as a female mage, but as an illusionist as well. So he thought maybe offering her power would make her join his cause. She had listened to him intently, the night he sought her at a bar after she had completed some assignment. She had remained silent for a while afterwards and Leonard was getting worried he had made a mistake and would have to kill her, causing unwanted attention towards him. Not to mention, powerful as he was, even he wasn't sure he would be able to defeat her in his current body. But to his relief she had agreed.

That still didn't mean he wasn't worried or suspicious. Morgana had stated that she was working towards the highest form of illusion magic – turning an illusion into reality permanently, without the need of constant magical power for sustenance. Something didn't seem quite right to Leonard though. He wasn't a practitioner of the art himself, but he knew such a feat shouldn't be about power alone. It was about changing the mechanics of the world and for that, knowledge and technique were needed much more than vast quantities of raw magical energy, something she had quite a lot of anyway.

But he needed her. Not to mention he really didn't know anything about illusions, so he didn't let his paranoia rule him too much. And he wasn't that worried, since he would properly dispose of her anyway. He would properly dispose of them all after tonight.

Leonard decided to let his presence be known, as he removed his hood and cleared his throat audibly. That got the rest of the group's attention, since he already had Morgana's.

"Finally!" Cornelius was the first to speak or rather shout. "We've been waiting for you for a while now! What took you?"

The dark sorcerer spared a glance at him. "There were some complications with the final lacryma crystal. It was better guarded than I initially expected."

Cornelius grunted. "Fine. Let's get started, I want to get over with this so we can all be on our way doing our thing."

Leonard barely nodded as he moved towards a heap of lacryma crystals. Taking out a pouch from underneath his robe, he took out a blue orb the size of a bowling ball. It could be clearly seen it was charged quite densely with magic. The energies pulsated and flickered in it, as the red-haired mage put it carefully next to other such crystals.

There weren't that many such densely powered lacryma around Fiore, although they weren't rare. The scale of the magical energies they packed still warranted some sort of protection. Especially since his group started to move recently to rapidly collect one hundred and twenty of them, which was still a fifth of their total number. They went unnoticed at first since they tried using Cornelius' wealth to buy some, but not all of them could be bought, so they had to resolve to theft.. At some point some people started piecing the clues together and realized the crystals were specifically targeted. So they had started increasing the guards and the protection.

It wasn't that Leonard was unprepared for the increased protection. What caught him by surprise was this time there were mages there as well. Furthermore it had taken him more time than he had desired to break into the reinforced safe that held the lacryma. It was a good thing this was the last one they needed though. No doubt there would be even more attention at the thefts now that they had turned into murders.

As he looked up, he saw the others were starting to make final preparations for the ritual. They inspected the large pentagram circle the whole thing would take place in and were moving the lacryma crystals at their supposed locations.

Not wasting anytime he joined them in checking over the runes painted over the round rock as well as the ground, forming into what he considered a work of art in itself. Truly, Leonard was quite proud of his creation.

At the edge of the rock you could see black runes inscribed over it forming a circle themselves. From them, five lines stretched on the ground, reaching five more circles. These were much smaller than the centre one as the purpose behind them was for a person to stand in it, channel magical energies and manipulate the ritual, hence they were called medium circles. All five were connected by lines of runes, forming a giant pentagram. On those lines, there were three more smaller circles between the larger ones, where eight lacryma orbs were placed in each, in the form of an octagon, with rune lines connecting each of the crystals. Their raw magical energy would provide the power needed for the ritual and it was why they were called the storage circles. There were also two more runed lines outstretched from each of the medium circles, joining them in what looked like a star. The centre of the star, which formed a pentagram of its own, encased the circular rock in the middle perfectly. Between the five rays of the drawn star, there were large markings, each having its own purpose. Finally, the whole giant pentagram was encased in a rune circle itself, completing the whole thing. The only place that didn't have any additional markings and runes and seemed rather empty in contrast was the centre circle. Also known as the summoning circle.

For this was the purpose of their two long years of preparations. For gathering all the money, all the lacryma, all the souls and all the hard preparations. The ritual pentagram itself had taken him, Babajide and Morgana three months to paint and calibrate. It would all help them summon a powerful demon from another plane. A demon they would subdue, purify its raw power and divide it amongst them. Or that's what the others believed.

Leonard almost chuckled wickedly, as he remembered what he set the circle to actually do. Instead of dividing the power in five, he would absorb it all! And then he would dispose of his tools.

