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Summary- "Well, what are you doing? I asked first." Hermione said. "I was patrolling." Malfoy lied. Hermione lifted her wand a little. "You've been crying…." Hermione said her voice soft than before, as she stared at Malfoy's tear stained face. "Mind your business." Malfoy snapped and shouldered past her. Hermione looked down at her wand. "Be strong." She said, wondering if he heard it.

Be Strong

Draco Malfoy couldn't understand why Hermione Granger was crying. She was a prefect, straight 'O's student, Teachers pet, Head of the Midday Dance (or whatever it was called) organizing committee, Golden boy's other sidekick, Witty and probably popular (again because of Scar head) and in the oh-so-selected Slug Club. And again he always had an impression that Granger flew in to a temper rather than crying. He didn't know what made him give such an impression, probably after she almost broke his nose in the third year.

Draco Malfoy didn't understand why Granger came every night to the Room of Requirement to cry. Didn't she have a common room? And why the bloody hell was she crying like if her whole life depended on it? Malfoy didn't bother ask her, cause he had better and bigger things to worry about and also he didn't want Granger to know he had been there every night, witnessing her distress. Every night she would come in to the Room of Requirement and cry her eyes out, unaware that Malfoy was hidden in midst of the mess in the room near the vanishing cabinet, listening to the sobs, sometimes joining in for his reasons.

No, she never noticed that he was actually there, every day, aware of her misery. She just flounced in, sat in that usual corner and cried. She was too wrapped in her own little sorrows. Merlin! She wouldn't have noticed even if Voldermort was standing in front of her. Draco thought amused, forgetting the sobs in the background for a minute.

Then his amusement faded as his purpose of coming to the Room of Requirement re-entered his mind. The dang Vanishing Cabinet. Yes, he had fixed it. But no, he didn't have the heart to let those creepy people in. Sure, his father and aunt included in that particular Creepy People crowd but he wasn't completely in to the "Lets-Kill-Dumbledore Plan". No, scratch "Lets". More like "Let-Draco-Kill-Dumbledore Plan." He didn't want to do it. No, he didn't fancy the Muggle-loving, Potter-loving headmaster but killing him wasn't his way of expressing his dislike.

Draco didn't understand why of all people he had to do it. Why not Theodore Nott? Or Vincent Crabbe? Gregory Goyle? Sure, none of them had the brains …but why him? He knew that he would somehow get caught or more like die in the process. Why did Voldermort think Draco could do it even if Snape hadn't even had the ability? This was what Draco pondered every night he came to the Room of Requirement. He would wonder how he had got in to this mess, he would plan what to do next, he would cry as he realized what kind of future awaited him, he would worry of his parents, what would happen if he fail or if he was caught, cause he was warned what would happen.


All this stress he bore all day as he studied, played Quiddich, talked, ate, sneered and gradually let it out at night. He didn't want to die and he didn't trust Voldermort at all.

Draco Malfoy never dreamt that he would ever share something common with Granger. They were so opposite. Okay…maybe not opposites but they weren't alike either. Granger was a bloody Gryffindor, He a Slytherin. Granger answered every freaking question she was asked. She knew everything and beyond that. Malfoy knew only the important stuff. Granger loved indoors, Malfoy loved the outdoors better. Granger had Wild bushy brown hair. Malfoy had sleek white blonde hair. Granger loved Transfigurations, he hated it, after the darn Ferret incident. Granger didn't fancy DADA, Malfoy loved it. But out of nowhere they were now sharing one habit. A habit of coming to the Room of Requirement and letting out all the grief.

Malfoy couldn't make him bring to do what he was to do. His mission. Hurting someone was okay. Physically or mentally it didn't matter, he could do it. Insulting or depressing someone wasn't a problem either. But killing wasn't his thing. Pointing a wand and doing the Killing Curse wasn't his area of expertise. Call him a coward, but he couldn't do it. But confessing this to them was just as hard. He could imagine their faces if he said he couldn't kill him. His mother probably would gape at him. And his father would try to motivate him bitterly. Aunt Bella surely would call him a coward over and over again. Snape would sneer and give an "I-told-you-so" look. And if Voldermort got to know he would try to show Malfoy how to do a killing curse. And just point the wand at Draco.

He couldn't do it.

Malfoy watched Granger concentrating on her potion. Her forehead was creased. Her eyes looked hollow. And her lips were set in a determined line. She looked pale too. Malfoy saw Potter give a concerned look at his potion partner. So even Potter didn't know where Granger vanished at night. Suddenly Granger didn't seem like what he thought she was. Looking at her in a different way, he now felt sorry for her. Granger gave a weary smile, trying to assure Potter she was okay. Potter didn't seem to buy it. There was a squeal from the other corner of the class.

Brown was again acting like some hyper-active gnome with Ron Weasely. And Weasely was laughing as if that was the funniest thing that ever happened. And then Weasley wrapped his arms around Brown and starts to do some disgusting stuff. Malfoy pretended to wretch. He sometimes wished Slughorn wouldn't leave the class at times. He noticed that Granger wasn't happy with what she was seeing. Potter looked helpless. Granger looked distraught and suddenly tears started to smart in her eyes. She excused herself and ran out of the class.

Malfoy now had an idea about why Granger cried every night.

