One morning you weren't there anymore…

Lilo groaned as the sun hit her square in the face. She opened her eyes and saw Stitch sleeping on his own bed, causing her to smile. She had become very close to him in the last four years.

"Little Girl, time to be waking up." Jumba's voice called form downstairs. Hearing this, Lilo climbed out of bed, followed shortly by Stitch, who was awakened by Jumba's call. Lilo got dressed while Stitch waited. Suddenly the young girl asked: "Stitch, isn't it a bit weird that Jumba woke us up? Nani usually wakes us." "Ih." Stitch agreed. He was actually thinking about that for the last five minutes but had brushed it off.

The two friends climbed onto the lift, and once being downstairs, headed into the kitchen. Jumba and Pleakley were both sitting at the table, neither of them acknowledging that Lilo and Stitch had just entered the room. Nani was nowhere to be seen. Lilo noticed this as she sat down at the table next to Stitch. "Jumba, where's Nani?"

Jumba lifted his eyes, and Lilo noticed that he was fighting tears. A sick feeling wretched at her stomach. "Jumba…" "Little Girl, there is being bad news…"As he spoke, Pleakley got up and left the kitchen, hopefully to clean, Lilo reasoned to herself. "Bigger Girl fell ill last night…" Jumba contuied. "Isa Nani okitaka?" Stitch asked, worried. Lilo clutched her fists, hoping that Jumba would say what she wanted to hear, but something told her otherwise…

"I'm afraid not, 626." Jumba said, slowly. "Bigger Girl passed away…" Upon hearing those words, Lilo felt her entire world crashing down inside. "No!" She cried out, trying to fight tears that were treating to surface. "Nani can't be gone! She can't!" Jumba just lowered his head, and when she turned to Stitch she saw that he, too, was fighting tears.

Unable to bear the devastating news of her older sister's death, Lilo blindly ran form the kitchen. Stitch called her back, but she didn't respond. Where she was going, she didn't know, but she just wanted to get as far away form the house and form the unbearable news that she just heard, that her only sister, the only blood family she had, was gone.

When she finally became aware of her surroundings, she was standing on the beach, the sun rising in the distance. Water was sloshing lazily against the sand, the sky a brilliant blue. It was a typical Hawaiian beach, yet deserted…

Lilo sat down on the sand, absolutely refusing to believe what she had just heard. Staring out onto the ocean a poem she had once heard form her sister when her parents had past away popped into her mind:

I'd care.

I care 'bout things

Like this.

I must now make

My choice.

Did you leave?

With a reason?

Or was it ordinary?

I'd care

'Bout what way

You choose.

You didn't leave me

A clue.

Now I wonder did

You care?

About those you left


I shed my tears

For you my friend

This poem

You'll never


But those who

Misses you will.

I know you're in a better


But you have no idea

How much we miss you.

I really did care 'bout


Why did you go?

Couldn't I come with you?

No, I guess not.

What did you feel?

During those last minutes?

Sadness? Pain?

I'll never know,

But I wish I was there

To tell you it's alright.

I'll miss you,

My dear friend.

Surely I didn't want

You to leave.

Goodbye, my friend,

Sleep well.

Lilo recited the words until she couldn't fight the pain anymore, and buried her face in her lap, sobbing.

Me: I wrote the poem for a friend who was going trough a hard time, and I thought it would suit the story. Poor Lilo! I'm a terrible person.