"Is everything ready?" Leonard's fantasies of murder were put to a halt by Morgana's serious voice. She rarely spoke at their gatherings, which meant this time she was quite eager herself.

"Ready? Nooo, not at all. There is still something you and Baba need to do, yeees." Sleek said with his distinct annoying way of elongating 'yes' and 'no'. At his statement Morgana rolled her eyes, but it was Babajide who spoke.

"What you be talking, mon? All the circles be painted and all the crystals be gathered. We be ready for ritual, mon." Leonard blinked as he deciphered what the bald muscled man had just said.

"Not quite!" Cornelius decided to join in the conversation. "You and Morgana need to put on the cloaks and cover yourselves. Not that I mind Morgana's clothing or lack of it any bit. You could always lose it all if it was up to me." At his last comment he turned a lecherous smile at the sorceress wagging his brows suggestively.

The only female of the group threw a piercing glare at him. "Watch it, pig! Or I might cause another 'accident' with your potions to increase that vile stench of yours. Maybe this time I would do the world a favour by getting rid of you."

"But Cornelius is right, yeees. We cannot begin the ritual, without you putting on your cloaks, nooo."

"And why I be needing a cloak, mon?"

"For protection of course, yeees. You wouldn't want the demon to know who you are and seek you out if we fail, nooo. His buddies might see you as well, yeees."

Babajide snorted. "Mask is all I need, mon!" he spoke as he picked a tribal wooden mask, hanging from his pelt and put it on his face. It had several paintings in red, white and yellow as well as a couple of leaves and feathers extending from the top and the sides.

"I think not, nooo. You should cover your whole bodies or the demon would know, yeees. Especially you, slut." The last comment was of course directed at Morgana, who sent the coldest glare she could manage his way, most likely capable of freezing the sun itself. Which was a wasted effort since the corpse loving bastard probably had ice flowing already in that pale-skinned body of his. As she opened her mouth to no doubt send a couple of threats his way with the promise of fulfilling them once their mutual association had finished, Leonard decided it was time to put an end to this.

"Enough." he said quietly, with menace. Or that was what he intended at least. Leonard almost swore and cursed his body's only flaw in his view. No matter how quiet he tried to be, his booming voice had a different opinion on the matter. What infuriated him more was that there was nothing he could do about it. Possessing someone didn't magically change his vocal chords as well. At most, there could be traces of his former voice in his puppet's, but nothing more. "Seize this foolishness at once, we don't have time for it. Morgana, Babajide, put the damn cloaks so we can start!"

The others looked at him doing nothing to hide their smirks. Leonard cursed yet again. Of course, such high-classed speech didn't have the desired menacing effect with this booming voice and at most managed to accomplish a comedic reaction.

Nevertheless, the scarcely-clad mages done over their cloaks and hoods and all of them proceeded to take their respective places. Leonard was of course at the top of the star, with his medium circle being the only one that had a wooden podium. He picked the book from his belt and unwrapped it from the leather casing. After all, his actual magical power was in the book and not in this body. He placed it on the podium, opening it at the desired page, before looking at the now orange coloured sky as he noted the sun had began to set. He looked over his temporary companions.

"Let us begin."


Naruto was walking along a path, overlooking the bank of a small lake. The sun was setting, colouring the sky in a beautiful orange. Soon the day would end, signifying another lonely birthday. His eyes went to the left and he marvelled at how beautiful the lake looked now. It was reflecting the setting sun and it had taken the colour of the sky. Naruto smiled – a lake of orange underneath a sky of orange. Since it was his favourite colour, he thought maybe it was a gift of nature for him on this day. At least he got one.

As he continued walking, a small wooden pier came into view. On it sat a boy he immediately recognized. Sasuke Uchiha. He wore a black shirt with the Uchiha clan logo on the back, which was a red and white fan, black shorts and black sandals. He had raven hair and black eyes, giving the impression he had no pupils. He was sitting on the edge, looking absentmindedly at the far distance. Naruto's expression softened at that.

Of course he knew of him. He was an orphan like him. He wasn't always an orphan though. Back when they joined the academy, Naruto didn't have much interactions with him, but he was different from now. He used to be more cheery and smiled from time to time. Now he had cold eyes, filled with solitude and hatred. Kind of like his own.

That change in behaviour happened a month or so ago, when his clan was massacred. He had lost everyone close to him, including his parents. Naruto never had any, so he didn't know what it was to lose. But he knew that now Sasuke was like him. Alone. And even though it was cruel, it made Naruto happy, because now, there was someone who could relate to his pain and maybe share a bond with. If he stopped being stubborn and actually went and talked to the boy.

