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Title: My Moonlit Lover
Part: 6/15
Author: Murasaki Rose
Beta: None
Genre: AU/Romance/Supernatural/Horror
Rating: R
Warnings: YAOI/Anthro/MPREG/Violence
Pairings: YYxY, SxJ, YBxR(established), YMxM(established)
Spoilers: Yami no Yugi's real name.
Disclaimer: Here we go. Yu-Gi-Oh and all it's characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment. All mentioned characters from the other series are also not mine, they belong to their respective creators. In other words, I don't own them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.
A/N: "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy, #text# = English, (((text))) = Arabic

Summary: In a world where supernatural beings live hidden amongst humans, you never know who or what's eye you might catch! Humans Yugi Mutou and Katsuya Jonouchi have their world turned upside-down when two werewolves choose them as their lifemates!


The next day, in order to allow all the teens a day of fun and relaxation, Isis and Rishid took charge of the four youngest pack members. And with the day to themselves, the group of eight made plans to spend the afternoon at the arcade. Everyone seemed happy with the plans until it came time to leave. Having never been separated from their children, Malik and Marik were reluctant to leave them, even in the capable hands of Malik's older sister and brother-in-law. Fortunately, the others took matters into their own hands and bodily drug the young parents out the door and several blocks down the street. Eventually the two quit resisting and even managed to relax enough to enjoy themselves at the arcade. Then after killing a few hours there, the eight teens stopped to have curry and rice for dinner before heading back for an all-evening horror movie marathon.


Opening the cabinet next to the television, Marik stepped aside and waved a hand at the contents, "Psychological, standard, or cheesy gore-fest?" he asked with a smirk.

Knowing that no matter what was picked he'd end up terrified, Yugi just settled in comfortably next to his boyfriend and waited for the rest of his friends to finish debating their movie choices.

Halfway through the movie marathon, Yugi found himself resisting the urge to purr. Sure enough, barely halfway into the first movie he was clinging to Atem's side, shaking ever-so slightly. Much to his delight, Atem had responded immediately, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and holding him close. Even when the gore slowed down, Yugi remained in the other's embrace, resting his head on Atem's shoulder. He felt completely comfortable where he was and his eyelids drooped tiredly despite the noise coming from the TV. 'I'll just rest my eyes for a minute,' he thought, snuggling closer and inhaling Atem's wonderful scent. 'Sun-baked earth, that's what he . . smells . .li-'


As the credits rolled, Atem gave the sleeping teen on his shoulder a fond smile. He was amazed that despite the loud, horrid noises emanating from the television, Yugi had managed to sleep through most of the movies. "Yugi. Yugi. The movie's over," he said softly, gently shaking the small teen to wake him.

Seated next to them Ryou yawned and stretched lazily while Bakura shut off the DVD player and television.

Getting up off the floor and helping Malik to his feet, Marik steered his drowsy mate towards the stairs. "Night everyone," Malik said in parting, hoping to himself that the twins would sleep in a little tomorrow.

A startled cry of "Yugi!" brought everyone's attention to the couch where Atem and Yugi were still seated, the former staring at his chosen with a scandalized expression on his face. Having elicited the desired response from his boyfriend, the petite teen responsible was off the couch like a shot and running up the stairs behind Malik and Marik to escape. Bakura, carrying a protesting Ryou in his arms, blocking the stairs behind him to deliberately slow Atem's pursuit.

Shaking his head and giving a rueful smile Jonouchi got out of his seat and threw his arms over his head, stretching his back in a graceful arch, his shirt riding up to expose a tantalizing peek of well-developed abs. "I guess we should head up too~" the blond trailed off, catching the hungry gleam in the brunet's blue eyes.

Growling softly Seto shot to his feet, his eyes never leaving the human teen's body. Straining to keep himself under control, he clenched his fists tightly, trying desperately not to jump the poor blond. His good intentions were shot to hell though when Jou, sensing the danger he was in, darted for the stairs.

Seto's lips curled into a feral grin as his puppy ran, he did love a good chase.

