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Chapter 24

"Sapphire! Open the door now! We need to talk. Sapphire, are you in there?" I could hear Calub yell through the door.

I hadn't stepped out of the room for a whole week. I also hadn't let Trissa walk into the room. She had been spending the week at Paul's apartment, which I knew there was no complaint from. On the contrary the other guys were getting worried, I'm guessing from the sound of their voice.

Then I heard someone knock at the door with a lot of force that I actually thought they were going to break it down.

"Open the goddam door Sapphire! I swear I will break it down if you don't. And you know I can! Do you really want everyone to see that?" Reid was furious. I had never heard his voice with so much anger and frustration.

"That would be very dumb of you, you know I can just disappear from here too" I said in a very monotone type if voice. I didn't really have any feeling left inside of me. If I had the courage, I would probably have killed myself.

"Fine! I give up. Do what you want! If you want to kill yourself of starvation and lack of sunlight go ahead, like I care, no one cares!" Reid shouted back.

Tears were running down my face now and it was hard to speak with the knot in my throat,"I know, why do you think I am doing it. You guys barely even know me. You won't miss me."

"Shut up! You are my sister! The sibling I never had. I want to get to know you better, please open the door" Tyler managed to shout across the door.

That's right I had family now, I wasn't as lonely as I thought. Since my parents had died I had felt so lonely. I had no one to look forward to see, no one to spend my holidays with, but now I did. I had an older brother, might be a year, but still an older brother, to look up to.

Tears started to fall faster and my throat was hurting from not letting out the sound.

"Sapphire? Are you still in there?... Please answer me!" I could tell that Tyler's voice had begun to weaken and break at some parts.


"Ok, please open the door now" Reid tried to sound as calm as possible.

"I don't want to. I can't risk hurting either of you."

"You won't, we can take you on" Calub said. I could tell he was trying to ease the tension.

"Really? Because last time I checked you were in your third coma because of me. I turn crazy with whatever is in me and I am dangerous. Please please just leave me alone" I pleaded.

"Like it or not we are going to get in there no matter how we do it" Reid said. This time he sounded serious.

I didn't answer. Fine they want a death wish? Well who am I to stop them. Let then come in let them, I am not stopping them anymore. I might as well let the other one take over seeing as that is all that is going to happen once they get inside.

The door was being slammed and kicked and I don't know what else. I could hear people from my floor come to see what was happening. I heard someone yell at them to stop, but of course they didn't listen.

I suddenly felt dizzy. I felt my body become heavy. Oh I knew this feeling to well, it was her, the other one.

Not this time. I'm not letting you hurt my friends anymore. Did you really think I would let you take over that easily? Don't make me laugh.

Huh? You just said that if your friends had a death wish well then so be it. You said I could have you because I would get you either ways.

I am not that dumb. What do you think I was doing these days I've been in here?I've been thinking of ways to get you out and I found it.

Oh please enlighten me little girl.

First of all I am not a little girl and second of all prepare yourself for a goodbye.

My powers weren't always mine so I can get them taken away real easy, without my, currently, sapphire ring. This chick or whatever she is is only in this fir the power and so what she penetrated wasn't me, but the ring that has all my power. I just need to destroy that ring and I'm free and she's gone, forever.

While I was busy thinking of this the guys managed to get in.

"Finally!" Reid exclaimed walking over to me and grabbing me from the arm.

"Hey let go! You are hurting me!" I yelled at him.

"No, you are coming with us...Now!"

He was really hurting me and it was annoying me, really annoying me. That was bad. Something started to bubbled up inside if me and I and blew.

"I Said Let Go Of ME!" I yelled as I slipped my arm out of his grip.


"Shut up! Who the F*** do you think you are testing me like that? You know I can break you into pieces if I wanted to! Get out of here before I get you out of here on my own."

"What has gotten in to you-"

"Funny question. You know exactly what has gotten in to me. Now get out."

Wait was that just me right now? Oh my, this is very bad. I need help if boy I won't be able to do this alone.

"Ok fine! Do what you want" Reid shouted while shoving past Calub and Tyler. He didn't seem to happy.

Tyler went after him after looking at me with a very sad expression.

I suddenly felt my senses come back and I realized what scene I had just made.

"Oh my god, see what I told you? I don't even know when it happens anymore. I used to at least feel light headed or something begir she took over buy now it just happens. I am so sorry."

"You don't ave to explain. We know Reid understands too but he just can't handle your rejection, that's all" Calub comforted me.

"Thanks. Hey before she returns I need to ask you guys a favor."

"What is it?" Paul asked, speaking for the first time.

"If I don't mange to do it cause something happened to me please do it for me" I said trying my best to explain.

"Do what?" Calub asked a bit confused, which was understandable.

"Destroy this," I lifted my hand with the ring up to them,"Destroy this ring."

"Why" they both questioned in unison.

"Because it is my power source so it is hers to and I came to the assumption that that is where she got into. I can't explain it very well, ask Reid, buy will you do it?"

"Yeah, if it will help you" Calub said giving me a warming smile.

"Thanks" I said taking it off,"I might as well see if it is what she is attached to."

I gave the ring to them. Once the ring was officially off and in their hands I felt much better. My anger was give and I felt like someone had just taken 20 pounds off of me. It worked! Now I just had to destroy it.

"It worked. Now on to destroying it. That won't be as easy, any ideas?"

"Magic?" Paul suggested.

"I don't know. I doubt it though, it is used to keep magic inside so..."

"Does it have a power resource? Like something it needs to work?"

"Um...a body? I don't know! I just hot the ring from my fathe who some how got all his powers into it, so he could give them to me...wait that would mean..."

"That there is a way to get the power out because there is a way in, which means we can get it out without her and then it becomes a regular ring that can me destroyed" Paul said trading my mind.

"Well then I guess that means we need to find out spell book to see if it says anything about it" Calub said walking out of the room.

"I guess I get to go call the other guys, wanna come with me?" Paul said waving me to follow.


We found them outside by Tyler'd truck.