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Carlos sighed, watching as his three best friends made complete fools of themselves. Logan was trying exceptionally hard to climb over one of the sofas for no reason at all. James had his body hanging halfway over the counter of the bar, making swimming strokes with his arms and legs. And Kendall was hugging the disco ball to his chest while he petted and sang to it.

At the moment, little innocent Carlos Garcia, was the only sober person right now. He had decided to name himself tonight's designated driver. He pulled his cellphone from his pocking, checking the time.

'Almost midnight.'

Carlos pushed himself off of the wall he was leaning against and walked over to Logan, who seemed the least drunk. "Hey dude, it's time to go." He told Logan.

"Not yet dude, I'm trying to climb this mountain ok?" Logan said, his words only a bit slurred. Carlos shook his head, pulling Logan away from the piece of furniture. He gazes around the coffee table, spotting a cup of water. Or what he thought or hoped was water. He grabbed the cup, throwing it in Logan's face. "Dude!"

"Sorry Logan, but you're the only person who looks as if he still has some sense left. The other two are so drunk it isn't even funny."

"-and stroke, and stroke, and stroke." James chanted, swimming as if he was trying to win a competition. Carlos looked from the pretty boy to Logan.

"Ok, maybe it somewhat is. But seriously, if you can sober up just long enough to get to the car, that would be wonderful."

"Yeah whatever, man." Logan waved his hand in the air, like he was waving away the situation. He began to stumble his way to the front door of the house they were at. Surprisingly he made it no problem. Carlos just hoped he'd make it the next ten yards to the car without falling.

The Latino decided to escort Kendall out next, since he was closer than James was. He walked over to the blonde, reaching down to pry the disco ball from his hands. And of course Kendall protested.

"Nooo, you can't take Sheryl." He whined, eyes half lidded. Carlos arched an eyebrow.

"Sheryl? You named the disco ball Sheryl?" He asked. He shook his head again, finally yanking the ball from the blonde's grip. Kendall ended up falling forward on to the floor. Carlos sighed. "Really?" He placed the ball on the other part of the sofa and knelt behind Kendall. He slipped one of Kendall's arms over his shoulders as he wrapped his left arm around Kendall's waist, the other holding on to the arm that was draped behind his neck.

He stood up, lifting Kendall with him. It wasn't easy to say the least. Kendall was nothing but dead weight. He checked the blonde's face. Passed out, of course. Carlos began to half drag; half lift Kendall to the front door and to the car. After what seemed like forever, he made it to the car, only to see Logan nearly asleep on the hood. The Latino let out another sigh.

"Logan!" He shouted. With an abrupt start the other boy awoke. "Open the door for me, it should be unlocked." With unsteady steps, Logan made his way to the back door of the car, opening it. Carlos heaved the blonde in to the back seats. He climbed in over Kendall slightly, adjusting the boy so he would be able to fit James in the back seat as well. "This is ridiculous." He stood up straight, now on the outside of the car. He saw Logan asleep, leaning on the car door. "Dude! Just get in the front seat."

With another start Logan awoke once more and obeyed Carlos' order, making it in to the front seat without falling asleep again. Carlos ruffled a hand through his hair and went back inside, making sure to leave the back car door open. He spotted James, seeing that the pretty never moved. He walked around the bar, standing in front of him.

"James?" He asked. Nothing. James just gazed off at literally nothing. Carlos sighed for what was the third (or was it fourth?) time that night. He placed his hands on James' shoulders and pushed him backwards. Fortunately, one push was enough to do it. Unfortunately, James hit the floor pretty hard and will be feeling not only a hangover but that too tomorrow morning. Carlos winced. "Oops."

He walked over to James, doing the same with him as he did Kendall. But luckily for Carlos, James wasn't just dead weight and actually helped himself be led out of the house and to the car. Once there, Carlos pushed him inside. He straightened him up and well, putting seatbelts around boy intoxicated boys. When he was finished, he shut the door and ran over to the driver's side. He got in and slipped on his seatbelt.

Carlos was about to ask Logan if he could put on his own seatbelt, but instead found said boy asleep against the dashboard. He shook his head, pulling Logan back in to his normal position. Then reached over and buckled his seatbelt. With a final sigh of relief, he turned on the ignition and drove the car away.