Using his longer legs to his advantage, the brunet easily caught up to the blond but made sure not to catch him. He didn't want his chosen making a fuss in the hallway . . . that would wake the pups.

Glancing behind him and seeing how close Kaiba was, Jonouchi yipped and made a break for their guestroom hoping he had enough time to shut the door.

He didn't.

Jou yelped in shock as his arm was grabbed mid-reach, "Ah! Kaiba, let go!"

Stepping into the room, Seto shut and locked the door behind him before yanking the captive blond against his chest. "I don't think so, puppy." Gripping the hair at the base of Jou's skull, he leaned in until their lips were just a hairsbreadth apart, "You're mine now," he growled, locking their mouths together in a savage kiss. Overwhelmed by conflicting emotions and his own hormones, Jonouchi was instantly drawn into a battle for dominance and fought back fiercely for control of his own mouth.

Rational thought hanging on by a thread, Seto firmly gripped Katsuya's buttocks and lifted the blond into his arms, forcing him to wrap his legs around his waist to keep from falling. As he'd expected, Jonouchi pulled away to protest but the crafty brunet was already dropping them both onto the bed.

Wide amber eyes stared back up at him as his captive figured out exactly where Seto had pinned him. Giving the blond a superior smirk, Kaiba proceeded to relieve Jonouchi of both his shirt AND pants. Again, Jou acted as predicted but this time all his thrashing did was make it easier for Kaiba to disrobe him. Once Jonouchi realized he was down to nothing but his boxers, he froze and instinctively tried to cover himself. An act that proved to be impossible with Kaiba straddling his stomach and pinning his arms above his head, but he had to try.

"L-look Kaiba, this is-" Jou started to protest, cutting himself off as his blue-eyed captor shifted to hold his wrists with one hand while the other began unbuttoning his own shirt. Maintaining his grip on the blond human, Seto easily shrugged his shirt off one arm before switching hands to do the same with the other. Catching amber eyes eagerly devouring his bare chest, his smirk turned into a triumphant grin. Even now, Jonouchi desired him!

"Enjoying the view?"

Snorting and turning his head, Jonouchi gave the brunet wolf a sly grin, "Yeah, but I'd like to know how you plan on getting your pants off without letting go of my hands."

Recognizing both the warning and the challenge Katsuya had issued, Seto leaned in close. "That's for me to know, and you to find out," he murmured into the blond's sensitive ear.

Jou gasped and turned away, realizing too late that he'd walked right into Seto's trap as his captor caught his lips with his own. Even with the knowledge that he'd been played, Jonouchi was still drawn in by the wolf's passion and eagerly battled him to gain the upper hand.

Feeling Jonouchi's arms jerk against his grip, Seto went on to the next step and carefully moved from straddling his chosen, to nestling his torso firmly between the blond's thighs. At first, Jou made as if to protest the new position, but then Seto did something really interesting with his tongue and he forgot all about it. Deciding that now was the time, the brunet pulled away from their kiss and lowered himself onto the blond, making them both gasp at the feeling. Engaging Jou in another fiery kiss, Seto released his arms, humming in approval as the blond embraced him. Taking advantage of Jonouchi's passionate response, he quickly shoved his pants down, kicking them off and leaving himself in the same state of undress as his chosen.

Jou instantly noticed the difference and jerked away from their kiss to stare at Seto incredulously. "You smug bastard!"

Shrugging, Seto wrapped his arms around Jou's torso and rested his chin on the blond's firm, toned chest. "You did want to know." Playfully, the brunet rolled over taking his indignant chosen with him, chuckling when the blond took note of their changed positions: Instead of being face to face, the teens were now on their sides, with Seto spooning Katsuya from behind.

"How the hell did you-?!"

Ignoring the question, Seto propped himself up on one elbow and reached downward with the arm draped over the blond's hip.

"Hey!" Jou yelped as Seto cupped him through his boxers, he wasn't expecting this!

(Lime omitted. See my Mediaminer or AFF accounts for the uncensored version.)