Malfoy liked patrolling. He could take his mind off things at that moment. And then he would naturally head off to the Room of Requirement, before Granger did. Malfoy didn't bother say anything when he approached the youngsters who were dawdling around the corridors. They just had to see him and they would gather their belongings as they scurried off. Malfoy marched through each corridor, giving a nod in greeting if he met any other Slytherin or Ravenclaw prefect. He didn't have any problem with the Ravenclaws, just with the Gryffindors and the Stupid Hufflepuffs.

As he walked training his eyes on the dark corners, ready to spot any wanderers, he heard a noise. Pulling out his wand, Malfoy slowly made through the shadows. Dark figures twisted in the corner. Malfoy pointed his wand at it and was about to see what the hell it was, when from the other side he saw a figure appear and it happened to be none other than Granger. She didn't seem to notice Malfoy hidden in the shadows as she stared at the moaning dark figures. Malfoy saw her face suddenly twist in fury. Malfoy realized how much Granger could be scary.

As if an explosion occurred Granger let out a shrill yell.

"YOU ARSE, RONALD BILLIUS WEASLEY!" making Malfoy and the dark figures jump out of their skins. "What the HELL do you think you're DOING? Will you at least keep your DIGNITY as a PREFECT, Ron? WHAT…..oh MY GOD, put your CLOTHES on, for Merlin's sake, Lavender!"

Granger's voice echoed in the hallway that Malfoy was wondering how the staff couldn't hear it. She still hadn't noticed him in the shadows. She looked devilish with her wild hair flying around and her face snarling at Weasley and Brown.

"Detention for being out of dorms after curfew and for improper behavior, Lavender." Granger said slowly trying to calm herself.

Weasley's face went red. "Now, look here, Hermione. She didn't do anything wrong. Just bugger off." He said.

"Oh, didn't she? Look at you Ron. You're also in this mess. You should be aware of your duties without dragging other students to the lower level. And I'm doing what I would have done to anybody who is out of bed and snogging in the corridors. " Hermione ranted.

"You're jealous." Weasley muttered.

"Oh am I? Give me a good reason why I should be jealous of a slut, Ron? I have everything I need, dignity included." Granger snapped.

"Well, have you? I don't see any bloke ready to go to Hogsmead with you or there for you like I am to Lavender. Is any one even going with you for the dance tomorrow, even when you're the head of the organizing committee?" Ron asked triumphantly.

And that hit Hermione Granger like a ton of bricks. Her anger vanished and sorrow replaced her face.

"Why are you siding with her?" She asked softly, but audible enough for Malfoy to hear. Her brown eyes were shining with tears.

"She's my girlfriend, Hermione. I thought you'll have it figured out by now. Who would want to take your side, anyway? What have you done to me to make me take your side? You've never appreciated me. If I do anything well, you always suspect it was because of some help I had, not that it was done by just me. You always think I'm the second best. I'm sick of it. At least there's one person who thinks I can do anything." Weasley said putting his arm around Lavender, and they passed Granger and left. Before Malfoy's eyes Granger succumbed in to tears.

Malfoy watched Granger, as she knelt and started to cry, probably this time not bothering to even go to the Room of Requirement. Malfoy didn't know what to do or even if he was suppose to do anything. But it was complete bullshit crying over someone like Weasley. What was he? He wasn't even good at Quiddich or in class. Did he even look good with that long nose? No. Malfoy watched Granger. The same tears and sobs escaping her, just like every night. Every night Granger was crying for that Weasel who didn't give a crap about her. It was ridiculous.

Malfoy walked, leaving the shadows behind him. He slowly approached Granger. She didn't hear him, as usual.

"It's never worth crying over him." He said in a low voice.

Hermione's head whipped up to meet Malfoy's cool silver blue eyes. And before Hermione could retort anything back, Malfoy left.

Hermione Granger couldn't understand how Malfoy knew that she cried every night. Well, he didn't say he knew that, but the way he said it, it seemed like he somehow knew it. She didn't know how much Malfoy had been in the shadows, how much he had heard. She knew her life would be even more miserable if he had listened to the whole thing, because the next morning it would be all over school.

Hermione couldn't understand why Draco Malfoy had bothered to even come to her and say Ron wasn't worth it. She knew he didn't give a crap about how much she cried or how miserable she was. After all Malfoy too had made her life miserable. But Hermione couldn't help thinking over the words he said. The rest of the night she played his words over and over inside her head.

The next day Hermione expected people to stare at her, whisper or the Slytherins to jeer at her. But nothing, it looked like any other day to her. She glanced curiously at the Slytherin table. Nobody was staring at her or laughing at her. Her eyes rested on a particular blonde boy who was eating his breakfast. Could it be that Malfoy hadn't spread it to the entire school? Hermione could hardly believe it.

Today was Hermione's most important day. Okay, maybe not the most important, one of the important days was more like it. The Midnight Dance was tonight. Even though she didn't have a date, she wanted it to go right. The decorations, music and the refreshment were all done. There was nothing else to go wrong in fact, except if the decorations come off. Hermione Granger was hoping very much it would not.

It was midnight. Hermione looked around. The Great Hall looked beautiful. She smiled to herself as she realized she had done well. Every one seemed to be having a good time. She saw Harry with Ginny and blushed as he gave a thumbs-up at her dress. She did look good. She had made her hair in to sleek locks and this time wore a deep violet strapless dress. Her make up was light but it brought her eyes out well. Hermione scanned her eyes through the crowd to try spot Anthony Goldstein, the Ravenclaw prefect, who had been her partner in the organizing committee. It was them who had to open the dance.