Naruto was suddenly startled from his daze, when the raven haired boy noticed his presence and turned his head his way. Too surprised for a proper reaction, Naruto unconsciously frowned, prompting a glare from Sasuke. The boys stared at each other for a bit, before both turning their heads away with a huff.

Naruto continued on his way towards his apartment, with a huge smile on his face. They would always fight and act like they hated each other, but for Naruto, Sasuke was his first friend, his first connection. He didn't need to turn away, to know the raven haired boy was also smiling.

And he was right. After Naruto had moved on, Sasuke sneaked a small peek at the blond and noticed his smile. Which immediately prompted one of his own. Naruto may be an idiot, but he wasn't so bad, Sasuke mused. Even though they both shared the same pain, now that he was alone, Sasuke could tell the other boy had it much worse. Naruto had never felt the warmth of a family, the embrace of a mother and the pride of a father, even though Sasuke himself had only recently gotten the last one, right before his father was murdered. Maybe.. Maybe he could swallow his pride for a bit and act nicer to the blond. Maybe if they became friends, neither would be alone an..

A loud scream of pain resonated through the air. Sasuke snapped from his thoughts and immediately jumped to his feet. He turned around, but couldn't see Naruto anymore. He rushed upwards towards the path, searching for the blond and froze still at the sight that greeted him.


The floor and the walls of the chamber around the cage shook. Small bits started falling off the ceiling. The Nine Tailed Demon Fox opened his eyes as he was woken up from his slumber. He slowly lifted his head, followed by his whole body. He stood on guard as a somewhat familiar feeling set upon him. He felt a distant pulling, as if someone was trying to yank him.. As if someone tried to summon him!

At this sudden realization, the Fox tensed even more as his tails began to swish behind him.

"Who is doing this?" The Nine-tails rumbled. "Madara? No.. That other one?"

But it was neither of them. And inside this accursed prison, no one should be able to summon him anyway, the only good point of it. Then what the hell was going on? What was this strange power? Without any warning, the fox was pulled abruptly, letting out a roar of anger and pain as he was slammed against the barred gate of his prison. He felt his power being syphoned away and could feel the pain increasing as the pulling intensified.

The Nine Tailed Demon Fox didn't know what was happening. But he did know one thing. Whoever was responsible for this would suffer!


Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves was sitting in a chair, inside a small apartment. His ANBU guards had surrounded the place in a protective perimeter, but no one was actually present inside. So the old Kage[2] sat alone, in silence, while smoking his pipe and reading a small orange book.

He was in this apartment waiting for a particular someone. A special little boy, who turned seven today. He hadn't seen him in a while and was actually looking forward to this day to have an excuse and come over to visit him. He had also prepared a small gift for the child.

He always enjoyed his meetings with the boy. Naruto reminded him so much of his successor, that it was like looking at a young Minato. And he would always smile, no matter how down he was feeling. Of course, the old man knew that was just a mask. Nevertheless, one of the boy's smiles was able to brighten up the old man's day, no matter how hard it was.

He chuckled a bit as he looked at the present he had gotten him. This year, he had bought him a sleeping cap, that looked like the head of a hippo. He remembered how happy the boy was last year when he gave him that frog wallet, the blond so affectionately called 'Gama-chan'[3].

A familiar feeling swept over Hiruzen as he felt his spine shiver. "No.. This couldn't be." He muttered as he looked out of the window. All of a sudden a vile, yet familiar demonic chakra filled the air as it swept the village.

In a blink of an eye, all of his ANBU guards were present and around him. The Hokage himself had already stood up and was hastily making his way towards the door. He couldn't shake the feeling, he might not see the blond boy ever again.



Sasuke's jaw clenched in fear as cold sweat started pouring over his body at what was unfolding in front of him. There, bent over and holding his bleeding stomach was Naruto, screaming in pain. Vile red, bubbling chakra had started surrounding him, until it formed into what looked like a cloak, with the addition of two fox-like ears coming from his head and a tail swishing behind him. The blond's screams intensified as he suddenly arched his back, shooting up his head, as he was lifted a bit from the ground. Sasuke could see his T-shirt soaked in blood, but what shocked him even more was what looked like the head of a fox forming over where his stomach was, as if it was being pulled.

