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Don't Trust in Rockstars

Chapter 2


"Sorry about this, sweetie," Beth told to her niece while she recollected all the paper towels that Tori used to clean the pie from her face.

"Now I get the part of 'three big and disastrous changes,'" she said and put the last paper towel in the trash can. "Who are they anyway?"

"Tripp is the perfect one to explain that," in that moment the whole band entered to the living room. "Right, son?"

"Yes, mom," the teenager answered. "What do you have to say guys?"

"We are sorry," the three men said at the same time.

"For what?"

"Not behaving properly."

"And?" Beth continued.

"And for throwing a pie directly to your face."

"But is there at least a piece left, right?" Burger asked.

Tripp grabbed the plate with some pie in it from the floor and slammed it to the bassist face. "Sorry about this 'big welcome,' Tori. I tried to explain it to you before anything could happen."

"It's okay, Tripp," Tori said calmly ."I know it won't happen again."

"Does that mean you'll forgive us?" Ash asked with some hope in his voice.

The brunette only smiled sarcastically, "Yeah, you wish."

"Leave it to me guys," Derek stepped ahead toward Tori. "I know how to deal with this. Only you and I, love."

"One more step and you'll regret it," she threatened him.

"All right, I'm done," the British stepped backwards.

"Anyways, this doesn't tell me why those three are here."

"It's a long story," Tripp started. "But long-story-short, those three are Iron Weasel, my favorite band from all times. A year ago, they let me to be their new lead guitarist if I let them live in the house."

"Iron Weasel?" Tori asked and stared at the trio. "So that explains the rockstars costumes."

The band smiled proud at first because of the comment, but then they exclaimed, "Hey!"

"Well, that changes everything," the brunette said without paying attention at the band's reaction.

"So, you don't mind and you'll forgive them?" the teenager asked.

"No," she took her purse and she placed it in her shoulder. "I'm out of here."

Tripp's cousin started to walk to the door while Beth walked behind trying to convince her to stay. Tori opened the door, took both suitcases and she got out of the house with her aunt still behind her. Tripp watched until the brunette left the house. He looked disappointed, he knew that her cousin would not like the idea to live in the same roof with three rockstars and still he wanted to make the things run smoothly.

"You tried, little man," Ash said, putting a hand on the teenager's shoulders.

"Yeah, but I thought everything was going to be fine."

"It's better this way, kid," the vocalist continued. "So we'll not worry about the witch to yell at us or something worse."

"How can you say something like that about my cousin?" Tripp asked a little mad. "You don't know her."

"She neither knows us," Burger said while he licked the plate where a pie used to be. "And you saw how she looked at us."

"She hates us," the drummer commented and started to count with his fingers. "Like Ernesto, Chucky, the school's principal and—"

"Ash stop," the British interrupted him. "Look kid, we don't care why your cousin hates rockstars, especially rockstars like us."

"Can I start with throwing a pie directly to her face?" Tripp asked sarcastically.

"Like I was saying," the vocalist continued. "The four of us could not live under the same roof. Anyhow, she couldn't endure too much."

"That sounds to me like you want a bet."

Everyone turned around to see the brunette at the front door, then Tripp walked to her while the trio stayed in the living room watching.

"I thought you were leaving."

"I was going to but I couldn't find my cell phone," she whispered to him. "I came back inside to search for it and heard everything. So, I'll not let them think I'm a coward."

Tori walked down the steps and stopped right in front of the band, "So, what do you say? Do we have a challenge?"

"The real question is, if you could stand against us?" Derek asked while the three folded their arms at the same time.

"Stupid question, of course I can," she answered proudly. "But let's make this more interesting, shall we? I'll be staying here for a month and a half while I find a place for myself, if I can tolerate you and stay sane for all that time, you three will be my personal slaves for a week."

"What happens if we make you lose your mind?" asked the bassist.

"Think whatever you want, you're not going to win," put a hand over her waist and smiled. "So, do we have a deal?"

The three looked at each other and nodded, "Deal."

"But you are going to lose," Ash added.

"You wish," turned her back to the trio and went back to Tripp. "So, little cousin, where's my room?"

"Hallway, turn left, door that is all the way to the end," Tripp answered. "But I don't think this plan is going to be a good idea…"

"Don't worry, Tripp, those three will survive after being my personal slaves," she patted his shoulder softly. "Do me a favor and get my cell phone, I think it is in the living room, while I get my luggage and tell your mother that I'm staying after all."

"Sure," he watched the brunette leaving and sighed in his way to the living room.

The band approached him with excited faces, the British calling him, "Kid, kid! We have a lot of ideas we can use for—"

"Guys, I'm not going to help you to get my cousin outta the house!"

"But what are you saying?" Burger asked. "Is Iron Weasel against her."

"No, it's you three against her," corrects them. "I'll just stay away, try to fix all this or make sure you don't try to kill each other."

"But we didn't say anything about killing," Derek said trying to sound innocent. "Right guys?"

"But how about the plan you said of the hungry bear?" the drummer asked confused.

"Guys!" Tripp exclaimed.

"Yeah, sorry kid, that was just an exaggerated idea," the vocalist said as an apology. "We were just kidding."