Hermione liked Anthony. He was funny, and smart. And he did look handsome in the midnight blue robes as Hermione spotted him making his way through the crowd towards her. His date must be feeling very lucky, Hermione couldn't help feel. Hermione was about to greet him when she heard a familiar voice.

"Of course you look beautiful, Lav. As long as you don't have two big front teeth and bushy hair, you're fine."

Hermione felt a rush of rage through her. She turned to her right and spotted the source of the voice. Ron Weasley was smirking at her just a few feet away with Lavender, knowing very well that she had heard it. The familiar tears were coming to her eyes. She couldn't believe Ron was ruining the night for her.

Suddenly Malfoy's voice echoed in her head. Those words she had been thinking about flashed in her mind. Hermione walked towards Ron.

"You really should tell your girlfriend the truth, Ronald. You should tell her she looks like a slut." Hermione said, with a malicious smile. But before Ron could express his outrage, Hermione whipped out her wand and pointed it to Ron's head and flicked it.

Suddenly to the amusement of the few of the crowd who had been curiously watching them, Ron's hair turned in to a brilliant shade of Hot Pink. The crowd roared and a shrill laughter of Ginny's was heard. Smirking, Hermione grabbed Anthony's hand and headed to the dance floor. If Ron had been listening during charms lesson, it would have been nothing to fret over.

In midst of the crowd, Draco Malfoy smirked.

Malfoy sort of missed the sobs now. Ever since the dance she didn't come to the Room of Requirement. Now Malfoy was alone again. He didn't know what to do. He still was pondering if he really could do it or if he should tell somebody. But he couldn't tell anybody. He would be killed then. His parents would be killed. They would die because of him. He would be a traitor. He couldn't do this to his family. Malfoy closed his eyes as the tears gushed out. He looked at his hand which held a white feathered body. The bird was long gone, unaware of what had met her when she was put in to the Vanishing Cabinet. Soon Malfoy would be like that bird. White and limp, unaware what had met him.

Malfoy exited the Room of Requirement. Usually he would leave late but somehow, he didn't feel like staying any longer in there. It had gone terribly quiet with the absence of Hermione Granger's sobs. And he didn't like the quietness now. Malfoy pushed his fists in to his pockets as he made his way through the dark corridors. Malfoy was so familiar with them that he didn't need lights to guide him. His instincts did. Suddenly out of nowhere a blinding light appeared in front of him. He gasped.

"Damn it; take the wand off my face." Malfoy snarled, not caring if it was a teacher or not.

"Malfoy? What the hell are you doing out of bed?" A voice piped up and the wand lowered casting its light on both of them, on Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.

"What are you doing out of bed?" Malfoy shot at Granger.

"I forgot something in the Room of…..Well, what are you doing? I asked first." Hermione said.

"I was patrolling." Malfoy lied. Hermione lifted her wand a little.

"You've been crying…." Hermione said her voice soft than before, as she stared at Malfoy's tear stained face.

"Mind your business." Malfoy snapped and shouldered past her. Hermione looked down at her wand.

"Be strong." She said, wondering if he heard it.

Draco Malfoy had made up his mind. He grabbed a piece of parchment and scribbled his letter to his parents. He knew they'll be mad. He knew they'll try to change his mind, but Granger's words echoed in his head. "Be strong". If Granger could be strong, so could he. If Granger could stop going to the Room of Requirement, so could he. If she could decide to put a stop to her misery, so could Malfoy. He was going to give his parents three days to hide or flee to another country. To change sides.

He called his owl, Silver, towards him and gave the letter. Silver was a beauty. Its feathers were grey with a beautiful luster that you could almost see other colors. After Malfoy sent Silver, he sat there thinking. After three days he was going to Dumbledore to tell him. Malfoy very much hoped that Snape wouldn't get to know his plan. He didn't trust his God Father anymore.

Draco hadn't expected the three days to go this quickly. And to his surprise his parents didn't send a letter trying to convince him to come to the right mind. He knew that his parents had read the letter because Silver never returned until the receiver read the letter. Draco didn't stop visiting the Room of Requirement. He made sure he did the usual routine so that the other Death Eaters would not suspect his change of plans.

Malfoy was unnaturally silent that night in the great hall as he ate. He had a lifeless expression on his face. The more he thought about it the more he became doubtful. Did he really have the guts to go to the headmaster's office tonight? Doubt was creeping in. Malfoy glanced at the Gryffindor table and stared at Hermione Granger. She was laughing with Potter. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes were bright. For the first time Malfoy noticed she looked kind of beautiful. Not pretty, beautiful. Malfoy looked at the staff table. Dumbledore was looking at him expectantly.

Malfoy paced in his common room. Every one was in bed. Could he really do this? Malfoy clutched his hair and closed his eyes. He had to, but he couldn't. He pulled his left sleeve up and stared at the foul Dark Mark etched on his pale skin. He suddenly heard a tap-tap sound. He looked outside the window. To his surprise he saw Silver out side. He pulled his sleeve down and slowly opened the window and let the bird in.

