Chapter 1

I was in the room waiting for my roomate to finish getting herself ready so we could go to a party she wanted to go to. I really didn't want to go but she convinced to go, more like blackmailed me. Though i have to admit that if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have met the friends i have now, or would have experienced what I did. So back to the story, after she was done we headed down to my car and drove to the party. She decided to call her boyfriend on our way there so that he could bring his friends with him, she wanted to find me a boyfriend. I tried to covince her not to, but as always it was useless.

"Dude, you have to get yourself a boyfriend, and let me tell you that my boyfriends friends are hot! So you should try one of them." my friend told me.

"You say it as if they are a sweater I can just try on and if i don't like I can just throw it away"

"No, that's not what I mean Sapphire, what I am trying to say is that they are all kind and well good looking too, and that doesn't hurt, so yeah."

"Yeah well i'm not good with guys or strangers anyway and they are both!" I retorted.

By now we arrived at the party and there was a lot of people, more that at like prom or something like that. I was to busy trying not to loose sight of my friend that I forgot to turn off my car and take the keys. Thankfully Calub, my roommate's boyfriend's friend, who came with him saw me leave them behind and brought them over to me, along with his friends and my roomate's boyfriend. He brought Paul, my roommates boyfriend, Tyler, and Reid. Paul had blond hair that was up to his chin, Tyler had spiked up black hair, Reid blond almost white messy but nicely combed hair, and Calub had dark brown, curly hair.

So after Trissa and paul left to "go meet up with some other people" and I was left alone with Calub, Tyler, and Reid who had this weird look on his face. He seemed to be trying to figure me out or something just by looking at me. I was about to leave to go looking for Trissa to tell her i was going to be reading in the car waiting for her when my favorite song, at the moment, was put on. I decided to stay and listen to it.

"You like this song don't you?" asked Reid.

"Yeah, how did you know?" I asked him surprised because I was sure I hadn't given any clue on it.

"Just a lucky guess" he said with a cute smile.

"Nice, so you like All-American Rejects?" Tyler asked me.

"Yeah, i guess but i've only heard a couple of songs, and I really liked this one when i heard it."

"Dirty little secret?" Reid asked.

"Yeah, but my favorite is It Ends Tonight."

"I agree" Calub said joining into the conversation.

After we had a long ,and actually fun, discussion about music and bands, Trissa came back with Paul. They both seemed to have had fun because they were smiling. Then Trissa decided we should go back to the dorms because we both had classes tomorrow. I agreed because I really was tired and didnt want to wake up late. So we said our goodbyes to the guys and left,but the guys told us that they were leaving too so we should wait so they didn't have to open the gates for the school too. So after i got out of the parties parking lot I waited outside for Tyler's car, which was a Hummer.

We got to the dorms and again said our goodbyes. I left right after but Trissa stayed there talking to her boyfriend about i don't know what. When I got to our dorms door I saw a huge ass spider. It was like 1 1/2 or 2 inches big and black. I am such a wuss for spiders that I ran back for help. Trissa saw me running and was worried.

"What happened, Sapphire?" she asked me.

"Um, could come over here?" I said embarrassed because all four guys were still there, looking at me.

"Just tell me" Trissa insisted.

"It's embarrassing, just come over here" I sort of ordered her,"please."

"No, just tell me!" she said getting annoyed.

I noticed she was getting annoyed so i told her, "there's a spider on the door" in a whisper.

"What? I can't hear you"

"There is a spider on the door" I said again a little bit louder.


"THERE IS A SPIDER ON THE DOOR!" I yelled, annoyed.

Trissa rolled her eyes, "Give me a sec ill go kill it right now."

Paul was smiling at me. I was so embarrassed and pissed at what I had done that I decided to go and kill the spider myself, but before I turned to leave Reid offered to come with me and kill it.

"Would you be so kind?" Trissa asked.

"Yeah sure, no problem?" he said smiling at me and walking towards my dorm.

"Thanks, you know you didn't have to do this, right?" I said apologetically.

"Yeah, I know, you just looked really scared and tired, and i know how long Trissa takes to say goodbye so i'll help you, anyways i wanted to get away form there too" Reid explained, and I was glad.

"Oh my god, it's still there, I was actually hoping I didn't have to see it again but i guess if it would have left you would have thought me crazy so I guess it's good it didn't leave" I said looking away from the spider and trying to calm down.

"There, it's gone" Reid said tapping me on the shoulder so would turn around.

"Thank you, very much um Reid, right?"

"Yup, its Reid Garwin" he said extending out his hand for mine.

I shook his hand and thanked him once more and walked into the room, but then i remembered he said he didn't want to go back and I felt bad so I quickly opened the door again to find him still facing it as if he knew I would open it again. So seeing as he was still there I invited him in for a drink. Nothing with liquor or anything.

"Thanks I really didn't want to go back with them" he said when he was leaving.

"Yeah, its the least I could do for you after you helped me with the spider, thanks again."

"Yeah no problem, see ya around" he said leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek. I let him and then he opened the door to leave to find Paul and Trissa smiling at the sight of Reid leaving my room.

"So, getting to know each other?" Trissa said elbowing me in the ribs after they left.

"Sure" I said getting into bed ready to fall asleep. It had been a long day and tomorrow was going to be a long day too.

"I see you loose no time in getting to know people do you, Reid?" paul asked.

"Shut up I didn't do anything with her we just talked, shes not that type of girl, Paul." Reid responded, sort of annoyed.

"I was just kidding, don't take seriously, I even bet she turned you down" Paul said to Reid smiling.

Reid just shrugged and kept walking,"not for long" he mumbled before turning the corner to the guys dorms and then another to his dorm.

I woke up at 8 the next morning, late but then realized that we didn't have school today because of the snow. I had forgotten about that yesterday. That then made me start thinking why would Trissa want to have left from the party early and used that, either ways it felt good knowing I had no classes so I went back to sleep.

An hour later I woke up to the sound of knocking, I was sort of mad Trissa didn't answer it, but when I got up I noticed she wasn't there.

"Who is it?" I yelled from the door, I mean you can never be too safe.

"Sorry to bother you, it's Tyler, but can I talk to you?" Tyler answered form the door.

"Oh, yeah sure, sorry I didn't open the door but i'm a total scardy cat" I said opening the door.

"No problem, I mean you can never be too careful, right?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking."

Tyler just shrugged and smiled.

"Yeah, well um today we have the day off from school because of the cold weather and Calub and the guys and even Trissa wanted to know if you wanted to go to this one cabin Calub has up in the mountains for the day and night?" Tyler asked.

"Um...sure, but when are we coming back and how many rooms are there?"

"Oh don't worry they cancelled tomorrows classes too, and there is four rooms and your going to share with Trissa, so what do you say?" Tyler asked in a sort of pleading way.

"Fine! I'll go, but on one condition."

"Which one?" Tyler asked confused.

"You promise me we will have fun" I said with a smile, jokingly.

"I can assure you that, for sure."

"Okay then, I'm in" I said a little too excitedly.