It was my first day of school since moving to Japan. I had taught myself the language, or at least the basics, and had taken a test to get a scholarship to the legendary Verbena Academy. I had a dream to finally get a good Japanese education, as opposed to my horrible American one, and to see the gods and demons that Japan was so proud of. In America, unfortunately, these beings were a rare sight.

I had just walked into class as I saw one of them, a grey-haired god. I stood there, just as any other shy kid in a foreign country would. Then a demon walked in, a real pretty one with dark black hair, purple eyes, and the long ears that let me know she was a demon in the first place. "Hey I haven't seen you around here before, is this your first year at the academy."

"Yeah my name is Ghan Reed, I just moved here from Knoxville, Tennessee."

"Oh I see, you are the foreign exchange student Miss Tsuwanaki told me to help get used to the academy. Well, at least you know the correct way to tell someone your name. My name is Tsunowa Masami, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Well, can you tell me the name of that girl over there, the one with the grey hair?"

"How about I get her to introduce herself, Fuyou-chan come here."

The beautiful god I had seen earlier looked our way, and presumably excused herself from her current conversation and started towards us. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her face, she was just so beautiful. She had such wonderful purple eyes I couldn't help but stare.

"Yes Tsunowa-chan."

"I would like for you to meet the new student."

"Hello, my name is Fuyou Primula, nice to make your acquaintance. You can call me Fuyou-chan"

"Hello Fuyou-chan, my name is Ghan Reed call me what you wish. I am not really well versed in these things as I am originally from America."

"Ok then I will call you Ghan-kun. Well it's been nice meeting you and I would like to chat more, but class is about to start."