Hermione was in bed reading a book. She still had problems sleeping early after all those nights staying awake. She was just about to turn the fire out in her dorm when a noisy tapping came from the window. Startled by the sudden noise she looked at the window to see a grey owl with a letter. Quietly she got out of bed and made her way to the window. She opened the window and the owl hopped in.

"What is your color?" Hermione murmured as she gazed at the creature when she noticed it wasn't plain grey. She carefully took the letter. It didn't say who it was addressed to on the envelope. She kept it on her dressing table deciding to look at it next morning. The owl just stood there without leaving. Realizing that the owl was a trained one she opened the envelope.

Granger, Meet me at the Room of Requirement, Now.

Hermione frowned as the owl took off. Was this given to the right person? Cause it was obviously from the wrong person. Giving out a stifled yawn she tossed the paper in to the fire.

What was he thinking? Did he really think that Granger would bother come this late at night for him? It was the stupidest thing he had ever done. Malfoy silently slipped out of the common room and made his way through the stairs. He'll have to do this alone. First he had to go to the Room of Requirement to do his routine. Then slip out and make his way to the headmaster's office. He had never been there but he knew where it was from his fathers ranting.

The door appeared from the wall like every night and Malfoy slipped in. Suddenly a blinding light appeared in front of him. Before it flashed in front of Malfoy, he glimpsed a bushy hair.

"Bloody Hell, WILL YOU STOP DOING THAT?" Malfoy roared and the wand instantly lowered. Malfoy blinked a few times. His eyes focused on Hermione who stood in front of him. Then realization struck him.

"You came." He said staring at Hermione who had carelessly thrown in a white blouse and a skirt and had not even bothered to brush her hair.

Something calm and soothing rushed through his troubled mind as he realized that she had come for him. She was like an angel who had come to save him.

"Well, yeah, but it's not like I -mph….." But rest of Hermione's words was muffled as Malfoy rushed to her to engulf her in to a tight hug. Hermione was too surprised to push away for a moment.

"What the….…Malfoy!" Hermione whispered as she felt Malfoy's arms wind around her, one around her waist, the other clasping her back. But instead of withdrawing, he snuggled his face closer in to her bushy hair which he suddenly found it soft. He took a deep breath, letting himself smell her sweet aroma.

"Thanks for coming." He whispered in to her ear, his breath sending a current through her.

He pulled back to look at Hermione, whose face had gone in to an adorable blush and her eyes looking at his with wonder. Without realizing, his head tilted to the side and he found himself looming closer towards Hermione's face.

Frightened but also overwhelmed with a thrill she never had before, Hermione gently closed her eyes and rested her hands on his chest. Suddenly he stopped before his lips brushed hers. What was he thinking? Wait till she sees what he was. Malfoy sighed and dropped his arms to his side and stepped back. Hermione realizing that he was no longer close to her, opened her eyes, looking at Malfoy who was staring at her miserably, his face blushed like hers and his hair ruffled.

"C'mon." he muttered and made his way to the Vanishing Cabinet.

Hermione stood on the spot for a few seconds and followed him. Was this really Malfoy? Was this really Draco Malfoy who had hugged her and had being in the verge of kissing her?

Hermione watched Malfoy stand in front of something huge, which looked like a cabinet. It looked familiar but Hermione couldn't place where she had seen it before. He opened the cabinet and placed in a feather, which looked like it came from Silver.

"Harmonia Nectere Passus." He muttered. Hermione gasped. She realized what it was.

"It's a vanishing cabinet, like the one in Borgin and Burkes." Hermione said.

Malfoy looked at her surprised that she knew about the one in Borgin and Burkes. He nodded.

"But how did it come here?" Hermione asked sensing some kind of danger and raising her wand.

"The one in Borgin and Burkes…It has a twin. In the Room of Requirement. I've been mending it." Malfoy said in a low voice opening the cabinet.

The feather was gone. Hermione noticed it too.

"Where did the feather go?" Hermione whispered as she watched Malfoy close it, because she knew that only a wizard with a wand could vanish inside the cabinet.

"The cabinet at Borgin and burkes and this one forms a passage. That's why I mended this. So I can… I can…" Malfoy suddenly looked at Hermione wildly.

"How did you know there's one at Borgin and Burkes?" He asked and Hermione looked away.

"We followed you in Diagon Alley before school began. We saw you interested in that…." She whispered.

"We?" Malfoy demanded.

"Me, Harry and Ron." Hermione said exasperated.

"Of course. What else has Potter been spying on?" Malfoy asked bitterly.

"He…..he has been suspecting a lot of things about you. Like you being a…." Hermione silenced.

"Being a what?" Malfoy asked.

Hermione merely shook her head.

"BEING a WHAT?" Malfoy bellowed.

"A DEATH EATER." Hermione yelled back.

Malfoy blinked.

"Potter isn't that pea brained than I thought." Malfoy said with a humorless laugh.

"What? What do you…no, you can't…" Hermione said, now her turn to be shocked.

"Yes, I am. What? you didn't believe Potter?" Malfoy sneered.

"No….I … I didn't think you could be that bad, you're too young. You're not evil. You're not twisted like Bellatrix…" Hermione said almost in tears.

"Well, LOOK at this. This is what they did to me. This is what haunts me every night!" Malfoy said, pulling his sleeve up and showing the Dark Mark tattooed on his arm.

