Standing before her, was the man who had been her temporary mother when she was young. She had so many good memories with him, but fate had torn them away. Years with only letters to keep them in touch, she realised the Kippei she called onii-chan has changed just as much as she has.

No longer can she run towards him like she would use to, the man standing before her was like a stranger. She bit her lip, how could she let this happen? She finally came back to see her beloved onii-chan, only to have awkward silence between them.

"Um…" she started quietly, looking into Kippei's chestnut-brown eyes.

Kippei's sudden smile interrupted the teenager, and she felt a sudden wave of relief rush through her.

"Kippei onii-chan!" she cried, running into the arms of her idol. "I'm pretty sure mum called, right? To tell you I'll be staying for the summer break."

"Great!" Kippei laughed, and lead her inside.

Yuzuyu smiled, this summer break was definitely going to be the best one yet; being back under the same roof as Kippei and his family.