A/N: Just a little poem I came up with.


I stand in the garden

The flowers all anew

I know I wouldn't be alive

If I'd been unable to escape

I can't help but ask

What if…

My life is so dull

My parents ignored me

I despised the dull colour

The walls my home is painted with

And I missed my friends

Form that I moved away

So I asked

What if it all just disappears…?

My neighbours are strange

On my first day I met Wybie

I was freaked out to a point

I wished him away

Our house was divided

Our neighbours upstairs

And downstairs

What if they were cooler…?

I now realize

That if all these things came true

If I stayed in The Other World

Which I tough was so cool

With it's garden, better neighbours, and

My Other Parents

I wouldn't have led a life at all

So the only 'what if' left


What if I gave into my Other Mother's wills

And never came back?

I can't image what

But I know I am lucky

To sleep without having to wish away

All I already have