Hermione gasped. "No…no…..…How could you?" Hermione whimpered.

"Harmonia Nectere Passus"Malfoy muttered again and opened the cabinet again, to find the silver feather now turned black. "You think I wanted this? To come every night to the Room of Requirement and do this? He threatened me, Granger, to kill me and my parents. I had to do it." Malfoy whispered closing the cabinet and turning towards Hermione who had stepped a few paces back.

"I'm leaving." Hermione said and turned to go.

"No, wait." Malfoy said, his voice softer, dropping the feather and hurried towards her retreating back.

"No…." Hermione said but Malfoy cut her off, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him.

"Granger, listen to what I have to say. I'm not done yet. I need you to stay with me, Granger. I need you. So listen to the rest of it." He said, both his hands cupping her face , forcing her to look at his tear filled eyes as he rested his forehead against hers.

Hermione nodded. His hands slid down to her hands and held it.

"I was made a Death Eater to do a mission. To find a way for the other Death Eaters to enter Hogwarts undetected. Using the vanishing cabinet. But I don't want to do this anymore, Granger. I need your help to get away from this. I'm going to Dumbledore about this and I NEED you to come with me tonight. Please." Malfoy whispered stepping closer, stroking her hand. Hermione gazing at his eyes, thought for a moment and firmly nodded.

They stared at each other for a minute and Malfoy deciding he couldn't stay like this forever, gripped Hermione's hand and led the way.

It was pitch black when they entered the halls, except for the moonlight. Hermione stepped closer to Malfoy, and gripped his hand with both her hands. Malfoy knowing the castle, led the way despite the distraction due to Hermione's body brushing close to his.

"Do you know where you're going?" Hermione couldn't help ask.

"Trust me, I know." He whispered.

And to Hermione's surprise, she found herself trusting him. Suddenly trusting him felt so natural. As if he had never defied anybody before. Hermione didn't know what had made her trust him, but his eyes said it all to her. Was she letting herself fall in to a deathly trap? She hoped not.

Before they knew it they were in front of huge ugly Gargoyle, looking even more uglier since the moonlight fell only on parts of it. They both gazed at it. Malfoy knew this was the place.

"Now what?" Hermione whispered.

"Shoot, I forgot there was a password… We're stuck Granger." Malfoy said. Hermione groaned.

Suddenly a light appeared behind them, not too faraway. Hermione gasped, but Malfoy instantly grabbed her wand - and pointed it at Hermione.

"What are you doing out of bed at this hour? You know prowling around is prohibited." A silky voice came, and out of the darkness Severus Snape stepped out.

"Draco? Is there any problem?" He asked. Malfoy threw an ugly look at Hermione.

"Found the Mudblood prowling around." He said, with a hint of detectable annoyance towards Snape. Snape sort of winced. Hermione felt a pang of hurt and couldn't help glaring at Malfoy for calling her Mudblood.

"And why is it the necessity to bring her here to the Headmasters office?" Snape inquired, a bit suspicious as he pointed his light towards Malfoy's and Hermione's hands, which for a moment he thought he saw it knotted together. But they weren't.

"She says she had been asked to come to the headmaster's office." Malfoy said. "And I was just about to find if it is true."

Snape pondered about it. Something didn't feel right, but Snape didn't know what. "Very well. Lets see what Professor Dumbledore wanted from Miss Granger." Snape said peering at Hermione.

"What are you doing here?" Malfoy asked.

"I was called to meet Professor Dumbledore." Snape said shooting another suspicious glance at Malfoy. He ignored the suspiciousness and with a low voice muttered "Acid Pops". Behind him, Malfoy looked at Hermione and gave her hand a squeeze as an apology for calling her a Mudblood. The gargoyle stepped aside and a stair case appeared. They climbed the stair case until they found themselves in front of a gleaming oak door with a griffin as a knocker. Snape gave a firm knock with it. Without waiting for any reply, Snape opened the door and stepped in with Malfoy and Hermione right behind.

"Ah, Severus. I was starting to wonder if you had chosen to ignore my invitation. But first, I and the students should have our chat, yes?" Albus Dumbledore said brightly, wide awake, as if he expected this kind of thing to happen every night.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy happened to find Ms. Granger in the corridors claiming that you were expecting her." Snape said maliciously.

"To be frank, it was not Ms. Granger who I was expecting but Mr. Malfoy, because I suspect that he is bearing a load which is too much to bear. But both of them will do." Dumbledore said truthfully, with his eyes twinkling at Hermione and Draco.

Draco suddenly aimed Hermione's wand at Snape but before he could say anything Snape skillfully disarmed him. Snape gave a 'look' at Malfoy.

"But he needs to leave." Malfoy declared.

"Why is that?" Dumbledore asked.

"Cause….I don't want him here. I don't trust him." Malfoy spat out, glaring at Snape.

"Well I happen to trust him, Draco." Dumbledore replied. Snape sneered at him.

"Well, you're wrong to. You don't know him. He's spying on you! He works for the Dark Lord…" Draco started but Dumbledore cut him off.

"Under my orders."

"That's what you think. I've seen him tell all the plans to the Dark Lord." Malfoy whispered fiercely.

"Draco, I have my own reasons to trust Professor Snape. Now, please continue. It might happen that Professor Snape will be a great help to you in the future." Dumbledore said.

