Splintered Glass

Death was not a pretty concept.

Lilo knew this better than any one. Her life was like a window which closed the moment death took her loved ones.

She has lost all her confidence in life.

Mertle had proceeded to tease her just one short week after Nani's death.

"SHUT IT MERTLE." Lilo had yelled when Mertel approached her. "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M GONING TROUGH!" Mertle had tried a retorted, but she was interrupted by Lilo's rage. "YOU DON'T CARE. YOU NEVER DID. WHEN MY PARENTS DIED…AND NOW NANI'S GONE TOO. I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR. NOTHING AND NOBODY. SO JUST BACK OFF."

Mertle was left, white in the face with shock.

Even Stitch, who tried to be the angel Lilo has wished for so long ago, got the taste of Lilo's rage. "You never had a real family in the first place, Stitch. SO JUST GO AWAY."

The changes in Lilo's attitude shocked the entire ohana. No body dared speak to her because of her now violet outbursts.

Then one morning…in the hour that Nani's death struck her so horribly…

Stitch found Lilo bleeding in bed. Her face bore a smile. Instead of morning his best friend, he covered her with her blanket. "Stitch knew it was too much for Lilo. Take good care of Lilo, Nani…Stitch loves both of you. Aloha."

It had not hit him as bad as he thought it would. But now, Lilo was at peace. He remembers once when Lilo told him: "It was hard to say good bye. Sometimes you just can't take it."

Yes, the splinters of Lilo's life lay all over the floor…and nobody bothered to pick it up. She couldn't stand good bye one more time, and Stitch was sure Lilo's family came to get her. The smile showed that much. Lilo was an angel now, and was watching over him as a guardian angel.

He turned away form Lilo's body and went downstairs to pass on the news of Lilo's death.