Carlos dropped off Logan and James first, since they split their apartment and it was closest to the party. While the four of them attended the same college, James decided he didn't want to stay on campus so he convinced Logan to let him share the apartment and he would help pay rent.

Carlos shook the other boy awake. "Ok Logan, you're home. Can you get out yourself?" Carlos asked. Through half lidded eyes, Logan nodded.

"Yeah mean. I can…myself." He said. Carlos sighed, getting out of the car. He walked to the passenger side and opened the door. Logan had already unbuckled himself, which was more than Carlos thought he would do. He grabbed Logan's hand, pulling him up. Surprisingly Logan could still walk on his own; so the shorter boy just walked with him, making sure he got in to his house.

Luckily their apartment was on the first floor, so Carlos got him inside no problem. "I'm gonna go get James, ok?" He said to Logan, who just nodded and curled himself up on the sofa. Carlos turned on his heel, walking back to the car. He jogged to the side James was on and opened the door. He immediately squealed right after as the top half of James' body fell on him. "Really?" Carlos pushed James back up in to sitting position and undid his seatbelt. "James, James, you're home." He gently slapped his face a few times.

"W-what? Home? Nah man, I'm swimming the English Channel." James corrected as Carlos pulled him out of the car. Carlos allowed the taller boy to lean on him as he led him in to the apartment. He led James passed the living and to his bedroom since Logan took the entire sofa up. He let go of the taller boy, who tumbled on to the mattress.

Carlos looked at him for a moment, then left. When he was sure the two boys were alright, he walked back to the car and go in to the driver's seat. With a glance in the rear view mirror at Kendall he drove off to their dorm.

Getting Kendall do his dorm room was a task and a half. But he was finally able to do it. Though he let out a frustrated sigh, realizing he didn't have Kendall's key. He bit his lip, looking at the blonde that rested against him. It was probably in his pocket. Carlos freed one arm from holding Kendall as he tried to balance the taller boy.

He reached his hand in to the closet pocket. Nothing. He moved his hand to the other side, reaching in to that pocket. The key were there. He moved his hand down a little bit farther, attempting to curl his fingers around the key ring. But he immediately stopped when he heard Kendall make a noise. He bit his lip harder, freezing. No sound.

Carlos sighed again, finally pulling he keys from his pocket. It took another three minutes to find the right key and unlock the door while still balancing Kendall against him. Once the door was open, he stepped inside. But immediately Kendall's knees buckled underneath him and the both went tumbling to the ground.

"Oh Kendall, really?" He asked. Kendall's arm and part of his torso were now lying on top of the smaller boy. Kendall just mumbled in coherent words as his grip tightened on Carlos. "Kendall, Kendall, snap out of it and wake up."

"Where's Sheryl?" He asked, his words slurred. Carlos raised an eyebrow.

"The disco ball was left behind at the party."

"No man, Sheryl…she was so p-pretty ok."

"She was a disco ball, Kendall." Carlos kicked the door shut and then finally pried himself from Kendall's clutches and began to drag the blonde towards the bed. He got him to the side of the bed, but fell back on it tired. It was going on way past one and he had to not only lift Kendall, but James as well more than once that night. His body didn't really appreciate all the labor it was being put through. But he still had to get Kendall up on the bed.

Carlos slid off the bed, kneeling down beside him. He grabbed Kendall by the shoulders and began to shake him awake, slapping him gently every once in a while. Surprisingly that actually worked. "Fuck man, stop." He words were still slurred and it was obvious he still hadn't sobered up yet. With a sigh, Carlos spoke.

"All I need you to do is help me, help you up onto the bed. Then you can pass out again."

"Whatever." Carlos grabbed Kendall, in a way that was easy yet comfortable for the both of them. Kendall tried to take a step, but ended up tripping and the both of them went down again, this time on the bed. Somehow Carlos ended on top of Kendall, who was groaning. The Latino though it was a groan of pain.

But he was wrong.

Carlos sat up, still against Kendall. "I'm sorry, Kendall." He apologized as he moved again. But what he didn't know was that he was moving against Kendall. He ended up pressing down on Kendall's crotch, which he didn't know from the lack of light. The blonde hissed, closes his eyes tightly. The friction felt horrible yet so good at the same time.