Malfoy opened his mouth to spill the beans but something was stopping him. Hermione gave his hand a squeeze.

"I was given a mission by the Dark Lord." He said and nervously pulled his left sleeve for the third time that night. Hermione looked at the two professors, expecting some kind of reaction. But nothing. Snape merely looked bored.

"It so happens that I know what the mission is, Draco. The fact that Voldermort sent you this year to kill me." Dumbledore said, shocking Hermione and causing the two Slytherins to wince at the name spoken aloud.

"But, how?" Malfoy asked bewildered.

"That is why I am saying Professor Snape is in our side, not on Voldermort's.(Wince) He has told me that you were threatened to do so." Dumbledore said and Draco Malfoy looked at Snape, unable to choose what to believe. "But now, this changes a lot of things, Severus." Dumbledore said turning to Snape.

"Yes, it does, doesn't it?" Snape said sarcastically.

"Well, we have to arrange Draco's future. He is not safe. Severus, everything should go as planned, remember." Dumbledore said to Snape, as if he was referring to some secret plan.

"B-But professor, That doesn't mean that you would be…." Hermione couldn't continue.

"Yes, I will be killed. It should be that way. Severus will do it for he has put himself in jeopardy by making the Unbreakable Vow. But remember, Miss Granger, this is not murder, we have planned this together. Severus is doing a mere favor by avoiding me from pain and humiliation." He said and to the rest of the presence's surprise, Hermione's eyes started pouring out tears. Hermione hastily wiped them.

"But what about Harry?" she asked.

"Yes, there is a lot to arrange for Harry. Ms. Granger, I'm sure you are aware of the lessons I'm giving Harry?" Dumbledore asked. Hermione nodded.

"There will come a time when Harry may have a task to do. I want you to be a great support to him. And you will not mention this favor by Professor Snape to him or to Mr. Weasley. Maybe after I'm killed but not before, for he will try to stop it. You may too try and stop it happening, Ms. Granger but I ask you not to. It is important that I die this way." Hermione nodded again to this.

"What about the cabinet?" Malfoy asked.

"Cabinet?" Dumbledore asked.

Malfoy launched his story of the time he spent in the Room of Requirement. Hermione blushed realizing that Malfoy had been in the same room during those miserable nights she experienced.

"Well, I say Severus shall do it. When that day comes I will arrange for you to leave, probably to the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. The Order members shall be warned about this." Dumbledore said nodding to Snape.

"What about my parents?" Draco asked.

"I will take care of it. I assume you warned them about your acts?" Dumbledore inquired and Malfoy nodded in reply. Dumbledore sighed.

"Well, it is getting late now. Good thing that today is Friday. I believe there is this muggle saying, TGIF?" he asked, turning his twinkling eyes at Hermione, who smiled weakly.

"Well, this is pretty much enough for one night. Severus, I will arrange a meeting again. We will discuss things then. Mr. Malfoy, Professor Snape will inform you everything you need. I ask you to trust him. It was very brave of you Draco to come and tell me this. I thank you. Now, off to bed! Professor Snape will escort you." Dumbledore said finally. Hermione and Draco left the office after picking up Hermione's wand.

"Er….Professor, why was I informed to come?" Snape asked blankly.

"To witness this, of course. And I dare say, Severus, you'd better tell Draco about it." Dumbledore said giving a wink. Snape's face went a blotchy red.


"But its gonna be hard gaining his trust. You don't want anything to happen to him, do you?" Dumbledore said.

Wordlessly Snape left.

Dumbledore was right, he thought, whatever Draco was thinking, Snape didn't want his godson hurt. He found Draco and Granger by the gargoyle.

"You really should improve your lies." Snape couldn't help sneer at Malfoy who glared back at him. Draco found it really hard to believe that Snape was an ally. They started to make their way, alighted by their wands.

Did Snape really have to tell it to Draco? The reason why Snape was against the Dark Lord? He knew he had to though he didn't want to. He heard them talking about some pink hair behind him. He wondered how to tell it to his godson as he turned a corner. He looked behind to look at Draco and noticed Draco's hand holding Grangers, they both smiling at each other shyly. Snape looked back ahead, musing that it might not be a hard thing to unleash his story about how he loved a muggle born to Draco, seeing that maybe he would understand now.

The trio stopped by the Great hall, and Hermione had to separate in to a different passage. Hermione looked at Malfoy, his hair falling in to his eyes, looking at her in such a different way than he did in the past few years. Hermione gently brushed her fingers on his forehead, pushing his soft hair out of his beautiful eyes. She gave a faint smile, ignoring Snape who was scoffing nearby.

"Thank you." She whispered. Hermione turned to leave, but Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, wrapping his arms around her affectionately.

"No, Thank You." Malfoy whispered. Hermione didn't hesitate to hug back. Something snapped inside Draco as he felt her body press against his.

Draco Malfoy couldn't understand what came over him, but before he knew it, he gently pulled his head away, tilted it and pressed his lips against hers. Hermione, for a second, was surprised. But instantly she melted in to his embrace as she wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling fireworks inside her. Draco's hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer till there was no space between them. Hermione ran her hands through Draco's hair. His slight sweet kiss grew deeper and hungrier. The kiss grew more frenzied by each moan Hermione was releasing. Slowly Hermione pulled away for a while for some air, leaning her forehead against his. Draco slowly nuzzled his lips by her cheek to her lips, as if drawing patterns. She could hardly believe she kissed Draco Malfoy. What if she had known this was gonna happen last week? She would have utterly freaked out or kill herself. But now it didn't feel that bad. She felt warm and her knees felt weak.