At this sight, a sudden realization formed in Sasuke's mind. Someone was hurting Naruto! Someone was trying to kill his friend! The red chakra surrounding the blond had frozen Sasuke on his feet in fear, but the raven haired Uchiha still opened his mouth in an attempt to scream for help. But before a sound could menage to come out of his trembling lips, the area around the blond started to get distorted. Sasuke's eyes widened in surprise at what he was seeing. Small red cracks started to form around Naruto, as if there was glass there being shattered. In a flash of bright orange light, the blond was no more. All that was left were the slowly vanishing cracks.

Sasuke fell on his knees as he suddenly started taking huge breaths. His eyes were fixed in the area where Naruto had stood, but the boy was nowhere to be seen. In the blink of an eye, Naruto Uzumaki had disappeared from this world.


Sweat was pouring over Leonard's forehead. This wasn't part of the plans! He had never anticipated it would take so much magical power to perform the summoning. Something wasn't right. He looked over at the storage seals and saw that there were only five circles still filled with larcyma. And one of them was actually halved. The dark sorcerer bit back a curse. They should have gathered more of those orbs, consequences be damned. It didn't matter anymore though. All he could do now was concentrate on the summoning and hope for its success.

No sooner had he thought that when he noticed the distortion at the summoning circle, with red cracks appearing around it. In a flash of orange light, what looked like a red fox appeared. Leonard let a small smile at that. With the appearance of the demon he could feel the power it carried in the air as well as the wickedness and malice oozing from it. His smile faltered though, when he took a moment to examine more thoroughly what they had summoned.

"What's going on?" Morgana's voice came from his left. "That looks like a small boy!"

"That is not an ordinary boy, nooo. It appears the demon is sealed inside him, yeees."

"Great, what are we going to do now?" Cornelius shouted from one of the farther medium circles.

Leonard took a deep breath. "We carry on with the ritual. We will just extract the demon from the boy, then divide and absorb its power." The necromancer immediately focused at his words, but Leonard could still feel the others' reluctance. "This is no time to hesitate! We are already halfway through the ritual, there's nothing else that can be done!" he screamed as he started focusing himself.

Slowly the two other men focused their power as well. Leonard didn't even turn his head at Morgana. They didn't need her to finish anymore anyway. Four of them would be enough. He would deal with her later.

As they focused their power they could see the blond child being lifted above the ground, with vile red energy coming out of his stomach. As the energy increased and gathered in the air, it slowly started taking the shape of a wild beast. When the boy's screams of anguish finally ceased and his bloody and burned body fell to the ground, Leonard's eyes widened at what was standing before them.

A large red-orange fox, with nine swishing tails looked around each of them with bloodthirsty eyes, that promised nothing short of pain and massacre. It lifted its head and let out an inhuman roar of fury. That's when the dark sorcerer realized something had gone wrong. The demon was not contained anymore and he had no control over it. He looked at the storage circles and his eyes widened in shock. They were all empty. The extraction must have taken all of the lacryma's magical power away. It didn't matter, they just had to subdue it now and then take its power.

The Nine Tailed Demon Fox looked around the new area he was at. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the wonderful air he so missed. Freedom at last! He had no idea where he was, but judging by what looked like a summoning pentagram he ventured a guess that it was thanks to the five hooded individuals he was here. A wicked smile grew upon his face. It was time to thank them properly. After all, he hadn't gone on a killing spree in a long time.

Leonard felt a chill run down his spine or rather, the spine of his possessed body, when he saw the menacing eyes of the demon fix on him. The grin the fox had already made him uncomfortable, but now with that gaze directed at him, the dark sorcerer quickly made a few hand-signs. As he finished, the book in front of him began emanating dark power.

"Chains of Hell's Gates." he muttered and five black chains shot from the ground and enveloped the giant fox's legs and neck. Of course, these weren't ordinary chains. As the name suggested, they were actually heated with fires from hell. Leonard wasn't done with just that though. He put one hand on the book, drawing more of his power from it and lifted his other hand, quickly making some more hand-signs.

"Dark embrace!" A black wave shot from his outstretched arm, wrapping around the fox's body. With an additional hand-sign, he pulled the energy as it began to tighten more and more.

The Nine-tails was furious. Just as he was about to smash the insignificant human before him, he was captured with burning chains that actually hurt. As if they weren't bad enough, he was also wrapped with some black energy that slowly began crushing his chest. The Fox would have none of that. Letting out a huge roar, he released some of his power from his body, instantly shattering the bonds and dispersing the black energy. Before the figure responsible for them could react, he was captured in Kyuubi's[4] paw. The demon then proceeded in crushing its body, enjoying every moment of the screams of pain, the cracking of the bones and the blood that spilled like he was crushing a ripe tomato. Quite satisfied with his kill, he directed his attention to the other cloaked figures.