Seto's eyes widened as the curious blond delicately cleaned his hand, Kami his chosen was a bold one! Shocked blue eyes took on a feral gleam, entrancing the teen in his arms, "Gods . . So perfect. My Katsuya."

"Eh, shut up and kiss me," Jou muttered, his cheeks burning.

Smiling at his blushing human, Seto did just that, then went a little further, pulling the blond close and enticing him into a slow make-out session before settling them down to sleep. Seeing the unspoken questions in Jou's eyes, he smiled and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, answering him with his own eyes. Pleased and reassured by the wordless response, Jonouchi settled in comfortably and was soon fast asleep.

Looking down at the snoozing blond curled against him, Seto gave him a fond smile as he tenderly brushed his hand across his chosen's stomach. Ever since he'd met Malik and Ryou, he couldn't help but imagine the possibilities. Images of Katsuya's stomach swollen with their pups flashed across his mind's eye and he couldn't help but smile. The Japanese werewolves would not end with his line and when they were ready, he and Jou could have as big a family as they wanted.


Yugi squealed in shock as Atem tossed him onto his bed, bouncing lightly on the soft mattress. Once he had cleared the stairs Egyptian wolf had easily caught him in the hallway and headed straight for his bedroom with his captive in tow. Rolling up into a crouch, the Japanese teen watched warily as his boyfriend locked his door. Smirking at the smaller boy, the Egyptian wolf pounced, pinning his nervous chosen to the bed.

"You should be nervous," Atem purred, giving Yugi a predatory smile. "Really koi, you brought this on yourself."

Yugi 'eeped' worriedly and ducked his head, unsure as to what the other boy had planned. He soon found out. Atem abruptly released his arms to attack Yugi's stomach, wringing a shriek from the smaller teen. Grinning, the Egyptian ruthlessly tickled his beloved chosen, making him laugh and shriek until he was gasping for mercy. (2)

Laughing, Atem rolled off of Yugi, allowing the Japanese teen a chance to regain his breath. "I trust you'll behave from now on?"

Snorting indignantly, Yugi rolled onto the crimson-eyed teen's chest. "Not a chance."

"Good," Atem replied, pulling the smaller teen into a kiss. Breaking apart, the two boys stripped to their boxers and Atem tackled Yugi to the bed once again, this time pinning the pale teen on his stomach. Perched on the small of Yugi's back, Atem gave him a mischievous grin when his chosen looked curiously at him over his shoulder. Reaching forward, the Egyptian wolf opened the drawer to his nightstand and pulled out two bottles, both of which had a small, shallow bowl attached to the side.

"That had better be massage oil," Yugi warned softly. This far into their relationship, the two boys had participated in many intimate activities together, but Yugi felt that they hadn't been dating long enough to take that final step. Although he knew in his heart that when he was ready, Atem would be his first and only.

"It is," Atem reassured him. "One is scentless and acts as a moisturizer while the other is a special relaxing blend created by one of the women from my tribe," he explained while carefully pouring some of each into the bowls. Reassured, Yugi relaxed beneath him allowing the tan teen to massage his entire back from the base of his skull down to the soles of his feet. When Atem was finished, he had Yugi roll over and the process started again on his front. Most of the massage was conducted in silence, broken only by soft groans or pleased hums from Yugi as Atem reached a particularly stiff muscle. Then as Atem began working on the front half of Yugi's legs, he started up an odd conversation.

"Yugi, what do you think of children?"

Amethyst eyes blinked in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"I mean . . . have you ever thought of having children of your own?"

Casting his gaze to the ceiling, Yugi sighed softly. "When I was younger I used to think it would be great to be a dad. But when I realized I was gay . . . I kind of gave up on the idea," the Japanese teen answered, his tone resigned.

"But you would still want to be one? A father," Atem pressed, needing the clarification.

Yugi smiled warmly, "Yeah. I'd even be willing to adopt kids, but with how things are now . . ."

"What if you could have your own?"

The pale teen shook his head ruefully, "I doubt I'd be able to find a surrogate mother and since I'm lacking the proper equipment to have them myself . ."