Draco took a deep breath of her flowery scent. He gently nipped her lip, loving the feeling of the current which sped through him as he held Hermione close. He slowly opened his eyes and found Hermione doing the same. He chuckled, which he hadn't done for a long time.

"Do you realize we just kissed, Hermione?" he whispered. Hermione giggled.

"And in front of Snape too." Hermione said and suddenly realized what this meant.

Draco's eyes went wide. Draco realizing that Snape was in the back ground at the moment Hermione mentioned it, slowly untangled himself from Hermione and looked at Snape blushing furiously along with Hermione.

Snape looked entirely ridiculous, with his mouth hanging open in a comical expression, his thin eyes bulging out and a grimace stuck in his face at the same time. But seeing that Draco and Granger had done one full make out session in front of him, it made sense.

"You'd better go." Draco muttered to Hermione, nodding towards Snape. Still giddy from Draco's kiss, Hermione nodded.

"Good night." She said happily to the two Slytherins and skipped off to her dorm.

Draco looked at Snape, who had managed to close his mouth but was staring at him in this completely amused way.

"Oh, shut up." Draco muttered.

"Never knew, Draco Malfoy to get together with that insufferable know-it-all." Snape said gleefully.

"She's not insufferable! Well, she was, but not lately." Draco said and Snape snorted.

"I remember once you complaining how she had the nerve to punch you when you were sneering the oaf." Snape said as they walked towards their common room.

"I was rude to her. I'm gonna change for her." Draco muttered mostly to himself, now regretting all the things he had said and done to make Hermione's life hell. He was definitely gonna make it up for her.

"You're gonna change for her?" Snape said, finding this act very much familiar.

"Yeah. Go on, laugh and start joking, I don't care. You don't know how important it is to me." Draco snarled at Snape as they entered the empty common room.

"I actually do…" Snape whispered which Draco appeared not to hear.

Draco yawned. He could do with some sleep. But he had a question.

"How come you take all this well? The fact that I kissed Ganger, when she's a muggle born? You didn't even give detention or say stuff like tainting my blood." Draco said frowning.

"I've loved a muggle born too, Draco. I still do." Snape said in a low voice deciding he could trust his godson. Draco gaped.

"No FREAKING way!" Draco couldn't help blurting out. "What happened?" he asked walking towards his professor, Head of House, his father's Friend and God Father.

"Look, Draco. I'm telling you this so you could trust which side I'm on and because you're my God Son. You'd better not repeat this to anyone. She was the reason why I'm not working under the Dark Lord." Snape said sitting on the couch near the fire side and Draco sat next to him.

"What happened?" Draco repeated.

"Draco, what would you do if Granger… stopped talking to you because you were with the Dark Lord? You would be bitter. Then what would you do if she got together with Potter? You'll probably go insane. And what would you do if they get married? Had kids? And then finally what would you do if she was killed because of you, because for the reason she stopped talking to you?" Snape asked in a whisper and Draco sat there speechless. That was HELL. Draco's face twisted at the thought of it.

"That's what happened to me." Snape spat.

"Damn." Draco said.

"That's why I hate Potter, the most. All James Potter, nothing like Lily." Snape muttered darkly.

"Whoa, wait…Potters mother? I don't believe it." Draco said suspiciously.

"Come tomorrow to my office. You can see those darn memories." Snape said before he started to swear colourfully.

"What did you do to offend her?" Draco asked after a moment.

"The fact that I liked Dark Arts and my friends disgusted her and I called….called her … you know…." Snape mouthed Mudblood.

Draco's face went dark. How many times had he said that to Hermione? Draco was extremely lucky Hermione had decided to ignore the past. There was a long pause.

"I think we Slytherins have a weak spot for Muggle-borns, huh?" Draco finally said. Snape chuckled, watching the flames dance around reminding him how Lily's hair was just as similar. "Yeah."

Hermione felt miserable. She was going to Hogsmead alone, yet again. Harry was going with Ginny. Hermione didn't want to invade their privacy. She stood by the entrance wondering what she was supposed to do. She looked around for a certain silver blonde haired boy but he seemed to be nowhere. He probably had other plans.

Hermione trudged to the Three Broomsticks deciding to warm herself up with some Butter Beer. She entered the warm hangout spot she used to enjoy with Harry and Ron. She ordered herself one bottle and went and sat in the farthest corner. What would happen after Dumbledore was killed? She couldn't let it happen. The entire school would be in danger. Hermione still had trouble trusting Snape. She decided to tell Harry everything after Dumbledore's "planned" death. She knew he'd be mad at her, a lot.

"Oh, Look! Hermione Granger is alone again!" she heard some one say breaking her thoughts and Hermione turned to glare at Lavender who was a table away with Ron. Ron sneered. Hermione smirked seeing his hair still had magenta near his ears.

"Well who would want Hermione for….." Ron started to say but his voice faltered. Hermione felt someone else slip to the seat next to her. She looked beside her and saw Draco smiling shyly at her.