Carlos panicked, thinking he hurt Kendall again. He tried to apologize again but before he could he squealed, feeling himself being flipped on to his back on the bed. He blinked, no understanding what just happened. He wanted to call out to Kendall, but the gasp escaping his throat stopped that. What the hell was Kendall doing?

Carlos involuntarily bucked his hips upwards in to Kendall's touch. His mind was racing. What was going on? Kendall's drunk; he doesn't know what he's doing. "K-Kendall, stop…" Carlos protested. He let out another gasp when he felt the blonde's lips brush against his neck. Carlos closed his eyes, wanting so much to enjoy this. After all, he did fall in love with Kendall.

But Kendall was drunk.

Carlos placed his hands against Kendall's chest and pushed the other away. "Kendall, stop you're drunk-" His eyes widened and his hands fumbled to pull back the jeans Kendall was trying to take off of him. Not being able to see caused that to be difficult and Kendall ended up pulling them off, leaving the Latino in his boxers and button down shirt. "Ok, Kendall, I'm serious, you need to-"

Again he couldn't finish as Kendall crushed his lips against his own. Carlos's eyes widened again. Kissing Kendall was something he's always wanted to do. But he didn't want his first kiss with him to happen like this – no passion, no emotion, just the lingering essences of alcohol and future regret.

Kendall grunted, displeased at the resistance Carlos showed. He slid his hands between the both of them, ripping open the smaller boy's button down shirt. The sounds of the buttons scattering everywhere broke the silence. Carlos shivered as Kendall's hands slid up his body, his fingers stopping to tweak both of his nipples.

Carlos couldn't help but gasp, and Kendall took that distraction to slip his tongue into Carlos's mouth, mapping out ever crevice it could find. As his mouth kept the Latino occupied, Kendall's hands went straight to his own pants, undoing the button and zipper.

His mind was going everywhere at nearly ninety miles per hour. He didn't know what he was doing. And frankly, he didn't care. The lust he felt was so overwhelming that any thoughts of possible consequences flew out the window. He was horny, and hard, and just needed to fuck.

Kendall finally broke the kiss, trailing them down Carlos's jawline and to his neck. He sucked on it hard and bit down, causing Carlos to yelp. There will definitely be a mark there in the morning. With futile attempts, Carlos tried to push Kendall off of him. But against the solid weight of Kendall's body it wasn't enough and he was too tired to put all his strength in this.

In the process of struggling against Kendall, Carlos realized his bare legs were rubbing up against Kendall's bare legs and he panicked. And just as he did, he felt Kendall practically rip off his boxers. This was bad.

Carlos tried his best to back up on the bed, to move as far away from Kendall as he could, but the blonde pulled him back underneath him, holding him down with one arm with strength Carlos didn't know Kendall even had. He used one arm to pin Carlos's hips against the bed as he pulled his own boxers down.

Tears were beginning to form in Carlos' eyes as he felt Kendall spread his legs. Even though it proved useless he continued to struggle and plead with the taller boy. "Kendall, please. P-please stop. You're drunk. I-I know you don't want to do this. Y-you don't know w-what you're doing. Don't do this…" It was as almost if Kendall didn't hear anything he said. Just words, not what they meant – just the sound of someone talking.

"Shut up, I just want to fuck you."

Carlos didn't know which hurt worse – the words he just said, or the feeling of Kendall nearly ripping him in half. There was no warning, no preparation, nothing – the pain was unbearable. Carlos couldn't stop the scream that tore from his throat as tears poured down his already stained cheeks.

Kendall didn't stop to check on Carlos. He was in ecstasy – the feeling of Carlos's tight heat around his throbbing cock was almost too much to bear. It felt so good. Without hesitation, he pulled out and slammed back in. Not caring how fast or hard or rough he was being, not caring that with each reckless thrust Carlos's cries grew louder.

Carlos gripped the bed sheets. The physical pain was fading, but not fast enough. But he knew the emotional pain will take forever to fade, if it even does. His tears, however, never stopped; even when he felt some sparks of pleasure. Carlos always hoped that Kendall would end up feeling the same way about him, and he'd make love to him to prove it.

But he never expected his best friend and the boy he fell in love with to rape him.

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