Who weren't just standing doing nothing though. As she saw Blaire's demise, Morgana shivered a bit and let one of her bracelets fall into her palm. Turning around rapidly, she hurled it towards the fox's neck, making a few signs with her free hand. The bracelet's runes began to glow as it enlarged considerably. The Kyuubi, seeing the possible danger, moved his arm to stop it but to his surprise, the piece of jewellery passed through it. It continued on, passing through his neck as well, until it was around it like a collar. Clenching her hand into a fist, Morgana moved it down, making the bracelet extremely heavy. Her actions brought the Fox's head into the ground, creating a small crater from the weight. That should hold the demon long enough for her to recover the boy. She didn't get the chance though, as her companions began making their respective attacks.

Sleek was touching the ground with his hands, dark energy oozing from them. It was a good thing this was an ancient keep, no doubt having been a place of numerous battles which would supply the bodies he needed perfectly. "Army of the Undead!" he exclaimed in a resonating hollow voice, making a hundred skeletons holding various weapons rise from the ground. As he issued a silent command, they began hacking and slashing at the demon's legs and tails.

Babajide had taken the opportunity to prepare one of his more powerful spells during the spare time. He held one of his amulets up and channelled a large quantity of his magical power through it. "Locust Swarm!" Immediately, countless locusts started pouring out from the now enlarged amulet. The giant wave of insects enveloped the fox as they started biting furiously.

Not to be left behind, Cornelius threw six bottles containing liquid at the ground. "Nitro Wolves!" he chanted, making the liquid from the now shattered containers take the shape of six wolves as they all charged towards the fox, climbing over its back and exploding when they reached the base of six of its tails.

Under the relentless attacks, Kyuubi let out another roar of fury and pain. He would make them suffer for this! Channelling some of his vile chakra, he made it encase his body. Immediately, all the wounds he had accumulated healed as if they never existed. The poisonous chakra took care of the pesky locusts, before they had the time to pull away.

Now to teach those fools a lesson. He would first take care of the one responsible for the annoying collar. The Fox shot one of his tails towards Morgana and wrapped it around her body, before the woman had the time to react. He proceeded to lift her in the air at enormous speed and slam her into the ground. He then threw her body into one of the nearby buildings, making the wall she hit collapse from the force of impact. Feeling the bracelet immediately lighten and fall through his neck, the Nine-tails lifted his head and raised the whole building on top of the female mage, making sure it would be her grave forever.

Whipping his tails, the Demon started disposing quickly of the skeletal army, while turning towards the figure responsible for the insects. That fleshling's bugs had not only bit and tore at his flesh, but the Fox had suspicion they were filled with deadly poison as well. Of course, that didn't make that big of a difference, since his own chakra was considered one of the deadliest poisons in existence. It was time to give the human a taste of his own medicine. The Nine-tails grabbed Babajide with his arm, but instead of crushing his body like with his first victim, he let his demonic chakra burn the man's skin, enjoying every bit of the wails of anguish. As they began to lessen, the Demon merely tossed the body into the raging waves of the ocean.

While he was busy with that, he had taken care of the undead army as well. His attention turned once more to the shattered bones on the ground though, as they began trembling. In a moment's notice, they were lifted in the air, forming a large amount of bone spears and shot with incredible speed towards the Fox. Kyuubi did nothing to stop them, as most just bounced off his chakra cloak and those that didn't were insignificant. So that one liked playing with bones, did he? Good, so did the Nine-tails. Bringing his fist over the necromancer, he began pounding him into the ground, creating a small crater in the process. After the forth or fifth hit, the Fox lifted the shattered body like a doll and proceeded in tearing off an arm and a leg from it, before hurling it with great force towards the mainland.

Enjoying himself to the fullest, the Fox let out a small chuckle as he turned to the last one. The Demon noticed that while he was taking care of his companion, the plump, cloaked figure had started running away. Perfect, he enjoyed a good chase. Without much effort, Kyuubi reached the running Cornelius and grabbed him with one of his tails. He held the trembling man up to his face, before giving him a toothy smile. The Fox particularly enjoyed the taste of fear in his victims. Throwing the fat man into the air, he snapped his jaws around him. In retrospect, the Nine-tails realized that hadn't been a good idea. After a chew or two, he felt an extremely foul taste in his mouth and quickly spat the body into a nearby building. Disappointed at being denied his meal after so long, the Fox collapsed it in a fit of rage.

