Welcome to another one of my Railway Series books. I just wanted to note that this story is set around the same time as Wellsworth Engines, and all following books will be around the same time period as well.

The Great Western Way

Dear Readers,

In all of my years of writing about the engines of the Island of Sodor, I have never ceased to be amazed by the things that occur – accidents, weather, celebrations and new friends have all occurred in my time, and each thing brings with it a new feeling of excitement and new stories.

However, I was stunned when I went to visit the Little Western branch line a few weeks ago, and learnt that recent events had caused Duck and Oliver, two of the greatest friends I have seen on the Island, to suddenly fall out! These stories will highlight the shock I had when I learnt of the falling out, and shows that even the best friends can't necessarily survive the biggest of changes.

The Author