"Hey." He said squeezing her hand. Hermione smiled back.

"What's wrong with Weasley?" Draco asked, looking past her.

"Jealous." She whispered leaning close to him. They're eyes searched each other's for awhile and Draco leaned in and kissed her, a short sweet one, and another one and another one. Hermione giggled between his kisses. He swiftly captured her lips again and this time kissed a deep, long and passionate one, holding her hair tentatively with one hand. They pulled back an inch.

"I think I love you, beautiful." Draco said in a husky voice.

"I think I do too." Hermione said, feeling dazed. She loved how Draco made her feel so special. Her Butter Beer arrived and Draco withdrew his face.

"Wanna share?" Hermione asked.

"Sure," was the reply.

Ron Weasley watched dumbstruck as he saw Malfoy sit next to Hermione and started to snog her. And she was SNOGGING BACK! Ron's ears went pink. What was going on? Lavender too looked shocked at the development. But as she saw how jealous Ron looked; she started pulling his attention towards her.

Draco watched Hermione get two glasses and poured the drink for both of them. She was suddenly so beautiful. Her lips, her eyes, her hair….. Everything. He loved how she smiled and giggled. He always felt the need to taste her lips or hold her hand. He couldn't understand why he hadn't felt this way before. But suddenly now all that mattered was her. He gazed at her, her face and then down to her body which suddenly looked tempting to explore. Hermione seeing him stare at her, blushed. Merlin, he loved that blush.

Hermione took a sip from her drink and tried hard not to blush as Draco sat beside her, gazing at her lovingly, to her delight.

"Hermione." He said and she loved the way he said her name. It sounded so much better than "Granger".


"I'm sorry for all the damned things I did to you."

"It totally makes up for everything you did yesterday."

"I don't deserve you." It sounded bitter.

"I don't deserve you either then. You make me feel so special, Draco. I don't deserve that."

"No, you do, because you are special. But a Death Eater isn't-"

"You aren't a Death Eater anymore. Even if the mark is there, what you did yesterday was what proves you aren't one of them. You're one of us."


"I'm worried about you, Draco"

"Why are you worried about Malfoy?" a voice piped up in front of them. Hermione looked up to see Harry looking pissed, his arms folded in front of his chest.

"Harry. Hi. Sit with us." Hermione said, trying to hide the nervousness as she saw Harry and Draco glare at each other, as the he sat down.

"What are you doing with him?" Harry asked.

"Harry I can explain." She said lowering my voice.

"Yeah, you'd better." Harry said nodding.

"Shall I?" Hermione asked Draco and he grudgingly nodded.

"Harry, you don't have to worry about him." She whispered not wanting any extra attention towards us. "Look, don't jump up to wrong conclusions and listen till I finish, okay? You were right Harry, Draco was made a Death Eater. He was threatened to do a mission…to kill Dumbledore…..Harry, listen! But yesterday he went to Dumbledore and confessed it. Harry listen to me! He didn't want to be a part of it." Hermione said as she watched Harry look as if he might burst.

"How would you know it's the truth? For all you know, he could be lying." Harry hissed.

"Well, that makes you calling me a liar too! As a matter of fact I was there Harry! And Dumbledore already knows that Malfoy was going to kill him. Harry, He's in our side. Go talk to Dumbledore if you don't believe me!" Hermione snapped. Harry blinked at her and stared at her for a while.

Draco didn't like the way he was looking at her. It reminded him of what Snape had said, about Granger getting together with Potter. Draco didn't want that.

"No…..I think I believe you." Harry said slowly.

"Good." She said nodding curtly at him.

"Is this how you carry out arguments? Pathetic." Draco said. Hermione gave a small smile and rested her head on his shoulder. There was a long pause as Harry sat there pondering if this was really happening.

"By the way, you look like you got your revenge Hermione." Harry said with a chuckle nodding towards Ron who looked sour.

"Yeah. And Harry, don't tell Ron. Well, at least not until he seems mature enough to deal with it." Hermione said.

Harry gave a small laugh. "Yeah, sure. See you later Hermione. And probably you too, Malfoy." Harry said awkwardly and left them.

"I sill hate him." Draco muttered. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"You'd better make an effort to be nice to Harry if you want to be in my good books." Hermione said in a poor imitation of Professor McGonagall. Malfoy laughed.

"Sure, I'll make an effort. But it's hard. It's like trying to tame a hippogriff, a proud and swollen headed creature." He said.

"Oh, you are definitely not good at that. I remember how you hit your arm. What a fuss you made." She said with a teasing smile. Malfoy scowled at the memory of it.

"You really want me to kneel down at Potter?" He asked.

"No, don't kneel down. Just keep your snide talk to a minimum will you? He's my best friend." Hermione said stroking Draco's hand.

His face twisted. Hermione noticed this and giggled softly. "Jealous?" she asked.

Draco looked away.

"A bit?" Hermione asked with a smile.

"A lot." He admitted.

Hermione snuggled closer to him.

"You know, I think I like making Weasley jealous." Draco said turning to her.

"I don't mind that but don't get carried away." Hermione warned, smiling cheekily. Malfoy looked at her, leaned closer and brushed his lips gently against hers. She leant in and deepened it.

"You've been strong, Draco." She murmured against his lips.

"We both have" He said.

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