Now that he was finished with his little fun, the Nine-tails decided to survey the area. He was on some sort of rocky headland, surrounded by the ocean on three sides. There was only one building still standing and it appeared to be the ruins of some kind of fort. His gaze was then directed down towards the summoning pentagram and even the Fox had to admit it looked quite impressive. Had it not caused him so much pain, he would have studied it more deeply.

The Fox's eyes fell on the body of his previous jailer. He lifted an eyebrow as he saw the boy's chest moving slightly, signifying Naruto was still alive. If only barely. The extraction had probably destroyed all of the child's chakra network, as well as caused what looked like various burns and a very bad wound on his stomach, from where the seal was broken. Maybe it would be best for the blond if he just granted him a quick death. The child had suffered enough in his life already.

Nine-tails' gaze lingered over Naruto's body for a bit before stretching his paw slowly towards him. Before it could reach the blond though, a violent roar pierced through the havens. Kyuubi looked up only to see a tail, hitting him square in the face and throwing him into the last standing building of the ruins – the keep itself.

With a roar of his own, the Fox stood up only for his eyes to widen in surprise at a creature he had never seen before. It stretched its giant wings and swung them violently, creating a huge whirlwind, which blowed away the Kyuubi before he could even react, sending the Demon hundreds of meters away into the ocean, along with what was left of the castle.

The winged beast grumbled at the incomprehensible yelling, no doubt promises of torture and murder, coming from the flying fox. That didn't worry it that much. All of the demon lot were the same loudmouths, most likely trying to compensate for something they lacked. The newly arrived creature set its gaze upon the bleeding figure of Naruto Uzumaki.


Warm. Naruto felt warm. He opened his eyes and closed them immediately at the sudden brightness. And then opened them again, much slower this time. He took in the surroundings and discovered that everything around him was white, without any noticeable features. He stood up a bit on his elbows and turned his head around. There really wasn't anything here.

"Where am I?" Then the memories hit him. The burning pain, the pulling, the cloaked figures and then more pain. He had never felt so much in his life before and remembered he was begging for it to stop or for him to die. In comparison, warm was a vast improvement, even though he wasn't sure of his current whereabouts. "Am I dead?"

"No. We are in your mind." At the sudden feminine voice Naruto jumped to his feet and turned towards whence it came from, faster than one would expect from a seven year old boy. His eyes widened in surprise and his jaw fell slightly at what he saw.

A couple of meters in front of him, two people were standing. He wasn't sure how he didn't see them before when he looked around, but he immediately recognized one of them. He was a tall white-skinned man, with blond spiky hair and blue eyes, much like his own. He had jaw-length bangs, which fell over a blue Leaf forehead protector, framing the sides of his face. He wore a standard Leaf-nin uniform, which consisted of a dark blue long-sleeved shirt with two bands on each arm and dark blue pants. His ankles and calves were bandaged, catching up the bottom of his leggings and he wore black sandals. Over his shirt he had a green flak-jacket and a short-sleeved, long, white coat, with flame-like motives on the edges. Before him stood his idol and hero, the Forth Hokage.

He didn't recognize the person next to him though. It was a fair-skinned woman, with bright red hair that reached all the way to her ankles. Strands were falling on each side of her face and a yellow clip prevented her hair from falling over her violet-blue eyes. She wore a high-collared, sleeveless, loose-fitting dress with a beige apron over, which framed her slender, feminine figure. Naruto noticed she was holding hands with the Forth, while they were making their way towards him.

"Who are you?" At his question the two adults stopped a couple of steps away and the blond man was the first to answer.

"My name is Minato Namikaze." he said, giving him a huge grin. Before Naruto was able to tell him he already knew that and wasn't asking him really, the woman spoke.

"Mine is Kushina Uzumaki" she gave him a small smile of her own. Naruto's eyes shot at her face when he heard her last name. Could she be..?

Seeing that, Kushina's smile grew wider as she continued "We are your parents, Naruto."


*To be read 'cat'.

[1]Hokage – literary means 'Fire Shadow' (jap.).

[2]Kage – means 'Shadow' (jap.).

[3]Gama–chan – literary means toad-chan (jap.); -chan is a suffix of endearment.

[4]Kyuubi – literary means 'Nine-tails' (jap.).


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