"What if . . What if you were able to bear children?"

"What like, if I was a girl?"

Atem shook his head, "No. What if you were able to bear children? As a male."

Yugi looked at him as though to say, 'Are you crazy?'.

"Humor me," Atem replied, easily reading his chosen's expression.

Suspending his disbelief, Yugi pondered the question: Would he be willing to bear Atem's children? To his surprise, the answer came to him quickly.

Giving his boyfriend a stunning smile, he looked deep into Atem's crimson eyes and answered, "Yes Atem. If it were possible, I would love to have children with you."

Atem gave Yugi the most radiant smile he'd ever seen and gathered him into his arms, giving him a warm, heartfelt kiss. Yugi was surprised by his beloved's reaction, but was happy that his answer made Atem that happy. Pulling away, Atem gave him a tender smile and lowered him back to the bed before dipping his fingers into the second bowl of oil. Laying on his side, the Egyptian wolf began tracing a series of patterns on Yugi's pale chest and down to his stomach.

Yugi tilted his head thoughtfully, watching his boyfriend paint the oddly familiar symbols on his skin. "Atem? Are you drawing hieroglyphs on me?"

"How could you tell?" Atem asked, shocked that his chosen was able to recognize the ancient glyphs.

"Grandpa taught me how to read them," the smaller teen explained with a shrug. "Of course, since he didn't teach me how to read them when they're upside down and vanishing, you'll have to tell me what they say."

Hiding his relief, Atem chuckled. "Nothing much, just an assortment of endearments and praises to your beautiful body," he lied carefully as he wrote the last words below Yugi's naval.

Rolling his eyes, Yugi started to comment but instead cut himself off with a gasp as Atem yanked his boxers off, leaving him completely nude to the other's lustful eyes.

('Nother lime omitted.)

The smaller teen giggled and guided Atem's lips to his to engage him in a slow French kiss, their tongues leisurely twining together. Not breaking their kiss, Atem opened one eye to check Yugi's stomach for the sign he'd been told about. Much to his delight and relief, the hieroglyphs reappeared, glowing a bright, brilliant gold before fading once again. Pulling back, Atem gave his chosen a tender smile before leaning back in to give the smaller teen a gentle, chaste kiss. Happy and content, Yugi snuggled against Atem's tan chest, pressing his lips softly against the skin over his heart before closing his eyes.

When he was sure that Yugi had fallen asleep, Atem carefully slipped from the bed and across the room to the small balcony. Opening the door just wide enough to squeeze through and shutting it as soon as he was out, the alpha werewolf cast a quick glance back through the glass to make sure Yugi was still out. Shivering slightly, the smaller teen burrowed deeper into the blankets, his nose crinkled in an adorable fashion, but otherwise remained asleep. Relieved, Atem turned to face the sky, looking up to the bright full moon shining down. Unaffected by the ankle-deep snow, he padded barefoot to the railing, took a deep breath of the crisp night air and threw his head back to let loose a triumphant howl.

Inside the house his pack stirred, those awake enough to understand their Alpha's cry silently congratulating him.

Announcement made, Atem went back inside to rejoin his chosen. Shaking the fresh snow from his hair, he slipped back into bed earning himself a startled squeal from a now half-awake Yugi. "Atem! You're freezing!"

Burying his nose in Yugi's hair, Atem slipped an arm around the pale teen's waist, earning himself another squeal and a half-hearted slap from the smaller boy. "Gomen, aibou. I thought I heard something outside and went to check."

Yugi pulled the blankets tighter around them to trap the heat closer. "At least put on a robe next time you check something outside, okay?"

"I will aibou," Atem promised, giving his chosen a proud grin. They'd only just performed the ceremony for Hathor's Gift and already his beloved was taking on the role of Alpha female.

Stroking Yugi's belly again, the wolf felt a rush of excitement surge through him. By the next full moon, the Japanese teen would be fertile and Atem would finally claim him as his mate.


1- delicious

2 - Boy, everybody's tickling Yugi this weekend, huh?