Hello all :) This is my first attempt at a Terra Nova fanfic, and my first attempt of something new in a while... I decided on the title on a whim, and it took all of five seconds to come up with and type onto the top page. It does however, give a bit of an idea as to where I'd like this story to go. I may or may not change the title in the future.

I have quite a few ideas for this pairing though my thoughts are just a big mess and it may take a while. But if you are willing to stick with this, stick with me, I may surprise us all.

So without further ado...

Fighting for Redemption

The hustle and bustle of a colony rebuilding its home reverberates through the surrounding forest. Men take away heavy debris. Women aid the fallen and injured. Children of all ages sweep the ground. All do their part to erase the horror that was the almost end of Terra Nova as they knew it.

Far – but not too far – from all the activity resides the catalyst of such destruction. Fallen leaves brush the side of his neck and exposed skin where he lays on his back. It is the only sensation he feels after being shot in the chest.

Not that he minds. Otherwise he would feel that deep defeat and rage at once again having lost to his father.

He really has no reason to live any more. He has no plan B. This was supposed to be his end game. And it wasn't supposed to end with him dying and alone.

He has lost everything. His life's work destroyed by the one person he was going to use it against... betrayed by his dear sister. Granted, they barely knew each other, so of course her loyalty would lie with his father.

And so, as Lucas Taylor lies on the forest floor, surroundings fading into black, his final thoughts are that of wavy brown hair. Of sparkling blue eyes and a damn good shot.


Skye Alexandria Tate lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. The past four hours were nothing but a blur of helping the colony clean up the mess left by the Phoenix Group. That and recurring flashes of her final encounter with Lucas Taylor; shooting Lucas in the chest, Lucas lunging for his father, Lucas falling to the dirt floor...

Looking to the place Lucas had fallen and finding him gone...

Where could he be?

He was badly injured. Skye was a good enough shot to know she had caused some serious damage. Alone in the forest, who knew how long he would survive. She had to know where he was – for the good of the colony of course. He posed a threat to their survival. He was a resourceful guy. If he somehow survived and recovered from the wounds she had dealt him, he would come back with a vengeance.

Finding her resolve, Skye sets her mind on asking Commander Taylor if they can set up a search party. She knows it's a long shot, but she has to try. So immediately preparing her "He's a threat to us so we have to find him and lock him up" speech, she heads for the Commander's hut. However, before she has even lifted herself from her bed, she knows – somewhere deep inside her – that there is something else compelling her to take action.

So how was it? :) I was trying to portray finality in Lucas' tone and confused/unsure determination in Skye's. Overall I was hoping for an expect the worst, hope for the "best" vibe, hopefully, you got that too?

For the next chapter I was thinking of writing it in Commander Taylor's POV. I'm not quite sure how I'd do that but suggestions would be good. Continue with the Lucas/Skye POVs or go with the flow?

Well, I hope this has intrigued you. Reviews are much appreciated :)