They heard that Beth and her niece were coming back to the house and the three rockstars decided to go to the garage to polish their new ideas. Tripp took his cousin cell phone, which was at a little table, and give it to her when she entered.

"Thanks Tripp."

"Tori was telling me that she'll try to get along with those three," the blonde told to her son "Isn't that wonderful?"

"Yes mom, wonderful," the teenager didn't sound excited at all, but his mom didn't notice because she remembered that she had a reunion and that was already late. Beth ordered Tripp to help his cousin with the luggage and then she left.

"I don't want to worry your mom so I didn't tell her the whole true," Tori said while they were walking to the guest room.

"But I think you should try to get along with the guys," both entered to the room and he left both cases over the bed.

"Are you kidding? I need revenge."

"Just because they threw you a cake?" Tripp asked not very convinced.

"Oh, did I say revenge?" she smiled innocently. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to my own words. Forget about it."

"Well, I'll let you rest," the teenager left the room and closed the door. "I knew this is going to be a really bad idea."


Next morning, Tripp was already up and dressed for school heading to the kitchen. On the hallway he could perceive by the smell that someone was cooking, guessing that it could be his cousin or his mother. When he get to the kitchen his saw his mother finishing her meal, she said good morning to her son, thanked for the food and started getting ready to leave.

"I promised to go with you to see the apartments, Tori," she said while checking her purse if she wasn't missing something. "But someone got sick at work and they called me to cover him."

"It's ok, Beth, don't worry about it," the brunette said to her aunt while she gave to the teenager his breakfast "When can go together other day."

"All right then. Well, see you guys later!" she waved both of them while she leaved the kitchen trough the back door.

"Oh Tripp, that's right! I forgot to give you your souvenir from New York," she exclaimed and went to the living room to get her purse.

"Thanks, Tori, you didn't have to," he thanked to her while eating. His cousin came back and took a seat next to him.

"Ta-da!" she sang while taking out a black t-shirt that said I heart NY.

"Wow, thanks," the teenager thanked her again, he wasn't very excited about the t-shirt but he cared that his cousin brought something for him.

"No problem, little Tripp. By the way, do you still hang out with Elizabeth?" she asked.

"Do you mean Izzy?" Tripp knew that answer with another question was rude, but he was confused that Tori called his best friend by her true name.

"Yeah, Elizabeth."

"Um, yeah… she's my best friend," he answered to the original question.

"Good, because I brought something to her too," she stands up from the seat. "But I need to get it, I'll be right back."

Meanwhile Tori went to get the gift, Tripp left the t-shirt aside and started finishing his breakfast, and then Izzy entered to the house through the kitchen door.

"What's up, Tripp? Oh, bacon!" she stole one piece of bacon from Tripp, who was saving it for later but he didn't reclaimed. "Hey, did your cousin came after all?"

"Yes," he answered while leaving the dished on the sink.

"I want to see her! She was pretty cool when we were kids."

"She's not like that anymore," Tripp said sadly "And if she sees you dressed like that, she's gonna freak out."

"What do you mean?" Izzy asked confused.

"Probably drag you to the mall and buy you 'grandma' clothes," he answered and his best friend left the room.

"See you at school!" she yelled from outside, just in time when Tori came back to the kitchen with another t-shirt in hands.

"Hum, that's strange, I swear that I heard Elizabeth's voice."

"Eh… yeah she was here, but… she said that… she gotta do something before school starts," Tripp lied while smiling innocently.

"Oh well, maybe another time," she extended the t-shirt to his cousin and he took it. "Give it to her when you see her."


"And…" she also gave him a big spider made of rubber. "Tell your friends that they need to try harder if they want to win."

"…I'll let them know."

"Good, now I have to go. House hunting!" she exclaimed excited while taking her purse "See you later!"

When his cousin was gone, Tripp went to the living room to get his backpack where he putted Izzy's t-shirt inside and left the rubber spider in the sofa. Then he heard steps down the hallway, he turned around and saw the trio of rockstars in pajamas with smiles in their faces.

"Well?" Derek asked first "Did she was scared?"

The teenager took the toy spider and gave it to Burger. "No and quote: 'Try harder.'"

"See Ash! Your plan was a fail!"

"Well, it worked on Burger last Prank Week," the drummer said, "I don't know what went wrong."

"And basically it was our only plan," the bassist added, "Because the kid said that nothing dangerous."

"Guys… what other plans did you had?" the kid asked suspiciously.

"Hungry bear, mad raccoons, snakes…" Ash explained the whole list leaving the teenager with mouth open. "Oh and Derek's favorites was—"

"Ash, stop," the vocalist interrupted. "You're not helping."

"This definitely was a bad, bad idea," Tripp sighed and took his backpack. "I need to go to school but please guys, don't do nothing more stupid than usual. Promise?"

The trio looked and each other, "Promise."

The guitarist left the house and when the rockstars were sure that the teenager was gone. "Did you get the ants, Burger?" the British asked.

"Yup," he answered and took out a jar full of the insects.

"Great, now let's leave them in her dressing room."

The trio ran down the hallway to the guest room but on the middle of the way a trap was activated and a net came out of the floor, lifting the three of them and caught inside the net. A note was attached to the net; Derek took it and read it aloud.

"I can play games too, good luck idiots."

"I wonder who wrote that," Ash commented. "Any ideas?"


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